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Unsubstantiated Report of the COI on Eritrea verses Substantiated Factual facts by the Government of Eritrea

Mr. Smith the chairman of the COI panel of three (who has fully accepted the value of Sheila) has engaged in criminal activities by preparing a fraudulent report.

Unsubstantiated Report of the COI on Eritrea verses Substantiated Factual facts by the Government of Eritrea.

By: Yemane Tsegay
June 18, 2016

The detailed findings of the commission of inquiry on human rights in Eritrea released its report on June 8, 2016 written under the Human Rights Council mandated in Geneva for the thirty-second session. This is another unnecessary shocking experience to all Eritreans and friends of Eritrea with the release of 94-page report that reads like an indictment of the Nation of Eritrea; accused all its political structure, economic productivity, military leadership, Eritrean police forces, PFDJ (which is the heart of the Eritrean nation), ministry of information, ministry of justice, ministry of defense, the office of the president and the president deliberately targeting the Eritrean Government as worthless state; condemned the state to be known only for violations with systematic widespread and gross human rights. The report falsely stated that in Eritrea human rights violations have seldom ever occurred and witnessed in other parts of the world.

The report from the COI on Eritrea described the state as: “a totalitarian state bent on controlling Eritreans through a vast security apparatus that has penetrated all levels of society.” While Eritreans are continuously fighting against military aggression of Weyane the minority regime of Ethiopia who is creating racism, atrocities and unbelievable abominations among the different ethnicities of Ethiopia, the Eritreans are continuously engaging on wide range of economic development.

The world must know the true picture and unique negative behaviors of Weyane against Eritreans are emanated from an intensity of deep-seated negative feelings of jealousy and hatred for everything Eritrea does and stand for. For example when Eritrea announced about the plan for the port of Masswa which was zoned for tourism and accommodation for the purpose of having “benefit from special economic zones,” that would look like the experience of Hong Kong administered with Eritrean provisions of legal systems and economic regulation concern. Well that issue by itself initiated a deep and dark kind of jealousy crept into their small devious brains that seem to boil under their skins drove them to become mentally unstable and took evil actions including wars against Eritrea. What they did were: In 1998 they quickly run to President Clinton for help in order to kill the plan. The advice given to them were to create a baseless boarder war and dragged down Eritrea into deep economic difficulties which have remained until today. If I have to give another example let it be about the success of SAWA (the Integrated Social Cohesion & Development programs for the youth) then the reader could not even imagine how destructive outcomes have been turned out against Eritrea.

This spawned and international out crying method against Eritrea has caused tremendous liability against Eritrea due to shifted policies from the West especially the USA that have been perpetually continued from Clinton to Obama subsequently became the tensions created between Eritrea and Ethiopia on the premise of Ethiopia’s attempt to acquire Eritrea’s resources. These became a twisted logic that sanctions are usually imposed by the UN Security Council under the strict manipulation by Suzan Rice in support of Ethiopia’s claim under a reason of falsely accusing Eritrea supporting Al Shebab threat. Therefore, the continues lie after lie against Eritrea by the Weyane became the reasons for imposing the two sanctions against Eritrea and also became the tool for attempting to isolate Eritrea from the rest of the world.

These manufactured lies against Eritrea were possible through involving the USA with a convoluted relationship with Suzan Rice in order to manipulate and pressured the UN Security Council to pass those sanctions against Eritrea. One can say that all these negative activities have put Ethiopia into tremendous dept. By the way these spending and looting money practices are done at the cost of the innocent 10 million starving Ethiopians who are now left with no hope covered with darkness by the shadow of death. These are the results of the many years of neglect of Human rights, economic and social development programs by the Weyane regime toward the Ethiopians. As some researchers say that quite a bit of money borrowed for development have been misused, stolen and spent on Lawyers and Activists to push their evil political agenda against Eritrea. On the other hand we Eritreans are looking to have peace and security in order to earn the right to work hard and enjoy the fruit of our honest hard working to become self sufficient and to achieve the goal of a none deviant pro family society.

