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Is the Special Rapporteurs report on Eritrea politically motivated?

UN Special Rapporteurs Sheila B. Keetharuth's controversial reports on Eritrea are increasingly seen as politically motivated and unprofessional.

By: Simon Hagos @Tewerwari_1

Recently special rapporteurs presented a report in accordance with the Human Rights Council resolution 32/24, which extended the mandate of the Special Rapporteur of the situation of the human rights in Eritrea for one year, and requested that the special rapporteur to follow up on the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea in its report (A/HRC/32/47) presented to the Human Rights Council in June 2016. After the report came out, every Eritrean had a chance to recapitulate the report. And one questions that repeatedly came up was; Does the mandate holder has political motives?

The report on the resolution of 32/47 presented to the UN security council by the special rapporteur does not require an intelligent person or a legal expert to recognize that it was filled with dishonesty, corrupt in its sole, and fraudulent at its best. It was deliberately designed to deceive the international community and the human rights council. Filled with false assertions and unfounded accusations, the special rapporteur will find it strenuous to persuade the international community on this matter. The evidence provided in the report was also emanated from false claims and allegations that cannot be confirmed independently. But one cannot argue it did not manifest an agenda that was vehemently pursued by the special rapporteur and her organization for the past 3 years. It is a fact that Mrs. Sheila and her organization still holds an intention of misinforming the international community and deep commitment to a regime change agenda.

Eritreans all over the world are calling the human rights council not to consider the report presented by the special rapporteur because it has political motivates. As it is clearly stated on page 3 of the report, the special rapporteur undertook consultations from Ethiopian government on September 2016. On the activities section of the report, the special rapporteur elaborated, the report contains information collected from different government and non-government organizations, including the TPLF regime. The consultation and information collected from TPLF regime particularly designed to entice her argument and expected by the mandate holder to reveal allegations that the government of Eritrea engaged in systematic and coordinated crimes against humanity. But acquiring consultations from TPLF regime, who is known for making bogus claims and politically motivated accusations against the government and people of Eritrea makes the mandate holders report highly politicized. Acquiring a consultation from a regime that is known to inflict a great deal of mortification to the people of Ethiopia by killing close to 15000 innocent young Ethiopians just because they exercised their democratic rights is also nothing but an evidence that Mrs. Sheila and her organization are imprudent.

So, considering the special rapporteurs close contact with the government of Ethiopia, who consistently showed to the international community that it would do anything to demonize Eritrea, the report became incommoding and seriously troubling from the human rights council to consider. It is also widely reported and documented that the government in Addis Ababa is notorious for committing crime against humanity. Thus, close association with this junta regime solidifies the argument that the report was neither for the issue of human rights nor for benefit of the Eritrean people, but rather for inflicting a political and diplomatic wound to the government of Eritrea. Here are some of the many evidences on a wide spread crime against humanity perpetuated by the TPLF regime against the people of Ethiopia but never bothered to mandate the holder to establish close contact with. "The Ethiopian military has committed widespread murder, rape and torture against the Anuak population in the remote southwestern region of Gambella since December 2003, Human Rights Watch said in a 64-page report released today entitled “Targeting the Anuak: Human Rights Violations and Crimes against Humanity in Ethiopia’s Gambella Region.” Human Rights Watch said that the abuses detailed in the report could amount to crimes against humanity." "Ethiopian authorities have banned three civic organisations, accusing the NGOs of engaging in activities that break 2009's Charities and Societies Proclamation law. The Ethiopian government alleged that the three NGOs were banned as a result of conducting "illegal religious activities" contrary to the law." "Brutal and often fatal crackdowns by the Ethiopian Government’s special squads against the peaceful protests by Oromo nationals have been going on since November 2015, and have been reported on by several human rights organizations such as AI, HRW, and some western government agencies like the US Department of State, the EU Parliament and UN Human Rights Experts."

Crimes and genocide that is systematically and deliberately perpetuated by the government of Ethiopia is beyond imagination. And for the special rapporteur to seek consultations and consider Addis Ababa as an ally, undermines the council and its credibility in the eyes of the public. The report also consisted information and evidences collected from SEMG, Jehovah witness's press release, state department etc. But one common denominator that can be found on those reports and publications is, they are known to publish reports that are designed to demonizes Eritrea and undermines its sovereignty.

In conclusion, every section of the report was filled with hearsays and tittle-tattle. It would not take a second for the imbecilic person to conclude the report was politically motivated and designed to undermine the state of Eritrea in its efforts in cooperating with the international community on the issue of human rights. One would find it unimaginably perplexing and hard to believe Mrs. Sheila and her organization has every intention for the goodwill of the Eritrean people.

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