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The sickness of democratic progressive ideology illegally affecting the nation of Eritrea

The sickness of democratic progressive ideology illegally affecting the nation of Eritrea

This article came about during one of our Fresh National Dialog discussion that we had from a Pro National Eritrean perspective at the Las Vegas Eritrean/American Community Center.

By: Yemane Tsegay

[April 16, 2017, Fresh national Dialog]


In my previous posted articles, I have lightly mentioned about how the social justice activists (Progressives) have been organizing campaigns to demonize and delegitimize Eritrea not even to exist as a sovereign state. This was done by organizing enemies who have charged the Eritrean Government as the worst human rights violator in the world. They prepared a fake report by fraudulent means which was completely filled with fake progressive news, lies or at worst with all unsubstantiated hear and say statements (for example the faceless witnesses presented by the UNCOI that has occurred in 2016); all compiled in a 484 pages delivered to the UN Human Rights Council (HRC).


All the efforts made by the progressive activists have been fighting vigorously for individual human rights to promote the change needed to progressively develop the agenda for homosexual and Transgender lifestyles. The heavy political pressure imposed on the Government of Eritrea was not a concern for the wellbeing improvement of the Eritrean people or not even an attempt to alleviate poverty in Eritrea. The rhetoric giving by the enemies were: Eritrea does not have a constitution, has not done elections, only a single political party (why not 30 political parties as the progressives are asking for) and so on are deliberately designed to unstable the government the Eritrean society for the past 20 years. The truth is that progressive activists have attacked Eritrea with evil behaviors is an aberration that resulted in distortions of realty by demonizing the government with the intention of inciting violence for human misery. From the very beginning their misguided assumptions were used to prove their unsubstantiated lies they collected from the Eritrean informants and then they covered it up with a Human Rights agenda to make it look like a violation of Universal Declaration of human right law. Their ideology precipitates them to push harder with political pressure on Eritrea with the intent to control the Eritrean Government aimed for the destruction of its sovereign right.


The rhetoric talks of the 1997 constitution, why the Eritrean Government refused to implement including amending the constitution, has a very good reason behind it. (a) When the Progressives under President Clinton wrote the constitution in English for the Eritrean people (without legal representation) in which their first language is not English, that is where the first crime committed with the sole intention to take full advantage of the government and the people of Eritrea. That is why Dr. Bereket has fully participated in the whole program with extortion motive which was implied to the Nation of Eritrea in which it would receive its statehood status at the United Nations. (b) When the final constitution was crafted, upon reviewing by the government, they realized that they neither cannot condone it nor enacted it that is why they did with the only option left to do by shelving the document and not implementing it for the safety of the nation of Eritrea.

After the Eritrean Government learned that a big crime was committed by the progressives against the State of Eritrea, the government has acknowledged the lessons learned about the nature of the crime and what this means is that the lesson learned gave them the strength and knowledge how their rights can best be guaranteed in the next phase. In dealing with the constitution making one of the fundamental rights is their obligation to provide the people with the best possible constitution that will defend, benefit and delivers primarily with the moral foundations and justifications to the Eritrean society.

In reality most of the articles if not all the articles were found to be detrimental to the people of Eritrea and personally this led me to start investigating each article’s intention how it is hidden from the people’s direct understanding. Therefore, to my surprise I found the English version was found totally construed and only reflect progressive values which absolutely do not represent the social and cultural values of the Eritrean people. The situation became even worse when the meaning and definitions and intentions of the English version translated into Tigrinya were not the same due to the loss in translation including negative motives and intentions. Then I became convinced that the overall constitution needs to be scrutinized thoroughly with an emphasis of making sure each and every article benefits Eritreans while at the same time not allowing any deviant social behaviors to occur. I applaud President Isaia’s decision to announce for dropping the 1997 constitution and replacing it by drafting another constitution to be implemented in 2018 due to the negative intentions of most version of the articles found have detrimental effect with a set up construed legal system designed for a total collapse of the state due to the preferential treatment legal demands with very high spending and special institutions required to maintain the safety and development of the protected spices of the LGBTQ.

It is high time that Eritreans must clearly understand to realize that the 1997 construed constitution of Eritrea has gave all the activists a means to push for criticizing the overall National objectives, fundamental rights and the overall governing system of Eritrea. When the activists found out that the constitution which was crafted to benefit the progressives will not be implemented then Eritrea was sanctioned and intimidated and even forced to dump the National charter policy such as self reliance and accepting the progressive’s policy in order to agree in favor of Transgender lifestyles. The following is an example when a complex problem arises in the Airline industry and how it is dealt with once it occurred that will illustrate all the events that has happened at the same time all the information will educate the Eritreans what sovereign legal right is and how it shall be protected and defended from all the negative conditions that Eritrea are facing everyday for challenge: See the picture below:

The airplane manufacturer’s top design safety concern is how a Stall condition in aerodynamics and aviation occurs. At high altitude the air density is lower than sea level. Because of the progressive reduction in air density, as the aircraft’s altitude increases its true airspeed is progressively greater than its indicated airspeed wherein the angle of attack increases beyond a certain point such that lift begins to decrease and stall occurs. The challenge of the objective is not how to develop competency in setting up the stall, but rather to learn how to avoid from it occurring and then when it occurs how to develop the ability to recognize such stalls immediately, and to take prompt, effective recovery action.

