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Volleyball Becoming Popular in Eritrea

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Source: Shabait

Volleyball Becoming Popular in Eritrea.

Over the past few years, Eritrean athletes have garnered impressive victories, most of which coming from Track and Field and Cycling. Since 2003, Eritrea's Sports Commission has been engaged in trying to introduce a variety of sports to the Eritrean masses and creating the right environment and facilities to enhance the development and popularity of each sport. Today the most popular sports in Eritrea are cycling, track and field, Soccer (football), and boxing. In addition to those popular sports, the Eritrean Sports Commission is trying to make volleyball, particularly women's volleyball, a national sensation.

Present and future goals of volleyball in Eritrea

Since independence, organization of volleyball tournaments were first introduced in six Eritrean regions during school semester breaks and festivals. The aim was to enhance the popularity of the sport among the youths and build the proper facilities that will enable for the sport to thrive. Currently, the Southern Red Sea Region, Assab, Asmara and Massawa are places where volleyball has gained the most popularity. In working with the Ministry of Education, the Sports Commission believes it can make Volleyball a nation-wide popular sport. Currently, the Commission seeks to build indoor courts that would serve both basketball and volleyball sports and would thus enable it to host international tournaments within Eritrea.

International and domestic participation to Increase

Eritrean volleyball athletes have participated in African tournaments held in Sudan and Kenya and last year,  had plans of participating in the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, but due to some logistical problems, were not able to attend. Due to Volleyball's popularity among Eritrean girls, the Sports Commission will increase the number of domestic tournaments between regions and to attend more international tournaments
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Eritrean girls' Volleyball Tournament 

Eritrean Women's volleyball Tournament 
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