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The Weyane (Ethiopian Rulers) uses Peace Music festival diversionary tactic to steal a piece of Eritrean Land again.

TPLF's new Eritrea policy is to win the hearts and minds of Eritreans through music festivals and other diversionary tactics.

By: Yemane Tsegay
MS. Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocacy
[October 24, 2017]

I. Introduction

Eritrea has been moving forward since 2000 to becoming a single party presidential social and democratic country under the PFDJ Administration political climate. Even though the 1997 constitution was ratified by the harshly assembled citizen representatives, the action taken can best be described as an unorganized.hodge-podge political process, it was later found to be detriment to Eritrea in its overall governance due to the permanent huge liability a live monolith, the nation has to carry and could bankrupt it in no time and will rises up a civil war among the citizens. Once it had been signed off by the president, the situation could have been a lock-up agreement between the government and citizens which most of the articles in the constitution dictates for the promotion of the social justice values sick ideology at the cost of the Eritreans deleterious effect on themselves. Most of the articles in the constitution are construed and the misinterpretation of each article in the constitution could have been a reason to victimize the Eritrean people to inflict a penalty as retribution for an offense. But luckily, the visionary and intelligent president of Eritrea has not signed off that sick constitution including he put an end to the posts of the corruptible representatives.

To illustrate with only one example out of the 59 articles and many sub articles: How much the 1997 constitution have construed articles? In law even one construed article is more than enough to break you and will lose everything you are supposed to be entitled for. For example look the below exhibited articles interpretation one is written in English and the other in Tigrinya version. Both are supposed to mean the same. Are they the same or not? If they are not the same in meaning then what must be the In Roman and Civil law interpretation going to be in which Eritrea is adopting a statute (or code) guides in to the newly drafted Eritrean National Constitution.

Let it be shown below for you to see, understand, and interpret: Article 14 (2)- Equality under the law where the poison buried under sub- article 2 that states: OR ANY OTHER IMPROPER FACTORS’ See it for yourself. I don’t have to repeat myself again and again. I have written several articles on this matter. There are many construed articles like this in the 1997 un implemented constitution:

See Yemane Tsegay Article

The Eritrean Government has put a thorough investigation to that constitution and was found to be a fraud with criminal deception intended to cause Eritrea to become one of the failed nation in Africa. This was the single most significant sabotage ever committed to the Eritrean Government. I wrote several articles how and why it happened and have caused the country to be blamed on many ways including the famous phrase rallying cry “a country without a constitution and no election held” up today. It created a havoc for the enemies to push Eritrea backward considering the sanctions put on the country against its national social stability and the tremendous negative impact on its economic growth. Above all the most urgent the behavior of the Weyane an actual outbreak of hostilities toward Eritrea. This is perhaps best seen as a constant, ongoing activity, aimed at destroying Eritrea with their crooked short and long-term plan in fulfilling their dreams.

II. Why do the Weyane (Ethiopian Rulers) Want to Destroy Eritrea?

Although it seems odd to make a sweeping statement that all the Tigreans hate Eritrea and wishes to destroy it if they ever can, may not be totally true, it just seems like it. Particularly, in the consideration to the effect of the 1998-2000 war between Eritrea and Ethiopia (under the Weyane ruling group). The Weyane’s devilish behavior rallying cry for mass hate against Shaebia is a cover up for their crimes against the Eritrean masses. For years they have been telling deceitful tall-tales about Eritrea that were copied from the British Military Administration that “Eritreans are poor, that they cannot feed themselves” a lie invented by the British to justify their crooked plan for the liquidation of Eritrea after the Italians lost the colonizing power in Eritrea in world war II. This a clear evidence that they want to destroy Eritrea and the Eritreans whenever they can If we go back and read history hundredth of years ago we would be learning at least there was a little rough coexistence between the Tigreans and Eritreans but were tolerated. Otherwise we will not find a compelling evidence that references a deep-seated dislike or ill will between the Eritreans and Tigreans. Now, after the Weyane seize power everything have changed rapidly. It is not uncommon to observe that the Weyane military forces are continuously provoking and creating violence daily around the border because first and for most the Weyane’s ambition to go for wars (at least their leaders) are driven by greed of money and the evil desire to make a lot of moneys in their pockets flowing through donations or (AID) to Ethiopia. That is now and was their crooked secret that they like to go for war with Eritrea. Each time they open war with Eritrea it can neither be supported by Ethiopian public opinion nor a truthful explanation can not be found or it is out of question. Then, why and how the unjust wars have happened and still going on? The only answer they give reputedly is: “We don’t like the arrogance (Timkihtena) Shabia’

