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How Eritrea Social Media is Engaging in Criminal Activities

Amanuel Eyasu, The voice of Asena founder (Credit: VICE NEWS/YouTube)

Yemane Tsegay
How Eritrea Social Media is Engaging in Criminal Activities

By: Yemane Tsegay
Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocacy

[November 30, 2017]

I. Introduction

Even though the political assault on Eritrea has began early 1994, this article examines an issue on Eritrea that has become more worst starting in 1998 until present day that it started as a campaign at the UN to demonize and delegitimize the Government of Eritrea under the EPLF/PFDJ leadership.

This political ploy initiated by the Weyane (minority rulers of Ethiopia) in concert with the successive Presidents of the USA aimed to demonize and delegitimize the Government of Eritrea at every opportunity and in every forum has been and supported by Eritrean traitors who carry on progressive ideology gender base agenda. These Eritrean Groups who are known through a multitude of names are all wants to falsely inject anti social division behaviors among the Eritrean people with a goal of ruining the country.

Paradoxically, one group in particular is taking the lead which is highly involved in attempting to remove president Isias and to dismantle the current Eritrean Government once and for all by means of civil unrest. This group are known as: The Voice of Assena (Medrek) which has an internal secret advisers and strongly supported by Andebrhan and Dr. Bereket.

They have moved so far to the left and become the beneficiaries of the Democratic Gender base sick ideology called progressive. The Progressive ideology means “seeking change” and the Assena/ Medrek Group has been continuously bragging about the change without disclosing what or how the nature of their change dream will adversely impact the moral cultural and legal values of the Eritrean society.

The continues, stir up violent and un lawful behavior, exhibited by these groups (anti social fake news) is the typical progressives operations of not disclosing the intention of their ideologically driven procedure. So far the only thing they have announced clearly is that: they want to do everything they can to ruin and remove any PFDJ polices, laws, statues or any historical monuments that signifies the heroic victories of EPLF/PFDJ over the enemies of Eritrea. Occasionally, these group they even make derogatory statement such that: “our fallen martyrs have been betrayed by the EPLF/PFDJ” (Hidri Swaatna Tetelimu). Aren’t they are saying this to deflect blames of their betrayal to EPLF/PFDJ and to the Eritrean society for their own incompetence by manipulating the truth.? Isn’t this the biggest lie ever told by these groups? These are all planned and calculated to incite violence inside Eritrea which has been and is their dream which is their feverish attempt to tear down the Government of Eritrea and bring it under the tutelage of Ethiopia (Weyane rule).

Hence, the scope in this paper is not to analyze deeply what progressive ideology is, but to broadly discuss the nature of this modern political ideology seeking change within the society to transform the cultural, political, social and economic rights of State by any means including forces of any kind and deceiving/misleading the public with the art of lying. The core of the ideology calls for protesting movement to anything that can galvanize the public inorder to support their cause.

For example, they even have presented empty coffins where corpse are be carried for burials displayed on European streets which was too horrifying to contemplate for shaming and disgracing the Eritrean Government after the drowned young Eritreans in the Mediterranean Sea near Lampedusa. Their movement is full of criminal activities on the bases of progressive ideology which has a broad meaning but as for our understanding the typology offered by them were: They always attempt to distinguish between progressive and nationalism and other contemporary manifestations of ideology that they also discuss their impact on democracy with
very carefully selected statements.

However, If they were able to come to power by whatever means their promise is to trash all the PFDJ programs including the “Nation Building Programs” or any Social Programs based on cultural, religious base or any nationalistic moral values will be destroyed or anything that doesn’t benefit their progressive ideology as opposed to the past and current programs of the PFDJ administration which have been benefiting the Eritrean masses.

Based on inferences and on evidences and reasoning, we can reach to a conclusion that what their intention of the change they are bragging about are a falsification of truth and that will be found out sooner or later. In these cases, the author is talking from a simple logic and common sense that he is charging these group to disclose and explain how their ideology benefits the Nation of Eritrea. Any organization to function properly in Eritrea, they must first establish basic trust relationship between their organization and the residents of Eritrea including the majority Eritreans in the Diaspora.

The author of this report discusses the necessity of disclosure that the Eritrean society must legally scrutinize these group to open up and make them talk their political burning issues how much it is deeply soaked with evil intensions that are planned against the Eritrean people once they got the opportunity to rule Eritrea.

Notice the next perfect example: We heard a barking sound which erupted by all opposition groups after President Isaias announced the abandonment of the 1997 unimplemented constitution in early May 24 2014. At that time, instead the announcement being celebrated that it was a wise decision done by the president to save the citizens from the detrimental gender base constitution, the situation quickly served the oppositions in particular the Assena/Medrek to fast trigger to loudly protest against the move and it quickly reinforced the bonding with Weyane of Tigray to become even more stronger than before.

The opposition group Voice of Assena (Medrek) have perceived the presidential declaration in regard to the 1997 constitution resulted in a direct threat to their crocked dream and then they fast tracked a multitude of Human Right Violations talk with a goal of removing the President from his office before he could be able to take any action to completely null and void the constitution forever.

