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Eritrea Purchases 94 New Buses

Eritrea Purchases 94 New Buses

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April 14, 2011 (ERITREA)  – Over the past few months, Eritrea's Harat Transport Company has purchased a total of 94 new buses in order relief transport problems and to provide efficient services to their customers.

The buses were  imported in two phases; the first consisting of 54 public buses that were purchased from Qatar's Mowsalat company and inaugurated last November; while the second phase consisted of 40 public buses that commenced operation in late March of this year.

Reports also indicated construction and expansion of road networks and improving existing roads throughout Gash-Barka and Sahil regions were taken place in oder to meet passenger satisfaction and enhance road safety.

                                                (Click on Images to See larger quality)

54 Eritrean Buses delivered in November  - Photo AP

President Isaias Afwerki in Qatar to view the Mowasalat Bus Company

The 40 buses delivered in March.

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  1. That's good, things were getting a bit cramped.

  2. Was the first picture (blue buses) taken in Eritrea? Where about is it? The road looks massive and I've never seen it before.

  3. This road is most likely in Qatar, Eritrea cant afford to build roads like that.

  4. wrong hater!! that actually the new road connecting massawa to assab[your dream]lol.

  5. there are people who can not see with their eys they can only see with their hearts wich is full of hatred,the busses are flying eritrean flags not qatari flags grow up.....


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