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President Isaias Afwerki's Biography

       Biography of Isaias Afwerki

Isaias Afwerki as a child with his brothers in Asmara -1956

# Isaias Afwerki       Detailed  Information
NameIsaias AfwerkiAfwerki literally means 'mouth of gold'
AgeFebruary 2, 1946 (67)Born in Asmara, Eritrea to Eritrean parents 
WifeSaba Haile Saba was a former freedom fighter for EPLF
ChildrenTwo boys & one girlAbraham (28), Berhane (17) and Elsa (19) 
ReligionOrthodox ChristianEritrean Orthodox is among the world's oldest faiths
Height6'3" tall (190.5cm)One of the tallest African Head of State
EducationAddis Ababa Uni.Former engineering student before joining ELF

Isaias Afwerki was born on February 2, 1946 in Asmara, Eritrea[1]. He was sent to the elite prince Makonnen secondary high school in Asmara, where he graduated in 1965.[2] He went on to attend Haile Selassie University in Addis Ababa to study engineering from 1965-66.[2]  In late 1966, he abandoned his engineering studies and headed for Kassala, Sudan, where he joined the Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) in exile.[2]

Recalling these early times,  Isaias described Eritrean students' political thoughts and sentiments to the historian and author Don Connel as:

"Most of the active students were organized in clandestine groups. Emotionally and sentimentally, everyone was with the ELF. You never knew who was from what tribe or from what religion because there was not even a hint of that kind of thinking."
Against all odds: a chronicle of the Eritrean revolution, by Dan Connell, p. 79

However, after entering the Sudan, his sentiments towards the ELF leadership changed.

"Before I went to Sudan, the ELF was something like a magic organization to me - maybe some kind of fairy tale - but the first day I arrived I became frustrated. People began telling me about the ugly nature of the ELF, and Kassala became a nightmare for me. For some reason we were ostracized, even accused of being agents for the Ethiopians. Very narrow considerations of clan, tribe and religion were the basis for surviving or not surviving. We were living in an atmosphere of terror, where we had to go in groups, especially at dusk, to look after each other. It was definitely an akward situation after all those years of fighting for this organization."
Against all odds: a chronicle of the Eritrean revolution, by Dan Connell, p.79

Despite his critical opinions of the ELF leadership, Isaias stayed committed to the group and even still carries a tattooed letter "E" on his right shoulder as a symbol of his youthful exuberance which in those days symbolized the ELF[2]. In early 1967,  Isaias and Romadan Mohammed Nur were selected to study military training course in China. They spent nearly two years in China studying political ideologies and gurrelia warfare.[2] Isaias described these early times with the following quote:
Isaias Afwerki in the early 1970s

"I remember when we got back from China," said Isaias later. "It was the peak of politics within the ELF. The talk of reform was everywhere. Everyone trained in Syria and elsewhere joined hands. There were all sorts of revolutionary ideas. We had high hopes in those days. The reform movement was so strong that I wouldn't have imagined it could be frustrated in a few months, but it was infiltrated, and survival was not possible."
Against all odds: a chronicle of the Eritrean revolution, by Dan Connell, p.80

Many of Isaias closest friends describe him as an intelligent, and fiercely guarded man with a no nonsense attitude. One of Isaias' foreign critics described him as, "Imposingly tall, fiercely intelligent, naturally austere, he had chosen his path early in life, rebelling against a father who was a committed Unionist.".[3]

In 1970, disagreements within ELF led to three factions leaving the ELF into three separate groups. One faction took refuge in the mountains of Sahel. Another group under Isaias' command, numbering less than a dozen, left for Eritrea's eastern escarpment. While the third group headed off to Aden and returned by boat to Eritrea, landing south of Assab. These three groups would eventually join to become one and went by the name of the Eritrean Liberation Front-People's Liberation Front (ELF-PLF). When they formally merged in 1973, they changed their name to the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front.

