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Eritrea is well within its Sovereign Right to Defend Itself from Woyane

Eritrean Defense Forces on the front line

Eritrea is well within its Sovereign Right to Defend Itself from Woyane of Tigray (minority rulers of Ethiopia)

By: Yemane Tsegay MS.
Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocacy
[April 30, 2017, Fresh national Dialog]

On April 24, 2017, the Prime Minster of Ethiopia at a press conference he said that: “Ethiopia may have drafted new policy directives replacing the existing policy towards Eritrea and soon will be presented to the Ethiopian Council of Ministers.” He already announced the new policy toward Eritrea with all that accounts to destruction. I think the woyane foreign policy toward Eritrea must have come from the perspective of political such as they must intersect directly with aspects of when and how to vacate from our occupied land. Additionally, they must introduce trade in their foreign policy with the objective of harmonization in nature with the overall goal of abandonment of distortions of truth.

It’s particularly important to note that the specific crimes of Ethiopia have been committing on Eritrea for the last two decades (1) all the measures taken by Ethiopia as demonization’s, lying financing private agencies which they themselves recruit activists who have been demonstrating to accuse Eritrea as number one Human Rights violator in the world as well as putting the policy of containment and isolation of Eritrea from the UN member states (2) The Woyane become the main instigators and lobbyists for tough sanctions against Eritrea supported and designed by the viciousness actions taken by Obama and Susan Rice from the USA, white house against the Eritreans.

Now keep in mind how much provocation Eritrea has to withstand before it fails as the enemies are praying day and night to happen. Eritrea has suffered and has been infringed upon, abused/harassed, defamed, bullied and demonized in front of the whole world, but because of Eritrea’s resilience and the legal standing as a sovereign nation, the Woyane were so unsuccessful in their evil campaigns and conspiracies including regime change in Eritrea. The Eritreans have been taking proper and quick repulsed actions by its heroic people to combat for any destructive actions made by the Woyane including, Eritrea is becoming legally aware and demand the United Nation (UN) should not infringe on Eritrea’s sovereign right but instead to protect through the collective security of the UN to keep Ethiopia’s aggression in check. I would confidently say that we have recovered from all the difficulties set up by the Woyane minority rulers of the Ethiopian regime contrary to what the Prime Minster stated in his speech in Adwa briefing the Tigryans about the general feasibility and cost planning of the railway network. He even got a big applause when he mentioned and implied that in a distorted twisted talk that it would be easy to go to the ports of Eritrea..
As the world knows Eritreans and the State of Eritrea celebrates its 25th anniversary, but its survival still depends on one outcome: the woyane must stop the warmongering behavior: withdraw from our occupied land and come back to the negotiating table to request for lease access to the sea. The conditions have changed now since the day they abandon our services for a free port tax free to use Assab.

The Woyane (criminals) leaders are ignoring the warning of military attack not to do it again as they tried on Jun 13, 2016 on the border clashes between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

That is how it can be explained their crooked new policy Directives, both played a large role in shaping the Tigray people to hate Eritreans and blame Eritrea for their failures in any activities of achievement since their political movement begun with blaming and jealousy toward Eritrea from its inception. Now here’s the truth why the Woyane always acts in bad intentions the way they do, as stated in their Directive policy toward Eritrea:

Now, let us examine the following paragraph which is randomly picked and exposed the crookedness of Woyane, in fact, that just goes to show how little they value human life, even to that of their own people. Here is their foreign policy document the “so-called new sustainable (not peaceful) solutions exhibited under the following sub-title:

Review of foreign Policy of Ethiopia toward Eritrea over the last two decades

[ገምጋም ኣፈፃፅማን ውፅኢትን ነባር ፖሊሲ ጉዳያት ወፃኢ ኢትዮጵያ ኣብ ኤርትራ]

These are all in contradiction to the principles of the “peaceful resolutions.” We Eritreans were expecting that one day the Woyane will acknowledge their wrongs and injuries against the Eritrean people for the past 20 years and to come up with a proposal for peace through financial compensation programs and reparations for the entire Eritrean victim’s murdered, disabled and alive of all the injustice occurred upon them.

We fought for 30 years on the account of our rights of self determination; thousands of the Ethiopians and Tigrayan’s have been killed in the year of 1998 till present due to the war and won. When we won the war we thought we finally have settled to be good neighbors. Then the Woyane came back with wars after wars and seems of never ending wars.

