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Vision Net: An epitome of effective cyber based community organization

Vision Net: An epitome of effective cyber based community organization

By Simon Hagos

A little known cyber organization by the name of EPLF HGDEF VISION NET, is doing tremendous work of coordinating, and organizing young Eritreans in diaspora engaging positively through community work with Eritreans inside the country. Mainly operate in a cyber world, over the last year, Vision Net did prodigious body of works by coordinating Eritrean youth throughout the world, in enhancing their consciousness, helping people in need and creating an environment convenient for community discussion.

Since August 2017, Vision Net, invited many community leaders dedicated in empowering Eritrean youth, and raise their awareness. These community leaders spend ample amount of time stressing the need for Eritrean youth in diaspora to be more proactive with their social work. It also facilitated and coordinated members in creating a committee comprised of elders, young community leaders, and women in diaspora, to formulate concrete objectives and work to meet them accordingly.

Because of the above awe-inspiring body of work, the Vision Net achieved stupendous objectives in a brief period of time. Some of its recent accomplishments follows as such:

For Eritreans June 20 has special place in their heart, and it is celebrated as Martyrs Day. To remember those who had fallen heroically, June 20 has been declared a national holiday. Even though it started late, to commemorate this special day, the Vision Net organized its core members both on Facebook, and Paltalk, to collect money and facilitated in transferring the money to the Eritrean Martyrs Foundation. By the end of September 2017, it had announced of accumulating 4300 US dollars.

As a continuation of this generous and effective community organizational work, the Vision Net took a colossal project of organizing its members, and others outside of its core foundation to collect money for sister Askalu Gebremichael, who is a former fighter living in Mai Habar, Eritrea. In less than two months, by the end of December, Vision Net, collected more than 11,000 US dollars. The money was directly forwarded to sister Askalu and her family through collaboration with responsible government institutions.

The third and most challenging project the organization undertook was organizing its members in collecting money to help brother Salih Ahmedin and his wife sister Jemia Ahmedin. As reported through Eritrean Media Organization (ERI TV), the Salih family had asked all Eritreans in diaspora of helping the family, which was in dire need of managing their four kids’ sickness. By the end of March 31, 2018, this organization managed to collect 17,000 US dollars. This money is already forwarded to the Salih family as of March 31, 2018.

Why the need of entrusting this little known cyber organization?

In a time, where all Eritrean inside, and outside the country are being asked to be more proactive and show their true feelings of nationalism through hard work and dedication, enhancing and empowering little organization like this is pertinent. Even though, our community organizations in diaspora are our jewelers, and the reason why we Eritreans are as close as ever to our government, the people, and country, cyber based community organizations like the Vision Net shall be commended and assisted in making sure of their elevation to greatness.

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