Under ELF-PLF and EPLF
In 1971, using a type writer, Isaias wrote a manifesto called "Our Struggle and its Goals"[2]. This manifesto placed strong emphasis on overcoming ethnic and religious differences and on launching revolutionary struggle during the independence war.[2] In 1975, Isaias became chairman of the EPLF military committee. In 1977, under EPLF's first congress, he was elected to be vice secretary-general of the EPLF. A decade later in 1987, he became the secretary-general of the EPLF. From 1989 to 1993, Isaias had served as the secretary-general of the Provisional Government of Eritrea. In 1993, after achieving de-jure independence, Isaias was elected by the Eritrean assembly to be president.

Isaias being treated for malaria at an Israeli hospital in 1993
On January 7, 1993, just a few months before referendum for independence were to take place, Iasias went into a coma and almost lost his life when he was stricken with a severe case of cerebral malaria. He was immediately flown by the US Air Force to Israel for treatment[4]. The treatment was remarkably effective.

Recalling her visit to Eritrea in 1997 as the former first lady of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton in her book titled: Living history, states the following about Isaias and his wife Saba:

Hillary Clinton wearing Zuria in Asmara, Eritrea

 The president of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, and his wife, Saba Haile, a former freedom fighter, lived in their own small house, but they recived me at the Presidential Palace. As we watched folk dancers perform in a courtyard built by the Italians during their colonial occupation, I asked President Afwerki, who had given up his university studies to fight in the resistance, if he had ever found time to dance during their long war. "Of course," he replied. "We had to dance to remind ourselves of a world without war."
Living History By Hillary Rodham Clinton, p. 405

Isaias met his wife, Saba Haile, during the struggle to liberate Eritrea. Like him, she was a freedom fighter and met in Nakfa in the summer of 1981. Together they have three children: Abraham, Elsa and Berhane.

The following are pictures of Isaias Afwerki and pictures related with his brief biography. Click on the images to see larger quality.

Side by side photo of Isaias in 1956 and Isaias in 1993

Isaias Afwerki as a rebel fighter
Isaias Afwerki with the Chinese leader

Isaias being greeted in a small village

Photo of Isaias' wife named Saba Haile receiving an award in UAE

Isaias Afwerki with Eritrean youths from Sweden

Isaias Afwerki with his teenage daughter at Sawa festival

Isaias Afwerki wearing traditional Eritrean clothing

Hillary Clinton wearing traditional Eritrean clothing in Asmara.


[1]Clements' encyclopedia of world governments, Volume 16, John Clements, pg. 136
[2]Against all odds: a chronicle of the Eritrean revolution, Dan Connell, pg. 79-80
[3]I Didn't Do It for You: How the World Betrayed a Small African Nation, Michela Wrong
[4]Africa Contemporary Record: 1992-94: Volume 24, Colin Legum, pg. 317
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  1. This is a nice tribute for the people of Eritrea to see their leader in a close proximity.

  2. I hope to one day read a very detailed biography of this man, this lion president of ours.

  3. May God grant him many, many helthy and joyful years. The Lion of nakfa.

  4. This great Eritrean had a vision to free Eritrea when he was 20 years old. It is absolutly amazing. Thank you, for what you achieved and for making made me proud. Mr. President wishes you well in your future endeavors and God bless you. You are my true hero and thank you a million times and wish you well for many years to come.

  5. What a lucky country to have such a visioinary leaders! Thank you Mr. Predident.

  6. There are only a few people who leave an impact in a society and His Excellency President Issias is such person. I am amazed by his ability to continue to stay focused in leading Eritrea to be a developed nation. He is a man of the people and leaders like him come into our lives once in a blue moon.
    God bless him and may he give him more years of good health. A biography is something that needs to be worked on today. As he continues to make more history a PART 2 & 3 & more stories will be needed for his life achievement.

    Thanks for the post.
    An American Admirer.

  7. Isaias Afworki should definitely be given a big credit for making Eritrea's dream for independence a reality. However, his admirers can not simply ignore the fact that after independence, Isaias chose to be a dictator who denies his people the right to express themselves, elect their own leaders or change their government. Today's status of the country speaks for itself.

    Now, what is there left to admire?

    God bless those who gave up their lives to make it possible for us to claim Eritrean citizenship and for Isaias to be called "His Excellency". I hope their sucrifice was worth it.

