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TPLF Declared No War No Peace Policy on Itself.

TPLF Declared No War No Peace Policy on Itself.

By Abel Kebedom

The 1998-2000 border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea inflicted heavy human and material loss on the two countries. Many writers have already described the war as nonsense and unnecessary. The reason behind such characterization is because border issues in Africa are often resolved through legal mechanisms. The Cameron-Nigeria and the Eritrea-Yemen legal border resolutions are a good example. After the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea ended, the two countries followed such a premise and signed the Alger’s agreement. The main theme of the Algiers agreement was to resolve the border conflict through the Eritrea Ethiopia border commission (EEBC) and agreed on the verdict of the court to be final and binding.

Once the verdict was given, the then Ethiopian Foreign Minister and member of the TPLF clique, Seyoum Mesfin, did not waste time to declare victory and asking the international community to put pressure on Eritrea to accept the ruling. However, when he learned that what he told the Ethiopian people was a lie, he turned 360 degrees and started to criticize the decision. In here it is important to raise one very important question. What was the agenda of Seyoum Mesfin and his TPLF clique when they signed the Alger’s agreement? Was it to resolve the border issue peacefully? The answer is no. It was because they could not sustain the war against Eritrea and saw the agreement as a way out and possibly to buy time to prepare for another war. That is why using all Ethiopian resources and diplomatic network, they decided to work hard to cripple Eritrea politically, socially and economically. As an extension of their gullible ambition, they even complained about the travel of a German Orchestra to Eritrea to participate in the Independence celebration. When they felt their rule in Ethiopia was threatened by internal powers, they intermittently attacked Eritrea. Coupled with Eritrea’s historical external enemies, they worked hard to sanction Eritrea, hoping that the military hardware of the country would depreciate through time with no possibility to replace it. In fact, the late prime minister of Ethiopia, Melese Zenawi, in his speech after the sanction was imposed, clearly stated that the Eritrean airplanes, tanks, and heavy artillery would be out of use soon because no country would dare to sell a replacement to Eritrea. The final game was to create a situation where TPLF would control Eritrea with a minimum cost and install a puppet government.

Although TPLF’s No war and No peace policy continued for 20 years, Eritrea not only resisted but also redoubled its effort to shorten the life of the TPLF minority rule in Ethiopia. Finally, TPLF was removed from power in 2018. The same year the new Ethiopian prime minister, Abiey Ahmed, declared his acceptance of the EEBC border verdict with no precondition, and for that reason, he was awarded a noble prize in December 2019. However, such an overture of peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea was not acceptable to TPLF. For TPLF the border issue is a card to play games, mainly a game that facilitates its declaration of Tigray independence. Although border issues are the responsibility of the Federal government, TPLF wants to directly negotiate with Eritrea. As a result, TPLF has declared a No War No peace policy on itself. From now on wards, it is highly unlikely that there will be a peaceful solution to the border problem between Ethiopia and Eritrea nor there will be a relation between Tigray and Eritrea if TPLF is in power in Tigray.

What is almost certain is through time TPLF will die and get buried in Tigray. The recent military show of force is simply a sign of desperation. What is TPLF going to do with a ragtag militia? Any prevacation against Eritrea or the Federal government will be a suicide because it will be dealt significantly. So, the only thing such ragtag army could do is, simply to guard Getachew Assefa and his cronies in Mekelle. As to Eritrea, there is no need to hurry to take any action on TPLF because through time TPLF will explode itself. When it comes to TPLF it is its worst enemy. It will not be long.


The recent peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea is a rare opportunity that could lead to a peaceful and sisterly relationship between the two countries. That is why Eritrea needs to continue to support it. TPLF might try to obstruct it, but it will not be successful. TPLF’s time has expired and it cannot resuscitate and take power in Ethiopia. Although the long term suffering of the people of Tigray will be unfortunate and unnecessary, it is better to leave TPLF’s fate to the judgment of time.

Awet Ne Hafash and Eternal Glory to Our Martyrs.

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