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Leaked Cable Reveal Former Eritrean Government Official was A Saudi Spy

Abdella Jaber (right) was a spy for Saudi Arabia

Leaked Cable Reveal Former Eritrean Government Official was A Saudi Spy

Recent leaked Saudi cables reveal Mr. Abdella Jaber, the former Head of Organisational Affairs at the Peoples Front for Justice and Democracy in Eritrea, was a spy for Saudi Arabia.

According to the cable, which was translated from Arabic to Tigrinya and posted on government-owned Hadas Eritrea newspaper, Abdella informed the Saudi ambassador that he had received invitation from the United States and other Western countries to spy on Eritrea, but says he chose the Saudis because of the strong geographical, cultural, social and religious connection between Eritrea and Saudi Arabia.

Abdella discussed with the Saudi ambassador on a wide range of topics, including Eritrea's reluctance to join the Arab League, how the 2012 U.S. presidential elections can influence Eritrea, al-Shabab and Israel.

In order to make himself more relevant, Abdella played on one of Saudi's biggest fears: Israel. He stated because Eritrea has not publicly criticized Israel, that this was proof it has good relations with them. He added if Israel succeeds in having good relations with Eritrea, the situation in Eritrea will be bad for Muslims .

The Saudis appeared to have bought Abdella's hyperbole because in the second cable, which was written by former Saudi foreign minster to his superior, it says how important Eritrea is to Saudi's interest and that they were working to influence events in Eritrea.

How Riyadh would try to influence events within Eritrea [Forto?] was not mentioned in the cable.

But like most spies, karma would eventually catch up with Abdella. Thanks to informants within his circle, the double agent was arrested and put in prison for his role in the Forto incident in 2013.

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  1. Still more information has to come. The civil and criminal codes have been released and come into effect last month. Anyone can guess and expect then what will happen to those who have betrayed the beloved mother land, the State of Eritrea. Even, the crimes which was committed by Haile Duru and his circles were worse than those crimes which were committed by Abdela Jabir. They must be accountable and pay the price for the crimes they have committed during the bad times of the mother land.

  2. The prosecutors, the judges, the jailers, the jurors, the media, the defendants, the plaintiffs...etc, ALL IN ONE AND ONE IS ALL. A classic "Kangaroos court" in this day and age, being conducted by the very people, at one point of their lives, who fought/defended/rebelled against such system/practices/unfair treatment/systemic corrupted governance. So sad, ALL accused defendants are proven 100% guilty WITHOUT A DAY IN COURT, WITHOUT ANY DUE PROCESS. All prisoners in Eritrea, Gambia, North Korea...etc, begin their predetermined prison term/ death sentences/hard labor/torture, the very hour they are arrested/kidnapped/snatched by the regime's security forces from their homes/offices/streets/front lines. Immediately following their arrest, government media outlets/die-hard government cadres/government paid civilian agents in the cities/towns/villages/in diaspora Eritrean communities, spread like a brush fire, the "Highly confirmed treason against the motherland" , by individuals/groups working for America, Saud Arebia, Ethiopia..etc. Thanks

  3. Thanks to wiki about the expose even there might be more people even former minister Abdu of information was writing articles & giveing information. But the good thing about our dictator is every citizen is equal under his eye. Today you are his friend you do wrong you get punished and he is special dictator coz you dont see a statue, big poster in the city, his photo in eritrean currency, he doesnt have a fabulous life like other he tries to be example, he sends his kids to sawa just like any eritrean in with no special treatment, he likes sand & water more than any thing, but above all he is matured politician, & got guts man. If i would get a chance i would love to write his bibilography, did you notice how ethiopians are sckared of him i mean really when you chat with them & the gov. We love our dictator?

  4. Let him Rot in Prison for treason!!! I just hope those traitors of today do not try to remember him in 5-10 years; trying to play with his name like they are trying with G-15 for their agenda.

