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(Even More) Problems with the COI on Eritrea

Sheila B. Keetharuth faces more criticism over her controversial report. Picture: Snapshot of Sheila B. Keetharuth and Filmon Zerai on AJStream program

(Even More) Problems with the COI on Eritrea
By: Ray Ja Fraser

Last week, the United Nations Commission of Inquiry (COI), created to investigate alleged human rights abuses in Eritrea, produced its final report. The COI report was widely covered by the mainstream press, and has led to a substantial amount of discussion regarding Eritrea. The report has also come in for considerable criticism, with several detailed articles rebutting different parts of the report (see 1 , 2, and 3).

Notably, the last 24 hours have uncovered more problems with the COI report. Yesterday (June 16, 2015), Sheila Keetharuth, who served as the lone Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights Situation in Eritrea (and one of the authors of the COI) appeared on Al-Jazeera’s The Stream interactive show alongside three members of the Eritrean diaspora. Two of the members offered views and perspectives that were in direct contradiction to Keetharuth’s claims (and the general COI report). The show clearly illustrated that understandings and reflections about Eritrea are much broader than those presented within the report. Accordingly, why has Keetharuth only now begun to engage with the wide spectrum of viewpoints (i.e. after the publication of the COI)?

During the show, Keetharuth suggested that thousands of letters, statements, and enquiries from the diaspora were not considered due to a technical issue (i.e. addressed to the special rapporteur rather than the commission). Is that good enough? Does that make the statements of thousands of individuals invalid or inadmissible? Surely if the aim is to present an accurate, objective, impartial view and account of the situation in Eritrea, those viewpoints and statements must be considered.

Hours after, Nevsun Resources Ltd., a mining company that has been working in Eritrea for several years, released a statement. Cliff Davis, CEO of Nevsun stated that the human rights allegations within the COI report were “sensational and unbelievable…[and] made without visiting either the mine or the country.” Davis also made reference to a human rights impact assessment report on the Bisha mine which stands in stark contrast to the COI report. The report was published by two independent investigators, including Lloyd Lipsett, a distinguished international human rights lawyer, after trips to Eritrea and the Bisha mine. 

Additionally, Davis revealed that despite attempts by Nevsun to engage with the COI, the commission “chose not to engage with the Company to verify any basic facts or allegations or to report on the Company’s independent human rights assessment.” As a result, “this brings into serious question the methodology, process and collation of information” within the COI report.

Ultimately, yesterday’s show on Al-Jazeera and the today’s revelations by Nevsun underscore the considerable problems with the COI report’s data and methods of collection. Without including information and views from Nevsun or the broader diaspora, Keetharuth and the COI fail to meet their mandate requirements to “ensure the participation of all relevant stakeholders.” 

Consequently, the COI report is considerably flawed.
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  1. Eritrean Media MovementJune 17, 2015 at 3:43 PM

    As we all Eritreans knew, it was dead on BEFORE arrival.

    Didn't George Orwell say ~ "Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."

    Hmm interesting.

    The Eritrean Media Movement (EMM) is Coming soon. We're launching 5,000+ website blogs with accounts of Eritreans visiting Eritrea. The platform will be free to sign up, post personal journal, pictures, videos and connect with other fellow visiting members.

    Let's see if the main stream media mafia will love this idea. Let's get to work.. our Nation is calling.

  2. Good job Filmon and Rahel. Eritrea is proud of you. You are the future of Eritrea. Young people and YPFDJ are the future of Eritrea.
    Tired old souls like Saleh Gaddi are criminal Weyane stooges They will never see Eritrea for as long as they live. Again, good job!

  3. I love you ORIGINAL idea btsot, thank you..

  4. Ambassadors Filmon and Rahel, you're fantastic, you make me feel to be Proud Eritrean, as some times ask my self in what type of blind world i'm living in and to what kind of animals i belong..looking the old woman shina ketaright.

