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Shame on You Ms Keetharuth and Your Commission of Inquiry

Sheila B. Keetharuth 

Shame on You Ms Keetharuth and Your Commission of Inquiry

Dear Ms. Keetharuth,

Now any other syndicate, organization, company, or business would have immediately fired you the moment the United Nations Commission of Inquiry’s report was published on the investigation of alleged human rights abuses in Eritrea. But of course, I understand that this report only ensures your position in a gulf of agenda motivated lying delusional puppets of the Western Powers. Now going into detail would be the rational and professional thing to do when analyzing the so called “report” you and your meddling friends have published but since the report represents anything but professionalism and decorum I’ll save the time of going into great detail about this report of yours excluding the fact that it would be a complete waste of time actually properly reading utter garbage.

Forgive me if my emotions get the best of me, but what this report represents is a feeble attempt of degrading Eritrea’s nationalism and stability. Now any person who is familiar with the content of the report would come to two conclusions. One: the authors of the report are terribly misinformed or two: there is an agenda that is leading to the startling inaccurate information presented in this report. Sadly we live in a world where the latter produces crimes like the report that was published on the Human Rights Situation in Eritrea.

Now there are a stunning abundance of methodological flaws in this report. I’m being immensely kind by calling this collection of fabrications and a pathetic attempt to destroy Eritrea and everything it stands for a report; but I’ll continue on referring to this disgrace of a written piece of work a “report”. One of the first things that stands out is the lack of independence and impartiality, not only by the people who lobbied for the Commissions of Inquiry, but the people who wrote this report as well.

Yes, Ms. Keetharuth I’m referring to you. You served as the sole Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights Situation in Eritrea. You were a former member of Amnesty International which is notorious for its ill intents it harbors towards Eritrea. The whole process of creating the Commission was led by a group of foreign funded regime change activists. These groups who lobbied the commission have OPENLY called for regime change in Eritrea. The idea that the U.N. with all of its prestige and the reputation it’s supposed to hold amongst the rest of the world has the audacity to let you and your other weak minded friends publish this is outright ludicrous.

I haven’t even gotten into the ridiculous regurgitated fabricated content in the report and have already disregarded its credibility and you Ms. Keetharuth wonder why the Eritrean Government did not answer your request to enter the country to investigate the Human Rights Situation in Eritrea. You, having the permission to enter the country wouldn’t have made the slightest of a difference in the content of the report. Your agenda was established! And that essentially was to destroy Eritrea and to paint this completely made up vision of what Eritrea stands for. I love the fake despicable sympathy you show for the so called suffering that the Eritrean people face due to the “injustice” of the Eritrean government.

Now I’ll get to the part that would make any professional cringe. The source of your so called credible honest data or research is what really puzzles me. The majority of the sources of your information since you could not visit Eritrea (why would Eritrea allow a person like you to walk on its precious soil and fertile ground?) where asylum seekers in refugee camps in ETHIOPIA AND DJIBOUTI of all places. Two countries who currently have no formal diplomatic relationship with us. Not to mention the fact that these two countries are in an ongoing conflict  with Eritrea. The asylum seekers have a blatant conflict of interest as they need to feed you blind henchmen of stories of persecution to gain asylum along with the fact that they are in countries who have hostile relationships with Eritrea. Your report’s credibility cannot stoop lower than this. They also can be considered phantoms for once they are cited you cannot actually find out who they really are. I find it absolutely insane that you choose the most least credible of all in the context of Eritrea’s history to use as sources for your report. They are literally last resorts.

I also find it baffling that there were 1000’s of National Service men and Women of Eritrea and Eritrean citizens who tried contacting you give their own input, their stories after you released your first report on the Human Rights Issue in Eritrea. Yet their attempts of contacting you were met with generic email replies that made it evident that your report was not aiming for credibility but is aided by an agenda.

There are some outrageous claims made in the report varying from “systematic torture” to “institutional rape” to “extrajudicial killings” to “a shoot to kill border policy” to “forced labor”, to “indefinite national service”. All of these claims are nullified due to the fact the sources are the least credible and the agendas of the report that is harboring these claims. But some of these claims’ validity is worsened through real facts that I’ll tell you right now.

The indefinite National Service is completely wrong. The NO PEACE NO WAR notion has prolonged the National Service. I love how the same Western Powers that have made you stoop so low as you now have compromised your integrity are the same Western Powers that issued the Border Resolution between Eritrea and Ethiopia in 2002, yet Ethiopia still illegally occupies our sovereign territory against the border Commission's decision guaranteed by the United Nations themselves. We are under existing threats due to this so we must be ready to fight. Due to the predicament we have been placed in, we have the National Service to help prepare everyone to defend their country if and when the Ethiopians decide to further invade more territory, as they are already illegally doing right now, at this moment. Yet this is totally ignored by you. In times of crisis which Eritrea has been placed in for quite a while now, we need to defend ourselves against existing threats. The U.N.’s lacks of actions when it comes to Ethiopia’s crimes against Eritrea cause us to have made us choose our priorities. We are wisely using the limited resources we have to build infrastructures as we are improving vastly as a shining beacon in the desolate Horn of Africa and you have the slightest nerve to accuse us of these disgusting vile allegations while we are being abused and as crimes are being committed against us that are so blatant.

