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Eritrea: Ardency of secured esteem

 Eritrean youth are taking over the mining sector. Photo: Newly graduated miners.

Ardency of secured esteem

By Haben Tekle

The North Eastern region of the African continent is considered to be chaotic with the continuous eruption of conflict, hunger and famine. It experienced 10 years of relative volcanic political instability waiting to explode suddenly. Misconceived interest of super powers marked regional leaders to engage in the ongoing disputes, in the tribal and popular uprising with the Western neighbor Sudan, corrupted government with ethnically triggered violence to the Southern neighbor Ethiopia, a battleground of big for hegemonic presence to Eastern neighbor Djibouti, the deteriorated peace process in South Sudan, the war-torn nation State Somalia with strengthening armaments of terrorist Al Shebab, a State of armed combat; Yemen and so on are the key factors responsible for worsening the security of the horn region. To many analysts these mentioned defects triggers them to reveal their dismay that this the horn region would undergoes the intense suffering caused in the coming Second Cold War.

In contrast what has been mentioned in the above “didn’t” exist in the eyesight of a small country Eritrea, owning legions of resources supplied by nature. The calm climate, pleasant and humble people, unvarnished water bodies of the Red Sea and coastal areas, a respected pluralist culture of 9 ethnic groups, prepossessing series of hills and surroundings, tourist attractive old sites, sunken islands, on the whole all resources of this state as it is referred briefly in the primeval Holy Bible as consecrated. Where ever you browse Eritrea in the news, would find a blackly branded image. Regardless Unpleasant story broadcasted in western Medias, the Eritrean unique incredible progress in every campaigning sectors embrace the rumbustious statuesque.

Eritrean youths aim for genius to inspire others by their industrious efforts. A milestone event in the ongoing series of processes in the state building program is a go ahead watershed of dreaming fibrous vision. Some may think that there’s no possibility for aiming all your efforts will be successful. Eritreans don’t care on canvassing themes of the ill- fated western thoughts with the demolitionist ambitious plan. Yet there is considerable evidence in Eritrean history to indicate the fabricated notion of US policies crushed away with secured esteem of matured political culture. Government’s austere involvement in providing all basic fundamental necessities summed up by the industrious performance bring about a fruitful outcome.

The greatest mystery of Eritrea’s success is the investment empowered by its own human resource capacity. Today’s generation fight vigorously with enough endeavor to attain for what our patriotic forefathers manifest. Deserve great Honor! They never slept to refine the state befallen with the blood and flesh of our Martyrs. Nonetheless the elusive burden of this world, Eritrean youths work steadily for the betterment of the coming generation. The people of Eritrea reached the mastery stage of political life slipping away the agony nature of this world. The organizational structures and political programs of the Peoples front for Democracy and Justice Party embarks for genuineness of adjusted pace. It is drawn back to grasp the attention of the coming generations with a devoured desire of succeeding in each sectorial development programs. The economic progresses break the stranded chains of blames in defiance of the outlawed blemishes banging on. Each mile stone efforts in reforming our history meant to give a big knock for the fabricated accusations. One of the secured esteem bedding in Eritrean struggle for liberation is an award of bravery. Each generation in Eritrean history neglecting the difference in time reference christened as “HERO” on the basis of merit, when they reached the age of 18. When reaching that rumbustious age, all Eritrean youths even those of diaspora went to Sawa, acclaiming to carry out their duty by swearing on the name of Martyrs. What a blessing could have rather than being “hero”! Without doubt they forged ahead to grasp the nettle of their ambition.

Youths are the driving forces of any states macroeconomic development. The strong organization of youngsters bolsters the picture of Eritrea all over the world. Have you ever heard a government who steadfast against the hostile decisions of the United States? A government that stands ruggedly resisting the utterly unjustified sanctions imposed? But the Eritrean government does!

All the unjustified policies adopted by the Washington administration designed for our demise, cleared awayt with Eritrean vigorous efforts. Economy of the big state US is secured on the continual extractions of weaker states natural resource. The fluctuating prices in the economic apparatus of that state might be stimulated with the prominent functioning of China’s investment across the world. America’s arrogant claims on nationalizing small states asset ensued a wide spread poverty and inequality all over the world. The high prevalence of weak economic performance of developing countries, led to the foundation of ultra-sectarian societies which are not capable of conforming with the rule of law. Michael Klare outlined clearly in his book “Blood and Oil, the disastrous implication of US foreign policy equitable economic growth is guaranteed when all the blueprints of programs blended with the proper administration of all resources owned by the state. This equation enables small states to perform well, correlating their economic achievements, despite the antithetical paradox decisive reply of superpowers. Hence, the United Nation Security Council driven by the hidden agenda of the U.S. retains its unjustified sanctions aiming to dismantle the economic wellbeing of Member States even Eritrea. One may ask why Eritrea?

The answer in my opinion and based on these facts are clear;

“….. A mental suffering ramped up by a mistaken perception to conciliate a misconception in understanding the reason for Eritrean existence as a state.”

