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Video: Daniel Teklehaimanot making history at Tour De France

Daniel Teklehaimanot making history at Tour De France!

Eritrean fans running with Merhawi Kudus at the Tour De France 
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Video: Daniel Teklehaimanot making history at Tour De France Reviewed by Admin on 6:12 AM Rating: 5


  1. Proud of our boysJuly 4, 2015 at 6:39 AM

    So proud of our boys! Go Team MTN. Go Team Eritrea. You have done us proud.
    It's a proud moment in Eritrea's history. Good luck!

  2. God created man, and then God created superman and named him Eritrean.

  3. World history is written for the records and the Eritreans have written the history books once and for all. Win or no win and trophy or no trophy, the game is won and Eritreans have won it and they have done it and the process they wrote the history books of the world. Win or no win, Daniel and Merhawi have written the history books as the first Black Africans and as the first Eritreans to be there telling the whole world Eritrea is here, Africa is here and the Black Man shall be there from now on. Sure enough, the Eritrea has done it, they brought Africa to the top for all see. In every house hold of the world, the word is "Eritrea"! Yes Eritrea; here is Eritrea the land of the can do people and yet the land of small words; the land of the proud and yet humble people; the land of steadfast people and yet gentle as the dove have done it. Here is Eritrea, the land of the gallants, wisdom, and determination rewriting the history of the human race.

    Win of no win and trophy or not trophy, Eritrea has won it, Africa has won it, and the Black Man has won it!

    Daniel Teklehaimot, Merhawi Kudus, and Natnael Birhane, thanks for making your selves, your families, your team, and Africa proud.

  4. When the enemies sofa Eritrea are barking , having sleepless sights to detract Eritrea from it peaceful and ever marching development programmes, the Eritrean boys like Daniel Teklehaimanot, Natnael Berhane, and all the rest stars have made his to be proud Eritreans. Imagine all African counties with 30- 60 years of Independence and in fact like Ethiopia a country claimed to be of 3000 years Independence, None of them have a single star to count on. Eritrea in 24 years have build the highest number about 500 dams ,micro dams, reservoirs and ponds from scratch. The starts with no much facility to begin with have reached the most top positions in cycling.
    I am very proud of you our stars. Well done ! and your hard work has made the world to be proud of you, Proud of Eritrea, proud of Africa. He whole city has come out to watch our Daniel., the Hero. Congrats Dan, Congrats Natnael and all the brilliant Eritrean cycling team . We are proud, extremely happy with your achievements.

  5. In this difficult time we sure need some kind of success as a national wide event
    And I thank you

  6. Long Live Eritrea !!!
    Deki Ere, AyBelnan'Do ??
    Eritrean Mothers This day is yours, ELLLLLL Bellalom
    Eritrean Fathers, This day is your, Abotat Jeganu
    Enemies of Eritrea (Woyane, UN, "opposition") MeAantakhum Hrrrrrrr
    Viva Eritrean Cycling
    Viva PFDJ.

  7. Brother HIDROM,
    Thanks for all inputs.

  8. Viva Eritrea Deki Eri geganu directly musakum nere bmoskot TV mis dekey mis reakukum nbat seruni
    you know what i did ndekey Flag nay Eritrea selkin viva Daniel and viva Merhawi elkin tsehafa abgezay koyne viva Eritrea msakum wialna so tseba steyu Eritrea nzelalem ktebr eya lomi tsbah nzelalem

  9. Here is a brilliant and talented guy. I am so proud of you sir daniel and merhawi. And God keep you safe and help ypu to stay in the place of winers my hero.

  10. Enemies ah, tired of hearing this hate grounded mentality and insecure personality.

  11. My tears couldn't stop. I was so scared to watch the TV. Thanks to GOD!

  12. YaMan, I was nervous too.

  13. So why do keep visiting Madote?

  14. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 5, 2015 at 1:57 AM

    VIVA deqi Eritrea!!! u made us Proud!!! ERITREA/AFRICA is PROUD!!!


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