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Thousands of Eritreans Greet President Isaias Afwerki

Thousands of Eritreans have flocked to NYC

Note: As new information is gathered, this article will be updated regularly throughout the day.

Sept. 25, 2011 (ERITREA) – Thousands of Eritreans from across the United States and Canada have been flocking to New York City to attend a public seminar headed by H.E. President Isaias Afwerki this Sunday afternoon.

Early reports indicate Eritrean citizens from as far as Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, United Kingdom, and Italy are attending this large gathering. From Washington D.C. alone, 20 buses filled to capacity left around 3:00 AM heading for NYC.

The historic Manhattan Center served as the venue for this public seminar. Depending on the type of event, the Manhattan Center has a seating capacity of around 3,000. Early reports show the venue was filled to capacity, leaving hundreds of Eritreans stranded outside.

Photos Courtesy of YPFDJ - For more photos, visit the following links: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3|

Thousands of Eritreans waiting in line to enter the seminar
"My People, My Country, My Government" 
Eritrean princess wearing an Eritrean dress
Eritrean Flags were a fashion statement in NYC - September 25, 2011
Thousands of Eritreans wait in line to enter the Seminar
Famous young Eritrean patriot named Dawit with his father
Inside the Manhattan Center - Just before Eritreans were seated
Thousands of Eritreans being seated at the Manhattan Center

Short video clip showing the festive mood of the seminar in New York City

President Isaias Afwerki leaving New York City
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  1. Bro, I'm in NYC writing in from my phone right now and I'm telling you, it is crazy! People in New York don't know what hit them! New Yorkers think Obama or the Pope is there but no, we keep telling them someone bigger has arrived and that's Jigna Isaias Afwerki! New York is SHUT DOWN BY ERITREANS!

  2. Mr Slamin'Sammy, There are prison and prisoners all over the world including where you live,you commit a crime you will do the time regardless where,what is it you don't understand?

  3. Yes he did your mom and your dad

  4. I saw some posts here yesterday and they are deleted. I guess this website promotes to us all to "SPEAK OUR MINDS" but deletes them when the posts do not suite the website editor's opinion.


  5. shut up if nothing to say on a postive note

  6. If that is true then why would they post your ridicilous claim of censoring our opinions?..Grow up!

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