  5. Shila's credibility loses when she ignore in her 400 page to recognize what the Eritrea did in matter of achievement in Health, Education, Water supply ect,
    Filmon and Rehal, been so tough that she unwillingly recognized it during the debate..
    Psychologically she wasn't behaving as a neutral inquire technician rather that an activist..she was angry in many answers given to her by the two ambassadors..

  6. Isaias supporters may scream against Commission of Inquiry from the bottom of their lungs but that is a theatrical show. Deep down however, they know that Isaias Afewrki rule without a Constitution is anomslly that had to be corrected because they know that ruling without Constitution means absence of acountability, absence of transparency, which give rise to unrestrained nepotism, corruption ,.

    Besides, they know that standing in opposition against World Community is a lossing preposition. Isaias Afewerki is exposed and disgraced long time ago. That is why he does not dare attend African or UN leaders meetings. He rationalizes his absence by denigrating the leaders. But that is a projection of his own internal misery and ineptness, which is self eviden; the Eritrean deepening crisis bears clear testimony.

    If Isaias were as intelligent, as courageous and as patriotic as he would have us believe, he would not have resorted to rule by tyrannical means. Nor would he live in isolation from the world leaders.

    Locally , he would have continued the tradition of the Mighty EPLFs by sacrificing himself to the good of All Eritreans ,thereby planting deeper into the society the honorable virtue of patriotism. And internationally, he would have integrated our new nation to world community by working with the leaders.

    However, coward, mediocre and opportunist that he is, like a true villain, he has betrayed the cause of our Martyrs and is spreading corruption, lawlessness, banditry etc. in our young country .

  7. Since when fighting for your right to be recognised as independent country is a sin? since when self relinance become an isolation from the " international community? If you are a fare person? while we agree on for example developing policies that foster private investment and the implementation of the Constitution. ..your unfair name calling of the president of Eritrea and completely ignoring positive facts on the ground makes your motives suspicious. "Coward" is a person who call people names while hiding in behind a call a person among many who gave Eritrea a " coward" then you missed the point of being an opposition or opposing situations.....I leave you with your own thoughts keep it to yourself.

  8. Saleh Gaddi is a a criminal thief who embezzled ELF and abandoned ship in 1977.

  9. Let me help you with something.....Never mind about your gibber-jabber. At least be logically consistent. And here is a simple task for you. Please, try to reconcile this paradox....

    Let's say for the sake of argument, lack of a constitution is what brought the ire of the UN against Eritrea. I've been consistently seeking an answer for a simple question. Can you tell me now where this COI or UN derive its moral authority from?

    Can you handle that?

  10. You are going after PIA like the rest of the Woyane pimps. You scum bangs you should know that our leaders are part and parcel of who we are.

  11. You are asking people who can never think for themselves to think for themselves, a very daunting task may god help you.

    You are talking to folks who believe in everything that comes out from the sham UN organization and the western powers who run it. This is the type of democracy that these hoodlums are crying for.

  12. Eritrean Media MovementJune 17, 2015 at 8:19 PM

    Thanks @cane libero

    We came to conclusion that we (Eritreans) need restore the negative perception about Eritrea by having a unique network of global blogs that document each personal trip to Eritrea that would best describe the realities on the ground.

    Seeing is believing...

  13. Now is about ERITREA ... (TO BE OR NOT TO BE) !!!

    -------Are you with us or against us ???-------

    Hager ab zeyblu...weghe arebe ISAYAS...inabelka nay qeyiH mesqel bandera aytseQlelnan ikha aya Tewelde AYFAL!

    nKHID ! inabele kalashnu kab zbanu keyewrede, sdrabetu ndHrit raHriHu, nQdmit seguimu hiwetu zkhefele Cheguar Danga khe intay kbl ?

  14. Mr. GhebreAnenia,
    We know that the only Sleeping-Pill created for GhebreAnenia like yourself is to believe that Isaias is not intelligent, not courageous, not patriotic, not Eritrean, ....

