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Over 300 Eritreans Protest Against Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation

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Source: Norway TV2
Photos of demonstration:  Alenalki 

June 20, 2011 (ERITREA) – Over 300 Eritreans protested outside the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation building last Wednesday.
Eritreans protesting outside of NRK's building -

Eritreans from all age groups demonstrated against what they deemed as Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation's selective coverage of Eritrea in the media.

The demonstrators came together on June 15, after a string of recent news articles and documentaries produced by Norway's State TV (NRK), had presented a one-sided and blatantly-biased news coverage of Eritrea. NRK even went as far as targeting college educated Eritrean-Norwegian youths who are part of YPFDJ (Young People's Front for Democracy and Justice)*.

"We want the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation to stop its selective coverage.", said Yared Hagos.
"We want a comprehensive coverage; both good and bad.", Yared added.

Norway's TV2 reporter, Kadafi Zaman, was surprised by the large Eritrean turnout against NRK and how the group of demonstrators continued to play music and dance throughout the protest.

"It's a rare sight to see a big demonstration outside the state television channel of Norway (NRK). What is even more rare is to see demonstrators that have the capacity to demonstrate as well as dance.",  said TV2's Kadafi Zaman.

After the demonstrates finished their speeches, they were greeted by NRK foreign manger, Kunut Erik Holm, and discussed about looking into their concerns.

*YPFDJ is a non-profit organization, intended for creating a strong, concious and patriotic Eritrean youth movement  through cultural programs, music, poetry, history lessons, exchanging ideas and taking action to better help Eritreans living back home. 

Eritreans protesting NRK's Media biases -

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  1. Why do many European countries dislike eritrea?

  2. They dislike Eritrea because they dont wanna see strong people and leadership in africa.

  3. Everyone with bright mind can/should see why they dislike Eritrea. It´s because the country´s serounded by it´s strong leader & people who never kneels down for those who named them selves power countries.

    Several western countries & US use to do what ever they want to do in other african countries, for ex.Ethiopia, and i´m sure they thought they can do same thing even in Eritrea.

    So everybody who ask about why they don´t like Eritrea...... it´s because of thier own fear, for the little beautiful country´s heading forward like Robin Hood arrow.

  4. De giller inte Eritrea för att vi vägrar vara beroende av väst världen, vi säger vi vill arbeta själv och för att vi kräver respekt. Detta har blivit nytt i deras öron för att höra det från ett land i Afrika och speciallt ett litet och fattigt land som Eritrea.

  5. Ok you have commented on why other countries hate Eritrea. Now let me ask you this. How do you see the system of administration for we people of Eritrea.

  6. European countries are ordered by the US to attack Eritrea. Western media outlets operate under one umberella. It's the New world order/illuminati that we're dealing with. Just stay strong bitsot ere ab Scandinavia


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