  8. Efrem!!!
    Thank you for posting this brief biography of a great visionary,
    selfless leader who brought Eritrea to freedom and prosper.
    We are blessed to have such a leader. May God give you million years to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.We love you.

  9. Madote, thanks a million!

    Comment....? What can one say to define somebody like our beloved President, one who is beyond description?
    Joy has no language but becomes a reason to praise & thank the Good Lord for bestowing it and then pray: Good Lord, You gave Eritrea many Isayases to get free, please render the present & future Eritrean generations likewise, Isayased to live free with dignity!

  10. Where in Africa and anywhere else for that matter has anyone seen a self-less, visionary, hardworking and dedicated leader like H.E. Isaias Afwerki? May God grant him good health to be the father he has always been to the great nation of Eritrea. You have stuck it out when the times were beyond difficult to see Eritrea be the best it can be among nations of the world. Thank you, Your Excellency President Isaias Afwerki for staying true to your core beliefs and principals when all else was failing. We love you!!!

  11. Very good, Thanks for this i see why this man means a lot to Eritreans. What some people say just perishes away when understanding just 1% of this man so imagine knowing more.. His vision was clear from the start. I read somewhere here that he lost hs plot after independance. That's not true how can you even say that, and the country has great healthcare , peace, love, al the things tht will beneft eritrea and its people for the long run. Dont be ignorant. We were slowed down by greedy self interest groups and fake leaders like Meles but surely not stopped. I want to say Thanks a lot Dear prseident and I love my people and country. GOD BLESS and PROTECT ERITREA

  12. I don't have any words to express this guy i mean what kind of person sees a future of long years to come? But thst's who he is our president i'm so happy and glad to say that we eritrean's are lucky to have a leader like Isaias and we are so proud of him may god bless him and may he live long!

  13. wow she looks very happy person on that pic. maybe she should visit Asmara very offten. what a stroy of one man that can do.

  14. This man,,,
    1, Gave 40 years of his life to fight for the freedom of his country.
    2. Trained, armed & crowned the Agames to Minilik Place
    3, Defeated Ethiopia, it's fprgein masters, arms suppliers & war advisors to liberate his homeland, ERITREA.
    4, Captured Russian & Ethiopian Army, Airforce, Navy Generals, pilots, war ships, tanks & arms,
    5, Forced the UN to conduct REFERUNDUM in Eritrea.
    6, Forced the world to recognize FREE ERITREA,

    ሓደ ሰብኣይ:
    ሃገሩ ኤርትራ ናጽነት ምእንቲ ክትረክብ: ኣርብዓ ዓመት ንናጽነት ሃገሩ ተቓሊሱ::
    ንሰራዊት ኢትዮጵያ: ነፈርቶምን፡ መርከባቶምን፡ ታንኪታቶምን፡ ሓይሊ ኣየሮምን፡ ወተሃደራቶምን፡ ሓለፍትኦምን ሲዒሩ, ንሩስያ: ኣመኸርቲ ኵናት ኢትዮጵያ ሲዒሩ: ኣሰሮም::
    ንUN,,, ሕዝባዊ ምርጫ ኣብ ኤርትራ ንክገብር ኣገዲዱ:
    ንምሉእ ዓለም ኤርትራ ከም ነጻ ሃገር ንክትቅበል ኣገዲዱዋ።
    እቲ ንናጽነት ሃገሩ ኣርብዓ ዓመት ዝተቓለሰ ጅግና ሃገር: ስሙ ጅግና ተጋዳላይ ኢሳይያስ ኣፈወርቂ ይበሃል!!!
    Courtesy: NatKingcole46

    Dear Mr. President,
    Thank you for your life time services to my people & my homeland, Eritrea.

    From: A Grateful Eritrean

  15. All Eritreans have contributed to the struggle for independence. H.E president Isaias Afoweriki leadership made our independence possible. However after independence especially after 1998 it seems every political process is on hold by the president. Our country is without a constitution and we have a transitional government for 20 years. People’s voice is not heard in any way this means the government doesn’t represent the people. People are fleeing the country every day because there is no government that understands them. Please Eritreans lets wake up! And stop worshiping to a human being like you.

