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Eritrea: The Apple of Our Eye

Eritrea: The Apple of Our Eye

By Bereket Kidane

Eritrea, for which many parents sacrificed their precious kids whom they consider the apple of their eye or the pupil of their eye (bilen aynom) has in turn become the apple of our eye.  Part of the reason Eritreans respect President Isaias Afewerki so much is he puts his kids on the bus and waves goodbye to them as they depart for Sawa with all the new soldiers.  I am sure like any parent he considers his kids to be the apple of his eye but he is willing to offer them as a potential sacrifice for the country.

Martyrs Day is the commemoration of those precious kids who lost their lives and limbs at a young age so Eritrea can exist.  It’s a day of commemoration that encompasses the whole nation.  There is no way to understand Eritrea without understanding this.

Without the resilient mothers who have lost multiple kids but only show pride and strength throughout the year, without the heroic tegadeltis who made the mountains and trenches of Nakfa their home, without the brave Warsays who defended the country against a determined enemy that went for broke, there would be no sovereign State of Eritrea today.  It is that stark, and that simple.

Eritrea has lost some 90,000 combatants – often the very best – during the armed struggle for independence or in defense of its sovereignty, 19,000 of them since Eritrea became independent in 1991.  The lives of those fallen heroes were cut short at a young age for many of them, but they have left behind parents, spouses and children.  They have also left behind their comrades-in-arms, who do not forget!  We have heard some amazing stories of heroism and selflessness about those comrades, who remain forever devoted to the families of those fellow tegadeltis and warsays whom they have lost.

This Saturday, June 20, Eritreans around the world will remember those fallen heroes and express an important solidarity with the State of Eritrea, the pupil of our eye.  Let us all remember the covenant we have made with the families of those fallen heroes.

Zelealemawi Zikhri n Sematatna!
Awet n Hafash!
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  1. Eritrea is not of balkanized entity propped up by foreign interests and barley holding together but a nation born our of the dreams of courageous ad proud people. Those who want to trample out rights like they did in 1952, will have to first get ride of all of us.

    Long Live Eritrea and her gallant people

  2. Proud to be EritreanJune 17, 2015 at 8:55 PM

    Enjoy the Video!

  3. Thank you for the beautiful share and the great voice of our sister

  4. Our martyrs are those who, even in death, are holding the country together because they´re the only ones the majority of Eritreans (except the despicable traitors) highly respect and adore.

  5. Fly with Ethiopian Airline, the proud of Africa

  6. Please mr. Web. Delete this airline. It doesn't belong here.

  7. A great honor to the Eritrean Heroes who gave their indispensable life for the dignity and freedom to the Eritrean people.
    However, after all this colossal sacrifices, it is very sad to find Eritrea in this somber and dire situation thank to the inept governance at any yardstick.

  8. Madote, if you respect your eritreans readers, you must delete the above post. Totally irrelevant and provocative.

  9. You ass. Go and overthrow it then. Fuck faced pussy!

  10. Oh!!!! why do you angry Mr. John and Not here, simply am trying to create people to people relation for our nighbouring countries. It is not politics just to show you one of the best airline in Africa.
    The other thing don't hate generally Ethiopians. By the way I appricate the admin of Madote to broadcast the whole readers opinion.
    Good day

  11. You are occupying our sovereign land and trying to destroy our country thru sanctions and u bring ur airline here and try to lecture us people to people. What do u think we are fools? Get lost Agame.


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