  5. Ketafi, lieba...zbelalo tsahli z'sebr guhila ftret...

  6. probably former Jebha member, what a mother-fvcker s.o.b piece-of-sh!t... can't trust those asss washing bedouin monkeys, he deserves the ultimate prize for treason... burn his mother-fvcker assss alive.

  7. Hell-O !!! .................... Eritrean "Opposition", USA, UN
    Does Abdela Jabr deserve ANIMAL RIGHT?
    Fighting all your life to bring independent Eritrea (may be not) only to become A slave of the Saudi Royal Bastards? What A Loser !!!
    We hope to hear more on the so called G15.

  8. Feger. pfdj is the criminal gangster that needs to be brought to justice for crimes against humanity.

  9. Poor Jim, I feel your pain :(

  10. "Madote is an INDEPENDENT online media that focuses on the Horn of Africa in general, and Eritrea in particular". I urge you to keep your words of being "Independent". Being true to your written promises/words is to accommodate all point of views that present their arguments/discussions in a civil manner. Thanks

  11. Could someone translate that to English please. I can't find it on Eritrea Profile. I would love to read what the Saudi's are doing in Asmara. I hope the National Security Office is finally awake and keeps a close eye on those wahabi extremists.

  12. But we all know halengi sewra is not short.

  13. shoot him burn him like his frind WEDI ALI stupid he dam ass have to know no body mess with ERITREA

  14. Don't you believe injustice ? So you believe in shooting. That is skerry!

  15. Eritrea abolished the death penalty.

  16. Summary of the cables by Daniel Berhane:

    This document is from leaked cables of Saudi Arabia by Wikileaks.

    The first cable was written by Saudi's ambassador to Eritrea, and the information there is what he got from PFDJ official Abdela Jabir.

    1. Abdela tells the Saudi to interrogate the Eritrean pilots who fled to Saudi as they are pilots for spying and may have evidence that Eritrea is supporting Somalia al-shebab.

    As this would support sanction against Eritrea which Eritrea strongly denies supporting al-shebab.

    2. talks about USA election and the influence it may have on Eritrea. It talks about how strategic Eritrea is and how Israel was trying to have good relations with Eritrea because of its strategic location.

    3. talks about how Eritrean president does not want Eritrea to join Arab League because of Israel and his feelings about Islam. Talks about president met ambassador Susan Rice and told her to close the region schools..

    Talks about how president has never criticized Israel which they say is proof Eritrea has good relations with Israel.

    4. because of the above reasons if Israel succeeds in having good relations with Eritrea, the situation in Eritrea will be bad for Muslims.

    5. although Abdela had received invitation from USA and other Western countries, he says he chose Saudi Arabia because of the strong geographical cultural social and religious connection between Eritrea and Saudi Arabia.

    6. talks about the threats president received from different leaders in Eritrea

    The second cable is by Saudi foreign minster to body above him. Talks about relations between Eritrea and Israel where they claim minister Osman Saleh visited Israel and officials from Israel visited Eritrea.

    It also talks about conflict in the Saudi embassy in Eritrea where the director of relations and embassy do not communicate.

    It talks about how Eritrea is a very important country for Saudi interest and good spying information is needed but the person in charge does not speak the language the 90 percent of Christians who have power. The director has no understanding of Eritrea and needs to be changed.

    Lastly, it talks about how Saudi is working to influence events in Eritrea.

  17. The epitome of a kangaroos court that has been practiced for centuries by tyrant/dictatorial/totalitarian regimes all over the world. The judges, prosecutors, plaintiffs, defendants, security forces, jailers, jail guards, media, interrogators, investigators and jurors ALL IN ONE, and ONE IN ALL. In dictatorial/ totalitarian nations, such as, Eritrea, Gambia, North Korea..etc, ALL ARRESTED Groups and individuals by the local or national security forces are 100% guilty and are to begin their predetermined/prearranged prison sentences/death penalties/labor camps at the very hour they are kidnapped/snatched/apprehended by regime's vicious security forces, from their offices, homes, front lines, and streets. It is so sad to see such primitive/barbaric/inhumane practices taking place in this day and age, by the very people, who at some point of their lives, fought/rebelled/protested and died to stop such unfair/illegal/inhumane acts against citizens by Hailesellasie and derg regimes. Tyrants, such as, Eritrea's, Iran's..etc, have so well coordinated system that, when groups/individuals are arrested by security forces, instantly the media as well as paid and unpaid regime supporters flood the airwaves as well as communities in diaspora with "Factual treason acts" committed against "Our dearest motherland and gallant leadership", but, thanks to our "Lionhearted" leadership and security forces, all have been killed or captured beforehand. Thanks