Review of foreign Policy of Ethiopia toward Eritrea over the last two decades

1.2. ገምጋም ኣፈፃፅማን ውፅኢትን ነባር ፖሊሲ ጉዳያት ወፃኢ ኢትዮጵያ ኣብ ኤርትራ

Let it be said for the record that:

እቲ ኣብ መፅናዕቲ ዘሎ ፖሊሲ ንዘላቒ ሕውነትን ውህደትን ዝሓስብ፤ ዞባዊ ምትእትታው ዘወግድ፤ ዝተኣሳሰረ ኢኮኖሚያዊ ማሕበረ-ሰብ ንምፍጣር ዓሊሙ ንሻዕብያ ዕድሚኡ ዘሕፅር፤ኣብ እንግዳዕ ህዝቢ ትግራይ ዘሎ ፃውራ ዘቃልል፤ውቅዒትና ብትምክሕተኛታት እናሓለፈ ንሻዕብያ ዘዕኑ ፖሊሲ ክህልወና ይግባእ።

“The new policy directives is under study, it does highlight the elements of unity and brotherhood that goes beyond individual thinking; that negates foreign power to enter into the region; that interconnects the areas with citizen participation in economic opportunity; that shortens the life of the PFDJ leaderships; that Eases up the Burdens of carrying the weight of responsibility by the Tigray People and that destroys the arrogant PFDJ. We must have Directives of Destruction Policy against the PFDJ.”

This is absolutely in contradiction to the principles of the Eritreans expectation of Peaceful Financial Resolutions.

“There is no solution for peace with Woyane. We Eritreans are very innocent when thinking about Woyane. Our thoughts were that one day the Woyane will acknowledge their wrongs and injuries against the Eritrean people of the past and to come up with a proposal for peace through financial compensation programs and reparations for the entire Eritrean victim’s murdered, disabled and alive after 1998 of all the injustice occurred upon them.

And furthermore: again on April 24, 2017, the Prime Minster of Ethiopia at a press conference he iterated with no shame or guilty feeling : “Following the end the Ethio-Eritrea War and the decision of the Boundary Commission on the conflict, Ethiopia created a five-point policy for the continuation of engagement with Eritrea: Resolving the dispute between Ethiopia and Eritrea only through peaceful means; Resolving the root causes of the conflict through dialogue with the view to normalizing relations between the two countries; Ethiopia accepts, in principle, the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission’s Decision; Ethiopia agrees to pay its dues to the Ethiopia-Eritrea Boundary Commission and to appoint field liaison officers and also Ethiopia wishes to start dialogue.”

In law this is called “negotiate in bad phase” and it is criminal in nature. After Woyane have agreed every statement in the agreement document and signed as a “Final and binding” then to try to change all the words and phrase and announce to the world that: Ethiopia have accepted the agreement in principle. From the outset this is bad faith intentional dishonest act by not fulfilling legal or contractual obligations, misleading another, entered into an agreement without the intention or means to fulfill it. But, by violating basic standards of honesty in dealing with Eritrea under the pretext of crooked plan such as “Regime Change” to say: Ethiopia has accepted the Ethiopia and Eritrea Boundary Commission’s Decision is crooked and misleading.

This is a typical progressive tactic in order to acquire Eritrean land by a false pretense that began with a fraudulent study of Think Tank: the study intends for a financially inconvenienced Tigray by Eritrea as if they should have the rights to enter Eritrea at any time they like to have access to the sea as they claimed. They don’t seem in the least bit concerned about the Nation of Eritrea’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

No wonder, the Woyane are preaching to the progressive Eritreans who have open minds and globules who have accepted their demand to have them quickly to be surrendered, so that they can build and form Greater Tigray. The Woyane embraced the Democratic Progressive Ideology and feel that this is the most smartest way to bring down Eritrea by implementing all the principles of Democratic Progressive ideology such as: disseminating fake news; having slanted study (think tank) that only favors the Woyane against the Nation of Eritrea. All these efforts are designed to come to fruitarian as the PM of Ethiopia said in his hidden message behind other words and blaming Eritrea of its natural wealth such as our Red Sea, Our ports Massaua Assab.

Since the Woyane of Tigray, Ethiopia is operating as a dangerous gang organization so long they are arming the so called Eritreans who are on the wrong side of history to kill another Eritreans with the sole intention of attempting to violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea which is completely illegal. Furthermore, the Woyane are engaging in inciting violence against the Nation of Eritrea by dispersing fire arms to anyone who could go against the Government of Eritrea that makes the Woyane liable for their actions.

In chapter VII Article 51 of the United Nations charter states the following:

“Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations”

Why is this “inherent right” not granted fully to Eritrea the way it is every other country in the world?

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