  16. To the poster above my comments,
    It's good you recognized & appriciated the contribution of our President to the national indepence struggle.
    I'm sure, you NOTICED Eritreans enjoyed liberty, after 30 years of endless wars.
    Now, while we were enjoying our indepence, dearly paid with our life, blood & bones, the same enemy that has been bleeding our people & invading our homeland is invading & occupying our land AGAIN, threatening the very independence we paid life, blood & bones for.
    Therefore, what's our priority?
    Should we defend our independence & our homeland or should we just ignore the enemy to bicker about "constitutions & political process"?
    Where do you impliment your "constitution" when you enemy is working hard to snatch your Indepedence"?
    Remember, we have been there before.
    Now, do we need to go back there again?
    I say, a nation that can NOT defend it's liberty & independence from the same EVER-invading & OCCUPYING enemy, the nation does NOT deserve "contitutions nr political process".
    If you can NOT defend your country, you can NOT defend your constitution.
    CAN YOU?

  17. We Eritreans defend our country and we will defend our country for generations to come. There is no question about this and the world knows this. What is missing is our rights and foundation. A foundation that can tie all of us together as a people make every one accountable for his or her actions. A foundation that can make feature generations proud. That is the biggest gift a first president can give to his country. I think president Isayas realizes this.

  18. Eritrea will be the fastest economy in 2011.Ethiopia's report is fishy.Under the great leadership of H.E President Isaias Eritrea will be a heaven on earth. I salute all Eritreans for their struggle.

  19. How does defending once country and constitutional governance contradict?! I honour our president for his scarifies and leadership in achieving our country's independence. However, independence and freedom is not only for our hard earned land but our people and our values too and our president needs to wake up and listen the people. Sure we can defend our nation and our constitution together, in my opinon even defend them better with our constituion in palce.

  20. Thanks million times, 4 u made sacrifice of your age at wild life.
    amanuel ferrovia

  21. Isais Afwerki is man of the centurt.

  22. What a great story. He is a person with a vision and a love for his country and his people. God bless him

  23. What are you anti-isaias people complaining about. Eritrea has free healthcare, free and mandatory education, women have the EXACT same rights as men according to our laws, we are working hard towards food security. WE ARE SOOO BLESSED to have our president. When we have a strong and educated middleclass in Eritrea, when there is no longer any foodshortages, threats from foreign countries who wants to invade our land THEN we can start focusing on less pressing issues like elections and what not. All of you who do not realise how blessed your people and your country is for having Isaias as Eritreas leader do not deserve him! Go join Ethiopias fake democratic regim instead, where you can go and vote while the people are starving and/or dying because of easily treated diseases and the majority of the kids are out of school because those things are not given first priority, after all democracy comes first right?!. Eritrea does not want nor need you untill you get your head straight.
    I love my partiotic and conscius fellow eritreans. My government and my hardworking people makes me proud. awet n hafash

  24. I AM PROUD OF YOU TO BE AN Eritrean citizen cos you are the only brave man who let all Eritreans dreams to come in to freedom ,peace and security to ur people and country. May God bless you.

  25. Dear Ms. President,
    thanks for all you have done for eritrean ppl.
    in the Future i wish you empliment the national constitution and better Foregien Policy b/c we need a smart Foreign realationship to have Partner in this World
    Personaly wish you Health to lead our beloved Eritrea

  26. May God grant him many, many helthy and joyful years. The Lion of nakfa.

  27. Thanks a million times my hero and my president you make it true..all our dreams that=Eritrea to stand on its own here it comes true in 2011 ..those who talk zip now your m..o..u..t...h. the game is over now!! just try to with agameeea1

  28. Thank you,,,
    I hope Erirea will be the image of Africa, thank you for your hard work and dedication. You are loved by many Eritreans, my god bless you and bless Eritrea. Long live H.E President Isaias.

