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Eritrea Gives Aid To Japan

Eritrea's Flag - Photo: Didier Farsy
Eritrea Gives Aid To Japan

Madote News
Source: MOFA

In response to the tragic 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, Eritrea donated 50,000 USD (4 Million Yen) to Japanese victims.

In a letter written to Naoto Kan, the Prime Minister of Japan, President Isaias Afwerki expressed Eritrean peoples' deepest sorrows and sincere condolences to the victims of this tragedy. President Afwerki went on to commend the work and effort conducted by the Japanese relief agencies.

According to Japan's National Police, as of  this Wednesday, the death toll in Japan has reached 13,333 and 15,150 are still reported missing and feared to be dead.

The following quote below is a copy of President Isaias Afwerki's letter to Japan's Prime Minster, which was originally written on March 11, 2011.

His Excellency Mr. Naoto Kan
Prime Minister Of Japan

Your Excellency,

It is with great shock and deep sorrow that I have learned of the earthquake and tsunami waves in Japan which claimed the lives of thousands of people, leaving thousands more injured and many homeless.

On this sad occasion I would like to offer, on behalf of the Government and people of the State of Eritrea and on my own behalf, our sincere condolences to you and through you to all the people of Japan for the loss of lives and property destroyed by the latest earthquake and tsunami waves.

We commend the work and the effort being done by your Government for the relief of the stress and for the Humanitarian assistance to your people.

Accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest consideration.

                                                            Isaias Afwerki
                                                  President of the State of Eritrea

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Eritrea Gives Aid To Japan Reviewed by Admin on 9:43 AM Rating: 5


  1. Could'nt you change the tile to a more acceptable one?

    Suggesion: Eritrea contributes victims of Japan's Earthquake


    Eritrea passed on a message of condolences, in that message add the aid to the victims of Earthquake..

    So much can be said, but having a title you have makes Eritrea look more of a developed country than a developing one. It does not look good.

  2. To the person above, Eritrea did aid Japan, what's wrong with that? You think only a rich country can aid a poor one and not the other way around? You sound bitter about a very accurate title. If Japan were aiding Eritrea, would you still hold any objection if a title stated that? I doubt it.

    Anyways, RIP to all the victims in Japan!

  3. Getting back to wanderer, this is not to express bitterness, this is to remind the title lacks politeness. As the saying goes, do not brag after giving, Eritrea being a poor Sub-Saharan country people should not flaunt such issue as if she has more to give, because she does not. Eritreans are dying elsewhere looking to have a better economic chance, and Eritreans are trying to correct that image, it seems. But with such titles, I thing it's over corrected, and as an African knowing what I know about Eritrea and all the other countries, I do not believe this over correction is working.

    Just tone it down. That's all I am saying.

  4. I find this to be amusing. Who is bragging here? Eritrea aided (Helped) Japan and you think this is bragging? Then in your moment of frustration, you try to tell the author(s) of this article to change the title to something more to your liking because you yourself hold this bitter and hostile attitude towards Eritrea and refuse to believe an African country like Eritrea can aid a country like Japan. Instead of congratulating Eritrea for showing compassion and pulling together money to assist a nation through its tough time, you come here to scold and accuse Eritreans of "bragging". Of all people, you as a self-proclaimed African (probably Ethiopian judging by your bitterness), have the audacity to lecture Eritreans about Eritrea even though you belong to the same poverty? Is this a joke or what? I think you need to move on and accept the factual reality that African Eritrea is doing what other African nations don't want to do, which is doing the right thing. Giving a hand to people when their down is not bragging, it's being human. Maybe if you primitive SS-African nations stopped begging and start giving money, you'd learn not to hold such a depressing view points on what a poor country can or shouldn't do. Eritrea aided Japan with its limited resources, while other African countries still have their hand out looking at countries like Japan to feed them. We'll see which country Japan remembers once they quickly get on their feet!

  5. do not hate viva eritrea.

  6. My name is REASON

    I agree with the one full of wisdom, care for your own poor before you pretend to care for others. Eritrea is relatively poor African country compared to Japan, and it would be a show off to spend so much money snatched from the poor who have very little to a country that is a million times better. It is nice the Eritrean government extended a hand for the victims of Japan's natural disaster, but it would be nicer to help your own poor instead of giving money to those already have million times more than you do. There is no Japanese women on the streets of Japan begging on the street with her children, but there are some in Eritrea. Do not get me wrong, the offer Eritrea extended is a good gesture, but let's be realistic, there are more people in Eritrea that are in a constant economic Tsunami victims that deserve more financial help than their Japanese counterparts. Even though, those Japanese have nothing at the moment, but they have a good government that will look after them, but who cares for the poor lady in Eritrean streets with babies?

  7. Hello I'm Japanese I would like to thank Eritrean people for their concern and assistance. I don't really understand what this guy is talking about in the comment section. Poverty is found both in Japan and in every industrial country, should we still not help one another when we are in great need? Should the United States stop feeding millions of African people because they have beggars and homeless people in their nation? Once again, thank you Eritrean people! It's the thought of helping and pulling together your limited resources is what really impresses me!

  8. That wounded Ethiopian animal commenting on this article is foaming out the mouth because Eritrea is self-reliant, while his Ethiopia is known as Africa's "hell on Earth."

  9. Am from Ethiopia,

    Giving is always good to what ever capacity you have. And, it doesn't necessarily relate to the one's wealth. It is sharing. Very good if at all this is the intention. But, if the intention is to pretend....and to gain more advantage in the future, I think it is wrong. Rather what the Japanise like at the moment is not money, but manpower support....if this can be done....anyway my opinion.

  10. I don't think the japannies gov'met will accecpt the money extended by one of the poorest country in the world. The eritean president should know, first thing is first. He has to feed his own people before thinking for the other people. The japannies gov't didn't ask for money. they have enough money to get through this. they are well prepared for day's like this.
    "water flows from the higher ground to the lower, not the other way".
    As an eritrean, i don't think it is a good idea.

  11. Japan has supported Eritrea at difficult times. $ 50,000 may mean nothing to Japan, but it's the thought what counts. Good on the GoE for showing its generosity.

  12. Good job GoE! This is the kind of actions that speaks louder than any words could, I'm very proud to say that my government offered a helping hand to Japan in such difficult times!

  13. The Eritrean Govt did a good deed! Karma comes back around, give to others and they will indeed help you in return when your country is in a crisis!

  14. eventhought i discover the news too late i appreciate the action of the eritrean govt. this showes sharing and moral strength. as a human being we should share what we have not from surplus rather from our shortage. besides it showes we africans have greater moralcode had we had the economic means. i wish my governement of ethiopia did the same. you make me proud for being an habesha.


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