Eritrea has already unfairly and illegally victimized after it was slummed with two unwarranted sanctions. All these evils were designed by the viciousness of Obama and Suzan Rice from the USA, white house against the Eritrean people. In a world of danger and trial, the enemies have tried to snatch our independence and attempted to award our country to the minority regime of Ethiopia. Quite the contrary to their expectation, they thought that they have created an empty space in Eritrea to be filled and controlled by the woyane (Ethiopia current minority rulers) after many teens and young adults left their native country Eritrea (due to the misguided. Erroneous information they received by the enemies called the progressives). They even thought there will be no resistance force to counter the Ethiopians once they make their move. Our Eritrean greatness has put shame on the enemies when we show them such tremendous endurance, resilience and unity that we created throughout our history for hundreds of years to crush all or any enemy.

Currently, we are building our country through Planning and development in all social and economic sectors. For example, the building of roads is making headway in maintaining, and expanding the roads to almost linking all the towns and villages of the country. They are working day and night until they run out of material and money. Sometimes the operation stopped temporally due to the shortage of road money, because Eritrea does not use IMF loan money for the enjoyment of today. The government always takes wise idea to free the young generation from being loaded with dept that is why they make responsible good judgment in their planning and controlling all the projects. Sometimes we make mistakes; even our best efforts and good intention just don't work out as planned but it’s always helpful to us to learn from our mistakes.

Our enemies are pressuring Eritrea to change the National Charter of Eritrea replacing all the objectives and obligations of the citizens to follow the guidelines set for short and long term plans, the progressives wants to repudiate and replaced by their values and implement their favorable policy toward the Progressive Gender lifestyles. This has nothing to do with the application of the Universal Declaration of values in the context of historical/anthropological universality of values. (Read Jack Donnelly, “The Relative Universality of Human Rights”.

The progressives have been asking the Eritrean Government to decriminalize homosexuality Lifestyles, which they call it Human Rights in the context of fulfillments for the people of Eritrea which was been their main concerns as human rights violation in Eritrea. Then under a twisted talk they say all the human rights violations issues in Eritrea have been executed without impunity. Then Obama made it clear when he said in video Oct 10, 2013 that: “I recently renewed sanctions on some of the worst abusers, including North Korea and Eritrea. We are partnering with groups that help women and children escape from the grip of their abusers. We are helping other countries step up their own efforts. And we are seeing results. More nations have passed and more are enforcing modern anti-trafficking laws”. (See the referenced website)

Then Eritrean Government was slummed with the first sanction (Resolution 1907, Dec. 23, 2009) the second sanction (Resolution 2023, in 2011) and a third that was attempted to follow. These were all meant to divert you from the real issue of Gender/Transgender life styles. All have resulted in economic hardships for the Nation of Eritrea during all the eight years of Obama administration. Why Eritrea is having been exposed with these evil explosive human rights agenda? The reason is simply, to create general instability inside the country to fail. All they wanted all along was to achieve the promotion of Transgender agenda with its gender fluidity and flexibility and all the things that comes along with it life styles including the addiction of the use of cannabis (marijuana) or any anti social behavior which Eritrea has adamantly refused to accept.

President Isaias does understand very well that the previous Imperial Leaders objectives were to get the wealth of a Nation through politics (colonialism, economic or cultural power over the other nation, religious crises tribal divisions, incursion (the war game of Woyane played now against Eritrea). Then in this condition the previous Imperial leaders had a single objective: how to achieve stealing the nation’s wealth through political means. But, the new Democratic Progressives is no longer guided by the above mentioned politics as their top priority. First they have to cause mental deviant social disturbance or behaviors within the society, then this is followed by expanding slogans such as: Unity in diversity, open mildness, Gender, Gender equality just to have to get an access for taking away the Eritrean people’s morality/dignity through the advocacy of individual human right by ensuring the fulfillment of his/her individual sexual and spiritual needs (per Dr. Bereket’s wishes writing in the 1997 unimplemented constitution) and of course through the means of financing such as the movie “Mekseb Alem” partially visually illustrated. (See my in depth article titled “New Eritrean movie Mekseb Alem causes controversy by Yemane Tsegay, Madote 5- 2- 2016)

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