  29. let me tell you, my nephew goes to public school with ISaias son. They walk to school sometimes take bus to school. If i tell any African this story do you think they believe me hearing unbelievable story.
    Goodbless ISaias. I am youonger than him,if you ask me who should leave the world first. i chose myself first and want him to live longer. That's how bad i want him to live young and forever

  30. nothing i cant say but he is my model and hero

  31. we love him and we have many more like him.

  32. Mr. President you are the best we relay like you due to you and your friends you are still fighting.
    Eritrea and Eritrea n people we are so lucky. God bless you and your
    People!!! You are ours and we are yours

  33. Simply dedicated leader with dedicated colleagues/ppl around him, i am great-fully the ideology of our leaderships. God bless u and the hard working ppl.

  34. No one can came like him,I admire for all of his sacrifies,Im proud of him. My God bless you!!

  35. He gives all that he has to Eritrea and Eritrean and he continued to do so. He is a wise and great man! May God bless the Eritrean President...

  36. President Isaias is in Uganda now.
    He is a remarkably simple, clear headed and insightful on almost all subjects he chooses to talk about. Africa has very few of his type and Eritreans are really blessed to have him as their leader. He has so much in common with President Museveni: a revolutionary past as a freedom fighter, independent minded, a passion for a free but integrated Africa, indigenous solutions to Africa's political, social and economic problems and above all selflessness and sacrifice in the service of their people. It is important that these great leaders harmonise their positions on peace and security in the region for the good of our people and Africa at large.


  37. His our sample lion of East of Africa. we are the image of African future.

  38. the tongue of journalists, the mind of scholars, the pen of writers....
    the sculptor of nationals, the courage of fighters.....
    the mentor of the wises......
    traceable without weakness, strong without furiousness....
    his excellency president Issayas Afewerki

  39. I don't understand why Eritreans all the time and in every Agenda prefer to talk about Ethiopia... i realy don't understand that. why are you guys comparing yourself with Ethiopia, you better compare with a country which is better than Ethiopi. I know the Ethiopians never talk about you these days.

    The subject here is Esayas , the brave man who actualy fought hard and win your fredom. talk about him...learn what he does for you and start apperciating it...

    Please don't be stupid and stop talking about Ethiopia,

    It looks like you are comparing yourself with Ethiopia......go for the big one...

  40. hahahahaha lol how many of u people who posted live in Eritrea?
    I think no one, Esayas Afwerky was an Eritrean, but not any more.
    He is the reason why many Eritrean are leaving their family and their country.
    More than 1000 people are in prison because of him. He is a dictator!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. He was a great person, but i dont think he is still.

  42. what makes you to say that?
    like... no offence but in my oppion HE IS A GREAT PERSON and provdies for ppl who lives in eritrea

  43. whoo! yeah! i'm right with you!
    i support isyass 100% and faith on him.

  44. he doesn't care about people and his country.

  45. I personally thanks Lord for having Isayas as a great leader of my beloved country and wish him many many more years to come can't imagine Eritrea with out him our great leader with amazing story We love you long live Eritrea and Eritreans

  46. you mind less eritrean you all are beggar shabia!! just stay and eat your best food AKAT !! are you sure that you can protect your territory ? so what are you waiting for BADEME AND THE REST OF YOUR LAND ?!?! COMPARE YOUR self with somalia not with ETHIOPIAN !!! your idle leader can do nothing but sleeping in asmera palace !!! YOU ALL ERITREAN ARE BEGGAR HAMASEN !!! go to hell with your idle president !!!!

  47. you are the beggar why don't you post my comment because you are SHABIA !!! your stone headed leader is an idle man he can't even manage a single kebele in ethiopia but you are as simple as one kebele !!!!

  48. Visit for wide choice of Zuria and modern habesha dresses

  49. a great man with a heart of gold, if every African president was like Isaias Africa would be the most welthy continent on earth.

  50. Hey?! who the hell you are tlking about?!

  51. Thanks a loot for this Biography,Please any one would like to join discussion have RESPECT for this ERITREAN SITE dont come to our house to insult us if you dont like the topic why you are here? .

