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The Mandate of the UN COI on Eritrea was Eliminated, But Sheila Keetharuth’s Incompetency Returns

Special Rapporteur Sheila Keetharuth is back with another bogus human rights report on Eritrea

The Mandate of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea was Eliminated, But Sheila Keetharuth’s Incompetency Returns 

By: Yemane Tsegay             
MS. Aerospace Engineer/Legal Advocacy

[June14, 2017, Fresh national Dialog]

We, the undersigned as listed below, civil society organizations of the Las Vegas Eritrean Community Center expressed our support to this Article for its entire content and its educational objectives. It exposed Sheila’s fraudulent report and her incompetency that lacked accuracy, objectivity, transparency, independency with a total loss of her credibility which led to the elimination of her mandate as a United Nation Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (COIE):



The United Nation Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (COIE) mandate was eliminated during the Thirty First Session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) beginning July 1, 2016. The reasons for their decisions were: the HRC member states have found an embarrassing report full of false information a complete disregard to the Guidelines set out by the UN Human Rights Fact Finding practices/methodology. The COIE submitted the final report with no credible and verifiable evidences in each chapter of the whole dossier that lacked objectivity and credibility with total disregard to transparency. The primary issues of concern in the dialog during the Thirty First Session among the HRC member states were: (a) Submitting over 500 pages of report to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) with unsubstantiated claims and fraudulent allegations;, (b) Sheila knowingly engaged in a malice campaign attempting to criminally coerce the Nation of Eritrea through collusionary tactics along with other member states which is all against the normal UN-HRC Operating Rule of Procedures; (c) She is still engaging in on going criminal activities against the State of Eritrea.; (d) The Nation of Eritrea will no longer be engaging with her due to her inability which has led to her failure as a commissioner in which the UN has proven her incompetency. This resulted in having that the COIE mandate eliminated. The Nation of Eritrea will also no longer be communicating and engaging with Sheila, due to the fact that she has a long history of producing a fraudulent irrational one sided childish report which a clear sign of her tremendous incompetency.

II. COIE Report review

The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) has received a fraudulent COIE report on July 1, 2016. After they reviewed the report the HRC member states they did not accept the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea (COIE) recommendations and decided to eliminate the mandate by a recorded vote based on the partially listed following reasons:

(a) The story of systematic “rape” and “murder” has been found to be fraudulently created. The total disregard to the Guidelines set out by the UN Human Rights Fact Finding practices/methodology.

(b) The methodology used for gathering data or information was not done based on validation and substantiation. Therefore, the analysis is flawed in actuality no convincing result produced based on objectivity with substantiated standard of law.

The Commission requested the HRC to vote on the final report and if it was to passes then they were going to recommend to the United Nations Security Council (UN-SC) then it would have been referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC)... All the sponsors of the resolution were not at ease about the whole report that it was fraudulent in nature. That is why they backed away from even taking a vote the resolution to pass on to the UN-SC. In fact the Deputy Political Councilor at the US Mission in Geneva Mr. Eric Richardson has been quoted as saying that the report did not have “sophistication and precision” that they were looking for. This was a devastating blow to the progressive “Eritrean” political groups and operatives of the Ethiopian regime.

III. None credible and none reliable information provided by COIE

In view of the special Rapporteur that she has constantly engaged in criminal activities and fraudulent public relation campaigns which always contains unsubstantiated allegations which have detrimental impact to the Nation of Eritrea. Sheilla has also engaged in collusionary activities with other member states who they themselves have been engaged in these activities for over the past 8 years which started in 2009 when Eritrea received its first the UN sanction.

The special Rapporteur for Eritrea has a history of writing unsubstantiated claims about the Nation of Eritrea which was full fraudulent claims compiled in over 500 pages COIE report. Indeed, the report that produced in a cut and paste method of other nation’s crimes that showed her tremendous inability to rationally decipher her own unsubstantiated claims. Her fraudulent allegations toward the Nation of Eritrea exhibits a constant willingness to engage in that way. This is not how a rational UN Rapporteur conducts them selves at a professional level. She shows a complete disregard to obtain any substantiate facts to back up her allegation that she made.

She is knowingly engaging in a malaise campaign attempting to criminally coarse the Nation of Eritrea through collusionary tactics along with other member states which is all against International Law Thus Sheila the former UN Special Rapporteur on Eritrea, is again requesting entry visa to Eritrea so that she could continue perpetrating her crime by creating more fraudulent allegations because she has no plan to substantiate any of the claims. In fact, due to the detrimental report that she has been producing and her inability to retract her previous unsubstantiated allegations against the Nation of Eritrea. The Government of Eritrea should charged her for all the financial damages that Eritrea has incurred which should be estimated into the millions of dollars due to her engagement infringing on Eritrea’s international business relationships.

Sheilla is still requesting visitation permit to Eritrea as a UN mandated Rapporteur. But, the Nation of Eritrea is denying her request because of her past willingness to engage in criminal activities aimed at the Nation of Eritrea.

Eritrea has a high standard of ethics and expects that ethical standards in journalism including giving proper credit, objectivity, respecting human rights, and seeking truth in written allegations and must always be substantiated and must always be factual. At least Eritrea expects the minimal level of ethics from UN Rapportuer to be performed prior to submit to the HRC for consideration.

IV. Conclusion

In accordance to the International Law the State of Eritrea is a member of the United Nations and recognized as a State by other States which clearly shows that Eritrea is a sovereign and equal. Therefore, Eritrea has sovereignty over its territory which cannot be infringed upon at all. The State of Eritrea believes that The United Nations Charter of (1945) political organ is the General Assembly and its authority on most matters (such as human rights and economic and social issues) is limited to discussing issues and making recommendations. At the same time the Security Council may have the authority to make decisions that are binding on all member states when it is performing its primary responsibility for maintaining international Peace and Security.

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