  18. Fedayeen, Cool down man, there is always a second chance and don't be hyper if you are truly a nationalist & an Eritrean as you are beyond the threshold of decency. The government is dealing with it and until proven guilty we have to respect every one, plus this man may have contributed more than the average commentator in this site. I, suspect you are here to cause divisions among the citizens with your unwarranted behavior, and leave this to the Eritreans and go & dump your trash in your gutter posts

  19. This is the the tip of the iceberg. I scare it will get worse before it gets better.
    The clique of DIA is totally fragmented, this is a normal phenomenon. Like every where, it is a sign of a downfall of undemocratic system, designed to serve a one man dictatorship. The situation encountering eritrea inside and outside, explains exactly to what I mentioned above. The eritrean people is divided vertically and horizontally by PFDJ, like never had it in its history. The man (DIA) chose to to wage an outdated Ideological war against his people and the west, instead choosing Pragmatism. The situation is very dire, I scare it will get worse before it gets better. The PFDJ supporters in diaspora are not catching the matter right, they are blinded.

  20. Well, while on the subject of wikileaks, can we also talk about the other wikileaks that exposed how the Chinese ambassador to Eritrea described Issayas as the person who went to China and learned all the wrong concepts.

  21. Lol Berhe. You are funny

  22. When people cannot ventilate, cannot openly air their views , are treated as subjects and not as citizens in their own country etc. as has been ranspiring in Eritrea , they resort to subversive activities from underground against their oppressor. This is inevitable.

    By the way, in the aftermath of Ethiopia's interference with Ethio-Eritrean Federation, it was people like Abdella Jabir that started Eritrean Independence movement, initially from underground and later, through open armed struggle that ultimately scraped off the colonialist from our country.

    As is now being waged a false battle against Abdela Jabir and his likes by the usurper, isaias afewerki and his parrots, Ethiopia also had tried in vain to pit Eritreans against each other in a religious confrontation by portraying the Eritrean Freedom Fighters as Petro-Dollars, meaning, Arab lackey muslims. Please note , woyane is also dividing the so called Eritrean opposition in similar fashion, along religious lines.

    The parallel of the vicious activities of isaias afewerki and Ethiopia against the people Eritrea is extremely transparent as exemplified by the following:

    The Constitution of the Ethio-Eritrean Federation had specifically forbidden the two countries from tempering with it. Nevetheless, puffed up by its surrogate powerful Western countries, Ethiopia forcefully ended the federation and annexed our country and undertook to dismantle social and economic underpinnings.

    The ratified People's Constitution also forbids any of the branches of the Eritrean goverment from monopolizing state power but that was exactly what isaias afewerki did and ever since he has been bulldozing our economic and social foundations, and all, wearing various masks with golden inscriptions such as Awet N' Hafash, Telling The Truth etc.

    Isaias afewerki is indeed the incarnation of haile selase, alula etc. He is on the verge of collapse and his fall is imminent. However, if we do not unite on the bases of Eritrean Sovereignty and on implementation of the ratified People's Constitution, we will expose ourselves to unnecessary risk from which we may be unable to salvage our country. Remember, our strategic location is very important to the world commerce, and therefore, the UN may not be complacent with our incapacity for long.