With an authenticated proof, 2017 would be a year of metamorphisms with a solid skirmish in clearing the ill-concealed defects set on the Eritrean image. Nonetheless, the people and government of Eritrea continue to lay the ground work while humbly sharing their experience and progress.The three days tour conducted by members of the Ministry Foreign Affairs of Eritrea aiming to visit the massive agricultural activities in the Region of Gash Barka, afford clear signals with anticipation delivering a qualitative news awaited to broadcast. As some media outlets point out, this has meant that the western bias of mainstream thought is ironically sometimes dangerous to Eritrea’s image. This begs the reason behind the unwillingness of international mass media on descrying the 24 hours electricity supply in Eritrea’s“Mesob” or “Food reservoir” Region Gash Barka, the immense Dam of “Kerkebet” and “Gerset” constructed in a grains of sand fields with Eritrea’s man power, the rich seams of potash and gold resources at Fanco, all in all the macro-economic agricultural achievement of Eritrea. There are several reasons such as;

1. How could they know?

2. What if they are lagged behind in reaching updated information? might be raised which adhere for their claims. What is the reason for The 24 hour constantly alert and vigilant satellites revolving on the sky o Eritrea? The trip arranged by the members of Central Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affair on seeking to know the manifestation of developmental programs in the Gash Barka Region, admits the fundamental transparent political theory of PFDJ.

There is not any distinguishing among senior leaders and ordinary ones. The senior official modestly distinguishes them from other states officials. Such dignified demeanor marked to be uncommon to find somewhere around the world. The maintained political culture fostered in the 30 years of struggle for independence must be taught as a national heritage. To narrow the gap among the haves and have not’s the government of Eritrea sways competently on service delivering institutions such as banks, power stations, public service delivers, transportation services and companies. Inept supervision of these institutions factorize for the economic crises of western states. The governments efficient management of natural resources embark up on the technological innovations in addition to our consistent political culture, provoke for industrial development in Eritrea. The power station built at the sub-zone Kerkebet contribute to the furtherance of developmental activities. The reason a steady economy of small states was never progressed was that the back pressure of the exported demand of energy. So that is a typical model for those states which disregard the notion of self-reliance. The earnest news of that regions agricultural activity quenched everyone’s thirst. a look that suggested they were sure of who they were, utterly satisfied was shown by “Heroes of Desert”, certain look of contentment on their face. They don’t sleep day and night in order to pay back the moral obligation of Martyr’s. What has been achieved so far guaranteed with a pinch of their immense efforts. The all ever green fertile land; has a clear implication, that it’s a Good farewell of the exported agricultural products.

Another example is Sawa. Eritrea depends on the treasury of secured political culture Sawa for its survival. Dinner turned out to be long elaborate event, delineating the contribution made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Osman Saleh in launching the scholastic 12th grade academy in Sawa, in his ministerial period as Minister of Education. The first day impression gives a brief insight in what has been done so far in 2016 and planning prudently for the future. The next morning; all the passengers seem bright and cheerful on in August sun’s seemingly hot voyage to Haykota. The sky luminous with the rays of the sun hits the windows of the bus whereby heat radiates from the metal box inside the bus. The wet muddy road shines comforting the wheels to run smoothly. The breakfast was amazing custard like food made from curdled milk. The inhabitants were in their daily routine of life. Most of them are farmers, nomads and involved in commercial activities by opening kiosks. Shepherds standing alongside the road seemingly knowing at our arrival greet us with great enthusiasm. Their gesture was a great lesson in the importance of giving sincerely and from the heart. At the subway there is a statue of the heroic fighter riding the horse.

A speech given by one of the members of the central council of National Union of Eritrean Women sparkled in my mind; “We {Eritrean diaspora’s} never forget nagging embassies where they reside by sending messages opposing the sanctions imposed towards us.” The daily task of those working at the Ministry requires a high level understanding of current affairs. Sanction is kept under careful scrutiny as part and parcel of the Ministry’s daily working duties; however, for those youth we met on our voyage they were committed to ensuring Eritrea is treated justly, part of their activism was writing letters, petitions, phone banking etc. This is in accordance that we are in the home land of our patriotic father Hammed Idris Awate. The launcher of the torch aimed for self-determination. That’s why they don’t give much emphasis on the doomed sanctions.

Gedem Construction Company situated and several factories including cement were in their daily routine activities. It assures that the need of materials in building homes for the near future will be satisfied with the fruits of those factories. Alongside the road there found homes with installed antenna ahead them, an indication for the adequate distribution of basic necessities all over Eritrea. Later on, we are forced to step down to reveal the gift that bowed down our attention. A gift of a new year! Dam Gerset! I applaud the bloomy campaign! Everyone was busy on taking photos of the marvelously constructed Dam to contain the flow of river for irrigation system. Cameras shots everywhere, to let others notice the long term impact of policy self-reliance. Posting it on Facebook, Twitter, because it is a true response for the life that we are living in state of extreme disorder and slowness.

