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Ethiopian rebels launched major offensive in Northern Ethiopia

Arbegnoch-Ginbot 7 rebels coalition have been fighting TPLF forces in Tigray on three different fronts for the last three days. The rebels claim major victories thus far. Photo: Ginbot 7 rebel fighters

Ethiopian rebels launched major offensive in Northern Ethiopia

By Borkena

Arbegnoch-Ginbot 7, Ethiopian rebels coalition that is operating in Northern Ethiopia, launched major offensive on government positions in Tigray regions, reported ESAT in a breaking news coverage.

ESAT cited spokesperson and political affairs head of Arbegnoch -Ginbot 7, Zemene Kassie, as a source.

According to the report, Kafta Mesil, Urjamo and Maisegel areas of Tigray region came under what looks like a conventional military attack from the rebels on Thursday July 2, 2015. On the side of government,24 division of the army, federal special forces and special armed forces engaged the rebels in an effort to repulse the attack. And the fighting lasted for four hours and the rebels claim major military victory.

Over fifty government forces are reportedly dead and at least sixty are wounded. Number of deaths and wounded could be higher than reported according to ESAT. However, the extent of causality on the side of rebel forces is not disclosed.

Based on ESAT report, it seems the case that the fighting is going on in a different battle front in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

So far there is neither confirmation nor denial of the report on the part of the government of Ethiopia.

Recently, government passed legislation along gun registry and gun ownership. According to some sources, the new regulation imposed restriction on gun owners not to sell registered guns or not to pass it to a different person in the form of a gift of inheritance.

Observers claim that the political environment in Ethiopia is tense due to government crackdown.

After widespread crackdown on free press and legally registered opposition parties, government declared a hundred percent election win in the Ethiopian general election which was held on May 24, 2015.

Experiences of major Opposition parties in Ethiopia seem to suggest that peaceful political activism reached to the point of impossibility due to widespread repressive measures from government – a situation that is potentially giving rebels solid ground to win new recruits.

Yet, government is only deepening the level of attack against opposition figures and opposition politicians operating peacefully in Ethiopia.

Two weeks ago, Samuel Awoke, a lawyer by profession and Semayawi party candidate was stabbed to death in Debremarkos in North Western Ethiopia.

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Ethiopian rebels launched major offensive in Northern Ethiopia Reviewed by Admin on 1:06 AM Rating: 5


  1. If this is true, It will be the end of Shabiya.

  2. This is just lies & propaganda. Ginbot 7 has the same chance of succeeding as the eritrean opposition based in ethiopia has of succeeding...meaning ZERO!!!

    Eritrean Government isn't stupid enough to let them conduct an offensive and risk being associated with them and in turn giving ethiopia another chance to use this as a pretext to attack eritrea.

    They put a picture of a female to draw comparisons to the EPLF, which is a stupid move.

    Government of Eritrea should stop supporting this group. We are better of supporting OLF & ONLF. These groups are real groups with a clear agenda with a real history.

  3. Yep this is true and it is the end game Woyane beggar boy. If I were you, I would take my loot, pack and leave town. There will be a new sherif in town coming after your tribal regime:))

  4. It's not true. The Ethiopian government would make use of this to take swift action against isaias like they did in 2012 remember? Even the Asmara regime came out with a statement acknowledging the act back then took place.
    Eritrean regime supporters in the diaspora are pathetic man. Just take a look at the comments on this site and others. These people predict the demise of the Ethiopian government and state for a more than 10 years now and the result is nothing. Their whole existence depends on the situation in Ethiopia and hatred of the country and people. Look how many articles they have on Ethiopia. Just take the GERD issue for instance. (Some of) these people were hoping that Egypt actually would take military action against the dam and that Eritrea should support such a move by providing a military base for example. This goes to show you the desperation of these folks. And when the Ethiopian, Egyptian and Sudanese governments agreed to work together to create a situation all sides would win they were frustrated of as usual. Always being outplayed and not realizing that Eritrea isolating itself (IGAD departure, Djibouti conflict) is only hurting Eritrea and not Ethiopia. Just think about it. Having three neighboring countries and having bad relations with two of those. Only Sudan has somewhat normal relations with Eritrea, but Sudan of course fully supports Ethiopia's plans on the Nile and will benefit from the cascade of dams being built in the Blue Nile. Just remember people, the no war no peace situation is here to stay for a long, long time. It's been 13 years now, so better to prepare yourself for another thirteen long frustrating years. Good luck.

