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Nevsun CEO Questions Credibility of Commission of Inquiry report on Eritrea

Nevsun Headquarter

Nevsun Provides Update on Human Rights

By Nevsun

Nevsun Resources Ltd. (TSX:NSU) (NYSE MKT: NSU) (Nevsun or the Company) is pleased to provide an update on its human rights record in response to recent media speculation.

Human rights record highlights
  • Nevsun commissioned an independent human rights impact assessment (HRIA) in 2013
  • HRIA carried out by reputable international human rights lawyer
  • Assessment was completed with cooperation of the State of Eritrea
  • Stakeholder engagement included over 150 local residents and a wide range of other external stakeholders
  • Published in April 2014 the HRIA report, which recommendations are being adopted at Bisha
  • Follow-up independent audit underway in 2015
The independent HRIA which was completed in April 2014 can be found on the Company’s website. In addition, the Company will shortly receive the results of a follow-up audit on its human rights programs at the Bisha Mine. This report will also be posted on the Company’s website. The Company and its partner ENAMCO are committed to transparency and their ongoing commitments with respect to human rights.

Cliff Davis, CEO of Nevsun commented, “A recent United Nations Commission report included some sensational and unbelievable human rights allegations with respect to the Bisha Mine, which allegations were made without visiting either the mine or the country. Despite attempts by Nevsun to engage with the Commission, it chose not to engage with the Company to verify any basic facts or allegations or to report on the Company’s independent human rights assessment. This brings into serious question the methodology, process and collation of information in their report. Nevsun remains firmly committed to compliance with Eritrean national law and the continuation of international standards and practices with respect to human rights. We also remain committed to dialogue with the Commission, other UN agencies and stakeholder groups.”

For more information on the Company’s commitment to human rights please visit our website:
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  1. Were gena eti haki kiwetseyu. Ezom serekiti United nations kikishuyom.btri haki tiketin ember aytisiberin.

  2. The UN organization won't be able to hide the truth for ever. There are always few good men on earth that will expose the evil nature of any empire at zero $. Just like what Wikileaks did to expose the evil nature of USA, there is no question that we will soon witness Wikileaks version#2 to expose the UNjust nature of UN. In the mean time, Thank GOD we have Shaebia.

  3. In my view, nobody trusts the HR report of this company. We know it. The Eritrean people knows better what is going on in Eritrea. The UN report is based on the trusted information given by the Eritrean people with evidential facts, figures and justifications. The Pandora box will be opened soon. It is shame to bring this as evidence.

  4. They are telling the truth and what all we know unless to live in denial. Yes, eti haki kiwetseyou. What hak?.,,,,., the demonic acts of PFDJ.


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