You also try to make some point of the influx of immigrants fleeing the country due to the terrible situation in Eritrea. Yet there’s such a lack of evidence to these allegations that your words die and wither away. The so called gargantuan number of immigrants fleeing should have been more closely examined by the Commission of Inquiry. Obama himself has stated that the U.S. and European countries are working with independent agencies, organizations, and corporations to smuggle Eritrean youth out of Eritrea just so they can be abandoned along the way to the so called prosperous western nations as they are left to die and rot away. These are major crimes yet are never mentioned or investigated. These Western Countries place these advantages for Eritrean asylum seekers. This leads to inflated data on Eritreans who flee the country. For example Ethiopia which is by all means way poorer than Eritrea, is a country in which the majority are being oppressed by a tiny minority as the country is ravaged by a corrupt regime that has a ridiculous record of mass torture, executions, and unjust arrests with a population of 100 million twenty times the amount of Eritrea. Or even Somalia which has a much  greater population than Eritrea. It is well known that people from these countries try to assume Eritrean identities as refugees seeking political asylum as doing so helps ensure a better chance of reaching European land. The Commission of Inquiry never mentions this nor does it mention other factors like economic predicaments when looking to fleeing Eritreans.

The timing of the release of the report only further establishes the hidden agenda to destroy Eritrea. More importantly its international relationships dedicated to the development of the country. I love how you Ms. Keetharuth fail to look at all the positive achievements Eritrea has amassed as a country that has only been on its feet for a mere 24 years. It is exceeding expectations and is showing Africa that it needs to reject the aid of the Western Powers and find self-improvement and stabilization. The Eritrean government is working diligently to improve social programs, food security, healthcare and medical programs, education, infrastructures, and simply the general economic and social lives of Eritrean citizens and it's paying off. It’s growth as a country is well known as recorded on the U.N. Millennium Development Goals. This has caused many international corporations to invest in Eritrea and help it grow. This report published by you and your fellow fabricating evil doers is clearly an attempt to erase and destroy this phenomenal progress we are making.

We are a shining light and your report, full of disgusting lies, is simply trying to diffuse the light. But this will not happen. I know writing back to you is a lost cause as you Ms. Keetharuth hide in the shadows where you rightfully belong as many persons respect has been lost for you. The irony is that you are an African sister trying to help destroy a shining African Country. Know that your intents are known by the Eritrean people. Your little lies shouldn’t have to be worried about because as a country we are soaring but know that if you ever dare tarnish the name of Eritrea like you have done in your report it’s the obligation of us Eritreans to be right there protecting our name from fools like you who don’t see that we are trying to go against all the odds. We need to be loud and ready to disregard people like you who are truly sad and stuck in the wrong place. Next time write a report on how native Africans, if any have survived, are treated in Mauritania, your home country. Do it a favor and go and be an advocate for Human Rights there. We don’t need your two face self talking about our beautiful country. Although Eritrea has its flaws and challenges we are persevering. We are trying to grow and fix the problems we have and we are doing so. Only twenty-four years, yet we have already accomplished so much and we look to do more because there is still much improvement that can be done. So please leave us alone and go fix what truly is a terrible Human Rights Problem in the vicinity of your own home country Mauritania, look at how the indigenous population of Diego Garcia was treated by the British and Americans for the sake of U.S. army base. You are trying to teach us about a fundamental universal law known as Human Rights. Please spare your time on teaching a group of people who fought 30 difficult blood and sweat filled years for freedom one of the principle aspects of Human Rights. Please don’t lecture us on something our fellow Eritreans have died for. Human Rights is something we definitely understand. Please leave us alone.

ZelAlemawi Zikri NiswaAtna!

Kibrin Mogosin Niharbenatatna!

Wetru Awet Nihafash

Dawit Ghebremedhin

June 16,2015
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Shame on You Ms Keetharuth and Your Commission of Inquiry Reviewed by Admin on 2:07 AM Rating: 5


  1. BRAVO dawit!! she is doing what her masters had told her to finish her unfinished regime change mission given while she was under the cover of amnesty international. , The good thing is that we and all the Eritrean masses had understood their intent .

  2. Dawit, this article is a desparate cry of humiliation. When the world is staring at your ugly sores, you always cry "Look! Ethiopia has sores too!". But this report is not about Ethiopia. It is about Eritrea. Insulting Ethiopia and degrading other neighboring nations is not going to cover the ugliness of Eritrea. Stand up, bend over and take it like the Tegadelti that you are. BE BRAVE ASS-HAT! You fought 30 years of bloody war for this! Be proud of the image you've created for yourself. No one did this to Eritrea but EPLF and it's lunatics in power. Accept the truth that Eritrea is a failed state. Accept the truth that EPLF/JPDYF or whatever the hell it is calling itself now, has betrayed the Eritrean people in the most epic way. They say accepting that you have a problem is half way to solving it. The camel has its back against the cliff. It ain't marching no more...

