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Eritrea wins war on Food Security

New Modern Farming Equipment Introduced in Eritrea 

Eritrea Becomes Food Secure
Madote News

May 29, 2011 (ERITREA) –  Since the start of 2010, Eritrea has become one of the few nations in Africa not receive any type of food aid, and also achieve food security. This momentous victory over food insecurity comes at a time when drought, absence of adequate rainfall, and increased prices for imported food commodities are being reported throughout the horn of Africa region.

Eritrea's success in the agriculture department is largely due to the government's relentless efforts in creating dozens of micro-dams throughout the country, investing tens of millions in modern agriculture equipment, and introducing modern farming techniques such as the ingenious drip water irrigation system; which has given many Eritrean farmers the ability of having three farming seasons in one year.

Moreover, as a result of the successful endeavors reached in the agriculture sector, Voice of America (VOA) in Tigrinya reported food prices in Eritrea have been slashed by 50% and that the country is experiencing a bumper harvest .

The Problem with Food Aid 

Food aid, when it's not intended for a one-time emergency relief assistance, almost always hurts a developing country and destroys it's agriculture sector. When a developed nation sends food assistance for free or below market prices, it destroys the local markets and undermines local farmers who don't have the capacity to compete; which forces farmers out of business. As the number of local farmers are driven out of work, this in turn shackles the nation on food dependency from developed nations. So although it may look like a noble cause by developed nations, it's actually an ingenious scheme that brings in profit for those giving the food "aid" and traps a developing nation into a perpetual cycle of dependency.

This chronic addiction to food aid went on in Eritrea up-till 2009, when the government of Eritrea took a bold and valiant step when it kicked out all food aid NGOs on the grounds of hurting the local agriculture industry. Although the NGOs warned of famine, and other depressing scenarios without their assistance (after all, they were losing their jobs), the result of their departure has shown otherwise. Within one year of their absence, Eritrea went on to be self-sufficient in the food department and is looking forward to becoming an exporter of food within the next five years.

                                           (click on the images to see larger quality)

Eritrean Farmers showcasing their successful Farms

Eritrea's Agriculture sector experiences bumper harvest 

Eritrean Cattle Farm in Anseba Region

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Eritrea wins war on Food Security Reviewed by Admin on 5:20 AM Rating: 5


  1. Without the Eritrean government helping small scale farmers present diverse and nutritionally fortified grains, simply denying NGOs access to supplement the people in need of those value added foods is not a wise thing to do. Aid can benefit kids with their daily nutritional needs and can be added to already existing supply of staples and infrastructures being worked on to raise the potential to replace value added grains supplied by the NGOs. Absent those nutritionally fortified food can be devastating to children below ten ten years of age, specially children in remote areas of the country.

    I am not familiar with the health data available, but if the average five year old kids in the remote area of the country weigh the same as those found in the capital, then by no means stop NGOs from assisting. However, absent that fact, it is unfair to prevent kids from receiving added value nutritious food while kids in the capital can get them due to economic condition and availability. In short, governments should subsidize food and other basic goods to people residing in remote areas of the country, the same is done in the Western societies, medica personnels serving remote areas are allowed to earn more incomes than their counterparts in major centers.

  2. The previous comment is sensible indeed. However, the Eritrean government does provide these nutritious fortifications. There have been news reports, including a World Bank video entitled "Only One Childhood" on Eritrea's approach to chile health. Teachers are trained in monitoring children's basic health status and providing vitamin A and iron pills. They confer with parents and recommend that they visit a health center. Health cehters, clinics and hospoitals are proliferating through out the country (including remote areas). It should also be remembered that there are roaming health professionals (otherwise known as "bare-foot doctors") visit remote villages.

    Of course, there is room to do more and foreign assistance would fill in the gap. However, the Eritrean government's rational for insisting that Eritrean's do it by themselves has been told many times. Remember that the government has not refused all foreign aid: only those that counter the government's effort to develop its own capacity, interfere with its national interest or those that come with what I might call-- non-humanitarian conditions, those that are instruments of foreign policy for the donor government.

    One more thing, while assistance of any kind is always to be appreciated, it is not always in the best interest of the receipient nor is the donor always good intentioned! Also, there are sometimes unintended consequences which neither the donor nor the receipient can expect.

    The saying that learining how to fish is better than receiving a fish is valid. In fact we might add that learning facilitates further learning. One becomes more efficient and can advance to mending and maing one's own fishing nets, boats, storage ware houses and go beyond to trading the products for other goods!

