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Hands off Eritrea!

Hands off Eritrea!

By Bereket Kidane

Awet-n-Hafash! was a slogan that was used for generations to rally the Eritrean public to the cause of independence and nationhood.  Its power and resonance with the Eritrean public was immediate and long lasting.  The phrase Awet-n-Hafash is still prominent and is regularly seen on Eritrean television, newspapers, every patriotic article that’s ever been penned by an Eritrean and, of course, wherever there is a gathering of Eritreans for a patriotic event or a national public holiday.  The phrase is magic to an Eritrean, perhaps only to be eclipsed by the equally awe-inspiring motto that evokes immediate pride and a debt of gratitude, “Zelealemawi Zikri n Swuatna.”

The two phrases have had staying power because of their true resonance with the Eritrean public.  One suspects that the sovereign nation of Eritrea will always be around so long as the two phrases are being uttered by Eritreans.  What’s in the motto?  Well, you have to be an Eritrean to understand that.

A new patriotic slogan was born last week in reaction to Mike Smith’s and Sheila Ketharruth’s fabricated, baseless charges against the State of Eritrea in Geneva: HANDS OFF ERITREA!

It caught on like wildfire through cyberspace.  Twitter was ablaze and the blogoshphere was lit with “Hand Off Eritrea” messages.  A young, attractive Eritrean with model looks wearing Dolce &Gabanna looking sunglasses was photographed holding that sign on a street corner in Geneva.  She became the face of the “hands off Eritrea” campaign overnight.

One hopes that Hands off Eritrea doesn’t have the staying power that Awet-n-Hafash has had because that would mean that Eritreans will be fighting bogus, unfounded UN charges for a long time.  The slogan “Hands off Eritrea” perfectly sums up how angry Eritreans are feeling these days by the continuous, baseless, obsessive, guilty without due process treatment Eritrea is receiving at the hands of UN bodies.

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Hands off Eritrea! Reviewed by Admin on 7:09 PM Rating: 5


  1. Yes indeed:
    Hands OFF Eritrea
    zelalemawi zeqri ne sewuatna
    awet ne hafash

    Long Live PFDJ !!!

  3. "Bogus unfounded charges", are the hundreds if not thousands of prisoners rotting in the regime's dungeons bogus? Are the thousands of Eritrean youth dying in Mediteranian sea and Sahara desert bogus? Are all the thousands of Eritrean youth that died in the meaningless wars with Yemen, Ethiopia, Djibouti, created by the egotistical higdefits bogus? Are all the post-independence newspapers that were shut down and their rising and award winning journalist jailed for years with NO due process bogus?are all the Eritrean youth, whose prime years of productivity and pleasure were wasted in the paranoid driven war/invasion/ never ending trainings bogus? Is it unfounded, when we have Eritrea a nation with no rule of law/constitution? Is it bogus, when elections of any form has never taken place for 24 years? Is it bogus when no one has any ownership of the very land he/she fully pays to build a home/rent/farm? Is it unfounded, when every business is monopolized/gobbled up by the regime and its cronies? Is it unfounded, when every business and economic activities is 100% owned and operated by Higdef?Is it unfounded, when we see all goods and services are provided to citizens with the most bribe to offer? Is it unfounded, when many of the regime's top officials are immersed in human trafficking, contraband and money laundering?is it unfounded, when corruption and cronyism is so common that citizens have started voicing their frustration openly in bars and phone conversations with diaspora relatives and friends? Is it unfounded, when an individual is arrested and sent to the dungeons with no trial, his/her family are also harassed/threatened with their lives?, the list goes on and on.Thanks

  4. Let's play this little game, John.
    When I say "Hands off Eritrea" you say "Hands off Tigray" because that is where you are from.
    So let's do it. Hands off Eritrea...
    You go next John, it's your turn.

  5. I would say leave Eritrean alone but don't let the murderers in Eritrea off the hook. Justices has to be served for millions of people who live under fear and who left Eritrea because of fear and perished in the sea. God is just and right.

  6. They left Eritrea for greener pastures in the West not because of persecution.

  7. Do you love Eritrea? if yes, say I call for National Reconcilation and Hands Free From Eritrea.

  8. ለባምን ጆን አቲ ክውንነታዊ ሓቂ ይነግረካ ኣሎ።

    ዝገርም አዩ። ድሕረትካ ወሰን የብሉን። እወ ሕማቕ ውርሻዊ ተርእዮ የንጸላልወና ኣሎ ዕድመ ነዚ ውልቀ መላኺ ስርዓት ክም ባዓል ንስኻ ብደዎም ዝሓልሙ በላዕቲ ሳዕሪ ዕዳ ናይ ኤሪትራ ዝገድፈልና ዘሎ። ብዙሕ ስራሕ ክሓተና አዩ ከምዝኸማኻ ናብ ንቡር ኩንተ ኣእምሮ ክንመልስ። እቲ መሰርሕ ናይ መፈጸምታ ዕድመ መዋእል ውልቀ መላኺ ስርዓት ተጀሚሩ ኣሎ። ንስኻ ግን ምቁር ሕብስቲ ኪንዮ ሓጹር አንዳማዕዶኻ ንበር።

    we know what NGO's are good at .

  10. No games must be played with life and the livelihood of people. Have the human decency and moral obligation to respond or express your gut feelings about the actions and inactions stated above being committed 24/7, 365 days by the notorious regime you love so much?Thanks

  11. You need to represent your home country (Tigray).
    There is no use for you to pretend someone that you are not (Eritrean)

  12. It appears that you have hard time focusing on the subject matter. When someone tells you that you have a snot/Buger on your forehead, your answer is "you are agame, enemy, go home..etc, instead why can't you remove/clean the snot and move on. Your anger appears to be stemming from fear and anxiety when facing something you can't answer, or deliberately derailing from the core issue by starting to curse, yell and get ticked of, because someone is bringing you out in the open to discuss public matters face to face. Get real and stick to the subject matter. Origin, religion, gender, clan..etc are non issue, and tell us your gut feelings about the most critical issues of human rights conditions in Eritrea, would you or your family members be happy if you were treated in such barbaric manner?thanks

  13. You don't belong hereJuly 5, 2015 at 12:08 AM

    Because you are Agame, he should not waste any time with you. You need to find an Agame website on the internet. You don't belong here.

  14. The Tigringya of Hamasien and Seray should not be allowe to destroy the country. Deport the Tigringya back to where they originally came from Ethiopia!


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