  52. He is from Temben Tigray . Why is he not willing to talk about is ancestry ? His grandfather? Great grand father ? People from my village know each others history 4,5 or 6 generations back bu isaias history starts with him. He is like Hitler.omniprsen ,Alfa omega, Negro Kim el Jung

  53. iseays is not been chosen by ppl to be president it was written by lord that this man will came and save Eritrea i love u iseas afwerki ,and i will never ask more than u been the president of Eritrea for whole life if its possible ,,may lord protect u and give u health and long life

  54. i loved what u wrote i agree u 100%

  55. i live asmara all the activiti asee may self there is no solution with dictator

  56. except dictator no live ather peaple in eritrea

  57. he doesn't care about people and his country.

  58. hji ezi ezi kemzi ai tbelu btrgum dey blom kalat bado promis enda atewe hzbi eritrea atali lu adeda sdetn tmyertn werdetn zgebero iaklo aigdshenan eyu kumetu kndzi kbdetu kndzi 190 cm kab ahwata znewehet meshelasi tkewin neuf wey nwenchf slezi keribu eyu mkramka trah bmen bzeyegeds

  59. ya exact astera he dasnt care abaut peapl and cauntry

  60. all dream is nor mal eritrean dream but dictator dearm is for free market dramaaaaaaaaaaaa

  61. never ever abey adeu zelo feger dealu jeganu enda belee jgna eyu tblwo dekkum bchwya yetfe abotatkum mhurat ente koinom baini sgat temitu sewiru yetfeom des zbele zgber kab hgi wetsaei bblshwna zte komatee ay za eritrea za nfelta endya habtam, kensa kula baeley enda bele hzbi temyet ketiluwo zelo ezi bani bkereba krekbo zgbeo eka zey rekb ezi dyu hzbi bhm key tbl elu hafu logimu hzwo zelo ezi man med trah belwo alem kemey ala nabey tebl ala 10 megesha tgeish nerka eka kurub kabti zreakayo bereket shishain si nhzbka atemo kemeu kerbelu belai sebn zey hgawi mesheta sebnm tarh koinu zelo gebel nay africa

  62. I cant believe how blindly ppl love this sick president! Stable economy? Women's rights? Are you kidding me! Tell this to all Eritreans who have fled and are still fleeing this country. How many of them have been killed ,tortured, trafficked, have their organs taken and sold. Tell this to the women who have been raped for hours by bandits while fleeing or in the so great mandatory military!(where apparently its not rape and it the women's responsibility NOT to get pregnant). I came to this site to socialise with my fellow Eritrean's. I am lost for words. YOU ARE SICK IF YOU LIKE ISAIAS AFWORKI. I'm an Eritrean, I have watched this happen to my own family. Shame on you. And anyone who doesn't believe me ,watch the freaks interviews with foreign journalist, read UN and amnesty international reports. Do some bloody research! If you still wont listen and blindly follow this sick man go and bloody join the army get raped/tortured and feel the rejection of fellow Eritreans who don't believe you! Shame on you. I'm embarrassed for you all!

  63. PRESIDENT ISAIAS AFWERKI beaka tehabine you are the most Historical Person in the PAST , PRESENT,and FUTURE of Eritrea . I'm proud of u

  64. Eritreans are willing to pay a million or trillion for some one who is willing to take this sycophant away from their beloved country.

  65. are you sure you are Somali? if so go fight for nothing. and get you info right Eritrean don't beg. its haram to beg in Eritrean culture. anyway, I think you are Ethiopian and this guy is your brother. he define you ppl very well ... cruel and power hungry bastard.

  66. you wrote this 3 years ago? i hope now u understand what really this guy is doing to yr ppl and country. of course if u are Eritrean ..

  67. is this dummies board or what?