  3. So let me get this straight......Eritrean people live 12 years longer than the average African citizens, they are one of the few countries in Africa to be food secure and not be on any type food aid, they have one of the best healthcare systems in Africa, and to top it all off, they have a strong economy that's booming.... So proud of Eritrea, especially the Eritrean government! Hands down, we have the best government any nation can ask for! Visionary people indeed! Such an amazing country that dares to do things on its own! Proud to be Eritrawit!

  4. Ruta Habte, you need to look beyond what you are fed. This not by no means to undercut the Eritrean government's effort to help all children, as a matter of fact WHO's recent commendation is a testimony the government does try hard. However, having the highest lifespan in a group of deadbeats (Sub Sahara Africa) should not comfort you that's all well, because the kind of life lived deserves much more attention and value than the number of years one lasts.

    Some people prefer to dies faster than live longer with debilitating illness and suffering. We are much more exposed to that in the West than in Africa, they call it "Euthanasia" in the West, this is an indication of the fact that some choose quality of life more over lengthy of years lived. If given those options available in the West, perhaps we may find some Africans with similar desire on Euthanasia and living standard. So, quality of life is the key word here, and when we refer to living standard we are also back to the lengthy of life plus all the protections and safety nets that comes along with protecting that citizen's life.

  5. To the Second Anonymous (defender of the regime's record)

    I am not saying the regime is bad providing what it can, but meeting the gap is what's needed to be addressed here. I understand that the government has a policy of self reliance, but those ideas are okay for an adult to make them but ultimately they result in harming the children falling between the crack. Between having to produce enough stables and nutritionally fortified food the child body needs to have a healthy growth.

    Usually, one has to tolerate the diatribes of developed nations before s/he develops enough to provide for their citizens. If you look at China, today its one of the greatest nations around, I mean literally. It is the largest nation in terms of population as well as the economic achievements it displayed in recent years. However, till the 1970s China was the recipient of aid to augment the gap (not to deprive the people it cannot help). After having enough (subjective) China opted out of the aid scheme, it means one has to accept aid not as a challenge to it's guidance, but a chance to help the people that need the additional aid, usually kids.

  6. To the owner of this website, please can you delete the above comment Details (Anonymous said...June 1, 2011 1:23 PM)

    This individual has come here to basically say we must summit to aid that china also accepted until they didn’t need it bla bla we all know the Economy of china improved after the reforms introduced by Deng Xiaoping in 1978/1979 so the argument that Eritrea must be condemned to aid is non-sense. This "Person" objective is to say that Eritrean government policy is hurting the people because of government policy therefore he/she is saying that aid is a panacea yet there is no evidence that a country engaged in nation building has developed through the disgrace known as aid. For a country to develop its needs to produce something to sell something and then buy something that is needed in your domestic economy, but how can you buy something when you dont produce something to sell basically aid is like drugs which stalls the incentive to work hard.

    Why did you say Rute Habte (is a defender of the regime's record) why can’t somebody agree with correct policy that happens to be similar to the government policy. I also thought it was interesting you used the word “Defend” as if there is something to defend, there is nothing to defend because the government is implementing the correct policy without question so the word “Defend” is not appropriate.

    On the contrary its you who is “Defending” a very weak argument which is accepting aid to save people LOL! Typical slave mentality! What you didn’t do is to explain is how to be self reliant that’s because you haven’t researched information which contraindicates your transparent views which goes against the Eritrean mentality which is not to beg.

    This anonymous character "June 1, 2011 1:23 PM” is here to destroy the accurate optimism of the title of this post and also he/she is also hijacking the title systematically, by constantly casting synthetic doubts about our National development campaign and by doing do so he/she is saying that he cares more about Eritrean people than the owner of this website, the Eritrean government, and readers of this post and this website in general.

    So in conclusion please can the owner of this website please can you kindly ban for life the comments written by "Anonymous said...June 1, 2011 1:23 PM " because they are here to basically to spread propaganda which is aimed to demoralize us and to basically defecate over the title of the post . Preferably you could Ban his/her IP address forever and if similar comments keeps on re appearing then you need to constantly remove disruptive comments like the "June 1, 2011 1:23 PM" comments.

    Thanks. !

  7. To the pessimistic downer commenter, what are you saying man? In just 20 years, Eritrea went from having the lowest life expectancy of 36 in 1990 (because of Ethiopia's occupation), to currently leading Sub-Sahara Africa at 66. This is a major, major accomplishment and something never before seen. Don't try to spin this, 66 is around the world average, which is 68. Btw, Eritrea will be the first country in SS-Africa to reach the 70s life expectancy averages, which is in the same league as America is currently in.

