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The taboo is broken by brave Eritreans!

Eritrean fans accompanying Merhawi Kudus at the Tour De France, July 4th, 2015

The taboo is broken by brave Eritreans!

By Esayas Temsgen
Although the corporate media couldn’t swallow Eritrea’s independent, self-achieving character.   Eritrea came back in their face through a high achieving global game; it doesn’t get more diplomatic and human than that.
Bicycling is the most rigorous sport, it wasn’t easy, It took a drug for most previous champions to make it to the top. But for Eritreans cycling is a passion it wouldn’t come in a better time than now.
It makes us all Eritreans proud in particular and Africans in general, since it was considered all white man sport.
The taboo is broken by the brave Eritreans. Let the world see the real face of Eritrea:
Hard working high achieving; but not whining parasite.
Awetn’ hafash!

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The taboo is broken by brave Eritreans! Reviewed by Admin on 4:04 PM Rating: 5


  1. Wow this pictures says 1,000 words.

    Go Team Eritrea!

  2. the USA &WEYANE can not swalow this specialy for USA their tourdi fance 7 time winer LENS ARMSTORNG is siting & waching ANAFRICAN make history

  3. The knights of God / Eritrean tigers, are roaring on the streets of Europe and they will shake the cycling world like no one has seen before.

  4. FYI... the so called "Lance Armstrong" is not a 7 time winner, rather 7 times cheater and has been convicted by UCI and stripped of his 7 "championship" titles in all if not most of his titles. He's not worth half of any monkey's sh!t, he's just another convict.

  5. "This is history" written for good. World history is written for the records and the Eritreans have written the history books once and for all. Win or win, and trophy or no trophy; the game is won and Eritreans have won it and and the process they wrote the history books of the world. Win or no win, Daniel and Merhawi have written the history books as the first Black Africans and as the first Eritreans to be there telling the whole world Eritrea is here, Africa is here and the Black Man shall be there from now on. Sure enough, the Eritrea has done it, they brought Africa to the top for all see. In every house hold of the world, the word is "Eritrea"! Yes Eritrea; here is Eritrea the land of the can do people and yet the land of small words; the land of the proud and yet humble people; the land of steadfast people and yet gentle as the dove have done it. Here is the land of small words, the land of the gallants, wisdom, and determination rewriting the history of the human race.

    Win of no win and trophy or not trophy, these Eritreans young men has won, Eritrea has won it, Africa has won it, and the Black Man has won it! Daniel Teklehaimanot, Merhawi Kudus, Natnael Berhane, Mekseb Debesay and Meron Russom here is you taking making your country proud.

    Daniel Teklehaimot, Merhawi Kudus, and Natnael Birhane you rewrote history books and you have won it for all see. Thanks for making your selves, your families, your team, and Africa proud. እንተ ኮነ ከኣ.. ዳኒኣል... መርሃዊ.. ናትናል ደቂ መን'ዶ ኢኹም?....."ወሊዶ ዋርሳይ ውላድ ሳዋ'ዶ" ኣይኮንኩምን!

  6. Martyrs are smilingJuly 4, 2015 at 7:56 PM

    Good to see Eritreans having some fun at the Tour de France and proudly representing the Eriteran flag, for which so many martyrs died for. Our martyrs are smiling in heaven today for the Eritrean flag to be raised at the Le Tour by first class Eritrean riders like Daniel and Merhawi.

  7. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 4, 2015 at 11:38 PM

    Say Awet N' Hafash!!!! Eritrea is Proud!!!....

  8. The pretty Eritrean boys who "sting like a bee and fly like a butterfly" will shake the cycling world :))

  9. I totally agree with " the 7 times cheater":))
    Eritreans will outperform the US team unless the US team have been dobing

  10. How 7 times LOSER?

  11. Well articulated indeed, Esayas!
    And that is the de facto culture of Eritreans,the Can Do people,when they get an opportunity,if History is to be the witness!
    To politicize it,guess what kind of miracles Eritreans can/could achieve when they have they are given right and th eOpportunity to do so under a Constitutional Governance?

  12. Aren't they the Champions of Self Reliance and Fierce Independence as proven by History?

  13. True..
    shine Eritrea is your time, get pride for your Daniel and Merhawi..weaving your flag

  14. ata Alec agame yellewun diom lomi dea abzi mead na? H rrrrrrrr koyna beqa?

  15. intay kblu ilkayom ikha
    senay gorobet inkuaE Hagosekum mbele !!
    ge inabelkayo zgage belelu... ember teqawami LOL
    ViVa Erena ! nKHid TraH ! !

  16. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 6, 2015 at 2:35 PM

    Entay kbla da'a kem ab may z'atewet anchwa atsqithen kab mbal TSITS.. Hfosna btaemi eu zhrrom.. brother Libero. Gena kalea wun alo... manthen zekomtr.!!!

    Awet N' hafash!!!

  17. Agame don't know how to ride a bike. Gereanenya never been on a bicycle before.

  18. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 7, 2015 at 7:33 AM

    LoL man.. Ha-ha-ha...


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