Remember that progressive constitution would have given them the full right of legal power to implement their devious progressive ideology once for all. Since these group have been tirelessly fighting about that progressive constitution, un warranted and illegal push from Obama administration was echoed to the UNHRC for the assignment of a "Special Rapporteur" for Human Rights Commission of Inquiry (COI) of Ms. Sheilla B. Keetharuth to Eritrea. She was mandated by the UNHRC to objectively investigate if there are alleged human rights abuses in Eritrea so that she can establish conduct thematic studies and to report and advise on human rights from abuse, but instead she become a prosecutor to annihilate and start fighting for the delegitimizetion of the Eritrean Government.

That lady as a "Special Rapporteur" have tried to abuse the government in any way she rammed her 550 pages report to the UNHRC with illegally obtained witness statements complied prepared in cut and paste method of other nation report to implicate the Government of Eritrea the worst one of human rights abuser in the world. When she does all these criminal activities her hidden agenda was to force the government for the implementation of the 1997 construed constitution.

Then we learned that it is only through the 1997 construed constitution can give them the legal power to apply and squeeze the Eritrean Government to legalize “Any Improper Factors’ as stated and affirmed in Article 14(2) or “Any Religion” In Article 19 (4) as it has been written and affirmed for the people of Eritrea to have them legally binding agreement by the constitution authored by Dr. Bereket Kesh Habte selassie.

The so called Progressives (Opposition Groups) who always exhibits intimidations, violence type of “ threats” toward anyone who simply refuses joining them is a manifestation of how much criminal organization it is contrary to what they preach that how much they are for peace and love to mislead the public. This is what we have been witnessing time after time for several years.

Another example will clarify more: (On line Radio talk show Assena ). Please observe the Host of that show how he conducts himself when he talks including some of his irrational invited guests. They are not capable of constructing their talking behavior on rational ground, but only based on intimidations or threats. These are the symptoms of criminal minded group. On top of this symptom mentioned above, when they advocate for the total trashing all the PFDJ Nation Building efforts as nothing but piece of dirt, then, they are likely contributing to deviant behaviors who are exhibiting to be the perfect Criminals.

In addition to these, they intimidate and warned the general public with threats if they don’t correct their act and follow them to their despicable language they use. Remember when they do these kind of threat there are always advisers from behind known as crooked academia to groom
and couch them how and what to say.

“Caution” think twice you betrayers: before you attempt to threaten our mighty militaries, special vanguards and our militia groups.

The progressives utmost dream is always to get elected to the highest public office to gain decision making power for the complete change of the society which is always hidden and completely unknown to the voters. The surprise to everyone participated in their election is when they would be able to implement their prepared written policies for change the public their devious policy at a lightning speed.

To our surprises these polices would have been to legalize any anti-social behavior such as: marriage between man to man and woman to woman with a lawfare legal compliance into the legal system that will be enforced later by the external statutory laws and regulations. The lawfare” is also used as a legal weapon to be used– or misused for adopting the Trans-Gender life styles. These actions will be followed by all the sick anti social behavior policies that they are going to be imposed on the people under the progressive ideologically driven system. That is what they will offer to the Eritrean people.

Remember, Eritrea is not immune from this sicknesses due to the progressive ideologically driven group that I discussed earlier. Therefore, if the Eritrean public remained without legally awareness; we all will suffer by having to accept all the Trans-gender gay life styles including the worshipping of the gay flag flying over the Liberation Avenue in Asmara.

“Don’t let it go our Cultural Pride and our National Moral Values down the tube and it should always be defended through united strength and Legality”.

To defend our Cultural and National moral values from assault by these progressives, our window of opportunity is now to rise up and stop these progressives from gaining any access of governance within the Eritrean society.

This is very anti social ideology that says “I love you but legally I hate your hetero- sexual values or religion values whither you worship Islam or Christianity it doesn’t mean anything for these Anti Morales Godless group.

II. Anti-Social Behavior Political Opposition Group

These particular political group including the Assena Radio Show, have been subverting by a relentless propaganda war against the president and the Nation of Eritrea, by making the young Eritreans to stray away from their founding purposes/beliefs and national duties, obligations frameworks

The uniqueness of these group is that they wouldn’t disclose their intentions up front as well as their long term vision for the society. The irony is we know that the Christians and Moslems have a religious books that will inform you by reading and understanding the whole divine Voice in the narrative itself that must be taken very seriously from the beginning to the end. At least they are helping you to understand and make decisions for yourself and your desire how you want to live your life In this way there is no intention of criminality But, if you don’t disclose upfront and use misleading information mostly through verbalism especially on a Radio Talk to disguise your true anti social intention sick behavior: this is legally seen as engaging in criminal activities, because you never disclose your full intention of what the public expects
from you.