    Furthermore, Eritrea has a bumper harvest, that means more food to go around than needed! If you stated this: "I am not familiar with the health data available", than why are you lecturing Eritreans about health when you are not familiar with it? Since you yourself stated you are not familiar with it, then why are you being pessimistic and trying to undermine the accomplishments of a country? This makes you look like a bitter Ethiopian troll who's just talking to undermine the successes of a nation.

  8. To Anonym(June 1, 2011 6:24 PM),

    I am not suppose to support your argument, it's your task to support your argument and present it in a manner defeating my argument and illustrate my point having too much porosity. Unfortunately, you are not cut to argue with points and data if you have one any, instead, you resort in undermining character, this type of personality is called demagogue. They either prove their point nor do they show the alternative is bad, instead they just argue without a point just for the sake of argument.

    I am sorry, I can only explain my position and argue on the basis of what I know and what I know about Eritrean children is not a whole a lot of positives, but would like to lend those ingredients I believe have some merits to make the situation better. (may be I am taking myself too seriously) For instance, Eritrean children while they appear to have a better follow ups by the ministry of health, but they weigh less than their counterparts in the countries adjacent. Do you what they will be translated to in their later life, they will be behind in terms of thinking and creativity. Having the necessary nutritional nourishment in early life is a difference of having a healthy society and a not so healthy one.

    That is why adults should focus on, the adults making the decisions may have been raised on nutritious diet themselves during their early childhood, hence they too would know the value of early childhood nutritional requirements. Again this is not my word to make Eritrea look bad, this is a statement for you to consider in your next argument. How much nutrition is an Eritrean child getting? Could it be increased? what must we do to ensure that every child in Eritrea receives the necessary nutritional nourishment so all of them will have the chance to contribute their utmost. I hope I am less traumatic this time. :)

  9. To Daniel,

    Why are you asking the owner of the site to ban me? Just because you cannot tolerate my argument does not mean I have to be banned. If you have the wits, then argue and present the weakness of my point, and win the argument fairly. I am suspecting that you are not a friend to Eritrea, you are trying to make this Eritrean websites look as of it has a problem with tolerating the freedom of speech. Luckily this website lets people say they mind, and Eritreans are better than what you try to advise them to behave. By the way, why are you answering for Ruta Habte?

    My argument is clear, in between having to attain bumper harvest on the stables and getting nutritionally fortified food that is good for children mental as well as physical development. I would not have suggested this had I not felt all Eritrean children are not getting their daily nutritional requirements to make them productive children. Some people say, we do not need advise and when you see them they are worse than the average person informed on the importance of child nutrition.

  10. Anonymous said...
    June 1, 2011 10:51 PM

    Please can the admin block and actively remove the above comment as well similar comments in this post. This "person" (June 1, 2011 10:51 PM ) is hijacking the post please remove his/her comments.


  11. Daniel, you've intellectually lynched this clown, why would you want this verbal beat-down deleted? I enjoyed it and I'm sure other thinking people will see how big of a clown this guy is! Basically, your rebuttal, along with the second comment to this article, were more than enough to defeat his toothless arguments (assuming he had any to begin with). The "defending" the regime comment on his part exposes him for who he is really. He's been answered already, therefore, any more stupid comments from him need to be deleted!

    Antonymous: You can take your crap to or, where defending the Ethiopian regime is a livelihood that pays the bills!

  12. Again, instead of focusing on the subject of the argument both ya are engaged is character assasination. That is the difference between smart and not-smart (stuppid) argument. Answer to the subject matter raised, not to me.

    Your method of answering is the same as talking about the teacher while exam paper is before you. WORK ON YOUR EXAM for once, you may stand a chance to pass.

  13. To the admin of please can delete the comment sent by
    "Anonymous said...
    June 2, 2011 10:20 AM "

    This person is being argumentative and also libeling the efforts of the Eritrean people and Eritrean government to be self reliant. Please Please do us all favor and remove this personality from our midst.

    Thank you please keep up your good work loved you photos showing the Dahlak island project please keep updated on that.

  14. I'm really happy with development in Eritrea specially the agricultural sector of the state of Eritrea,well President Isayas Afwerki.