When we observe the actions of the Weyane leaders’ behavior, everything they do toward Ethiopians and Eritreans: they are creating unstable relationships everywhere such as: killings robbing and raping to the people under their ruling domain, as well as they don’t understand what negotiation in good faith is. For them it is easy to act dishonestly with their neighbors, especially after the two parties negotiated, agreed and signed off they always try to change the deal by saying: “We have accepted the agreement only in principles even for a deal of Final and Binding” which is unheard and it is stupid on their part. I think the Weyane are always undiplomatic so long their actions of betraying is their guiding principles (motto). That is why at the end it always come out crooked. Therefore, there is a high probability that the Weyane leaders or the high level of decision makers are suffering from inferiority complex or emotionally unstable personality disorder or both. I think this can easily be proved by someone who is able to get an access in Addis Ababa and Mekele to make a study with well prepared open ended questions for sampling distributions and using the application of empirical rule in order to justify the true range of possible personality disorder values which is called “confidence interval”.

III. Illegal Land Occupation by Weyane (Ethiopia rulers)

By following advice and ideas of the USA. the Weyane are being able to grab Eritrean land illegally and refuse to return the land even after the International court awarded the land to Eritrea legally. This matter alone made them look committing an act of lawless terrorism. Now we can feel and even see the dark side of Weyane filled with open jealousy, bigotry, betrayal against the Eritreans. The diplomatic and comradery relationship that was established during the war against a common enemy Menghistu Hailemariam have been shattered and the hatred between the Weyane and Eritreans have been even more strained by the involvement of president Clinton biased administration resulted in to the unjustifiable war between the two nations. To make matters worse when the Weyane colluded and bonded with Obama and Suzan Rice under a strange circumstances. The relationship quickly turns to be toxic and slummed the State of Eritrea with two sanctions and we Eritreans left with hard feeling of resentment ever since.

Even now there is still room for improvement if indeed Weyane revises their policy of aggression toward Eritrea, first they should immediately stop black mailing and conspire with other governments to isolate Eritrea. Second, above all, the occupation of Eritrean land by them must be vacated and return the land to Eritrea immediately so that all the Eritreans who are displaced would be repatriated. The Weyane should forget this fake “peaceful music” to deceive Eritrean youth instead they must know ahead that the Eritrean Government will charge them at least $100,000 per day for the past 17 years due to their illegal land occupation which is continuously incurring every day and will not stop until Weyane vacate from Eritrean land and a peaceful financial resolution agreement executed between Eritrea and Weyane. (the reason I am addressing them by their proper name Weyane simply because soon they will be kicked out from Ethiopia and shipped back to where they come from).

IV. The Weyane coached and paid the confused Musical Artists

Most of the self-described "Peaceful Musical Artists" they have claimed that they are Eritreans but not yet to be verified if they have the legal right to become representatives of the Eritrean Nationals. They are holding events called “Peaceful Music” festivity. The group claimed that a concert like this will create peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia and what we don’t know is how much each of the artist was secretly paid by the Weyane or how much all are paid in a flat fee for their loyal servitude to their masters (Wayne). I think we will wait until: Meskerem or Mandate Websites ( both are the true Dynamic Nationalistic well balanced Eritrean Social Medias outlet) tells us the amount.

These Peace music group to their disgrace and shame they are told to search for attractive lyrics (wording) with the right rhythm for melodic and harmonic beats that will attract Eritrean youths targeted age 14 to 20 years. I think it sounds appealing in fact may attract and pull in young Eritreans of that age group. Because, People of that age love music and comradery that a concert provides. It doesn’t take too much time to convince young people, because it is not hard for them to like a musical artist plus it is designed with an attractive title “Peace Music” to tempt and confuse young Eritreans of certain age group..

Coming back to the issue of Peace Music, Eritrean youth are responsible for Eritrea’s future and please don’t fall trap to become victims of your own curiosity without deep thinking. It is like equating with the stupid old saying “ let bygones be bygones” or forgive and forget. It shouldn’t be that way there are so many legal obligations that the Eritrean society must operate under. Since there is a land occupied by the Weyane on the Eritrean territory for over 17 years, using the pretext of cross a pseudo-academic theory that the Weyane has been gotten through their paid Think Tank (body of experts) for giving advice and ideas. There is a high probability that the Think Tank study must emanated from the hypothesis that “all young Eritreans are vulnerable and wants a better life elsewhere than in Eritrea” which are inexorably linked to anti-Eritrean activists or opposition groups. But this wrong analogy again will fail them and soon will be history like the previous attempted theory and evil military actions that have not successfully made oppositions against the Eritrean people. The weyane are trying to convert Eritrean youth to have them participate for the complete destruction of Eritrea. This is what they have been wishing for. This kind of traitorism will never happen from the true nationalistic Eritreans.

