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EPLF/PFDJ Has The Legal Right To Govern The Nation of Eritrea By Its Own Ideology


By: Yemane Tsegay

MS. Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocacy
[November 19, 2018]

I Introduction

Currently, the so called Antagonistic Anti Eritrean Government Websites (AEGW), one that is known in particular is: Assena Radio Station and other Jihadist Websites, have been misleading the general Eritrean public by disseminating negative propaganda that: “Eritrea lacks a constitution and holds many prisoners without any legal justifications and without any due process of a law”. According to their statements: “this constitutes an illegitimate governing body that is practicing in Eritrea for years”.

To legally educate these people about this misleading rhetoric speech: first, they need to be informed about what has occurred in Eritrea over time prior to May 24, 1991 under the following continuous colonial rule social and political structures; including the power of imperialism domination of their political, cultural and economic over the Eritrean people from the 1500 to 1991. 

The nation of Eritrea has endured abuses from the imperialistic colonizers for the purpose denying access to the most fertile land by constant threat of incarceration to any Eritrean who attempts to consume any food in that fertile area. It also interfered with the local Eritreans’ economic, cultural values and every unjust inhumane treatments on their own land. Education was highly restricted during the Italian reign used as a system of oppression to prolong their repression or control of the general Eritrean public. These colonizers were: first the Ottoman Turks, followed by the Egyptians, and then by the Italians, finally by the Amhara supported by their instigators the USA who exploited Eritrean Lands for their installation of military base facilities in the Capital city (Asmara); which was given to them free of any rental fee except a payment of 50 million dollars yearly given to Haile Sellassie and grant him and his family and some of his ministers a medical checkup at the hospital of American Military personnel. 

The tragedy was the continues suffering of the Eritreans by the Ethiopian ruling class the Woyane who themselves were fully supported by the EPLF to be in power and become the assumed rulers of Ethiopia (then, later they have shifted their commitment by starting a war against a sovereign nation). In 1994 they start betraying the Eritrean Government and finally initiated a war to cause Eritreans to be displaced and left without a state of their own like the Palestinians who have been doomed and left without a state of their own through presumably military conquest. But in the case of Eritrea our people has defeated the Woyane time and time again by the mighty united strength of the people, remarkable resilience to recover quickly under any difficulty circumstances. That also, includes the ability of their military individual training, skills and expertise. Unlike the Woyanes commanders who were badly trained themselves and their Infantry tactics were the combination of military concepts and methods used and made the Oromos, Wollaitas, and Benshanguls as cannon fodders and mine sweepers to make safe passage for the Amhara and Tigrean tank commanders. Their infantry soldiers cannot retreat because the Tigrean commanders were stood from behind to shoot and kill them. That was the kind of tactic fighting arrangement they had which is called forcible coercive tactic and were badly bitten and killed into thousands of Oromos, Wollaitas, and Benshanguls , Amharas and quaite a lot of Tigreayeans. 

This continuous abuse of the Eritrean Public occurred throughout the history of Eritrea due to its geopolitical position that creates desirable strategic importance which the colonizers wants to gain a foothold so they can have access to the Red Sea and its shipping lane. Their desire was to always gain Eritrea’s riches while at the same time to enslave the people. For further in depth information please click here.

II Legal Victimization by emotional Lies

The nation of Eritrea has always been victimized by emotional lies that has always negatively impacted the Eritrean society through misleading information targeted to the general public but primarily toward the Eritrean youth. The Assena Website is not disclosing to the Eritrean youth the true intention of what Radio Assena is really offering them. Radio Assena is taking emotional advantage of them because they are young and legally uneducated and trained. In this way Radio Assena’s emotional message is successful because they are able to exploit these very young Eritrean people who lacks the ability to legally investigate and use legal factual reasoning to come to a better rational legal conclusion; in response to all the negatives and demonization allegations targeted toward the Eritrean people and their government. All the Antagonistic Progressive supporters they will use completely fraudulent allegations in an attempt to emotionally mislead the Eritrean. Due to the fact that Eritreans uses emotional talk that they know will spread like an infection in the society which will ultimately lead the people into making the wrong choices that would eventually lead to the downfall to their Eritrean Government. Eritreans in general lacks legal education they mostly rely on emotional communication. In fact, those type of decisions will begin to erode our national cultural values and take us completely backward. 

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