  68. ተስፋይ ፈሪዕDecember 13, 2013 at 10:19 AM

    እቶም ካብ ኤርትራ ዝሀድሙ 90/ ፐርሰንት ሓደ ካብቶም ተቀየወዶም ዘለዎ ገጂለ 15 ስለዝተኣስረ እዬም ዝሀድሙ ዘለዎ።ወዲትዬ, ኤርትራ ምስ ደጋዉያነን ወሽጣዉያንን ተዋጊኣ ሰጊራቶ።ተሪፉ ዘሎ ክትሰግሮ እያ።ባሕሪ ዝጠልቁ ዘለዎ ደገፍቲ ናይቲ ተኣሲሩ ዘሎ ምስ ኣሜሪካ ወያነ ዝመኸረ,ሓንሳብ ዝተማረኸ,ሓንሳብ ድሰለመ ናብ ፀላኢ ኣብ ግዜ ቃልሲ እዬም።ንኤርትራ ንምድኻም ተባሂሉ እዬም ዝሀድሙ።ኣብ ባሕሪ ድማ ይጠልቁ,መስጣ ተንኮሎም እዬም።
    ብወዲ ኣፈወርቂ ጎይታ ሓድነት ሕማቅ ድዛረቡ ንሶም እዬ።ሎሚ ከም ግዜ ኣርብዓታት ሕቡእ ኣጀንዳ ኣሎዎም,ኣነ ዝኸሰሩ ፀቢባን እየ ዝብሎም።
    ኣፀቢቀ ይፈልጥ እየ ዕላምኦም።ኤርትራዉያን ክንሶም መንፈሶም ዓጋመ እዬም።ንኢሰያስ ሕፃብ እግሩ ኣይመፁን እዬም ፍፁም።
    ዓወት ንሓፋሽ።

  69. Self elected president Isaias Afewerki is the current most notorious dictator leading a country called Eritrea.Isaias Afewerki is some one who has put lives of thousands of Eritreans to death,torture,migration and poverty.Although it's not verified,i suspect him of being Hitler and Sadam Hussiens' brother.They all don't shave their mustache!
    If attending Isaias's regime's annual festival held all over the western countries is considered as support,then i can safely say that over 99% of the Eritrean people have strong support for Isaias and his regime.When watching the regime's festival videos i fear that i might be the only one who hate Isaias.
    Almost nothing is known about his background.He never spoke about that.Many people(including my father) relate that his mother is a tigrean(a woman from tigray-Ethiopia) who used to sale suwa(a traditional beer) in Asmara.As most suwa businesswomen undergo prostitution side by side to their suwa business,its obvious that his mother must had been f***ed by many clients of whom Isaias's anonymous father to be one of them.According to my friend Isaias's father is not Ato Afewerki,but his father is another Muslim man who was Isaias's mother's client.I know that he had a crazy brother any way.
    It's not known also if Isaias has ever gone to school or not.His fans tell that he quit his study while he was a sophomore university student and joined the revolution.I came across no reliable source who confirms that Isaias was his/her college boy.He don't want his people to learn.He did what ever he can ,from closing the only university to dragging students to a military camp to continue their study, to prevent people from learning.He believes that his experience in the struggle thought him lessons Isaac Newton didn't know.
    Having no oppositions makes president Isaias Afewerki the luckiest president on earth.No body has got a gut to oppose Isaias so far.He feels no fear dancing and drinking all night in warsa and shamrouk night clubs....he is even spotted many times walking alone in streets with out any guard.No body can face him!Not even Obama!The reason Obama never paid attention on President Isaias as what he does on other dictators is that the USA sees no interest in Eritrea....we have no petroleum men!This reason makes dictators in God forsaken countries survive for very long period.
    Regarding his position on terrorism,Isaias is suspected to be the only member of Alqaeda with christian name,his religion is not known though.This is the biography of the dictator Wikipedia should post.

  70. Im Eritrean and i know Issias Afewerki worked hard to get our independence!
    But thats it...he should not be the president anymore in his mind we still in war and forcing young male and female join the army with no education.
    Eritrean people must speak up and choose another man with knowledge to run our country!
    Issias is a dictator and he should resign! Otherwise our children will pack their bags and leave our country that we fought 30 years to get!
    Thanks to Issias our young children with hopes and dreams are fleeing to other countries such as Sudan Ethiopia Egypt and Israel in hopes to live a better life!
    Instead they are beeing held hostige or beeing slaves in order for money.
    When is this gonna end if we don't stand up and make our voices heard against Afewerki.

  71. Screw you you dumb f***. I never knew there is a level of stupidity you are at

  72. You should care about spelling sir.


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