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Ethiopian refugees flee political oppression into Eritrea

Thousands of Ethiopian refugees flee political oppression into Eritrea

Nov. 24, 2011 (ASMARA) – Since mid-June over 650 Ethiopian refugees and soldiers have been crossing into Eritrea and seeking political asylum every month, according to local officials.

The influx in Ethiopian refugees entering Eritrea is mostly attributed to the intensifying political oppression in Ethiopia, where the regime has been severely cracking down on local dissidents over growing concerns of a Tunisian-styled democracy uprising in Ethiopia.

Similarly, the number of Ethiopians fleeing for neighboring countries have significantly been on the rise. In Yemen alone, officials report around 84,000 Ethiopian migrants[1] entered their nation in 2011, while in the same time period, Kenya reported around 43,000[2] and Djibouti officials indicating over 30,000 Ethiopian refugees entering their respective nations[3].

Moreover, distant nations such as South Africa and Israel continue to be a popular destination for young Ethiopians. Reports show around 10,000 Ethiopian refugees annually venture off to South Africa[4], while an estimated 15,000 Ethiopians flee for Israel.

Recent Ethiopian refugees interviewed in Eritrea say little international attention is given to their plight out of concerns by some western nations of losing what little influence they have over Ethiopia's increasingly belligerent despot.

 "Had we been Eritrean, we would of had international attention and major news agency covering the deteriorating human rights abuses that's causing us to flee Ethiopia. But because our dictator is a puppet of  the United States, we are ignored or dismissed as economic migrants - this is not fair.", said Samuel Tesfaye, a 28-year-old former teacher from Mekele.

Ethiopia is among the world's leading exporter of refugees, with some estimates putting the mass exodus at around 250,000 annually. The following chart below shows the top 6 destination for Ethiopian refugees in 2011.
#2011 Ethiopian RefugeesDestinations
184,000 Ethiopian RefugeesYemen
243,000 Ethiopian RefugeesKenya
3 30,000 Ethiopian RefugeesDjibouti
415,000 Ethiopian RefugeesIsrael
510,000 Ethiopian RefugeesSouth Africa
68,000 Ethiopian RefugeesEritrea

25 Ethiopian (Tigray) refugees entering Eritrea
15 Ethiopian refugees crossing into Eritrea in September

13 Ethiopian refuges inside Eritrea in October
9 Ethiopian refugees inside Eritrea in late July
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  1. 52,000 Ethiopian refugees fled to Yemen in 2011 alone and hardly any attention is being given to this? Something has to be done about Meles Zenawi's brutal oppression and genocide!

  2. Yea number one is bad adminstration.the other is execive growth of poplation.what can we do?to decress or to stop?

  3. do you mean they are PIA gust from TNBEN

  4. you dumb a$$ know million of Eritrean are fling their country. talk about your ppl. Don't worry about Ethiopians, they have their own gov and ppl


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