  15. GhebreAnenia has already hit the sack, believing that Isaias is unintelligent, unpatriotic, not courageous, ...

  16. You don't know what you are talking about. You must be a fool to think that a constitution would stop anyone from corruption, make authorities accountable, blah, blah, blah, . . . Why don't you look at your country first and many others from the least developed to the advanced ones! Will a constitution make you move out of our territories? Will it lift
    the sanctions? Will it's absence mean we should topple our own
    government? We have made our own priorities and those definitely do not
    suit you--they are not supposed to!

    The real theatrical show has been going on for more than 15 years with your government and their masters as authors and individuals like the commissioner and the one and two-person NGO's and "opposition" organizations paid by your government and their masters as actors!

    The sheer emphasis on a constitution and PIA gives you away as one south of the border. PIA earned his respect through his life time commitment to his country. While he surely won't need your praise, who are you to belittle his achievement!?!

  17. Hi! B.Adal
    I have a good news for you. Isaias is Ethiopian from Gondar. Do some research. you will figure it out

  18. Rachel and Filmon were behaving angry and aggressive kids who didn't know how to debate on independent media. They are used to EriTv where they can say what ever they want without being challanged. If you have the truth on your side you don't need to interrupt others to be heard.
    The content of the report is fully accurate and you can't deny it, every Eritrean know that fact. Instead of debating the report Filmon tried to accuse the author.
    We will see who will show up on the 22/6 to support the dictators no rule of law gangster like rule. This time HGDEF is alone and you won't fool us anymore. Down with Issayas and his Tigeawian inner circles. ICC is coming........

  19. Who are you to aggrandize him? You give too much credit to yourself by judging others.Think twice, if you have an opinion about something anything say so, but questioning some bodys whoseness is utter stupidity.

  20. Parrrrrrot😲😲😲😲

  21. You can't hide the truth regardless what you do.The fact on the ground is that we have a bloody dictator who is ruling our country without a rule of law.

  22. Come on, it has been 24 years since Issayas came to power and you are impressed by few schools and hospitals built here and there? Please tell me few projects which were worth more 50M dollars for the last 24 years? Please skip the Massawa airport which is typically a dictator project, it has been empety since it completed. Instead of upgrading first Asmara airport he chose to built one more without any pre-study if it was needed or not.

  23. You don't deserve that name moron!

  24. You are very deaf or you were sleeping all this year's of sanctions to our country

  25. Traitors Acting like opositionJune 18, 2015 at 8:53 AM

    Eritrean Media Network ...good idea.. I will Shoot some pictures on my next trip ...
    What's the Name of the Website to publish the Fotos ???

  26. Traitors Acting like opositionJune 18, 2015 at 8:55 AM

    Bullshit .. No Place for Weyane

  27. Traitors Acting like opositionJune 18, 2015 at 8:59 AM

    Tssssssss traitor

  28. Traitors Acting like opositionJune 18, 2015 at 9:00 AM

    Kir Kir .. True . That it

  29. Eritrea's economy was flourishing straight after independence, but guess what happened which successfully stalled and destroyed all of that.... Guess what happened straight after up till now, occupation, sanctions during and after and once again which was the tipping point in 2009/10. If England, America or any other country was in this situation it would be exactly the same thing

  30. Amanuel Bidemariam (none Eritrean last name) soon it will be a crminal act to support and aid human right abusers like Issayas so we will see if you will move back to Eritrea to continoue warshiping you AGAME criminal president and his inner circles. Only people like you with identity complex are the one still supporting this dying regime and his Tegru inner circles.

  31. More revelations will come forward to expose those corrupted COI representatives, especially Sheila Keetharuth or what ever her name is. There is no hiding spot anymore, as we say back home "Gemel seriqa gumbeh gumbeh". Anyways, we are not wondering why those shameful COI did prepare such kind of report to their boses, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! No crocodile tears any more Sheila!!! ERITREA and ERITREANS are standing with confident more than ever before. God/Allah bless ERITREA.

  32. ERITREA always has David's role while Goliath, the West got hit by TRUTH at all time. God bless the land of Woldeab Woldemariam, Shah Ibrahim Sultan...

