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Eritreans held a successful protest in Uppsala, Sweden

Swedish-Eritreans held a successful protest in Uppsala

Oct. 15, 2011 (ERITREA) – Hundreds of Swedish-Eritreans protested in Uppsala, Sweden against Sveriges Television (SVT) and Expressen magazine last Friday afternoon.

The demonstrators came together after a serious of one-sided and demonizing coverage of Eritrea and Swedish-Eritreans had been waged by SVT and the tabloid Expressen magazine.

In speaking out about the ongoing demonizing campaign against Swedish-Eritreans in the media, the protesters demanded an end to the one-sided smear campaign and for the media to abide journalistic ethics of impartiality, fairness and accuracy.

Around a dozen Swedish citizens joined in solidarity with Swedish-Eritrean protesters by carrying the Eritrean flag and hoisting up an image of the Eritrean president.

In a similar event, another protest was held on Friday, Oct. 7,  in Stockholm, Sweden, that garrnered national media attention.


Expressen: a news agency or a fanatical political organization?

On October 2nd, Expressen had recruited and transported around half-dozen men on a large bus for the sole purpose of disturbing Swedish-Eritreans. In a bizarre, self-serving manifestation of news, two of the men that came with Expressen imediatly started a small scuffle with Swedish-Eritreans, to which Expressen wrote an article depicting Swedish-Eritreans in a negative light, even though those two individuals who started the small shoving match were brought by Expressen.

Voluntary 2% in the land of mandatory 48%

Currently, the only nation that enforces a mandatory tax on its citizens who live abroad is the United States. Unlike the United States, Eritrea has a voluntary system of paying 2% tax for those who can afford it. This 2% voluntary tax has been the target of a few media outlets in Sweden. They've used it to demonize the Eritrean Government, even though Swedes have one of the world's highest taxes; averaging well over 48% in many cases. Although the majority of Swedes have no problem with having nearly half their income going to the government for social programs, a few media outlets have been demonizing Swedish-Eritreans for paying a volunatry 2% tax to Eritrea for social programs that benefit their relatives back home.

                                                     Photos below courtesy of Tv Rahwa

Swedish citizens in support of Swedish-Eritreans

Hundreds demonstrated in Uppsala, Sweden

Swedish-Eritrean youth demonstrators in Uppsala

Swedish citizens in support of Swedish-Eritreans

Swedish-Eritrean youth demonstrators in Uppsala

Swedish-Eritrean youth demonstrator in Uppsala

Swedish-Eritrean youths demonstrators in Uppsala

Swedish-Eritrean youths protesting in Uppsala
Swedish-Eritrean youths protesting in Uppsala
                                                                         For more images, visit here.

Video of the demonstration held on October 13, 2011.

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  1. That's my people right there! Proud to be Eritrean!

  2. i just came back from Asmara after staying for two weeks. i am a US citizen. No one has asked me to pay the 2% tax from my net income nor have been asked if i paid before.
    It is just hope less trial from those who have lost their mind to see Eritrea independent.
    Commerce looks great and they have a lot of teff, corn, sorgham etc. in the market. The rain in southeren region was great.
    The only issue is with mandatory military service if Ethiopian comes to her sense and steep up to the plate and demarkate all will be OK.

  3. I never payed 2% tax and have been to Eritrea over 5 times in the last 12 years; with my last visit coming this summer. These insane Swedish tabloids have no legs to stand on and are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. I'll start sending a 5% tax back home just to piss them off.

    Eritrea is food secure, has the world's fastest growing economy, has the highest life expectancy in Sub-Sahara Africa, has the cleanest, beautiful and safest capital in all of Africa. You'd think with so much accomplished in such a short time, you'd get one single positive news from these psychopaths, but no, their too busy telling us we should be angry that we have a choice in a minuscule voluntary tax. What a funny situation for these tabloids to be in. As they tell us to be angry about a voluntary 2% tax, they sit in their offices filing their 50% mandatory taxes to their Swedish government. Crocodile tears much?

  4. I have not paid 2% tax to the government since 2000, but I have been four time to my country, no one asked me any thing, and I did not ask for any government service of course. So nobody ask force you to pay it, and nobody stop you from visiting your country. If you are going to ask for a service then you have to settle all or part of it before you travel. This information is not secret you can find it in the Embassy website. and it is nobody's business if Eritreans pay 2% tax to their country or not, It is you own money you can do whatever you like with it as long as you don't contribute or pay to any listed terrorist organisation.

  5. yeah ofcourse you are write it is your busness and it is not evil thing to help your mother.

  6. As we know Eritrean residing in dyspora back or support to their country why not?? they grew- up there and seek to see the progress of their people and country. As we look the government in Eritrea is absolutly non corupted government and medication of the region. the governmet impliments the country from zero and gruageally progressing.

  7. ab mebel 21 kiflezemen koina nay sisatat giega kindegim ayndeliyn etimintay nay sisatat giega besela silezigedefelna.hiji Eritrea zedliya zelo nzeanewe mahberekutebiea mimebal tiray eyu ember nay zemen eni eni atehasasibatat awrajawi haymanotawi afelalay amtseka eza adi fahfah mibal gziu halifu eyumo Eritreawi kihasbelu ygbae. ember deleyti tifeata dea nay zihalefe keyakil demna ziwehaze dagmay ab mongona atyom knbalae nmgbar adi aywealun aykiwelun eyom kiea. hamsatat emo hiji nzekir metan kiskorena kindey dem afsisna kindey weledo tsenituna neza hiji selam zelewa hager deykonen????? ewe haki eyu shigrat alona ezi shigir ezi kiea mierabawiyan dea giho hizemomber 2002 endeyu tewediu kifthwo silzeydeleyu gin edil eti zoba tekolifu yrkeb merietna wielu hadiru natna eyu eti hade zehzineka gin bsenki kedemti edil kilitieu hzbitat miklafu eyu. bsenkizom hasadat gorebiet kiea gelemenesey adu gedifu wetseu eyu entekone gin adu zirsie menesey Eritrea alena kibil aykielin. ane neabnet bsenki gele tsegemat kab adey wetsea yrkeb adey gin adey eya kfue nata kirei aydelin zihalefe kifue nata silzireaku


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