  5. In your dreams, amaniel. Sad person you are, still hoping for Ethiopia's demise 17 years after you were expelled for being a leech. Keep on talking about Ethiopia from DC. How sad to see such a person write comment after comment about Ethiopia from his DC home. Don't you have a job or some other activity? I guess being a welfare queen in DC is better than going to Asmara and live there permanently under the yoke of the tyrant. Good luck loser.

  6. You changed your pen name again :)) No Eritrean has ill wishes towards Ethiopia but it is you who is dreaming. Your tribal Woyane beggar regime is not synonyms with Ethiopia. I know you want to badly warp yourself with the Ethiopian flag to save your sorry Woyane ass. You raped, looted and murdered too many not to mention begging on behalf of the whole region.
    You nasty coward Woyane beggar, we will see if the people you have been pimping for will be there to save you when the test of your won medicine is at your doorstep.

  7. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 5, 2015 at 6:07 AM

    Well... well..well, this is good this time no mercy.. woyane-tigray are going to flee to their handlers or maybe the same fate that snatched Gaddafi will soon be upon woyanetat. Ha-ha-ha...

  8. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 5, 2015 at 6:11 AM

    No...Not really, its going to be ur end, tigray is the most hated pple in ethiopia thanks to woyane... soon we will see a smoke from in the middle of it. better flee zale or better dig ur own six feet down the rabbit hole. :D

  9. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 5, 2015 at 6:13 AM

    U better flee dorho-agame before hell tailor make u a suit size 6 feet under.

  10. You are wrong there. I have an ill wish against Ethiopia the same way they have had an ill wish against us for too long now, maybe not as ill of a wish that they have but yhh... We never started this...

  11. we Tegaru respect any person or county unlike you. If you want you can ask you boss Italy. but if he pass his limit we give him the right respond. you can check our history.

  12. our history is not teach as how to flee but how to face the problem. so don't worry about as. it is better to think about your hopeless Eritrea.

  13. Your history shows begging 24/7 until Eritreans taught you and supported you to defend yourself and all you can do with that opportunity is turn yourself into a thief and backstabbing you lying Woyane scumbag. Yep, you have a history. You are the poster child of poverty, starvation and begging. You cant even was the stench of yourself you dishonest Woyane dumb ass.

  14. Eritreans should viperously defend their country but there is no need for hate.
    What goes around comes around and the Woyane beggars will ripe what they sawed like the rest of Ethiopian rulers who came to Eritrea to rape, murder and pillage Eritrea and Eritreans.

  15. If it's a lie, then no need for you to worry about, Mekelle boy. And quit wearing that Eritrean garb. You ain't one!!!

  16. Woyane history or Story?
    Low Quenty Havest? :)

  17. Haha, listen here stupid sahsah qomal agame.. I don't know what you've been smoking, but use your brain and read CAREFULLY what I just wrote.

    While we ride tour de France.... You weyanes ride camels!!!

  18. TPLF is like rotten wood once touches it will collapse
    within days if not within months. Why because the last 24years we have seen
    & observed that this thugs culture a deceptive, lying, fake-election,
    divide a rule based on ethnicity, corruption, looting & leeches the entire
    the country’s resources. This is of course overdue how this gangs Looter &
    narrowed minded TPLF sustained till now which represent 5% of population the
    ANSWER IS SIMPLE, with supporters & guarantor by the United State of
    America especially individuals people who work at state of department like
    incompetent Susan rice, Jundiai Frazer and Gayele Smith. Now it is the time for
    all peace loving & innocent two sisterly country to work together for
    better life their citizens once this Cancer weed out from Horn Africa & of
    course from Ethiopia.