  33. Bravo Eritrean Media Movement (EMM). This will drive all our enemies more crazier than ever. Let's use technology to our advantage!!! We have to launch our counter attack in all fronts with all means. God/Allah bless EMM.

  34. If you were a real Eritrean you will know Biedemariam is pure Eritrean name.Which means biede(with hand of st.Mary) any how i am proud of our young patriots Rahel and Filmon for shutting that evil woman's big mouth.Specialty the young blood Filmon's facial expression was the anger that 6 million eritreans feel against that mercenary woman who is messing around our pride and dignity.Which is a no no.

  35. Brother, qedem geza meserah yebelets kab makina megzaeh..nay qedmia (priority) guday iyu..ab economy qedemiatat allewu, mejemerta, wahs megbi yedeli, nezi ketgeber, diga, tsergiya ketsereh alleka, diga ketsereh, ingeneer kedliuqa iyom, selezi, temherti haf keteblo yegebaeh (ingeneering college mai nefhi), nezi qullu ketgeber, wahes te ena keb kebel yedeli.
    Dahar nezi ab keb zebele dereja mes abtsahkayo, wala belechlech zebel palaso ketsereh teqe el iqa..
    Eritra nezi mesmer hiza teqeyed alla..Izi qudus Hasab iyu..nezi neqegebruwo, àyni hassad hedfen bel, Kullu Eritrawi zebel idu kehewes yegebaeh..kem nay qedem bahli, àdi nay kullu iya, ab japan zegatat kullom iyom zeserhu, nay zeqone atahasaseba poletik zelewom bezey yegeds..nementay ita hager nay kullom selezekonet,
    Dehar hantsi hasab qubbul iyu..qum neger hazzel keqewen yedele..

  36. Any one , Like Yourself, who does not believe in his own being as independence and equal to any body and instead, not only allows himself to be dominated by others but also brags about his inferior status, is a natural Slave and a Disgrace to all rational beings.

    I am not, therefore, surprised that you do not think that governance by Constitution does prevent Corruption because a person who enjoys being in bondage cannot view a Constitution in any light but as an affront to his masters.

    However, a Constitution does prevent corruption in any form because it is a Covenant/Social Contract of the people to live together in harmony under their own laws and regulations and under their own elected leaders whom they hire , and if the leaders do not live up to the spirit of the law, become corrupt, the people fire them.

    When the Mighty EPLFs initiated the process of drafting the People's Constitution in 1994,they were realizing on the ground their slogan, Victory to the Masses, handing over the governing of the country to the people.

    In 1997 the the draft of the People's Constitution was completed and thereafter ratified by the Baito. Nevertheless, todate, the Constitution is not yet implemented. Adding insult to injury, the hijacker of the People's Constitution, your master, recently informed the people that their Constitution is dead and that he would write for them another one.

    There are many kinds of government: aristocracy, monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, tyranny. Except democracy, all the rest are corrupt form of government because they are imposed on the people. However, the Worst of all is Tyranny because it is one man rule imposed on the people by a barrel of a gun

    Isaias Afewerki is tyrant and therefore, the worst corrupt.; the skyrocketing flight of Eritreans from his reign of terror, the skyrocketing number of people lossing their lives by his killing squads; skyrocketing number of people in incarcerations; the skyrocking number of metal container prisons cropping through out Eritrea and the skyrocketing grave yards etc. bear testimony.

    Thanks be to the Allmighty that the end of Isaias Afewerki is in sight and over his ashes, the Cause of our Matyrs will be implemented and our people will be the Supreme Authority of the Sacred Land of our Ancestors.

  37. from the Universal Declaration of Human Right, which is inferred from the natural principle, Man is born Free. The chains that are later fastened on him by others, such Isaias Afewerki, must be broken by any means necessary.

    And remember when a Man is free, you are unleashing his intellectual creativity to control and subdue nature's unpredictable outbursts, earthquake, tornado etc.

