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Poem: Honoring Eritrea's Martyrs

By Michael Seium

The enemies of Eritrea & their Masters are back again;
They love their power and have hate for people even for their own.
They would like to dismantle Eritrea and Eritreans,
To spill more blood of the innocent that the majority condone.

They don’t care about their acts of murder,
Be it an adult or a child;
They commit genocide and they continue to assist a world order;
They lie, cheat they act like an animal that’s wild.

Attempting to hijack Eritrea with violence
is their main agenda and goal;
A psychological and an attempted attack of terror is their method;
they dream of a submissive Eritrea utilizing sellout Eritreans for complete control.

As always real Eritreans fight all forms of aggression,
never kneeling down at all never, ever!,
To defend and stand for our nation on every occasion
To keep our precious Eritrea from chaos along with our prayer,

Let us always stay united again & again
To subdue all our enemies & crazy foe,
Whatever we need to do,
Wherever we must go.

Let's show the world once more
That Eritrea the land of the can do is blessed
With people who are heroes,
Who meet each and every test.

They took away many precious lives
including our newly eighteen martyrs
Playing with Eritrean life is no Joke
as they attempt to try and choke
who stands tall and will forever block,
their evil intentions.

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