  19. if this is true this is the only way ETHIOPIANS get change look ERITREA fight for 30 years when UN turn its back so ETHIOPIANS insted of demonstration infront of UN OR USA WHITE HAUSE show WEYANE WHO have more human power 90.000000milion people let the VOLCANO eraoupt on WEYANE

  20. IHAVE advice to WEYANE for 25 years you looting & stiling from ETHIOPIA transfer it to MEKELE &ADIGRAT so be wise live ETHIOPIA PEACEFULL or you will see the GINBOT 7 ARBEGNOSH TDM OROMO in your door step taking all the staff you stol then your ABAY TGRAY will live with nothing


  22. Who puts this thugs at 4 kilo. who teaches how to handle a gun it is Galant Shabia. So Shabia knows how to dismantle this thugs once for all from entire horn Africa with empty hand. you will see soon.

  23. Warning, Zale looks like IQ63.

  24. What history? The history if Beles or Quenty?

  25. There is no Ethiopian rebels but Eritrean soldiers. Any force coming from Eritrea is part of Eritrean army. Eritrea can't Ethiopian rebels cover to attack Ethiopia. If the Eritrean government is letting this people use its territory to stage an attack on Ethiopia, Eritrea better root out this group. Otherwise, there is no any difference between the "rebel" and Eritrean army. If any neighboring state of Ethiopia allows its territory for military operation for attacking Ethiopia it is a declaration of war by the state against Ethiopia. There is no political gimmicks about it. Eritrea is declaring a war on Ethiopia if it lets anyone use its territory to attack Ethiopia.

  26. sometimes you remind me elementary school friends. One student name calls the other and the other student do like wise. I wish you could debate.

  27. Shabiya is beaten up. It has few military hard ware left to use that was stored for rainy days. What shabiya will do next is to use its military since Shabiya lost diplomatically and economically. The next six month Shabiya will send its troops to Ethiopia in the name of Ethiopian rebel to attack Ethiopia just t make sure the international community has something to worry about rather than human right violations and crime against humanity in Eritrea.

  28. Childish news!!! If this is true, there will be no PFDJ in s few months. Weyane will have a big reason to wage war against Eritrea to the fact that these Ethiopian oppositions are based in Eritrea and want to uproot them from their hideouts. In Eritrea what we have is drums and dancers only.

  29. What is scaring your government is not Woyane but Ethiopia becoming economically and politically viable. You government is probed for human right violation and alleged of crime against humanity. Before your government does anything to Ethiopia it has to survive its own political crisis. Your government in order to survive, first, it has to fight the international community political presser, second, it has to survive economic isolation, third, it has to survive social crisis of its soldiers leaving in masses to neighboring countries. International political presser, economic isolation, and social crisis are big enough for you government to challenge before it ties to dismantle Ethiopia. With all these problem on its hand, if the Eritrean government tries to attack woyne it is just trying to survive by deflecting attention. The end result, though, mass killing of Eritrean soldiers by Ethiopian army by a war incited by your government to survive. Ethiopia will never fire the first bullet. Ethiopia is prepared to counter attack because Eritrea will fire first under a lot of political, social, and economical pressure. The first fired bullet from Eritrea comes as a form of rebel attack or to take Badme by force.

  30. The minority of a minority Tribal Junta is living on borrowed times and is one bullet away from extinction. Aside from the 100% election victory, the Ethiopian political dynamics are unsustainable. The minority brutal junta can't even garner the support of, let alone the 100 million population of Ethiopia, but the 5 million population of Tigray.
    The Ethiopian volcano is ready to explode. The Tigrayans are between a rock and hard place. The Ethnic Apartheid policies which was designed to divide and rule Ethiopia is engulfing Tigray like a wildfire. Tigrayans are divided into two factions. The Adwa, Shire and Axum faction and Mekele, Tembein and Adi Grat faction. Both are waiting for the most opportune time to settle their scores.
    Ethiopians in general have one common enemy, theTigrayans. Tigrayan blood bath or the Hawzien Part II is fast approaching. The majority of Tigrayans are siding with the TPDM to withstand the gathering storm. Above all the Ethiopian progressive forces have made Asmara as the crucible of their operations and accepted Eritrea as the driving motor of the HOA progressive political movements.
    Thus a new political dynamics has already being taken shape in the HOA. All the progressive democratic forces are jockeying for positions before the final push. Eritrea is ready to participate in this effort. We have done it before and we can do it again. The road to Addis passes through Asmara.
    The US policies of saving the puppet Tribal Junta at any coast has failed and the time has come when Eritreans and Ethiopians should coordinate their activities and redouble their efforts in surgically removing the metastasising political cancer of the Tribal Junta from he Ethiopian body politic.
    If wisdom has to prevail the good of Eritrea is good for Ethiopia and vice versa. The political ball in the Tigrayan quarter. The people of Tigray need to abandon the sinking Tribal Junta and join their Eritrean and Ethiopian neighbours before the unexpected happens.
    When the revolution explodes the end result can be unpredictable especially in Ethiopia where ethnic politics reign supreme and a national army led by only and only on ethnic minority of a minority ethnic group.