The controversy of the COI report on Eritrea, besides it is completely biased and one sided with unsubstantiated events that the COI alleged are completely void of any accuracy. The fact that the COI purposely excluded the pro government testimonies of 44, 267 Eritrean Nationals it shows their biased intention from the beginning as well as not accomplishing fair balanced comprehensive report. But it was done based on Social Justice Ideology under deceitful practices. That is why they were only interested in those testimonies that match to their expectation. Not a single Eritrean testimony that was in direct objection was printed in the COI report. In accordance to the report, the panel of three is adhering to their ideology of Social Justice human rights advocacy, such as the following:

(1) In paragraph 341 in the detailed findings of the commission of inquiry on human rights in Eritrea report of 2016 states that: “The Commission finds that there are reasonable grounds to believe that crimes against humanity have been committed in Eritrea since 1991. Eritrean officials have engaged in a persistent, widespread and systematic attack against the country’s civilian population since 1991.

(2) In paragraph 346: “Political power and control are concentrated in the hands of the President and a small circle of military and political loyalists. The Commission has reasonable grounds to believe that the top levels of the National Security Office and the military are responsible for most cases of arbitrary arrest, enforced disappearance and torture. Military commanders are also responsible for abuses committed in the context of the Government’s military service programmers and at Eritrean borders. The leadership of the party and the military also benefit from the use of military/national service conscripts as forced labor they have committed, and continue to commit, the crimes of enslavement, imprisonment, enforced disappearance, torture, other inhumane acts, persecution, rape and murder.”

(3) The above listed allegations in Para.341 and Para. 346 respectively are the main allegations disseminated to the whole world with swirling effect deliberately done to overwhelm any reader of the report to become numb. Additionally, ignoring the over 10,000 Eritreans who took the time to show up demonstrate in Geneva in 2015 to express their objection to the biased report were never taken into consideration by the COI and were completely ignored their rights to object the COI and wants to present to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) as scheduled but instead was ended with no vote that was against the demonstrators interest and concluded to further their witch hunt endeavors until June 2016.

Since the report of the COI in Eritrea is written under the premises with purely unsubstantiated perspectives which was their intensions from the begging to achieve a dishonest outcome. That is why their methodology and their standard of proof is flawed biased because the government and the people of Eritrea have discredited the entire work of the COI and recommend that this entire report be thrown out in its entirely, because it was never followed through substantiated objective standard of Law. Please refer to the definition of Substantiated Objective standard of Law and Unsubstantiated Subjective standard of law:

Define Unsubstantiated at

Subjective: Unsubstantiated,

Not substantiated; Unproved or unverified:

Objective: substantiated,

To prove the truth of or support with proof or evidence:

Due to the disregard of utilizing Substantiated objective standard of law practices by the COI untruth full advocacy of prompting and protecting human rights in Eritrean are signing a petition against the COI’ dishonesties have showed their true intentions when they release their report that was written based on subjective unsubstantiated standard of law.

The Mandate

The COI mission in Eritrea was established by the Human Rights Council Resolution 26/24 to investigate alleged violations of human right in Eritrea, focus the investigation starting from 1991. The resolution clearly provided that the mandate of the Mission was to begin in 1991when the EPLF was deemed a de facto government with insufficient institutions and other mechanisms that is why Eritrea is stressing that the Mission remained one-sided for lack of a de jure considerations.


When the COI reported that the methodology followed was as referenced below:

“The investigations, analysis and conclusions of the Commission were guided by the human rights treaties ratified by Eritrea and customary international law.” Then the COI, who are guided by an ideology of Social Justice Activists, shows their whole deceitful legal premise is based on unsubstantiated subjective standard of law. While the UNHRC department calls for: to begin by developing an understanding of the context in which the events under investigation occurred first. Then, it requires gathering and analyzing information related to a country’s history, geography, political system, legislation, demographics and other relevant issues. This was not followed at all which is clearly a violation of the UNHRC department operating procedure when they emphasis ‘Objectivity” it must have been based on ‘Objective Subsitinated Standard of Law.” Let me emphases this very important key word that the UNHRC screened the COI fitness including their motivational letter submittal accepted by the UNHRC department to verify their qualifications and they were expected to keep their integrity of the COI and the rest they rely on the individual’s ability to independently, objectively and impartially collect relevant information without preconceived negative idea that Eritrea could possibly be guilty. The gathered information must be relating to a proof of credible evidences that must always be substantiated about the violations with the following data of victims: (name, phone number, or contact information, what, severity, by whom, date and address, age, any police data or paper or Dr. paper, place and any eye witness etc.) conform its violations, causes and effects and who are the perpetrators.