  3. Re read the article, i see from your comment that you don't get His few words he have to teach stone headed like you and me to be prone to learn..

  4. Dear Dawit:

    Your complaint targeted the wrong address. Please blame yourself and your PFDJ. You also need to read and critically digest the full report with open and unbiased mind. Truth may hurt.

    PFDJ is bent to destroy Eritrea. Even our enemy did not do that. Do I have words to express the uselessness this military system. No, I don't have. No words will suffice for me. It is better to quote the bible: "Me'ne,Me'ne Te'kel Par'sin" (Daniel). This means: Your days are numbered and will be brought to an end soon. You have been weighted on the scales and found to be bankrupt and absolutely no good for the Eritrean people. Democrats, peace loving and able Eritreans will take over as the true representatives of the Eritrean people. PFDJ and its cohorts will rest in peace in the place of history (the past) appropriate for them. That day is very near. Can somebody predict that day, the day of salvation and true liberation of Eritrea and the Eritrean people from the jaws of the hideous crocodiles at home?

  5. CL:
    You should read it and grasp it. He read it carefully and his assessment is perfectly correct.

  6. Dogoli,this is Eritrea holy land, which asked us very high human price!!! for you is a joke
    DAWIT is Eritrean legendary son, we are proud of you.If you read history in1952,who ever say no with Ethiopia just kill him/her!!!!!Embi Ke Ethiopia gar yale saw tiet agrusow!!! eritreann traitors with haileslase killed 1000 of Eritrea, because they said no .In mengistu time many who betrayed Eritrea like dogoli killed 1million in 50 years and they were sayin who ever support SHABIA we will fry them, they did.Today from assena useless radio don't go Geneva to support Eritrean government, other wise your paper will be in danger,that means Eritrea is sold and destroyed for the sake of individual paper...aye gud....wey,gud.
    Mr Dogoli Eritrean mothers not only gave birth lioness who sacrificed and sacrificing their only life for the sake of their people like Jesus. But they gave birth foxes and scavenger who are bothered about their belly. Did you watch KIBSET masawa cluster bomb falling in our mothers back and changed them to charcoal...I was crying ..but many Eritrean traitors are not bothered as long as they get paid.Shela will leave us soon after she fill her pocket, if her drama tail win of course.She might share the money few TEQUAMERTI,but I am not if she share with them. How about Us Dogoli? are we going to be another Iraq while they counting money....aye gud..
    Dogoli think for tomorrow, Human right could never saved Iraq,Afgan,Libya,Somalia...10 countries.
    New Data Of Iraq.2015
    1million Iraqis killed
    800.000 Injuried
    In Fulujah 10,000 born children with defect/cluster bomb/
    3milliond displaced,with no house or food.
    Do ever think about that Dogoli or it is a joke for you? than to technology we know every thing what is going on,lets stand together no to go this danger game.
    forget about poor Shela...her movies will not have any value. But I never said we do not have problem, but we are the owner of the house,if we leave Shela and her Hooligans to build our house, they will do for us as beautiful as Iraq,Lybya because this a long plan of CIA.

  7. Elias - I don't understand your point. Yes, thousands died, most in a gruesome way that no one ever should have to die. But you must understand the thousands of the compatriots that died, did not die to see their country being destroyed by her own children. Why are you so blind? Why can you not see that Eritrea, sooner than later will dissentegrate? What I find bizzare is your mindless support of Issayas and his goons. Ethiopia does not have to fire a single bullet. Ethiopia does not have to set a single foot in Eritrea to destroy Eritrea. Issayas and his goons are doing it for Ethiopia. As for Badme, consider it gone! It is a FACT that Eritrea invaded Badme, at the time under Ethiopian administration. Many attempts to negotiate a peaceful solution prior to the full blown out war of 2000 was precious time squandered by Issayas. Issayas lost many opportunities to resolve the Badme issue peacefully. That is because he did not want peace. He miscalculated, thinking that Eritrea had the military superiority and he dug his heels and refused to negotiate a peaceful way out of the situation. Had he agreed to a demarcation prior to the war, Eritrea would have gotten Badme and that would have been the end of that. But no... Issaya's agenda was much more grander. It was not about Badme. It never was about Badme. He wanted war, a war he believed he could win after which he'd tople Weyane and replace it with the boot-licker OLF and restore Eritrea's lecherous and parasitic economic activities that went on from 1991 until 1998. 7 years of economic miracle, where Eritrean coffee was sold on the world market. That is Ethiopian coffee rebranded as Eritrean coffee. Many such ridiculous matters took place prior to 1998. Never in his wildest imagination did he expect his military to run like field mice from the battlefield. Ethiopia defeated Eritrea in 2000. That is a fact only the delussional will deny. But the victory came with a huge cost in material, financial and human life to Ethiopia. So why in the hell would Ethiopia give up Badme after defeating Eritrea at a great cost? How would the Ethiopian leadership explain the handing over of Badme after losing thousands of Ethiopian troops, spending billions of dollars on the war effort AND WINNING THE WAR?!? It is the price Eritrea had to pay for refusing to resolve the issue peacefully. Issayas only came to the negotating table AFTER the Ethiopian army arrived at the gates of Asmara and after the western powers put HUGE amount of pressure on the Ethiopian government to stop the military assault. Eritreans should feel lucky that the Ethiopian military did not go into Asmara, take over the whole country, arm each of the other 8 ethnic groups and trigger a civil war within Eritrea. Issayas is still crying injustice over Badme because he does not know how to explain to the Eritrean people what in the hell happened. He is conscripting the youth into forced military service because he knows damn well, sooner than later, the masses will rise and in a mob justice would skin his scanky ass and hang him for what he's done to them. That is why he keeps the youth in the trenches and let those who want to leave the country to do so. WAKE UP ASS-HAT!

