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Eritrea Challenges the COI: The thrill of honesty & The agony of lies. The Sweetness of Victory, the struggle continues.

Eritrean man in Asmara holds a sign that reads: "I stand with Eritrea for my human rights against aggressions, sanctions and defunct Commission of Inquiry report."

Eritrea Challenges the COI: The thrill of honesty & The agony of lies. The Sweetness of Victory, the struggle continues.

No other nation in the world could have withstood the inhumane and illegal behavior of the United Nations towards Eritrea on several occasions. However, with the truth on her side and a united patriotic people, once again Eritrea has proven it is a nation that stands for peace, made for peace, & created by peace. A nation where building food security is a priority and building schools and clinics has been the mantra for the 25 years since it became independent. A nation where the basic human rights of a person are a part and parcel of its way of life. By comparison to many other countries Eritrea’s values and it’s commitment to human rights by far outweigh those nations that claim to be democratic. Considering where it started as a nation and where it is today, the fact remains that Eritrea instead of being accused falsely, should be used as a role model for how other nations can improve on their human rights.

At the core of the problem for Eritrea lies a very unstable and corrupt neighbor in the TPLF lead Ethiopia that has robbed the people of the Horn of Africa region many years of prosperity and development. In order to understand Eritrea, one needs to accept the fact that it was made and built by enshrining the principles of human rights in its DNA during the struggle years. A war zone where its enemies were better treated than its own fighters for the sake of humanity. Its own freedom fighters stood in the face of adversity from the masses by protecting their rivals and taking care of them with dignity. A nation whose sons and daughters gave up their lavish lives like the many accusers sitting at the UN, and decided to fight for their right to exist as a people in this corrupt world we live in. Eritreans are Unique and will forever change the course of feelings for national pride into a new high. While we may have lost the great diplomat in his excellency Ambassador Girma Asmerom, the fight continued. A man of integrity in the otherwise corrupt diplomacy corridors of the UN. He walked the walk and talked the talk. His intellectual capacity far outsmarted those who used the UN to muzzle the voices of the Eritrean people. He also paved the way for the small positive step that we witnessed this week and as a result made it better for an incredibly intelligent, eloquent and brilliant individual in Yemane Gebreab to speak on behalf of Eritrea. It takes lots of patience to take a beating and defend your stance. To quote Sir Winston Churchill, “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. It’s also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

Eritrea’s unselfish leaders do all they can to make sure their people don’t suffer anymore. The very accusations of human rights against Eritrea, a nation that strictly adheres to the Universal Periodic Review was being used against it. The unyielding faith in Eritreans has always been balanced with a clear sense of reality and the people spoke in large numbers during demonstrations or through social media. The enemies of Eritrea tried hard to copy the real Eritreans gathering riffraff and even their own minority regime supporters to act and be like the real Eritreans who stand with their Government.

The audacity that the three group COI (Commission on Inquiry) had to interview/document people that are not Eritreans and use it to incriminate Eritrea is a huge blunder and big sin for the cause of human rights. Add to the fact that a document used by a brutal inhumane Derg government of Ethiopia that committed one of the worst crimes against humanity known as “Red Terror” was used as a template to accuse Eritrea of human rights. A shameful act for the United Nations to entertain the idea of allowing such report to be shared shows that the corruption in New York City is out of control and needs an overhaul.

First and foremost let’s ask a layman’s question. What is a Special Rapporteur?

Well let’s try to answer this question. According to sources from the UN, it is a title given to individuals working on behalf of various regional and international organizations who bear specific mandates to investigate, monitor and recommend solutions to specific human rights problems. The three group Commission of Inquiry, by allowing a specific country mandate and having the logistical support from the enemy(TPLF’s Ethiopia) of the country being investigated the COI created a huge hole for themselves and committed their first breach. When entering the refugee camps infested with Tigraian locals with a small sprinkle of Eritreans they broke another rule as they were appointed by the Human Rights Council of the UN, to act independently of governments and as such should have been aware of their responsibility. Their logistical support all had been influenced by the brutal criminal government in Addis which swayed and dictated how they did business.

They claim that they do not receive any financial compensation for their work that can be scrutinized by the public, but they receive personnel and logistical support from criminal human traffickers like Meron Estifanos, Daniel Mekonnen as well as the likes of Selam Kidane, Elsa Chyrum and many others under a hidden wall as well as from the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and are often backed by charities and corporations which are loyal to nations like Ethiopia’s minority regime. Organizations like NED (National Endowment for Democracy) utilizing the American Tax payer money continue to bleed the economy of the USA to appease criminals. So indirectly they are getting money but not on paper. If Sheila Keetharuth and Mike Smith and the Ghanian choir boy did not benefit why would they accept such mandates that they know nothing about? Obviously there is something in it. Based on fiction and lies the COI report may have defamed the Character of the Eritrean nation but it has not broken the spirit of the Eritrean people. We are fighters and we do it peacefully, tactically, together and we don’t do it for money but for love of country. Just look no further from the Hallways where we lost our great Diplomat who died fighting for his country. His excellency Ambassador Girma Asmerom and the many others alive and martyred for a nation created based on the principles of human rights. In Conclusion, It is very refreshing to see the presidential advisor to Eritrea, Mr. Yemane Gebreab speak what is on every peace loving Eritrean citizen’s mind.

He eloquently exposed the core problem of our region with one simple sign while he intelligently shared the problems with the fake COI report’s accusations. Its now time to continue the fight through thick and thin. We must help remove the corrupt mandate of the Special Rapporteur who has been dealing with criminal entities to accuse Eritrea of criminal behavior. She must be removed once and for all and we as Eritreans and the majority voices of the people of Eritrea need to stand up to the United Nations and it human rights council. Let’s be aware and smart and understand what truly is going on at the UN. About 10 years ago the United Nations Human Rights Council, which replaced the UN Commission on Human Rights, extended the mandates of all Special Rapporteurs by one year to enable it to conduct a review of the mandates and seek ways of strengthening their roles. However, Special Rapporteurs for countries which did not approve a Special Rapporteurs came under question and the mandates of the Special Rapporteurs for Cuba and Belarus were not renewed. It is time to do the same for Eritrea and send these human rights violators to the curb.

Victory to the masses,

Glory to our martyrs,

From the East Coast of the USA.

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