In support to the idea of some intelligent Eritreans who always said that We Eritreans will solve our own internal problems without the interference of other meddlers. I fully support it and it is a noble idea in which all Eritreans must look forward to search for that wisdom.

Suppose we take the advice of our young people, the author has already faced this kind of baseless argument before, the question asked was: is it ok for Weyane (Tigray) to go ahead and stay on our land? Some young Eritreans answer have been: “we follow modernity and we don’t believe in physical barriers or boarders, Eritrea doesn’t want to collect compensations for the Eritrean people who lost their lands”. Even though, we would have been fully legally compensated into millions of dollars, if we follow our young people’s advice just to be peaceful and let friendship be the new emphasis between Eritrea and the Weyane of (Tigray) based on this fake concert, this benefits only the Weyane. You can see that the Weyane are playing a cat and a mouse game if possible they don’t want to pay for the compensation which Eritrean people entitled to, from the land occupation compensation. Now they want to escape from the coming heavy charge in monetary compensation. That is why they are looking for the next generation of young people who are not legally aware that their legal rights have been violated in the first place and they were entitled to a full financial settlement.

Let us understand the Weyane fully why they strictly following the progressive sick doctrine of trying to always legally defraud the people of Eritrea out of the money owed to them. The weyane knows that as long as they follow the strict progressive sick ideology they will be eligible for funding from the many Human Rights organizations who are hell bent to shove the progressive transgender lifestyle down the Eritrean National throat. Then, after Eritrea embraces gender equality the beginning stage to trans gender life styles will follow.

Pay attention please, there is a motive and a reason why the Weyane quickly wants young Eritreans in order to forget and allow and never enforce the money issue that Eritrea owns them..

The following is my advice to our young: Even if Eritrea allow the Weyane access to the sea free of taxable charge, even if Eritrea does not seek physical barrier or demarcation within our boarders, even if common trade between Tigray and Eritrea were to begin it would still not enough for Weyane. For these Tigreans, it is not what Eritrea does in areas of peaceful coexistence but it is about Eritrea is the Weyane are anti our dignity our peace and even the potential establishment trade between the two nations (assume that Tigray will be separated from Ethiopia per Article 39 of the Ethiopian federal constitution) for common benefit, it is about what Eritrea is. They want to destroy Eritrea with whatever means including destructive and fearsome lying.

V. Conclusion

Music for peace is designed and advertized by Weyane it is not for peaceful purpose to have between Ethiopia and Eritrea, but the intention as always they do is to get a piece of Eritrea’s land through music. This is how:

(a) First they attempt to steal the Eritrean youth’s heart and mind through music, and later they will steal their pride and land through their make-belief historical legend of king Solomon and Queen Sheba including the modern one Agaziansm. In doing so they true intention is to get a piece of Eritrean land such as Assab.

(b) The young Eritreans must understand that they need to always obtain additional legal information instead of only being given an entertainment solution. They need to seek advice from more experienced people in Eritrean society in particular legal counsel that have experience pertaining to property rights. When our youth demonstrate abilities to have interactions with enemies that will result in defending their personal dignity as well as the recognition of their legal rights of their own properties then, that is the progress needed to move into higher understanding of responsibilities in an adulthood level.

(c) At this juncture Eritrea needs a National Public Legal Education (NPLE) as a minimum enhancing tool required to explain the Eritrean masses that must understand what National Sovereignty is and must know how to defend it when their sovereignty threatened. When these National Sovereignty violated all Eritreans of all ages must overcome the useless simile and shake hands and walkway peacefully and say it is ok “you don’t even owe us anything. This is again can be interpreted as to the forcibly taken our land by Weyane even after it is returned to us to think that there would not be financial compensation attached to it is stupid idea and unthinkable. That is why our masses need to know legal knowledge at least how to recoup damages that are actually entitled to instead of being ripped off by the so called ‘Peaceful Weyane concert sponsored by outside interest which has Progressive Agenda.

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