  15. To Daniel. look! there is no way of mandating the owner of the website to delete the person who commented. we need to develope and grow up so as to bring dilectics through dialogue. i think that is waht the " big missing" from us, Eritreans. the person that was scripted 'annonymous' is sharing a brilliant idea, the question is, is Eritrea in need of that scheme and strategy, is it timely? or if you want, you can simply ask, are those donors fare and sincere enough with/to Eritrea? what is their true agenda? not even only for Eritrea for the african continent at large.these are the type of questions that we have to look at. i can assure you,wherever i am , i am working for an NGO, just to grow my children. whereas the evil things that i see on daily basis is really making me sleepless.i am not sure about the 20 century NGO's, while these NGO's that we see in in our times, i can confidently tell you with a strong term. they are cruel, selfish, it all, but above all they are "Killers". if i can refer to the verse in the Bible " the thief is coming at night to steal and kill". this verse belongs to the NGO's. honestly speaking, i am not advocating for the Eritrean Govt or have sympathy, but practically, if there is any political formation in Africa in this era , who knows the West especially America and its allies, it can be only the govt of Eritrea.we might have a problem at home no doubt about it, but pragmatically, it's not something that came out of the weaakness of our govt. " it is our weakness". we came out of our exact "frame" ( kab LaAtna wetsiena)just inorder to pace with the crazy world, and that is the shortcoming that the NGO's are manuplating.if you can ask yourself; who of us is not obssesed with the west life ( Sidet)? who of us is not emotional? who of us has the tendency of assesing " both sides of a story". Frankly speaking,all what we are watching on the west Medias are the result of our Eritrean govt? i dare not say so. lastly, all waht i can say to you is guys! my fellow Eritreans. it's time we wake up and do something different. we need to say the truth when ever we can,more especially to youngsters.we need to listen to each other " KULU HALAFAY'YU" we don't need NGO's.we don't need them at all.they don't deserve us! During the second world war, when Germany was defeated, it had to keep it's nationals in doors ,whoever was deserting the country was liable to lose his/her nationality,and now we can see how Germany is." There is no free meal" it takes all your wholebeing to reconstruct a lost-culture, economy, infrastructure etc. i love you all.

  16. Bro Daniel! i posted you one comment in the first session and let me repeat another one. He who is emotional is the one with no factual ground. there is no need to argue and fight as i mentioned before.if the guy ( annonymous) is insisting on saying the Eritrean Government is in the wrong path in the Food-security scheme, i can advise him to refere to all the facts available. What Hilary clinton was shouting recently, advising all african Govts not to allow 'chinese investors in africa" is the best Mirror to who the NGO's belong to. indirectly, she was saying/expressing her bitterness. for some one with open mind she was saying that the NGO's failed her/USA in Africa.for USA knows terally it has failed in Africa, despite all NGO attempts,especially in East africa. if he/annonymous can pick any Millioniare/Billionare from the west, whose heart is touched by destitute african chlidren,it cab an "ILLUsion". every donor NGO, is the instrument of its Government or otherwise.

  17. To Daniel:
    look! we are strong people whom the world witnessed with our Unity, Heroism, etc, but due to the Emotion we show up consistently,wether reasonably or unreasonably, we become the victims of the Dialogue one will see the facts we are putting on the round table, for our Emotion is exessively dominating the real context.the commentator, so called anonymous , has tried to share his view, although not convincing at all. but the crux of the point is that,as we are all visitors of this website, he still has the right to share whatever he thinks is right.truly,i have never read a point which he (anonymos) stipulated against Our Sovereignty,Unity and so on and so forth.why you do you have to mandate the owner of the website to shun him off from commenting? you don't need to go into vulgar language,it doesn't mean we all are enlightened about our Government's vision.i can personally tell the anonymous that there is no NGO ( of charity)perse. they are all engaged in their own govts foreing-task assignments,with eveil agendas.when it comes to domestic-policy, the Eritrean Govt is doing well and good.the Eritrean Govt is the one and only one who is moving in a true pace that a leadership can do for a it food security,healthfacility,infrastructure,Education etc.,it's a dream in our destitute Africa at this current moment to achieve that.for the leaders are totally confused and mislead by the Western NGO's and short, aid to the other african leaders is a blessing and when we interprete it according to Eritrean Leadership (Issayas afeworki)it's hell. and truly foreing aid is a staedy-KILLER.

  18. "UN agenceis monitoring a sever drought in Somalia, Ethiopia,Kenya and Djibouti" wow Eritrea is not on the list; so I beleive Eritrea's
    success in the agricalture department is for real.

  19. I guess so!we are off the list. Pheww,what a good news!love you afewerki im proud to be eritrawi.Seytan aysmaA(touch wood)

  20. Thanks to Shabab Eritrea who are working hard against all adds in this extreem conditions not only due to global warming but dueto american boiling and hostile policies towards Eritrea.
    But surrely it is paying off facts talk for them selves Eritrea is out of the list of this chronic diseas of the horn of africa.


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