  38. Too many words, no substance! Why do you bother to write something that you will be ashamed of later? Reread your first and second paragraphs. You learned all that about me from what I wrote? I am sure readers will be impressed! By the way is there such a thing as "a natural slave?"

    Sorry you did not understand what I said about constitutions (I have no idea why you capitalized it, by the way). You could at least have attempted to explain how a constitution would solve the most pressing challenges we are facing. Instead, you wrote lies and exaggerations and insults. I talked about priorities, you know, most important things first! Moreover, I repeat, we observe laws being broken all the time despite their being written!

    Words and phrases such as "the mighty EPLF" and "our Martyrs" do not make you Eritrean you know! You are wasting your time, but I understand that you get paid, at least!

  39. Listen to Goradew sew bela! Who are you to ask me anything? You are not even an Eritrean. Call it aggrandizement or whatever you like, he is my president! I know that he is your nightmare! Asside from that, what is he to you! Get lost! Ye irgo zimb!

    I know who you are. Your tone is the same even if you adopted a different name. Your hatred to Eritrea and Eritreans that brings you here. You are a fool if you think you can turn Eritreans against their country in favor of your country!

  40. Childish!!! You ask others who they are to comment,when it is your turn ,you question their whoseness. You are trying to head the citzenship dept of the Eritrean state, by questioning individuals eritreaness. He is the president of Eritrea not individuals ; He is his own nightmare .
    So you now know who I am and suspect that i am trying to turn eritreans againist their country,sir,you are a moron.DO YOU REALLY KNOW WHO U ARE? I DOUBT.

  41. For your information, my response always focuses on exposing the fallacies Isaias Afewerki attempts to hide his destructive intents and activities. The result of my work is phenomenal; isaias is on the run............,....................

    You can Google for the definition of The People's Constitution. Let me focus on its practical significance: it solmenly declares the People as the Supreme Authority of the Land, and the Government, Public Servant.

    Who is the Supreme Authority in Eritrea now?

    Isaias Afewerki, isn't it?

    You cannot deny that because it is True.

    And if he is the Supreme Authority, who then becomes The Servant? The public, isn't it?

    Again you cannot deny that because that is the reality in current Eritrea.

    And the servants can neither hold accountable nor fire The Supreme Authority.

    They can't, that is true,isn't it?


    And how did get to be The Supreme Authority? Did the people grant him that?

    The people did not grant him, he grabbed it himself. Isn't it?

    No the people did not grant him, he grabbed it himself.

    Then Isaias Afewerki is in violation of The People's Constitution and by so doing, has enslaved the people.

    Who would then support Isaias Afewerki who has enslaved the people?

    The natural slave.

    About your observation of written laws being broken, but are you implying then that we do not need laws? If you are, that will further solidify my impression of you. However, that is why we have judges.

  42. You dare say I am a moron? Readers are observing!

    Starting from your assumed name "Goradew sew bela," you are saying, "Do not pay attention to me I won't say anything of substance!" It's a shame that you repeat the 1998 wartime propaganda of your government about coffee and the like. You cannot tell me you do not hate Eritrea and Eritreans after repeating such CHILDISH lies pretext to execute a war!

    No matter how much insults you put down, you are still an Ethiopian and thus ineligible and have no stake in Eritrea and its well-being. In fact, the hatred you bring to us Eritreans (even if you have denied it, it is obvious) is any indication, you have chosen to be an enemy unlike your claim. So, you know that I do not need your approval to post here or to say what I choose to say. Exercise that knowledge!

    THIS IS ERITREAN AFFAIR IN AN ERITREAN WEBSITE!!! IT IS NON OF YOUR BUSINESS WHATEVER I SAY! Do not abuse your privilege! So I repeat, who are you to ask me who I am?? Why are you here then, if it is not to try and turn Eritreans against their country or demoralize them????????????????

    This time one of your favorite insults, "moron" gave you away!

