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CECAFA in ETHIOPIA: Why Eritrea does not attend the truth to the matter

Eritrean players singing their country's national anthem before the Zebras Eritrea match (Picture:. KEAOGILE BONANG)

By Mike Sium | Eri-international

It is so disgusting to see certain media outlets and news services like AP so obsessed with why ERITREA is not attending the 2015 CECAFA (Central & Eastern Confederation of African Football) tournament being held in Ethiopia. Al Jazeera's football section and Fox sports both opposite side of the American political arena when it comes to politics write;

"Ethiopia bars Eritrea from African football tournament"

"Host Ethiopia won't allow Eritrea at East African tournament"

Has it ever occurred to them that ETHIOPIA is currently still occupying sovereign ERITREAN territories? Are they that crazy to think that ERITREA even if its players were to leave would send its team into Ethiopian territory with a regime in place that has abused the power of its own people and still occupies an internationally arbitrated border town? Even a little kid would not entertain that idea. It is clear that the articles that have been written were based on false information from Nicholas Musonye, secretary-general of the Council for East and Central African Football Associations who then spoke to quick to the tabloidish newspapers coming out of east Africa.

Let us make one thing clear The RED SEA BOYZ of Eritrea would not go to Ethiopia to play any sports unless of course Ethiopia leaves ERITREAN territories. Ambassador Girma Asmerom a former soccer player himself and current Eritrean ambassador to the UN said in January of 2013 during a UN meeting,

“if Ethiopia withdraws its army from occupied sovereign Eritrean territory including the town of Badme in the morning, dialogue between the two countries will start in the afternoon.” 

It would have been great to see a peaceful and fun event with ERITREA participating and one day by the power of the almighty there will come time when these two countries will play in sports activities within respect for each others boundaries. So please all you media organizations get your facts right and ask people to confirm your stories before you start attacking ERITREA. It is clear that anything that has to do with Eritrean soccer is becoming part of the defamation campaign taking place against this peace loving nation.

A member of the Eritrean national team recently got the MVP in Sweden has anyone attempted to do a story on that? I think the answer is a big NO!

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