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Eritrean residing in London UK celebrated the 28th Independence Day Anniversary [Photos]

Eritrean residing in London UK celebrated the 28th Independence Day Anniversary under the theme “Resilience for Higher Progress”.

By Embassy Media, London 20 May 2019

As part of the ongoing UK Independent program in Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Nottingham, Coventry, Leeds, Liverpool and Leicester, which officially kicked off on Saturday 18th May 2019 in London at Harrow Leisure Center.

Greeting the participants with smiles all-round was the job of every Eritrean on the spot; nonetheless there were well organised programs for the participants, which made their day unforgettable, a bright day that marked the resilience and unity of Eritreans was colourfully celebrated.

The celebration was attended by H.E. Estifanos Habtemariam, Eritrea’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Ireland, community leaders along than 2000 Eritrean British citizens residing in London UK.

Mr. Mengis Amdemariam, chair of the Organizing Committee presented the opening remarks by welcoming the participants and wishing the event a success.

London based children's choir groups presented a musical drama depicting the Eritrean history of struggle for independence and its milestones as part of the opening ceremony.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, the chairman of the British Eritrean Community Organisation Network BECON, Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Mahmud stressed the paramount importance of holding the event in bringing Eritreans together. It also has a vital role to play in reinforcing identity and bequeathing cherished societal values to future generations, he added.

The Eritrean Ambassador of the State of Eritrea to the UK & Ireland H.E. Estifanos Habtemariam gave a speech, thanking the participants in taking part on the celebration of Eritrean Independence there by updating the participants on current state of affairs. He said Eritrea has come through successive obstacles and animosities in the past years and the disguised hostilities against the Eritrean people, and carried on saying that, history is witness of the Eritrean people’s triumph to the fact that they have always prevailed against all odds. With the cultured and rule abiding people and leadership that has progressive and realistic policies, Eritrea has become exemplary that those who have agenda of domination have openly become hostile against the Eritrean people. He expressed conviction to resist, during which the development progress of Eritrea is registering promising results and Eritreans in diaspora expressing resolve to invest in their country. Ambassador also reminded the participants that, our biggest responsibility to the Eritrean martyrs is to never compromise Eritrea’s national security.

Following the presentations a traditional Eritrean dinner, which later continued on beautiful musical entertainment with great artistic line-up put their harmony filled with soul concluding the night in a traditional Eritrean dance bringing every participant together - This year's Independence day under the theme “Resilience for Higher Progress” celebrated in a vibrant spirit!

May in Honour the Great Day!
Happy Independence!

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