  8. Hmmm.....It's jus painful to see your agony through your long diatribes. Your cry for legitimacy and recognition usually is laid bare with your inferiority-complex-laden writings.
    No need to write this long 'essay' to declare you won the war. Just convince Ethiopians why you found it necessary for you to go to court agreeing it to be FINAL AND BINDING if you had won the war.
    Common Sense dictates that Victors dictate, not negotiate! Pathetic!

  9. Shame and shame on Kitarouth . She is the failure who has failed to respect the human rights of Eritrean people by hurting them with her false testimonials. The member of commission of inquiries on Human rights on Eritrea has got all wrong all the way along!!! It all has been obvious from the onset that what the results of her unfruitful interviews would be.
    Shame on her to tell us that she interviewed :
    1. refugees, and run away. A refugee has to say, I was imprisoned, I was raped, I was incarcerated, I was beaten, I was kept in dark, in dention, no food No water, raped, abused, I was whipped, I was slapped, I was punched, I was subjected to forced work, I was discriminated by race, by religion. Of course Ethiopian youth in their thousands leading their country ( 50,000 women leaving Ethiopia monthly and legally to Arab countries to work as maids, another 500,000 people of women and men l3eaving Ethiopia for economic migration of political harassment end up in Europe via Greece, Turkey, Sudan- Libya register themselves as ERITREANS ND CLAIM THEIR CASE I DUE TO THEIR Pentecostal faith, and were raped, imprisoned, their father killed, their mother not known where they are.
    There is no single Eritrean who claims asylum on the grounds sofa persecution due to their faith. No Eritrean woman reports rape in European countries if any very rare and few.
    2. enemies of Eritrea ( Ethiopian cadres and operatives, disgruntled individuals and members of Eritrean quisling league and so called oppositions groups who are hell bend to overthrow the Eritrean government: Ms kitaruth what do you expect enemies would tell about Eritrea?
    3. Embassies and foreign journalists in Neighbouring countries Ethiopia and Djibouti who never put feet in Eritrean soil, work on heresy rumours and social media outlets,
    Did she say rape in Eritrea. Rape is a human phenomenon. There is rape every where in the world. I abhor it. Unfortunately, It is prevalent in Western world. And I would not say Eritrean society can be clean from it. But using this non existent or exaggerated crime as an agenda to blackmail, defame and attack Eritrea and the Eritrean people is unacceptable,. Insane and illegal. Not all Female asylum seekers use this issue in order to get asylum granted to them ( to have a strong case). Ethiopian asylum seekers are smarting themselves with this hysteria. There is rare rape or Pentecostalism mention as grounds for asylum applications by Eritrean nationals. These two issues are only popularly used by Ethiopians who register themselves as Eritreans and all of them are ASYLUM Seekers from Ethiopia who pretend to be Eritreans. All western countries should check their asylum application records by Amharic speaking Ethiopians and they will find it just a cut and paste applications , made one only for all.
    I will ask Ms Kitaruth to do other better job to help human rights commission to bring change to world order.
    For Eritreans the most thing we wish to our people and ourselves is peace, security, respect, independence, right to decide our destiny, economic development/ prosperity, equality among themselves. Human rights is the result of economic and social and political development. It is not achievable by writing pages of pages laws and legislations.
    As to National service, Eritreans are happy to do it as far as it is 18 month duration. They are doing it because it was enforced on them by the western countries who supported Ethiopia to invade, and occupy Eritrean territories illegally. Human rights best ingrained when people are given the right to live in peace, on their ancestors land and live the life they choose to do. Eritreans in their thousands are evicted from their land by Ethiopian army who have occupied illegally after the Hage court - Eritrean Ethiopian Border commission verdict in 2002 which clearly defined the borders of these two countries. Are you saying usoccupying Eritrean land is right and defending our country is wrong.

