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Response to Matthew Pennycook MP who pretended to care about Human Rights in Eritrea

Matthew Pennycook

Matthew Pennycook spoke about Eritrea from the so-called minority off- position point of view connected more with Ethiopia

By Yacob

Mattew Pennycook you spoke about Eritrea from the minority off- position point of view in detail, while you admitted you had been ignorant about it until a year ago. I have read a comment on YourTube channel which puts great doubt about your source, the owner of the Blue Nile, ‘the Nile’ is an iconic Ethiopian River, a true Eritrean would not normally call his restaurant the Blue Nile.

I am not convinced you are genuinely seeking justice for Eritrea and that you care about its human right condition. You downplayed the important point of Ethiopia’s illegal occupation and dared for increasing the sanctions, even though you clearly know there has never been any evidence against Eritrea for the two sanctions given.  

Can the UK take the right action against the main cause of instability of peace in the horn of Africa? That is with addressing the non-implementation of the EEBC decision that is endorsing the illegal 13 years of occupation of Badme, the Eritrean land.  A final and binding decision had awarded Eritrea to be the rightful owner.

Moreover, it has been already been admitted by the UN Somalian/Eritrean monitoring group that there have never been any evidence against Eritrea on Support of Alshebab. Hence would the UK lead on doing the right thing and make the first move in the cancelation of the Sanctions.

One of the bullying tactic used against Eritrea is by fabricated accusation related with Somalia. Bomb Somalia how you like and blame Eritrea has been the most popular template that has been used by those countries that carry out aggression on Somalia.  

The advent of stability in the horn of Africa would be one of the ways immigration problem in UK and Europe can be solved by tackling one of the causes of immigration to the UK.

In regards to human right, Eritrea is known to even look after the human rights of war of prisoners. Additionally, despite two illegal, baseless sanctions and being forced to be in no war and no peace situation; Eritrea had managed magnificent achievements in meeting the Millennium Development Goals. Anyone interested could Google for the UN report further details. The real focus should be on the primary sources of the human right concerns including people trafficking and smuggling. The main sources are the illegal sanctions and endorsed occupation of Eritrea’s land. 

You made incorrect comments about corruption in Eritrea. The track record of spending money wisely and without corruption can definitely be awarded to Eritrean government. UNDP in Eritrea had witnessed about lack of corruption, Christine Umutoni of the United Nations Development Program and head of all humanitarian operations in Eritrea, told the BBC 

 “we’ve seen value for money and accountability. You know, you invest a little and you get a lot.

Note also that it is not a border issue at the moment between Eritrea and Ethiopia, it is a matter of occupation of Badme for 13 years after a final and binding decision has confirmed the land belongs to Eritrea. The responsibility is up to the International community to urge Ethiopia to vacate Badme. Please do not misinform saying it is a border issue.

It is very sad world leader still aims to continue bullying Eritrea by making defamatory remarks while they are shying away for implementing the international rule of Law that would make the Horn of Africa peaceful and prosperous.

The following website may give some clues and education about Eritrea

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