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Building Sustainable Peace and Stability Toward Economic Integration in the Horn of Africa

President Mohammed Abdullahi, President Isaias Aferki and Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed  participated at the tripartite summit in Asmara on developing relations and cooperation.


Yemane Tesgay
By: Yemane Tsegay
MS. Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocacy
[September 10, 2018]

1. Introduction

Due to the Ethiopian Government fundamental political change under the new Program “Political and Economic Integration” (Medemer) the genuine forward looking President Isaias who knows very well when he hears the genuine language of true peace and prosperity, he applied his processing and interpretation skill what it mean and how it would benefit Eritrea, he quickly took the first concrete steps toward a peaceful coexistence.

In a true sense the political and Economic Integration is a well thought out program that was initiated by Dr. Abiy Ahmed the Prime Minster of Ethiopia. He was able to bring President Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea to be his partner in starting-up the program. President Isaias have fully accepted the offer and he was also assured the guaranteeing and the preservation of his democratic governing institutions. The two governments both primarily motivated in establishing a political and economic Integration which in Amharic means (Medemer) is a step towards political unity would eventually evolve out to a closer and closer economic cooperation in order to build economic integration in both countries. He over saw the end of building up military forces computations above and beyond necessity that caused heavy Financial Burdon on each nation’s wealth as it already happened to Ethiopia that the building

of giant military forces to protect the nation's citizens and territory from threats. Integration means the internal driving forces, for developing peace first to gain stability which is conducive to economic development. From here on Eritrea should be more legally inclined so that the Eritrean people can benefit from a peaceful financial resolution that would truly benefit every Eritrean. For those who live abroad in the Diaspora who wants to share in Eritrea’s future prosperity need to financially engage with the government by obtaining home ownership status that the government could financially interact directly with them as tax refund, tax break or other programs that financially benefit overseas Diaspora home or business investors.

Our President uses his time tested talent and special expertise and consulted with his presidential cabinet agreeing on the decision prior to signing on to Dr. Abiy’s the Political and Economic Integration Program and the result appears to be a success. Through a national effort a written plan must be prepared now to evaluate the program by bringing a workgroup of stakeholders that will foster collaboration and a sense of shared purpose for both Ethiopian and Eritrean side. Through a national effort it is necessary to have this kind of workgroup that their main function would be to understand what works best or what needs to be improved as well as which activities are failing per the measuring criterion agreed to be used as a measuring yard

The new ruling political party of Ethiopia represented by Dr. Abiy’s administration has a firm grip on power on all matters for development in economic, social, politics which have a legally constructed infrastructure appears that is conducive to peace and prosperity for all Ethiopia and Eritrea. Our President Isaias realized that Ethiopia is not only willing to build peace but also to accept all past financial liability at least for the last 20 years that the Nation of Eritrea had to incurred.

2. The people of Eritrea and Ethiopia are showing Peace building Possibilities 

Among the most unforgettable experiences observed as soon as the peace agreement was reached between the two governments, the people from both sides, Eritrea and Ethiopia have exploded into joy and happiness and immediately showed peacemaking and peace keeping spirit by each and everyone without any concession. As soon as Dr. Abiy announced his political and Economic Integration proposal to Eritrea, which has components of: (a) acknowledgement of the past to the wrongs of human rights violations in Eritrea by Ethiopia in particular during the Woyane regime, (b) acknowledgment of suffering inflicted by Ethiopia supported by foreign powers such as the USA, acknowledges the compensation programs and reparations for the Eritrean victim’s dead disable and alive of the injustice that has occurred upon them.

Sincere apologies to Eritrean victims is not enough, in order to move toward a peaceful future the peace agreement proposal must satisfy the lasting peaceful solution. Apologies may not do enough to satisfy victims' demands for justice and allay their fears that the same atrocities might be repeated. That is why monetary compensation must be immediately implemented so that it is a future deterrent against the oppressor (the Woyane) not to repeat the violation again to the innocent Eritreans.

The sleazy and recently defunct woyane who once were the rulers of Ethiopia who had instituted a culture of fear to all Ethiopians including to most of their own citizens, imprisoned people in large numbers, killings and even genocides in some parts of Ethiopia at least for the past 20 years. The tremendous fear and anxiety imposed on Ethiopian people was real and widespread throughout Ethiopia. It is now in public discourse of its historical existence. Now, they are talking about making peace with Eritrea!

The Woyane who were known the representatives of the whole people of Tigray, have to acknowledge the realities of their ruthless intentions of wanting the extermination of Eritreans from this Earth. These were the foreign policy of the Woyane toward the Eritrean people. But now they are talking about making peace by ignoring facts that does not resolve the big differences we have about peacemaking.

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