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Pictures of Eritrean Tattoos

Patriotic Eritrean Tattoos

Tattoos in Eritrea have long been traditionally associated with cultural and religious purposes. For centuries, in the Orthodox communities, adolescent girls used to get tattoos on their foreheads with the sign of the cross as a symbol of beauty, although this is seldom practiced today.

 During the war for independence, young fighters often got tattoos of their fallen comrades and companions they were intimate with. Even the president of Eritrea inked-up as young rebel fighter and got himself a tattoo on his right shoulder of the letter "E", which symbolized his dedication for Eritrea and his organization ELF.

For a growing number of Eritrean youths in the diaspora, tattoos representing their country has become their way of permanently expressing their pride and patriotism for their nation, while others have gotten Eritrean tattoos as symbol of acknowledgement and constant reminder of the tremendous sacrifices that were taken by Eritrean fighters before them.

The following are images of Eritreans with tattoos of Eritrea. If you want to add your tattoo picture or request to remove a picture, email the editor here:
                                                     [click on images to see larger quality]

Eritrean tattoo on his side
Shewit (Yemane Barya's daughter) with a tattoo of her father and Eritrea
Chest tattoo of Eritrea and EPLF fighter
Luam's Never Kneel down Eritrea tattoo 
Feven Micheal's Eritrea tattoo
Eden Berhe's tattoo
Salvatore Yemen's tattoo
Efrem Hagos' tattoo - Never Forget May 24, 1991

Best friends Eritrea tattoo

The state of Eritrea tattoo

Tattoo showcasing the struggle.
Tattoo of Eritrea on his arm with Eritrean flag colors
She rocks Eritrea on her back 

Eritrea tat on his forearm 

Eritrea on his back with the steadfast camel

"Made in Eritrea" 

Tattoo of the flag emblem 

Tattoo of Eritrea on his chest with the flag colors

Tattoo of Eritrea on her back with the flag colors

"Against all odds" tattoo on the upper arm 

Tattoo outline of Eritrea on his back with the state emblem

Tattoo on his forearm showcasing the struggle 
Samuel Mengisteab sporting a tattoo of the Eritrean National Anthem

Tattoo on his forearm showcasing the struggle

During the struggle, young Eritrean fighters in love tattooed themselves of one another to show their loyalty 
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  1. wow this is so cool so much love for mama eritrea

  2. I'm not even Eritrean but I gotta say those are some great looking tats! Eritreans ain't no joke, straight reppin' all day every day. You gotta love that tho, respect from Brooklyn!

  3. This is too GRANDIOSE.

  4. Wow, these tats are super hot!

  5. oooohhh,the dedication and patriotism of eritreans is FEARCE and simingly unbreakable!

  6. love the tats thinking of getting one too but i want something different and unique... hmmm lol but i gotta say these are NICE!

  7. Nice tattos ! greetz from Hamburg Germany

  8. Not knowing the shape of their country the first time I saw a tattoo it looked to be a camel penis.

  9. Wow really that just shows that ur not a real eritrean

  10. waw its really nice i love it but i dont know which one to choose tho


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