  10. Dear brother, you did a good job. All who still defies and try to tarnish our history and current situation back home will be destroyed by the reality on the ground. They can bark and cry as usual as much as they want, but the ERITREAN CAMEL will continue its journey safely and self confident. Resilience is in our blood. PFDJ revealed all the odds for those who are allergic of even its name PFDJ, all the enemies of ERITREA have to swallow the truth and the reality, of course all done by PFDJ. PFDJ means Eritrean People, Eritrean Defence Forces and again ERITREA. Understood traitors.
    God/Allah bless ERITREA

  11. You nailed the reality Dogali. I don’t need to add any more
    as you squarely put it right. Here is supplementary statement and
    recommendation to save the country.

    ሃዬ በሉ ለባማት ንፉዓትን ተቓለስቲ ፍትሒ ድቂ ሃገርና ይነግሩናን ይመኽሩናን አለወሞ ንስማዓዮም ዳሕራይ ከይንጠዓስ። ዝበልዕዎ ጠራሕ ዝፈልጡ በላዕቲ ሳዕሪ ኣይንኹን። ደቂ ሰባት ኢናሞ ንሕሰብ ንመራመር፡ እቶም ሕጂ ጊዜኦምን ፍልጠቶምን ስዊኦም ዝነግሩና ዘለዉ ጽባሕ ንጉሆ ምናልባት እዚ ለባምን፣ ኣርሒቑ ዝጥምትን
    ድሕነታዊ ምኽሮም አይንረኽቦን ንኸውን። ሕጂ ንጠቐመሉ ንበረያ ነበረ ከይንኸውን። ነገራት ክቕየር ጊዜ አይወስድን እዩ። ምስ ምልካዊን ሓርገጻውን ምምሕዳር ህግደፍ ውድቀት ኤሪትራ ዘይተርፍ ተርእዮ ኢዮ። እዞም ሕጂ ገነታዊ ሕልሚ ናይ ድሑር ማፍያዊ ስርዓት ህግደፍ ኣስኪሩና እንታይ ገደሰኒ ኢልና ኣብ ፈስቲቫላትን ጥፉሽ ዳንኬራን ዶረናን ህግደፍ ሓሸው ንብል ዘሎና ጽባሕ ከይንበኪ ንኤሪትራ ከነድሕና ንኽእልሉ ጊዜ ሕጂ እዩ። ሃየ ንጓየየላ ነዛ ክብርቲ ሃገርና ጸሊም ነጥቢ ከይንኸውን ኣብ ታሪኽ ዓለም።

    ለበዋ ንህዝቢ፡
    ህዝቢ በግልጺ ዝዛረበሉ ጊዜ በጺሑ እዩ። ካብ ህዝብታት ኤሪትራ ዝተዋጽኡ ወከልቲ አብ ዘለዉዎ ንኤሪትራ ነድሕን ዝዕላማኡ ሰፋሕቲ
    አኼባታት አብ ወሽጥን አብ ወጻእን ክግበር አሎዎ። እቲ ኣገዳሲ ዛዕባታት ናይቲ ሰፋሕቲ ኣኼባታትውን ብንጹር ክዝርጋሕ ኣለዎ። ንመበገሲ
    ዝኣክል እስከ ኣበዘን ዝስዕባ ዛዕባታትሓደ ሓደ ሓሳባት ወስ ነብል።

    1. ጸትታዊ መሓውራት ህግደፍ ንምድኻም እንታይ ክንገብር ይግባኣና?
    2. ነቶም ጠንቂ ሽግር ህዝቢ ኤሪትራ ዝኾኑ ምስ ኣብ ወጻኢ ዘሎው ህግደፋዊያንን ደገፍቶምን ብዝግባእ ንምልላይን ኣብ ቅደሚ ሕጊ ንምቕራብን እንታይ ስጉምቲ ክንወስድ ኣሎና? እንታይ ዓይነት ኩለ መዳያዊ መስርሕ የድልየና?
    3. ድሕሪ ናይ ቀረባ ውድቀት ስርዓት ህግደፍ (ተጀሚሩ ኣሎ) እንታይ ዓይነት መሰጋገሪ መንግስቲ ከድልየና እዩ። ስጋብ ክንደይ ጊዜ? ብኸመይ…ወዘተ፧
    4. ሃገራዊ ድሕንነትና ብዝበለጸ ንምዕቃብ እንታይ ስልትታትን ፖለሲታትን ክነሕንጽጽን ከነተግብርን ይግባኣና?
    5. ህግደፍ ንዝገደፎ ግዕዘታትን ከበድቲ ማሕበረ-ቁጠባዊ ጸገማትን ዕንወታትን ብህጹጽ ንምሕዋይን ቑልጡፍን ኩሉ ኣሳታፊን ኩለ መዳያዊን ዝኾነ ማሕበረ-ቁጠባዊ ምዕባለ ንምዝጋብን ንምህናጽን እንታይ ክነገብር አሎና? እንታይ ስልትታትን ብልሓታትን ክንእምት አሎና….ወዘተ?
    6. ብዛዕባ ሓድንታዊ መስርሕ ህዝብና ንምደንፋዕ እንታይ ክንገብር አሎና?
    7. ዲሞክራሲያዊን ዘመናዊን ሓያልን ቀዋሚ መንግስቲ ንምጥያስከ እንታይ ንግበር….?
    8. ከምኡውን ካሎኦት ክዝርዘሩ ዝግበኦም ነገራትከ?