  23. Aye Sahle kem shimka suk elka nezi zereba tisahalo.....this is cheap propaganda as usual.

  24. Hgdef propaganda got no limit or sense of shame



  27. Great work eritrea:
    Why do u think the our time pharoh is crying and advancing the human right sheild ? It is a desperation measures when everything fail to bring down a strong popular movement shabia. War by their maid ethiopia, sanction, religion division, finacincing youth to leave, and of course to bring division and civilwar by hiring few bad apples in the leaderships to harm eritrea. One thing is for sure, eritrea know every single one of them

  28. Why is it cheap propoganda? It is cheap propaganda when It is Eritrea but it is not when get caught red hamded hahah lol ..what rat rationality? you are cheap!

  29. How can we be sure if Yemane Monkey or Wedi Kassa are not Chinese spies? Many more could be inside the PFDJ because it is not a people's govt.

  30. Tewelde, you can do better than this half baked propaganda.
    You say many things, some of which sound wishful thinking, some contradictory and some a twisted version of the Truth, which produces falsehood.

    I don't have a mask, but I do wear the golden inscriptions "Awet N Hafash" in my heart. Does that bother you? It seems it does. Well then, Awet N Hafash for eternity.

    And blaming PIA for everything under the sun just does not cut it anymore. And what do you mean when you say, "the UN may not be complacent with our incapacity for long."? Really? Since when does the immoral UN care for Eritrea and its people? Since when? By your statements, it is you who exposes your incapacity.

  31. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 4, 2015 at 11:25 PM

    "Et tu, Bruté!"

    Damn i use to admire this guy.. now he spies his own country for this wahabi extremists Arab bastards... the killers of our
    sis/bro,mo/fa... damn u Abdala the separatists.. u fall from grace for the sake of relgion. u walk all over the sacrifice/legacy of our Martyrs/b'tsotka. u gave priority to ur personal interest and tried to sell the nation to outsiders. just like what the G15 did in the past u share a common guilt, u deserve hell **YUHUDA*. its becuz of the likes of u traitors during the war we lost our brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers. He chose a reiligion over Eritrea! what a weak minded fool..

    Aren't u tegadalay that says country come first before anything. even u said this at our school. u told us above all Eritrea comes first.. N'hna zeywodeqnas- the sensei falls and kneel before his students[sort of speak]. but i guess ur were stalling.. when u were plotting against ur own. Well some cowards does it with a flattering word, and others with a kiss. i hope u get a sentenced to a thousand years.

    This is why i love Shaebia--> if u get caught red-handed with this kind of crimes..well, u don't even deserve a rule of law. becuz thats treason--> meaning Enemies Of The State of ERITREA!!!.

    Death comes for us all, Abdela jaber, but something much worse comes for u. For when u die, it will be ... without honor. becuz betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope.

  32. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 5, 2015 at 2:08 AM

    Nebsi--Any one can kill, but it takes a real man to show mercy.

  33. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 5, 2015 at 2:13 AM

    LOL... Speaking like ur masters i see...

  34. Dear guy,

    Why all this nonsense about Abdallah Jaber now?
    Is he already killed or you are creating a
    pretext to kill him?

    We know HIGDEF under the leadership of Iseyas from A to Z are traitors.

    If you had not been traitors Eritrea would not have reached this level of disgrace.

    Your bandit style of leadership has enslaved
    Eritrea and left the people to languish in the countless jails and around the world!!!

    SHITARAKUM DEWIRU!! Nizeifeltekum Adanaghiru!!!

  35. I love your web side .and keep up the good work.
    I like to see a report about G15 on Wikileaks.

  36. If he wasn't killed before... he is now! Mentally or physically he was dead the minute he soul his countrymen out for the pennies. What is the use of a body that has no soul?

  37. We don't put people in containers. We put them in jail! don't repeat western/woyane propaganda man!!.

    People who commit treason in other countries go through far worse than "prison". Hence in america ,Private Manning, who was the source for these wiki leaks that are telling us about jabers disgrace. He was TORTURED SO MUCH (or should i say "enhanced interrogation") that he came out thinking he was a woman. When they put him in court he couldn't keep eye contact with anyone and looked like a shell of a man.