  31. If wisdom has to prevail a government accused of human right violation and crime against humanity will be more isolated and will disintegrate. If wisdom prevails a government under pressure starts a war with its neighbor. If wisdom prevails the weakest government that is oppressing its own people, that has weak economy, that has been isolated politically by the international community, will collapse before our eyes. A government at odds with its own people at odds with its neighbor, at odds with major powers, at odds with international community and its institutions has no any other means to stay alive but die a slow death. Ethiopia, or as you call it Woyane, is doing its home work to expect the unexpected, Eritrea firing the first bullet and Ethiopia to respond responsibly. If you are hopping a few discontented Ethiopian citizens that are very few in Ethiopia are going to bring glory to Eritrea, the chances of that is as small as the number of people who are not content. Because you are saying Eritrea is weak but the political situation in Ethiopia might help us to win over Ethiopia, yea right!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. If you challenge woyane all other Ethiopians flock to Eritrea, the land of milk and honey, what a dream, what a vision.

  33. ሃማም ቋሕማም....

    There is already a war declared by your Woynaes and the Pappagallo assembly that has never been reversed. So, What are you bragging about here?

    ክፉእሲ ክንዲ ዝስተር ይግተር ድዩ ዝብሃል። ንልዕሊ 17 ዓመታት ኲናት ኣውጅኩም ሰብን መሬትን ከተባድሙ ተበጊስኩምሲ ሕጂ ኣማውታ ዕቡያት. . . ወያነ ኮ ዝኾነላ መሲሉዋ እልፊ ጂሃድን ካልኦት ጸበብቲን ክትጫጭሕ ዳርካ 20ዓመታ ቀሪቡ ዩ። ደመሓኤ ዝበሃሉ ቅድሚ ኲናት ምእዋጃ ኣትሒዛ ታተ ተብሎም ዝነበረት አንተጸብጺብካዮም ፈጺምካ ኣዕሪፋ ውን ኣይትፈልጥን። ኣነ ዝገርመኒ ኣብ መንግስቲ ኤርትራ ዘሎ ዓቕልን ትዕግስትን'ዩ። ምናልባት ውን ንዒቑዋ ዲዩ ክንድዚ ቸይቸይ ክትብል ሱቕ ኢሉ ዝርእያ ኔሩ? ከምዚ ጻጸ ኣብ ሓርማዝ ተሓንጊሩ ዝጻረፍ፨ንሳ ድማ ኣብ ሳሕል ብናይ ህዝባዊ ግንባር ሬድዮ አንዳ ተጠቕመትን አንዳ ተማህረትን ከላ ኣትሒዛ እኮያ ሻዕቢያ ብርጅዋ አንዳ በለት ትጻረፍ ኔራ። ናይዛ ጃንዳ አዚኣ ጸብጺብካ ዝውዳእ ኣይኮነን፡ ንዓ ድኣ ነብስኻ ኣድሕን ሃማመይ።

  34. Good, Ethiopians will attack these weyane scumbags, north, south, east and west. They will not sleep one second. They will no doubt suffer for their crimes.

  35. You're under the assumption Ethiopians will back weyane. They can't do anything to Eritrea

  36. What are you going to do about it beggar boy:))

  37. You guys resolve your internal tribal problems, we Eritreans do not need to have something with "minor circle" like you boot leaker, just handle your ogaden problem, gambela, oromo, amhara, debub hezboch affairs..lot to count..once you get solve that questions then come to talk to neighbours..