  12. dogoli why are you visiting every Eritrean website and make comments. No one invited you here. You are like a poor hungry dog entering every room and throw your filthy mouth. Why do not stay away from us. You see how problematic you are the same as how trouble maker your country is for the whole Horn Africa neighbourhood. This is the best evidence how intruders, uninvited unwanted people you are. We are discussing issues that are affecting THE WHOLE Region because of woyane.n Alshebab, Somalia, sous Sudan , Kenya all are invaded by Ethiopia. So ship the hell and go home.
    This web site is for Eritrean politics and if you do not want your woyane Ethiopia not to be mentioned here go back and leave Eritrean Territory. An occupier, an Aggressor does not have any point to make. Ethiopia is not making a noise, because it does not have sores, or reason to do so. You like or not Ethiopia is occupier of Eritrean legitimate Territory. All the world knows where Badme is. It is rightly in Eritrean territory. You do not have any legal or moral high ground to say a word on world forums but you can sneak your self in to say something rubbish. Why you waste your time here?

  13. None of your business. Do not pretend to be clever you are woyane. Never to be trusted, never to be befriended. Tigray lib tiwtiway. Go to hell

  14. alwayes those black ppl want serves white for money not for truth. Holy God bless dear pr. isayas Afeworki and ppl of Eritrea forever.

  15. Ms. Sheila Keetharuth SHAME ON YOU. Very soon we will hear that she will be fired like her colleagues Matthew Bryden and Dinesh Mahtani from monitoring group for distorting and twisting information about ERITREA. The ERITREAN stick of truth never broken down; this time is Sheila Keetharuth and her other two delusional colleagues turn to be fired. UNQUALIFIED. FAILED (F)

  16. This hater always uses phrases like dear and friend, while in his heart of hearts (if he has one), he'd love to slash our throats at the first opportunity.

  17. Brother Dawit, she can't feel shame cos she got no soul. She sold it to the devil a long time ago.

  18. I don't mind him visiting, but his obsession with rectum and excrement, tells us all in what state they are; including of course ras kassa.

  19. I saw the Aljazeera encounter.

    My verdict: Filmon and Rahel were trying to defend the indefensible. Their defence of the criminal regime was not sophisticated, they were just following orders from the PFDJ- denial, denial, denial ... until the cows come home.

    Sheila and Saleh Qadi also did not put their case across very well.

    Question to the mental retards Filmon and Rahel:
    1) Do the Eritrean refugees have citizenship rights in Eritrea? Can they change the present government if they want to?

    2) Is the Eritrean regime accountable to anyone? Where does it get its mandate to rule from?

    Remember, governments come and go but the people will always be there. The country belongs to the people.

  20. Only because you call it criminal doesn't make it so. Talk about the real crime, if you indeed are eritrean, the occupation of our land. Your verdict is, frankly, childish. I advice you to go back to school.

  21. Tewelde are you agame. You must be Ethiopian agent to write a whole book with no mentioning the real truth:

    1. Ethiopian govt illegally occupied Eritrean land and the UN, US, EU, AU failed to enforce their own guarantee to implement international court decisions. This leads Eritrea 1/16 of Ethiopian size with no paid military to force its citizens to milltary to defend young homeland that secured its independence after 30 yrs brutal war after the UN yet agin failed them if 50's and 60's.

    2. The UN on top of its reactant silences not enforcing Ethiopia from its illegal occupation from Eritrean territory, sanctioned Eritrea using Ethiopian allegations, till this day the UN can not provide concrete evidence. Ethiopia, the main US ally in the horn of Africa , used the loophole to get money from peace keeping BS and sanction its main foe Eritrea.

  22. agame dont forget those to mention those two truth:

    1. Ethiopian govt illegally occupied Eritrean land and the UN, US, EU, AU failed to enforce their own guarantee to implement international court decisions. This leads Eritrea 1/16 of Ethiopian size with no paid military to force its citizens to milltary to defend young homeland that secured its independence after 30 yrs brutal war after the UN yet agin failed them if 50's and 60's.

    2. The UN on top of its reactant silences not enforcing Ethiopia from its illegal occupation from Eritrean territory, sanctioned Eritrea using Ethiopian allegations, till this day the UN can not provide concrete evidence. Ethiopia, the main US ally in the horn of Africa , used the loophole to get money from peace keeping BS and sanction its main foe Eritrea.