So far Eritrea was told that the government is accused by the COI report with full of unsubstantiated hearsay with no legal fundamental base that can only be interpreted to be used as a controlling mechanism in a quasi academic crooked way with the purpose of manipulating a certain outcome that they desire.

That is exactly what the COI did in Eritrea charging the government by preparing witnesses of 500 selected faceless, voiceless and unverified nationalities all of that culminated into 484 pages into a fraudulent report and another report into 95 pages known as:

(1) Report of the detailed findings of the COI in Eritrea A/HRC/29/CRP.1 (484 pages] released on June 5, 2015 and

(2) Detailed findings of the commission of inquiry on human rights in Eritrea A/HRC/32/CPR.1 (94 pages) 8, 2016.

They stated in the report that all the supposed witness alleged statements were in the report, and denied Eritrea right to investigate to substantiate whether those were indeed of Eritrean nationals in the first place? While at the sometime all the 44,267 witnesses who do not support their desired outcome of the COI have used random sampling and classifying into a sample of 500 selected out of 44,267. First of all 500 is not optimal sample size and such a small sample was not representative and thus would present a high risk of error. Since it was feasible to analyze the entire population, and the result would have been against their expected outcome. Again that is why the entire report is full of unsubstantiated allegations.

In submitting these fraudulent reports:

(a) Written testimonies from the real Eritrean people were denied and stated by the COI as: “will not change the outcome” with the additional of 850 Eritreans willing to testify physically in front of the UNHRC.

(b) The COI issued the report without disclosing of the true nature of this report upfront and ultimately denying Eritrea’s right to corroborate the COI’s unsubstantiated allegations against the Nation of Eritrean Government. It is clear that all their hidden activities were to complete their Report on time with an effort cut and paste “methodology” copies from another country’s violations (as it happened when the North Korea report switched to Eritrea’s violations) to Eritrea by construed method as a “one size fits all”.

(c) The COI never disclosed from the binging because their intentions were to fraudulently implicate the entire government apparatus and target each individual department head and it is still going on.

This practice by itself verifies that the COI had negative intentions from the beginning to deny Eritrea’s right to be in a fair none bias inclusive report. Therefore, it is clear now that the COI “methodology” follows strictly unsubstantiated allegations so that they could have the desired crooked legal outcome. While we the Nation of Eritrea can never engage in unsabstinated fact finding, because the people and the Nation of Eritrea adhere to always go down the legal path of a higher standard with substantiated factual facts so that we could achieve one of our National slogan that says: Serving the Truth”.

(d) Eritrean Government was denied access to the alleged witnesses for cross examination to verify their nationality in the first place and the opportunity to cross examination of those faceless witnesses for the benefit Eritrea could establish the validity of those allegations that are been presented to the Nation of Eritrea

That is why we believe in substantiated, factual facts as opposed to unsubstantiated hearsay in order to full fill our National Slogan which is: Serving the Truth.


The COI believes that their final conclusion in the 484 pages and additional in the 94 pages reports are highly incompetent purely speculative subjective findings. The Nation of Eritrea follows completely different methodology which is must be substantiated objective evidences and always engages in a higher Judicial Standard System that only results in factual facts of any criminal type. By doing so it eliminates fraudulent the possibility of he says, she says hearsay and also the method eliminates the criminal entity from having desired fraudulent outcome.

This is a proof of corruption and criminal intentions of the COI who only understand unsubstantiated allegations and lacks the ability to handle the COI report in a non biased comprehensive manner that is thou rally vetted.

The current staff of the COI it is composed of three that includes:

Mr. Mike Smith from Australia the chairman (who fully accepted the value of Sheila)

Sheila Keethanruth from Mauritius the main architect and her deceitful writing along with her lack of decency.

Mr. Victor Dankwa from Ghana who never made any comment of his own. He seems to be willing to accept any money they give him to accompany Sheila.

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