Our Eritrean experiences since the early 1940 up to present day, any political organization in Eritrea has been always begins with disclosure written document as political charter or purpose such as the historical letter of the president “we are and our goals", the charter of ELF, EPLF, even the new so called Agazian movement. All have one in common: what that they plan to do is stated and disclosed upfront. These anti-social behavior exhibited by the progressives, if they were to disclose what their intention is up front their deviant behavior and goals they will definitely be deemed and seen as completely sick and no one would join them. Therefore, the only thing they have to do is to cling on to their devious ideology and hide it until a condition of public emotions happened and then they quickly exploit it.

For example recently: in Zimbabwe change of government happened and they are exploiting the events and insinuating and pushing toward all Eritrean youths to offer their support that it can happen in Eritrea too as if the two nations are the same; or another example is, when the Islam students in Akria protest again they exploited it to become a situation of civil unrest.

“By the way the author is fully convinced that some of them who are shouting “Down, Down Isias” in a loud voice that sounds like the battle-cry of freedom knows nothing that they are being manipulated by hidden ideologue progressives such as Dr. Bereket Keshi Habteselassie and Andebrhan Weldegiorgis and other foreigners”.

These group do not bother to engage in any public debate with the public on any social problems. The main reason have been that the moment something comes out of their mouth relating to gender description that discussion which leads to engage in sick debate about anti social behavior such as Trans-Gender and relationships to the rest of the homosexual life styles (LGBTQ) , they will be immediately disqualified from being considered and viewed lower than a credible political group and would be relegated to a mentally sick groups.

The only statement that repeatedly comes out of their mouth is: Eritrea is governed without a constitution sometimes they don’t even know the qualitative differences between a constitution (QUAM) and written set of rules called civil law systems, codified statutes extracted from (HIGHI- INDABA) except the people behind who are fanning the flames.

By the way, does Eritrea has written set of rules with codified statutes? Yes, you better be leave it.

The main reason the Progressive Opposition Group of Eritrea the Medrek in particular are fighting for the implantation of the 1997 constitution is that they will legalize every deviant behaviors and shove it into the public’s throat by legal force and be able to ruin the people and can also govern them easily. That is why they are fighting vigorously to save that construed constitution from becoming null and void. Instead, they are cursing Eritrea at every opportunity and in every forum by saying: that Eritrea is being ruling without a constitution repeatedly!

III. The Opposition Group are Seen as Criminals

The opposition group the Assena/Medrek Group cannot be seen as a political group at all since they don’t disclose their true intentions, then what can we say except obeseving their activities such as assaulting Eritrean Government officials physically, burning buildings of Eritrean Community Centers or intimidating individuals by threatening methods and so on.. Then they are the perfect Criminals due to their despicable demonization work they did on the Nation of Eritrea.

So far we have a record of Dr. Bereket keshi Habteselassie as the author of the 1997 unimplemented constitution. This lawyer has an obligation to advise the highest members of the government concerning text warding meanings, liabilities, claim liability, risks advisability on the articles suitability for defending and protecting the nation from any deviant social behaviors or what the nation’s legal rights and obligations in case of unclear misinterpretations occurred presented by the constitution he authored. Finally the Nation of Eritrea received the worst constitution full of hidden sick intentions such as the Articles listed below: (Read in the un implemented constitution of 1997)

Article 14 (2) “No person may be discriminated against on account of race, ethnic origin, language, color, gender, religion, disability, age, political view, or social or economic status or any other improper factors.” It means: it would have legally allowed for Prostitution or LGBTQ life styles.

Article 19 (4) again in the unimplemented constitution article 19 (4) stated that: every person shall have the freedom to practice any religion meaning you can worship any such as: Satanic, Snakes, Rocks or anything.


There is a need for Nationalistic legal Education to our people immediately. The Government of Eritrea can take advantage of Eri-Tv to deliver this legal nationalistic education.

The oppositions are capitalizing on that particular fact due to our people’s great legal deficient when the oppositions presents to them with something that looks legal argument, the question could be: Does Eritrea has law? or sometimes, does it has a constitution? In this situation they are unable to legally nationalistically defend themselves, because they look for the government to empower them with that legal nationalistic education information so that they could efficiently deal with the sickness of oppositions ideology or progressives who are pro-transgender life style ideology.

These are few highlights needed to know why Eritrea pushed backward from going forward to word economic progress in accordance to our anticipation to be able to answer questions from a pro-government nationalistic legal perspective:

1. Any social ills of the Eritrean society that we see today was an accumulation of political setbacks caused by first the Eritrean traitors and other different agencies of the UNHRC including the activists paid by Weyane (minority rulers of Ethiopia) are being willfully and systematically misused by an organized campaign to assault Eritrea.

2. The resolutions on Eritrea by the UNHRC what makes it different from nearly every other country-specific resolution is that they are spread throughout East Africa that the Weyane were advised to smear Eritrea that: Eritrea has attacked Sudan, Djibouti, Yemen with political hyperbole and only selective reporting and ignoring the advancement on the UN millennium development of Eritrea’s (MDGs) and millennium sustainable development (SDGs) that could have countervailing facts that would provide the true picture background information or context of Eritrea, instead Eritrea was falsely accused and labeled as the number one “world’s biggest human rights abuser.

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