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Sheila Keetharuth's UN Report on Eritrea - Weapons of Mass Deception Without Thorough Investigation

Sheila Keetharuth


By Tesfahannes Beyene


The contents of the essay are mainly divided into three sections:

Part (1) Pages 1-2 would look into the Injustice that has befallen the Eritrean nation.

Part (2) Pages 3-12 would define crimes against humanity where it happened and is happening around the world - on Industrial scale - from Holocaust during WW 2, Apartheid era in South Africa, Genocide in Rwanda, Ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Moslem’s in former Yugoslavia, Crime against humanity in Palestine, Ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Moslem’s in Myanmar Burma & Crime against humanity on Eritreans by past and present TPLF leadership of Ethiopia.

Part (3) Pages 13-18 would analyse Commission of Inquiry report on allegations against Eritrea.

Part (4) Page 20 the writer will give his personal opinion providing a conclusion on whether the allegations brought against Eritrea has happened on industrial scale or if it was simply another weapon of mass deception, without through investigation prolonging the injustice of the Eritrean nation. Finally source of information.

(Part 1) Injustice against the Eritrean nation: Before discussing the allegation of Crime against humanity brought by the UN commission of inquiry on Eritrea the writer would like to first mention the injustice that is happened to the people of Eritrean, by past and present Ethiopian rulers the TPLF leadership and their powerful ally the United States of America. Using UN institutions, they left no stone unturned to undermine the Eritrean nation using different tactics to sabotage her. If we look back into history the first grave injustice against Eritrea was recorded in early 1950th when the then American Ambassador to the UN, John Foster Dulles blatantly said to the UN Security Council the following:

“From the point of view of justice, the opinions of the Eritrean people must receive consideration. Nevertheless the strategic interest of the united states and its ally Ethiopia in the Red Sea basin and considerations of security and world peace make it necessary that Eritrea has to be linked with our ally - Ethiopia”

This powerful words by the United States Ambassador on behalf of Ethiopia are still haunting Eritrea to the present day. As a result of the above statement, the first UN Resolution 390 A was adopted to federate Eritrea under Ethiopia’s imperial sovereignty. The approval of the resolution left negative landmark on the people of Eritrea. In other words it was the biggest grave of injustice that has befallen on Eritrea-- a forced marriage that was bound to fail. It is not only that Ten years later in 1961 Ethiopia supported by its US allay got rid of the UN federation between the two countries, by annexing Eritrea with out the consent of its people. This was a turning point in the Eritrea Ethiopia history. That led to three decades of protracted war of liberation in which the Ethiopian army the biggest in Africa was defeated in the early 90th - when Eritrea gained its independence by herself with out the support of the super powers. Once the whole of Eritrea was liberated, Eritrean Tank Brigade moved south to the heart of Ethiopia in support of the then, comrades in arms, the TPLF leadership to get rid of the common enemy of the time --Mengistu Hailemariam. Mengistu ruled the Ethiopia with iron feast from (1974-1991) But then he was defeated resulting in Eritrea been liberated after three decades of struggle for nation hood. Eritrean was then recognized by the outside world after successfully holding internationally recognized referendum in 1993.

Five years later in 1998 the border dispute between Eritrea and Ethiopia erupted and the two countries fought unnecessary war which came to an end with it the Algiers agreement of December 2000-which was “final and binding.” Ethiopia renegade on the Algiers agreement deploying ineffectual arguments like she has accepted it in principle but she wanted dialogue first. To Eritrea the Algiers agreement means what it says in its entirety. However Ethiopia then led by the late Ethiopian Premiere Meles Zenawi, his satellite states Somali, Djibouti and his successor Hailemariam Desalenge now out of power - used endless tactics including regime change propaganda to thwart the Algiers agreement trying to associate Eritrea with the terrorists organization in Somalia. In doing so, Ethiopia used UN institutions to sanction the Eritrean nation relentlessly.

Then sanctions were followed: In December 2009 UN Security Council passed Resolution 1907 against Eritrea imposing arms embargo, in 2011 Resolution 2023 was passed reinforcing previous sanctions which was brought about by the Somali Eritrean Monitoring Group which was investigating the arms supply to Alshebaba. But after a through investigation by the Somali Eritrea Monitoring group in 2014, they came to the conclusion and said there is no evidence that Eritrea supplies arms to the Alshebab. Still the minority Government of Ethiopia led by TPLF and its allies undeterred by the view that Eritrea has nothing to do with Alshebab continued their injustice upon the people of Eritrea by passing yet another UN Resolution 2317 in November 2016 and decided to maintain the sanction in 2017. Eritrea is still under false premise of UN instigated sanction of injustice brought by Meles and the rest of TPLF leadership.

When it comes to Eritrea even former UN officials have played their role to undermine the Eritrean nation using their status in interfering in the internal affairs of Eritrea. For instance Mat Bryden of Canada the former Coordinator of the Eritrea Somalia Monitoring Group and Ghassan Schbley of the US were sacked for their lack of professionalism and political bias that severely undermined their credibility. When they failed to present objective neutral report on Eritrea--- by deliberately undermining the Government of Eritrea in leaking / exaggerating reports about Eritrea-- with out informing the Eritrean Government. Both have been replaced from their job for bringing disrepute to the organization they worked for. Another UN official Dinesh Mahtani who was UN member of the Somali Eritrea Monitoring Group from UK and financial expert was also advocating regime change in Eritrea using UN SEMG letter head - again he was sacked. So one can see how UN institutions and the people who work for the it behave unprofessionally. Instead of being neutral brokers they tend to take sides subjecting countries like Eritrea with endless sanctions and injustice. Thus the injustice against the Eritrean nation still continued unabated. Now we have another UN institution, the UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea led by Sheila Keetharuth (now game over for her as well) were appointed by Ethiopia's allies Susan Rice, the former American Ambassador to the UN to dig negative materials to implicate the Eritrean nation using unsubstantiated information in alleging Crime against Humanity.

(Part 2) But what is the definition of Crime against humanity?

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