    On the contrary Eritrea is a civil nation that even for traitors the worst of the wost. We don't even kill these bastards.

  38. Shut up man. wtf are you 12yrs old? talk like you got some damn sense!. Everything your saying on this comment section is not the behavior of an ERITREAN.

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

  39. PIA's trip to China wasn't a secret dummy. He repeatedly talked about it and check his depth interview book so don't get exited buddy.

  40. I look forward to hear you say or write , "It never crossed my mind, not even once, that Higdef and its lifetime honcho Issayas would fall apart like this/run for their lives/get killed in the Maibela open sewer trenches". Tyrants/totalitarian regimes never fail to disappoint their devoted and loyal followers. Gadaffi's ditch experience, Mengistus lonely escape to name a few, are great lessons to digest for those who don't want to repeat history. The more they tight the social screw, political screw and economic screw, the closer they get to their final dumping grounds. Thanks

  41. Dear Tewelde,
    But how can you confidently rule ou tthe possibility of Mr Abdela Jabir spying for the Saudi's?
    I have never believed in this kind of "propaganda" either but ,unfortunately,it is in our blood,considering the case of 'Mahber Andinet ",the tedla Bairu history,the betrayal by some Christian Highlanders.,the case of the Weddo Ghebbas,etc...
    As much as you believe that PIA is a betrayer or a dictator or a 'killer",I would still expect you that the some EPLFand ELF heros,could be betrayers as well.
    here is what pMMZ said: officially:
    "Genzebachin mesariya bicha sayhon,Sewim ghezanibetal":Roughly translated:
    'We did not use our money only to purchase military hardware but also to buy some people with it".
    Well,it is past due for the GoE to fully discose the Truth it might be holding for some reason.
    Here is a hint for you:Check the wikileaks about the role of Mrs Askalu Menkorios' husband. ...I mean that was a devastating issue when it comes to teh Natioanl security Interest of eritrea.
    Another example is some one within the GoE circles disclosing to the CIA(the US Embassy in Eritrea)the top security related conversation between PIA and Ex-defense Minister Sibhat Efrem.
    These are enough reasons for me to consider the possible neg role of Mr Abdela Jabir and that of Haile Drue's case with Mr Anthony Lake.,the NSA of the USA during the 1998-2000 Ethio-Eritrea war.
    The case of Ex-Minister Ali Abdu should not be ignored as well.
    Now,you can argue that these people were acting for th ebest interet of Eritrea to topple the "Dictator' in question but NO SANE Eritrean will buy that.
    This is what Amharu say:
    I am forced to beilieve in a Tigrigna sayingh " Kab zeitifelto Mela'khsi,Tifelto Sheitan"!
    In this dirty world with full of Conspiracies and evil agendas,it is ok to stay in the 'status quo" and let time to deal with it...while fighting for a Constitutional Governance but from within though!.

  42. Hello!!! Asshole!!! Hello!!! It's a wikileaks cable revealing it. Hello!!! Asshole!!! Wake up!!!

  43. So fishy, you smell woyane woyane, yuk ! LOL LOL

  44. Ato Tes do you know what TES means in arabic? Tiel or goat...same like you...what the hell of propaganda? Anyway i don't need to waste my time with a Tes or Tiel or goat like you.

  45. Take it easy ! The Eritrean experience is littered with all sorts of traitors coming in different colours and shades. Let alone today when we are an independent and sovereign nation, yesterday during the armed struggle there were traitors who left the revolution and joined the enemy army. They even led the enemy troops directly to our base area in Sahel.
    Who can forget traitors who led the Weyane troops inside Eritrea proper. Thus, the Eritrean revolutionary train is always on the move. Those brave souls and heore/ines who have wisdom, courage, gusto, guts made of steel and resilience are always on the frontlines making history on daily basis.
    The weak and those who lack the courage to stand on their own two feet and defend Eritrea are always thrown into the dustbin of history. Eritrea is a land of heroes/ines and not a nation of whiners, cowards, wet pants, lost souls, turncoats and traitors.