  23. dear Agame ( ethiopian govt Cadre) :

    1. isnt it true, the Ethiopia govt denied to grave of the victims of brutal iss in lybia to avoid bad publicity?
    2. isnt it true all the Ethiopia refugee claim to be Eritreans to grant asylum in Europe while the Ethiopian govt hides its internal human right abuse to get Aid ?

  24. Tired of those agame ( Ethiopian govt cadres) . Agame please tell your twisted story to your agame son. Till then please entertain with this truth form American journalist Ms Bruton:

    Eritrean problem, Eritrean solution. Please worry about Ethiopian human right abuse, the 97% disfranchised minorities, time ticking loans…….. your 99 problems.

  25. Tired of those agame ( Ethiopian govt cadres) . Agame please tell your twisted story to your agame son. Till then please entertain with this truth form American journalist Ms Bruton:

    Eritrean problem, Eritrean solution. Please worry about Ethiopian human right abuse, the 97% disfranchised minorities, time ticking loans…….. your 99 Agame problems.

  26. Tired of those agame ( Ethiopian govt cadres) . . Eritrea cant invade Badme while Badme is Eritrea. You see folks. Those ppl are crazy. Agame, please tell your twisted story to your agame son. I think too much begging doesnt do no good to agames ( ethiopian govt) .Please entertain with this truth form American journalist Ms Bruton:

    Eritrean problem, Eritrean solution. Please worry about Ethiopian human right abuse, the 97% disfranchised minorities, time ticking loans…….. your 99 problems.

  27. Selam Tewelde:
    Even though your analysis is based on Specualtions and Circumstantial Evidence,for the most part ,I agree with your analysis but have a problem with the following:
    1)Please clarify the issue of Adi Murug Unilateral Invasion by the Weyanes
    2)Please Comment on and clarify the issue of a Unilateral Abay Tigray Map created and made public by the Weyanes in 1997,which included a chunk of Sovereign Eri Land.
    3)Please clarify on the provocative roles of the Weyane and its Militia before 1998 besides the Adi Murug Incident,and the time when our innocent people were harrassed,tortured and abused by the same Junta besides the murder of innocent Eri Officiers cold-bloodedly by the Weyane Junta in May 1998,which forced the EDF to take a swift action....even though the EDFshould have thought twice before it took the action,theoretically...eventhough it still had a legitimate right to take an action from practical point of view. and the EDF the right thing but should have backed off after the mission was accomplished to avoid the International Law impact.and implication.
    4)The Weyane's unwillingness to accept the Peace Brokerage since 1999 after Eritrea,or PIA accepted it fully.This is NOT to mention the negative role of the CIA/State department and its amateur, inefficient and biased diplomats.
    5)Based on the facts above,please clarify as to why PIA remained restrained and reserved during the pre-1998 war,eventhough he made a Mortal Sin/Mistake for not disclosing the incidents to the Cabinet and the Parliament so as to take a timely remedy.
    Moreover,think the other way as well,when PIA was or could have been a victim of conspiracies at that particular time and consider the role of the CIA/Mossad,and their Military Intelligence.
    But,here is the most importanat thing that needs a clarification and one of few issues that forced me to agree with you partially
    What bothered me the most was, as to why the EDF was ordered to retreat as far as Senafe and Aseb and was even asked to pack up and to leave Aseb.
    Some said that he was forced from the above to do so--the Powerful ones gave him only two choices:
    Either to leave Aseb or get killed.
    Remember that the role of the CIA and Mossad was not and is NOT a speculation but a FACT confirmed,though classified.
    My take is that :
    Yes, PIA made mortal mistakes but he was not alone and is not the only one to blame but the whole Eri Public and the Cabinet,the Parliament included for not questioning his moves and his mistakes.
    The international Community and the Western Intelligence Camp,the Mossad and M16 included,have contributed to the mess,until this minute.
    There fore ,since the problem/the disease have multiple etiologies,the remedy should have multiple approaches.The etiology of the disease is poly-microbial--including Viruses,Fungi and Bacteria.
    As to the COI:
    Despite its fallacy,errors,fabrications,bias and massive errors like its predecessor-the SEMG Report,,it does have lots of truth,specially when it comes to the :
    -Mysterious Deaths and disappearances
    -Incommunicado Jailing of Eris from all walks of life
    -Corruptuion of Power and Ethics; and mismanagement of all sectors of the Ministries,the National Service,not to mention the abuse of our resources,including the Human Resources,mainly the Youth.
    I.e.,Lack of Constitutional Governance...but ..I care less about fake African Style Elections.
    The Eritteans should debate on this simple issue rather than living in a perpetual denial.
    I like the idea of Professor Tesfa Ghebremedhin!
    Yes to a Genuine National Reconciliation!
    Yes to Constitutional Governance!
    Let Hidri Swu'atna Yetegber Now!
    Zele'alemawi Zikhri Ni Swu'atna!
    Eritrea and Eritreans will prevail!

