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The War of Disinformation to Delegitimize the Nation of Eritrea

Amanuel Eyasu, the voice of Asena founder (Credit: VICE NEWS/YouTube)

Yemane Tsegay

The War of Disinformation to Delegitimize the Nation of  Eritrea

By Yemane Tsegay

[January 8, 2018]

1. Introduction

There are here and there movements known as opposition groups and they are becoming a real menace to the Eritrean citizens and they are highly opposed to the government of Eritrea. These groups have been collaborating with the Woyane of Tigray (the current rulers of Ethiopia) for many years; and now they have been using the war of disinformation since 2004 with a mission to wage civil unrest leading to a civil war among the Eritrean citizens.

When you carefully observe their voices and actions of these oppositions, one can quickly learn that their teachings are not coming from their own country’s experiences but coming from the USA and European countries to make them political stooges to act for terror attack to all the citizens so that everyone can live in fear. Their approach has been filled with rampant and outrageous lying – as their invented strategy which is obviously the only hope they have, to provoke a civil war in Eritrea. They are following the Obama indoctrination (progressive’s) script to be fulfilled.

“Furthermore, it is undoubtedly true that the centralization of all the developmental programs such as: the challenging programs “nation building” and the fair distribution of the state benefits to its citizens as well as Military protection from any enemy confrontations are indeed in the hands of one organization that is the EPLF/PFDJ. This is morally, politically and legally. correct if we are going to even have a country of our own.” Then what are the right things to do?

It is our historical reality that every true Eritrean remembers: we paid heavy prices to reach to the level of legitimacy to become full fledge nation and it is going to stay the way the EPLF/PFDJ handling the situation until the government found refuted the use of force is no more necessary to eliminate any outside influence in the form of political insurgents, terrorists or jihadists threat to our nation.

The oppositions are becoming the players in the game and adopting the guidance of a different set of none ethical and very anti social beliefs. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, I will call them justice seekers: but again who are they? Are they truly Justice Seekers or anti social deviant seekers? I don’t know but for the sake of this article, I am assuming they are following Social Justice. Political Ideologue or simply confused groups.

The majority of their followers of these evil plots may not know what the end result would be. Sure enough it could only lead to disaster, death, and overall infested with sick anti social behaviors, at least the artistries who are their advisors leading from behind they must have known it very well. But, according to the latest educated guesses: the Eritrean masses have built a momentum of awareness and begin to discuss among themselves these immorality, and anti cultural, 21st, century phenomenon. Once it has all blown over about the secrecy and cultural reality of this ideology as explained by Mr. Victor Davis Hanson, saying that: “The progressive movement requires both deceit and euphemism to mask its apparently unpopular agenda”. Therefore, this sick ideology will be facing its rejection by all Eritrean citizens and by the majority of the diasporic Eritrean nationals due to its Pro-LGBTQ Transgender lifestyles.

2. The method of the process followed by these enemies are:

The people at the top who are exploiting the situation whether real or imaginary through mass hysteria falling inexplicably into the following: Moving to the sides of the notorious “regime- change” activists Ms. Sheila Keetharuth, illegally appointed by U.N. Human Rights Commission of Inquiry (COI) and Ms. Mirien v. Reisen (European External Policy Advisor), NGOs, Amnesty International (AI), in promoting all the hypocrisy against Eritrea which is a detriment to the country’s economic, political and cultural values.

All these enemies have one thing in common but in reality they are the Eritrean informants who feeds them with lies and distorted visions of Eritrea. For example: the direct and indirect dishonest working agenda of Bereket Keshi Habteselassie was always wishing to call Eritrea as a failed nation by any means necessary which closely mirrors the title of his book which was printed on December 6-2010 “Wounded Nation”. This man and others like him have been working closely with some websites news media, set the political agenda and shaped the type of protest to be carried out such as blackmailing and accusing the Eritrean Government its overall administration has been labeled by these groups that: The government is nothing more than commuting executions, beatings, sexual assaults on both females and males since 1991 which leads to ruling by fear as they claimed.

Then, the confused followers Diaspora go through emotional expressions and react negatively including violence for the destruction, to every situational influence. They chose street protests that will create a horrific view of Eritrea, in particular the demonization of the president by shouting with loud voices as a rallying cry “down, down Isias”, By doing so, I think they were hoping to get feeling of pity from the whole world for their cause.

The following are the most violent crimes they want to carry out against the people of Eritrean:

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