  43. Goradew sew bela == ISIS-like brutality against human beings!

  44. I guess you have to work on your comprehension. Read again before you continuously shift your subjects. If you want me to make it short for you, I said and I repeat: you cannot work on all problems at one time. It is wise to tackle them according to priorities. Right now defending the country from those who are trying to create a pretext to commit their aggression against our country, those same ones who are laying low for the opportune time and green light from their masters' for the same purpose is the PRIORITY of priorities! Do not forget that the same people--the Weyane and their masters--have a major hand in creating the challenges we are facing at the present.

    Therefore, I very much believe that shouting "constitution" and other lofty terms by the "opposition" are simply convenient ways to look legitimate and concerned. If anyone is foolish enough to believe a constitution will end all our challenges, it is the Weyane and their messengers!

    I do not expect the Weyane and our traitors to admit this obvious fact. Why don't we hear from them about what their stand on our occupied territories? Why don't we hear them state unequivocally that the Weyane should declare that they have lifted the 1998 declaration of war against Eritrea, they intend to respect the EEBC decisions and that they will implement it without any preconditions? Why don't they hold the Weyane responsible for the no-war, no-peace condition and the consequences on Eritrea in all aspects of the challenges it is facing, including the burden on our youth instead of attempting to deny that it has nothing to do with the Weyane?

    I could have gone on and on, but you do get it, don't you? For me, it is only the Weyane who is interested in diverting our attention from the main problem--the Weyane itself! All "opposition" work for the Weyane, despite the fact that they claim the opposite! That is why I reject your "constitution" mantra--a convenient way of appearing legitimate!

    One last thing PIA is an individual, though playing a major role in the affairs of the country. As a human being, he may have his strength and his short-comings just as we all do. It seems to me that the majority of Eritreans (and especially I myself) believe that Eritrea is fortunate to have him as the leader at this time in our history and that the strengths in his character are major advantages in the defense of our country against those who want to bring hell to our country and region and even reverse our independence.

    Look at me wasting my time explaining the obvious to you! Well at least I aired my thoughts!

  45. You gave me more reason to call you a natural slave. There is no one besides Isaias Afewerki who, disfranchising our people , is unleashing his reign of terror on them , and yet, like a good slave, you are defending him, the indefensible criminal being investigated by world community for Crime Against Humanity.
    You implied Isaias Afewerki is defending the country. Could you tell which part of Eritrea he is defenfing? Badme is Eritrean territory but under woyane's occupation. You are telling us that Eritrea is blessed to have Isaias Afewerki as a leader. Would the residents of Badme who are under woyane occupation agree with you? No. They would say he is spineless coward.

    A good leader is a brave leader. He takes risk, be it political , such as in national election, physical , would not rest and sleep until his the enemy is removed and his country'' territorial integrity is restored. Does Isaias afewerki embody that quality? No.

    On the other hand, a Coward leader is he who disenfranchises and wages reign of terror over the people but when the country is attacked and its territory seized by external aggressor, instead of standing foursquare to defend the country, he resorts to blame game, a sort of qemish adey yehnquiluni . but that is not all. Because he feels the people despise him for his cowardly act, he terrorize them to submisssion. This is exactly what Isaias is doing.

    Can a Constitution solve the Eritrea saga? Yes. Because it heralds the end of the reign of terror, the end of division, the restoration of the unity of our people and the constititiom of a legitimate government by the people for the people. And as we say, United strands tie a lion, and our united people will overcome any hurdle thrown on their way.

  46. Weyanay,
    Do you think I or any Eritrean for that matter, would fail to recognize a Wyane ranting about Eritrea and its leaders? What is it to you any way? I didn't even have to explain anything to you. Call Isaias or myself anything you like. Like I said before, he is your and the rest of the Weyanes' worst nightmare! Take your eyes of him! We are talking about the country. He is the leader of the country and there is nothing you can do about it.

    One more time, we won't join the Weyane and their servants in destroying our country!

    As for "natural slave," there is no such thing as that. Your argument there is--something you yourself invented--an example of your backward mentality. That is typical of the Weyane!