Well done! Eritrean heroes! An immense gratification with their glorious tactics of managing their time is in the look of those who built it. Nothing compares with the relief you feel, in fulfilling your duty. As the state prosper vigorously so as the patriotic sentiment ran high. The youths already knew they will designate as their patriotic forefathers for generations.

There is also a field covered with herbage where livestock graze. The bases tore down the muddy road constructed chipping the mountains. As we reached at the cliff, I stood on the hill top for a few minutes more, gazing over the canopy of trees. At a distant view we saw wide developmental activities. Managing directors of that field covered a brief statement of it then returned through the direction we drove. To document each moment I pulled my journal from my back bag and jot down the most recent notes. In such desert like environment to find a green covered field might seem like a dream, but it’s true. Visitors happened to have our lunch at the greenish papaya yards. The Lemon Juice alleviates the tiredness. Everyone was amazed on the warmth reception. In the 400km journey the Hills, companied us as a real friend. It is on guard all the way. It is the origin where the heroic undertaking of the 30 years struggle enshrouded in mystery. Adjacently without break it escorted us. The chained hills strained together preserve many chronicles of Eritrean history. I made self-analysis of what I have seen so far, who knows after 10 years exploration companies will excavate the long trench of mountains to extract mineral deposits. As what China did in 2007. A Chinese exploration Company purchased a mountain from the Latino state Peru. The astonishing aspect of that news is the mountain stockpile an abundant supply of Coppers. I am quite assured on my prediction being genuinely real.

Imaginative thoughts indulged in my mind as the circular motion of the wheels trace the road. I catch a wink for about 45 minutes. I was lost in through the whole way back, thinking about the efforts. I wake with the sound of horn as the bus driver presses down the break. All of a sudden our eyes caught in the large and stately mansion. How come this could be built in the arid climate! We over flew with eager cognitive state. As complement I recommend for those who complain persistently on the fabricated news, “Seeing is more than believing!” Fanco!

The room it was elegant room, large and airy, with big windows that looked over the field. The two-story building encompasses two beds, two cupboards, and a remote controlled ventilator in the given space of a room. After taking shower I kicked of my shoes, flopped in to the king-sized bed.

Later on after special recipe on dinner, the programs of New Year’s Eve celebration started.

Head of the research and information center of that ministry Mr. Issa Ahmed Issa gave a speech about the voyage. He addressed the crowd with a positive motivational mentation’s and left the podium for Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Osman Saleh. The Minister over proudly averred that, “sanctions doesn’t work in Eritrea, we sweep over it!” After he concluded his 20 minutes speech director general of livestock and seed; Major Kbreab summed up the two days trip concisely. He added “we are in a transitional stage in which a lot is awaiting us in the future.” Then a fashion show that shows the life style of nine ethnic groups had been presented. I keep journal where I can practice my renewal activities without being disturbed. I’ am not a poet, but the two days visit left a permanent impression and triggered me to say any, in a poem format. The abstract of my inspiration sums up the main ideas in the poem. So I planned to share it with the crowd in the eve ceremony.

NB; the poem is at the last page. Everyone had great time danced with joy until midnight.

Voyage to Tessenei.

The voyage to Tessenei started at 8:10. The chained mountains as a soldier in alert keep an eye over the green fertile lands. The Region Gash Barka named as of the Gash River intersects it. After an hour we arrived at the city Tessenei. There are numerous bridges structured complexly on the way. Simplicity is a distinguishable feature of that town. A kiosk sandwiched between the building, a smoke of sausage minced beef, shelves of so many different kinds of tea, fresh fruits and vegetables, several kinds of packed food stuffs, and so on sold at the market place. Mission accomplished! The three days trip ended. It is time for returning back home. Leaving behind the well-known cotton plantation at Aligider to the left, a developmental project namely “Spate Irrigation Development Guchi River Diversion” passed by to the right. At the mid-day we had our lunch at the head office of the military office situated at the town Barentu. The lunch was formal, with delicious taste. Then we took a collective picture with members of the whole ministry. We marched on the way. We arrived to Asmara at 9 PM accomplishing the three days voyage peacefully and successfully.

The poem;

True meaning of Authenticated Life

Illegal enormity that “advocators of human right” has been

Claimed by scribbled;

Whereas our solidarity sharpen against all demised odds;

All these hectic blames strengthen the path of

achieving enormous macroeconomic ascend.

The vivid sectorial successes we noticed on our trip

acclaim for a new leaf;

Revealing the committed promises of our authenticated life;

A life seeking consistent relief;

A life profound by ultimate valid debt; A life blazed with self-reliant social cohesion፣

I wandered through the national campaigning

The sun was hot, beating down the sky on the clear spring;


The bloody efforts done by the government;

Despite poor notice of westerner Medias have some sort of restorative power,

It dismantles the fabricated vacuous blames;

Kind of a blessing in disguise;

Enables to safe gourd our treasure;

Maximizing our human resource to secure;


Lead the world astound for a while in our fearless picture!


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