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Hundreds of Eritreans protest in Stockholm against SVT

Hundreds of Eritreans protest in Stockholm against SVT and Expressen 

Oct. 9, 2011 (ERITREA) – Hundreds of Eritreans protested outside the Sveriges Television (SVT) building in Stockholm, Sweden last Friday afternoon.

They gathered to protest the Swedish media's onslaught of negative, false and biased coverage of Eritrea and the recent escalation of intimidation by a rouge and hostile Swedish tabloid magazine called Expressen.

The Expressen magazine has been actively engaged in recruiting and transporting people with the goals of causing disturbances wherever Swedish-Eritreans who support their country and government congregate.


On Sept. 25, 2011, a corespondent for the Expressen magazaine named Henrik Ek traveled to New York City to report on what he assumed would be a massive protest against Eritrea's president. To his dismay and disbelief, he witnessed thousands of Eritreans turn-out to support their president and less than 30 protesters come out to oppose.

However, instead of following journalistic ethics and reporting on what he witnessed, the young reporter completely made up his own version of events and stated, "a few hundred Eritrean demonstrators" gathered to protest against the Eritrean president, and boldly and emotionally declared that "Isaias Afewerki's presence in New York was a boom - for the opposition" even though on camera, he specifically states no more than 20-30 protested, and thousands came in support of Eritrea and their Government (see video below).

Mr. Henrik Ek's entire article is a scathing fictional report that can be best described as a delusional rant. He completely and deliberately ignored thousands of Eritreans who came out to support their country and government, even though judging by his reaction in the video, he seemed to have been impressed by the large turn-out.

Before people think about taking some kind of legal action against Henrik Ek, take into consideration that he really has no say as a reporter. Since journalist are payed by the owners of the media they work for, one has to seriously consider the Expressen magazine is ultimately responsible for Henrik Ek's decision to deliberately distort the coverage in NYC. Although people generally assume journalist have the final say on what's going to be reported, the sobering reality is the owners, the advertisers and the newsmakers have the final say. Believing otherwise is like saying a person working on the factory floor gets to decide what the car industry produces.

Correcting the BBC

Recently, the BBC health correspondent named Jane Dreaper had written an article where she briefly stated, "The highest level of maternal death is seen in Eritrea" and a few other nations, a claim she herself made up and one that's not supported by any data. In fact, according to UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA and UNDP, Eritrea is one of  four African countries on track to meet its Millennium Development Goal (MDG 5) for Maternal Health and has reduced its maternal mortality by an impressive 80% since winning independence in 1991.

Eritrea to send food aid to Somalia

During his recent interview with VOA, the president of Eritrea has disclosed the Red Sea State will be sending food aid to famine affected areas in Somalia. “We are willing to provide a ‘modest amount of food’ to international aid agencies to help feed hunger affected Somalis,” said President Isaias Afwerki.

Watch this video below of Mr. Av Henrik Ek and read the scathing delusional report he writes for the Expressen the following day.

Hundreds of Eritreans demonstrating against Swedish Media's blatant lies against Eritrea.

Hundreds of Eritreans protested against SVT's demonizing media lynching 

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  1. my brother the thing is not who support the eritrean government is an eritrean and who donot support is not an eritrean,the fact is that president issayas is a president to all eritreans.
    i my self support the eritrean government but still would like see the people on the other side to come to our side and to walk hand in hand together but lets listen to them before the twenty people you mentioned becoming two hundred!!!!!!!!!

  2. Asking the question to "Henrik" can only be termed as self-serving. Just because there were many people to welcome the president does not mean the regime has large support. All it means is the people who have come to see the president did it with a purpose, some came to show support to the President while others came to display solidarity with the government, not necessarily a show of support to the leader.

    By the author's definition there are over 50,000 Eritreans throughout North America, and only 4 - 5000 people showed up, and that means the other 45,000 do not support the regime. Let's not look at this in terms of prism of support. If the president was properly elected and his government respected human rights and the freedom of expression, perhaps many more Eritreans would have come out to show their support.

  3. This is to the October 13, 2011 6:50 PM person.....
    The Eritreans who came to New York, were people mostly from New York or people around the New York state dumb ass!! Plus most people drove there its a recession, people arent gonna come to fly to New York for a day from California ect... I myself Im from California and I LOVE and SUPPORT the Eritrean government and our GREAT president Isaias Afewerki!! and there are countless of Eritreans who would say the same


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