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New Eritrean College Inaugurated in Adi Keyeh

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Source: Shabait

The College of Arts and Social Sciences, located in the town of Adi Keyeh (Keih), was inaugurated on June 11, 2010. Costing 255 million Nakfa to build (17 million USD), the infrastructure of this school met international standards and was the first of its kind state media had reported. According to Shabait, the facility was built into two stages. The first stage was constructed for the library, classrooms, bookstore, school clinic, dormitories for 500 students, auditorium and sports fields. The second stage was more geared for dormitories and classrooms. In the second stage of construction, the dormitory buildings can house 1,800 students and 30 classrooms of various sizes and a lunch facility that can seat 1,000 students.

The report added the school can meet the needs of  2,500 students in various academic subjects which included: Journalism, Mass Communication in diploma program, Eritrean Languages and Literature, International Relations, Geography, Archeology, Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work.  In addition to those programs, a 5-year Law degree program will commence next year.

The college was designed to be self-sufficient and with longevity in mind. To achieve this, they built a well connected sewage system, a rain water reservoir that can hold 800 m3,  solar powered bath systems, three generators of 440 kilo volt each, and other self-sufficient projects.

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New Eritrean College Inaugurated in Adi Keyeh Reviewed by Admin on 12:22 PM Rating: 5


  1. Quite impressive. education is a cornerstone of any developed society. I'm glad to see the completion of this project and the five or six others like it all over the country. It's very refreshing to hear a positive news about Eritrea's economic future. I hope these educational institutes will create the foundation for a better eritrea of tomorrow.

  2. This is FANTASTIC news!

  3. Great...Hospitals and Education institution are the back bone of a healthy society and men/women power for the future of Eritrea. I have no doubt the foundation are well lied down.

  4. It is good to know that our beloved country is progressing in such a way. what the government is doing very appreciable, knowing that education is power and the steering wheel to success in the 21st century.


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