  28. Is there Agame in Eritrea?

  29. Joel:
    You are a typical liability to Eritrea. As a Bloviating Ignoramus and carnival backer, you don't know the suffering of the Eritrean people. Learn, Learn and Learn, said Lenin. He is right. That is the avenue leading to salvation from mental slavery and poverty of knowledge, wisdom, realism and prudence.

  30. Agame ( Ethiopian Govt Cadre), Why don't you talk about your 97% of your oppressed majority of Ethiopian ppl. Why don't you stand for those Ethiopians victims of brutal iss in Lybia that the Ethiopian govt stopped them to grave in country because of Bad publicity. So agame we know our problem, we know Ethiopia govt campaign to bad publicize Eritrea, we know the main elephant in the room for this crisis are the UN and Ethiopia, ....... So agame pls tell your twisted BS to your own Agame son. Eritrean problem, Eritrean solution.

  31. No, there is no Agame in Eritrea, Agame.

  32. I'm not sure where you see agony on my part from my posting. My long diatrabs as you call them are only to educate or at the very least drill some reality into your skull. Here's more for you....Ethiopia was forced to stop the war and go to the negotiating table because one country cannot completely take over another country and get away with it. In 2000 Ethiopia was a very poor country not like today, where poverty has been reduced by 35% and the country is slated to become a middle-income country within 10 years. Even so, no matter how rich you are or how military powerful you are, the world would slap economic and military sactions on you. Look at Russia, after taking over the Crimea (which rightfully IS Russian territory..) the Western powers imposed economic sactions agains Russia that has seen the Russian economy, an economy that produces 10 million barrels of oil a day and a thousand times richer than Ethiopia, spiraling down at an alarming rate. That is what Ethiopia was faced with, had she not stopped the war. It was not Eritrean military might nor political enginuity that stopped Ethiopia. It was the militarily and economically powerful Western nations. They imposed a negotiated settlement at the end of which, the agressor, Eritrea was awarded Badme. Now, Ethiopia will not give up terrory she has clearly won in the battlefield in a war that was forced upon her. The western powers and the world for that matter understand that. That is why no one is doing anything to force Ethiopia out of Badme. Also, Badme is really a symbolic piece of territory. It is nothing but a rocky, econimically worthless piece of land. Ethiopia has willingly withdrawn from very rich farmlands deep insde Sudan that Ethiopian farmers were farming illegally. A highly economically valuable land was handed over to Sudan at the negotiating table in a civilized manner and the Ethiopian farmers were allowed to continue to farm the land. See, that's how civilized governments handle conflicts with neighbors for the sake of peace and stability. Issayas has bitten each and everyone of his neighbors like a rabid dog. Losing territory each time he did. These are the facts. You can deny them all you want or come to your senses, roll them up in your colonial pasta and swallow them. You can insult me all you want if it helps you sleep better. But the facts are the facts. It is also very comical, to see people jump on me when they don't like what I post and call me outsider, "Agame" and other names. Which goes to show you that your mentality is either you conform to Issayas' commands, have no brain of your own or you are labeled as a traitor, outsider, "Agame" or whatever they can pull out of their limited vocabulary.

  33. Agame ( Ethiopian Govt Cadre), I in your best dreams agame. Why don't you talk about your 97% of your oppressed majority of Ethiopian ppl. Why don't you stand for those Ethiopians victims of brutal iss in Lybia that the Ethiopian govt stopped them to grave in country because of Bad publicity. So agame we know our problem, we know Ethiopia govt campaign to bad publicize Eritrea, we know the main elephant in the room for this crisis are the UN and Ethiopia, ....... So agame pls tell your twisted BS to your own Agame son. Eritrean problem, Eritrean solution.

  34. Let see your points Agame( Ethiopia govt cadre):

    1." Why can you not see that Eritrea, sooner than later will disintegrate " Very funny thats why you here. In your best dreams. Guarantee Oromia Ormia independence before all that.

    2."It is a FACT that Eritrea invaded Badme" = The sky is green. Fact Badme is Eritrea.
    3. "Many attempts to negotiate a peaceful solution prior to the full blown out war of 2000 Ethiopia". Fact, Many excuses Ethiopia made not to enforce the border decisions by the international court gareented by the un, us, eu, au…

    3."He miscalculated, thinking that Eritrea had the military superiority" . Fact, he miscalculated the UN would not be unjust again

    4."He wanted war" = agames propaganda. Fact,Just independence from brutal war. ( In no means defending dictator but defending Eritrea )

    5. "Ethiopia defeated Eritrea in 2000" = USpia defeat Eritrea Correct.

    Please Worry about your 87% disfranchised majority, your human right abuse, your aid addicted country, your time ticking loans…….. God help you with that so does us. Eritrean problems, Eritrean solutions.


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