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No Dodo Court for Eritrea: Response to Dr. Andemariam

UN Security Council 

Dear Dr. Andemariam,

Great to be in touch with you after two decades. I appreciate you  from the depth of my heart for writing this fable so amusing, so enlightening, so satirical and so challenging in the world gone mad. Before I read your article,  I was talking regarding the maturity and sensibility of the present men and women who are  in the higher echelon of power hierarchy affecting the powerless global communities.

By coincidence,  I read  in today's newspaper that appeared in American Online, some of the best colleges whose students earned high salaries  after ten years of their graduation. In this response, some similar assumptions have been presented by a simple man whose writing I left unedited for the purpose of keeping his persona, and spontaneous reactions exemplifying his honesty and  authenticity as well. For writing in fury pays off. It is candid like that Dostoyevsky's literary genre.

As described, I was talking with a fellow Eritrean  the impact of life experiences or upbringing on political behavior of the present politicians. In this case, I realize that Eritrea is a victim of the baby boom generation of the sixties who have had access to United Nations' corridors in influencing the world leaders by any other means. Thus the United Nations is totally left as a front organization of supreme powers. It has to be restructured in favor of weaker vessels indeed.

Now let us turn on to our wise and sensitive man:

TRUTH, Over my 67+ years I have encountered quite a few of these overpaid, educated, IDIOTS. They don't have enough COMMON SENCE, to pour piss out of a boot, with instructions on the heel..

Without a GPS they can't find their way to 3 towns down the road, or, count change without a computer.

Most of them were born into MONEY, never experienced real life or its consequences.

They float thru PRIVATE SCHOOLS, Get accepted to the BEST COLLEGES, and their ALUMNI parents make DONATIONS if the KID, can't make the grade. So you wind up with an "EDUCATED IDIOT.....

The bad side of this is, that IDIOT may end up making MAJOR decisions for our country, or NATIONAL SECURITY. This is very clear in our GOVERNMENT TODAY....

How many of our CONGRESSMEN, & REPRESENTIVES, fit this scenario???
Most all of them were millionaires before they got elected, they have no idea what NORMAL life is.

Some of them wind up in CEO, or other high positions that they know NOTHING ABOUT. Example: I once worked for an Electrical Contractor who BOUGHT his Licenses, from the state of N.C. He had absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE of electrical work, BUT, he married the founder’s daughter...

This is just one incident of what I am talking about.

Education is GREAT, but, you need a little COMMON SENSE.

As the Reverend Martin  Luther Kings put it: To be a humanitarian, you don't need to be rich or highly educated, you need just to have good heart. That is a compassionate soul based on empathy and life experiences.

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