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Diaspora Eritrean Youth Identity

Diaspora Eritrean Youth Identity

August 23/2017

Prepared by:
Yemane Tsegay

The Diaspora Eritrean youth who are not members of the YPFDJ may have cultural confusions. The crucial confusion of Eritrean identity that are manifested in negative manner contrary to the normal accepted behaviors practiced by the general Eritrean people. The impact of their negative actions in the Diaspora with their mixed culture, needs to be studded aggressively. There are very few in number identified Eritreans are not practitioners or advocates of Eritrean Government the legal right to exist; but are programmed to be engaged only on sabotaging the government due to the negative inspiration by enemies fabricated lies for wanting the destruction of Eritrea. At this time the small number of Eritrean youths are very much confused about social cultural values of their homeland and swayed and turned in the wrong side of history. The unfounded false allegations toward the governance of the Eritrean people, all the accusations are determined to be false based on corroborating evidence that was initiated by the progressives/regressive leftists and the woyani with their burning ultimate desire for the destruction of Eritrea by delegitimizing it its sovereign legal right to exist. We the nation of Eritrea of common origin of ethnicity through our united strength and sacrifices we won the mighty military forces put up against us and now we are working very hard to win the political and economic war put on us by the enemies. Some few ,innocent intellectuals are not active consumers of PFDJ ideology either. Even after the liberation of Eritrea, the sort of identity that we all cherish when we speak of Eritreaness we find it only molded in large measure by the majority who are residents of Eritrea living inside the country. They are seriously engaged in the traditions and texts of the original and challenging culture. It was precisely for this reason to resolve such confusions that the National Charter prepared by EPLF/PFDJ drafted to be used as a road map to lead and teach the individual Eritrean to learn and make him/her have purpose in life what to do. It is stupid idea to be a follower or an advocate of a Pro Transgender life styles in the context of Eritrea and Eritreanes. Again the Eritrean National Charter which was written with a well thought out process stated: that the Eritrean people share a common national identity and at sometime there will be a possibility of forming common national culture for future as the final fruition of the 30 years long army struggle. So far the result has been Eritreaness has become a reality with unique differences between the confused Eritrean youths ineffable experiences assigned in the destruction of their homeland. It appears this transformation of destructive behavioral change is a matter of concern to all of us which are vividly reflected among the Diaspora Eritrean youths.

Now our youth are exposed to the Progressive/Regressive democratic party of the leftist ideology. Since the Obama Doctrine was established of gay right to promote Transgender life style of American value, was a tactic for world domination through gay rights as human rights. This sick ideology was meant to control the world with its devious immoral sick minded people. Now within the Eritreans Diaspora we are seeing progressive opposition group that may have vision for Eritrea to offer our youth with different which they call it alternative life style than the way we think today. Their approach were always not to tell anything upfront until they become open minded with drug enhancement (marijuana) and then become a member of the Progressive/Retrogressive pro LGBTQ advocate.

The Eritrean youth must know how to identify who are those progressives/Regressive of Eritrean origin from the true Eritreans. Progressive/Regressive, the one thing they are offering the Eritrean youths is how to become anti social and mentally become very deviant through the addiction of marijuana because sooner or later when you embrace progressive/retrogressive ideology it demands you to become marijuana addict in order to be “open minded” which they will never tell you up front. The second step is to look for the opportunists who are indeed paid by the woyani and foreign nations inspired negatively pushed out to be used as progressives/regressive warriors instructed to destroy Eritrea by any means.

Now compare with those true Eritreans who are resilient, patriotic none sellouts visionary with actions, they don’t got confused by empty words such as ( “gender equality, unity in diversity, open mindness, become atheist, any devious anti social behavior advocates and drug pushers). I invite you to join those Eritreans in the Eritrean Community Center in Las Vegas who are always positioned in the lookout for any harm done or potential to harm Eritrea ready to jump and act to defend the Nation of Eritrea.

The following courageous truthfulness ideas will be used by you when ever facing up the morally corrupted and bankrupted confused sellout, so called Eritreans by name only. Here are our standings:

I am proud to be a member of PFDJ
It means:

(a) It is “To look up not down”

(b) To make morally accepted decisions instead engaging in cheap and deviant life styles.

(c) To go forward not backward.

(d) To learn to be legal so that to learn how to keep winning with substantiated evidences through legality infused with moral righteousness.

(e) To know Eritrea that it has National Sovereignty legal right over its territory to protect from any deviant sick minded people who wants to carry their infectious disease all the way to Eritrea and infect the residents.

(f) Not to be on the wrong side of history. Our enemies does not seem to have future place in Eritrea, they have choices to make, either to denounce their despicable act of destruction by filling out the “confession form” found in our Embassies offices and stop selling Eritrea to Woyani of Tigray (Ethiopia).

(g) To have Eritrean citizen identity with a high moral standards and not to accept those deviant sick minded talk that is offering to you designed by the viciousness of the progressives such as (Obama doctrine regime change attempt on Eritrea), Suzan Rice mischievous act resulted in slumming Eritrea with sanctions and bleeding other African countries such as (Ethiopia, Rwanda when working under President Clinton and President Obama). That lady and Clinton have Eritrean and Rwandan blood in their hands. Look for those continuously practicing the demonization of Eritrea under the misguided political belligerence language to harm our Government through progressive/regressive ideology.

(h) To have a national moral standard that is going to keep it at that high level through our national sovereignty protected by our united strength and legal power that will sustain us from any attempt of subversives.

(i) Proud to be Eritrean that Eritreans will always stay united not divided under the PFDJ leaderships

(j) Proud to be Eritrean that Eritreans will always stay morally and spiritually clean not dirty.

The above written script was the speech I delivered on 8/23/2017on the subject of “Eritrean Youth Identity” that was held in Las Vegas Nevada.

“Eritrean Youth Identity” is a summary of my briefing to all the Eritrean youths who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. This speech is intended for open invitation to all Eritrean youths to come to our center. (ECCC Las Vegas Nevada).

We are welcoming you to help and make your life clean way of thinking, clean way of behaving and clean way of living and become patriotic.

Awet N’Hafash Zikrin Kibrin N’Suwuatna

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