  47. Any group that is selected to investigate and write a report on Eritrea is carefully studied. Any one who is trustworthy, with good investgating skill, and hard to corrupt never qualifies. Thus we see people like Sheila B. Keetharuth.

    But the whole story is not about Sheila's report and what our leadership did or did not but the hegemonic state of mind of those who pull the strings of the US leadership. We proved them on independence and we are doing the same now through our self reliant, hard working, and selfless people and leadership.
    They will never stop haunting us till we stop being a good example and submit like many countries in our region. And that we will never do.
    Dear coutry men and women, the whole World is shaken today by these greedy beligerent leaders. Russia, China, and South America are standing up to this bullying today. We have done that for decades and should remain the same course.

    Ignorance is their biggest weapon thus we see few of our country men and women engage in defaming their own country. Other few are induced to sell their soul and country for selfish economic interest. But these are not powerful. We just need to enlight the vast Eritrean population and the rest of the World what Eritrea and Eritreanism is. All will fall in Place with informeded Citizens.
    Awet N´hafash!!
    Zelealemawi Zkri Nisweatna!!

  48. Keqedemuna n'qedmom is what gotten into doing. That won't help you a bit. If there is woyane in Eritrea it is Isaias Afewerki, first generation Eritrean, born of tegaru parents. That is why he does not have Eritrean uncle or aunt. They are all tegaru residing in tigrai. For example, degiat Solomon Abraha, former wollo governor under haile selase was his uncle.

    I am not however against him for his descent but for his Crime Against our people. But can the motive against our our people be rooted on his descent? Possible. It is not unprecedented.

    Hitler was Austrian native. When the First World War broke out, he joined the German army. Subsequently, he became a Chancellor of Germany and he annexed Austria by force.

    Therefore, it may not be far fetched to think that Isaias Afewerki may be contemplating to establish Abai Tigrai. And there are evidences that can establish that coclusion.

    One evidence is Badme which isiss handed to woyane on the eve of independence. The second, the illegal and unnecessary War of 1998. The third, his willful abolition of our Baito and Constitution etc.

    If you are indeed a genuine Eritrean, I warn you to think

  49. Please. Read,isiss, Isaias afewerki. The last paragraph as, If you are a genuine Eritrean, I warn you to think seriously to avoid becoming a fait accomplice in the destruction of your country.

  50. Feyel wedezeh,kezimzimit wedezia. The goat and the stick that you threw at her are 180 degrees out.Stick to the point...their is nothing about coffee,nothing about hating Eritrea.yalbelawin makeke...scratching where it did not itch...that is why i called you ...

  51. If true that it is Eritrean web; why does your music start and ends with Ethiopia? A good percentage of your posts belittle Ethiopia, the country that made you who you are today? Are you from Nazreth or Gonder? Mr. Mmmm

  52. "The result of my work is phenomenal; isaias is on the run............,....................", clap clap clap cap clap clap...clap! i'll send you a trumpet.......! what would that be? submission to the COI? is that what you have accomplished? and working day and night to destabilise Eritrea together with the "world community" who are this world community? the main stream media and the UN? are you blind or deaf or both? isn't these so called the "world community" who are destabilising the planet? look around you man! children dying like flies first in Iraq now in Syria and Libya, and this is all done under the pretext of the rule of law, governance, human right, etc etc..hypocrisy at its this world where media plays in role in conditioning societies to serve the interest of few and where news has a short shelf life.... those who stand to gain know you too well and playing you like a toy. Yes Eritrea will march and will have here own constitution...Yes Eritrea will counter all the attack and will come out victorious... but everything will happen in our own pace...we will feed our people first though that is important. I bet you agree about feeding our people! wouldn't you? in the mean time chase Isayas as you are claiming that e is running , and good luck with it.

  53. Ante dingay ras...minew yergo zinb honk eze...sayterut abet....! ere tinish afer bel!!

  54. Enough slavery in Eritrea.
    Enough shipping counteiners prison for Eritreans.
    Isias must go.
    America break the knee of pfdj.


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