  46. REST IN PIECES ERITREAJuly 5, 2015 at 3:06 PM

    Eritrea has always had religious ,regional and racial tension ,it is definetely headed towards disaster.

  47. Blah blah blah...boringggg

  48. Why did he do that? Silly man, who knows he probably get payed for it, in any case he shouldn't betrayed his country no matter what. I didn't expect this from him, where is his loyality to his country, his people and martyrs. Any ways is very serious crime here in the West, with closed court stright to Electric chair, nobody gets life for this kind of crime.

  49. Eritrean regime is a lawless regime that executes innocent citizens with impunity, killing and disabling many with extremely primitive and barbaric methods, i.e. Starvation, isolation,beatings, electrical shocking, helicopter hanging, firing squads immediately after arresting citizens while they are on their daily life routines...etc.The regime has been operating with the "Law of the jungle" it brought from the Sahel caves, where there are many corpses of innocent Eritreans that could tell horrible stories, if they are brought to forensic labs. Thanks

  50. You definitely ename of Eritrea and Eritrean people

  51. You should pose the same question May. Lol

  52. No, speaking like a true, qinuE Eritrawi. Have you forgotten our culture of qinEna passed down from generations of our fore-parents? You must have been brainwashed by your feger masters. Lol

  53. Why? Because you're not the only begie (sheep)?

  54. If any one reads arabic help yourself, but can you please provide with the link of the eritrean gazette in which the article about this topic is written.

  55. It looks Hgdef is your nightmare, and have taken your Manhood too.!.....Zrug- Me'anta

  56. Oh yea? Where is the link to the original doc?
    Ketafi seraki higdwf!

  57. It's cheap propaganda when there is no link to the original documents. Plus since when is wikileaks in Arabic, communication language for Americans is English.

  58. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 6, 2015 at 11:54 AM

    No, Not really... u are only repeating ur masters wards from the south and west. and that makes u a delusional slave. The LOL is on u nebsi. :D

  59. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 6, 2015 at 12:05 PM

    It's human nature to be greedy, to betray, to work with ur enemies against ur own, u should know.. after all u are betraying ur own for a welfare. Am not a robot as a human being-- yes am disappointed ... but as a patriot i forget this traitor' and move on. and after all we are the next leaders of our beloved Eritrea!.

    And u say "I look forward to hear you say or write" like its the end of the world or something LOL*.. in ur logic like all hope is gone, becuz this weak minded fall from grace... WOW u are so pathetic man. remember even Angels fall.. but we're still here, so ur logic is nothing. Ha-ha-ha...

    Always there are cowards--it's not a perfect world, and cowards betray their own for small gains. But true heroes squash their time and needs and fight for what they believe and build their nation for the next generation against all odds**.

    Some pple are willing to betray their country just to get a little bit of the spotlight. isn't that true. but like always pple like u will find something to in-order to justify themselves.

    But remember, its been said When u betray somesomebody, be it ur friend or ur country, u also betray yourself.

  60. Look at you. You're the slave defending the tyrants that rule without qiwam - rule of law, inflicting so much suffering against the Eri ppl and enslaving the entire population. This is no laughing matter.

  61. "True Eritrean"? Lol. More like True Higdef stooge.

  62. ilke to see eritrea gov send him to SAWA & tell the students to use him as TARGET when they shoot that will be good shoot his stinking ass

  63. if you do somthing you will get killed your ass to dont mess with ERITRE


  65. Weyane wuxaee kabza nay eritrawiyan elal

  66. Sahle Bejaka nezom zeytekmu Telamat bzuh gizyeka ayitihabom

    Kem abdela Jabir tekefilom biweyane wey bi kaliot merbebat Adom zishetu sile zikonu sigab zengi sewura zerkibelom tiray men bial men nateazebka biakli texebe

    Awot Ni hizbawi ginbar
    Awot nihigdef
    Awot nihizbi eritra
    Mulue tiena Ni anbesa Nakfa Wedi afom


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