  39. Thank you , he is like a child .

  40. This site, consciously or unconsciously, has become a sanctuary for xenophobes and war mongers. I am of the opinion that Eritrea and Eritreans should not poke their nose in the affairs of other countries including Ethiopia. If these groups, the Ethiopian oppositions, are genuine let them learn from
    what the Eritrea conducted their war of independence and they, including their leadership, leave Eritrean soil and wage the war in Ethiopia. Eritrea has neither the resources nor the time to be involved especial now when the country is along the road of ambitious and mammoth economic and social development. Eritrea should not spend its meager national resources in cases like these. Peace and reconciliation among Eritreans and with its neighbors is a prerequisite for achieving the goals of the objective of its long term national plan and its effort to improve the standard of living and quality of life of the population. My wish and dream is that peace and reconciliation comes to Eritrea and its heroic people.

  41. THE TRIP BY OBAMA TO WEYANE LAND IS TO TAKE THE WEYANE REGIME TO GIVE THEM SHELTER IN USA because the volcano is erauopted onWEYANE GINBOT 7 TDM ARBEGNOSH GIMBAR are waging war to finsh WEYANE ONES FOR ALL thats whay OBAMA is visiting WEYANE with one way plane ticket

  42. Do you know Weyane was harbored in Sudan during its jungle time fighting the dergue. Now Sudan has got a big fertile land of Ethiopia illegally by the Weyane banda in favor of not harbor Ethiopian Patriots in its land as did to Weyane. A free electricity and water is also given to Kenya and Djibouti consecutively as a gift not harbor Patriots. So, thanks to the Eritrean Government our heroes got harbored. In our history these two countries and their people have common purpose and history to live and work together. Now Eritrea makes history to its sisters and brothers of Ethiopian heroes by being given haven and home during this terrible time. Tomorrow we will live and work together with Eritreans in all aspect of life after the fall of the brutal rule of Weyane. Shame for Weyane. God bless Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  43. ESAT Weekly News July 5 2015 ESAT

    Ginbot 7 rebels on the move in Shire, Ethiopia

  44. Lol you guys have been predicting the demise of Woyane for more than a decade. Tell us why it hasn't happened yet. Eritrean regime supporters are delusional people. I really feel sorry for you. Always hoping for bad things to happen to Ethiopia and even Djibouti now. Remember how people on this site were hoping Egypt would take military action against Ethiopia due to the building of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Some even openly called for Eritrea to provide assistance in making sure this action would take place. Unfortunately for them Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia have signed an agreement and will work together to make this issue a beneficial one for all parties involved. That's right Sudan (the only neighboring country of Eritrea that still has some relation with the madman in Asmara) is FULLY behind the GERD project. I understand that the no war no peace situation is frustrating you, but think about this. The no war no peace situation has been going on for 13 years now, what makes you think Ethiopia wont continue it for another thirteen years lol. No war no peace is here to stay for a long, long time and unfortunately for you guys, there is nothing you guys can do about it. Good luck with your frustration though and good luck with Herman Cohen and his efforts to help you guys get rid of the sanctions.

  45. Ethiopian review
    by Elias
    I have been trying to verify ESAT's report about military actions in Tigray, northern Ethiopia, by Ginbot 7 fighters over the past few days. As of tonight, I could not find any one locally who can give me an independent confirmation other than an information about occasional clashes between various clans and tribes in remote areas of the region. I will continue my effort to gather all the facts and report to you. In the mean time, I can tell you for certain that ESAT's source for the news, Zemene Kasse, has been and continues to be a hostage of the Eritrean government. He has been banned from leaving Eritrea to prevent him from exposing all the lies that are being told. It is highly likely that Zemene is feeding ESAT a false news that is fabricated by Shabia. If such military action has really taken place, many people who closely follow situations in both Asmara and Addis Ababa are telling me that it will no doubt cause a strong military response from Woyanne and possibly full scale war. That is the last thing the Shabia regime in Eritrea that has been ravaged by the U.N. sanction needs.

  46. For the weyanus to attack Eritrea, no pretext is needed but courage. That's what's giving you up. You're no eritrean. Don't you think the weyanus already know this forces are based in Eritrea?Look you idiot, our fight is against uncle sams policy not the qodarat agame.

  47. Listen here Mr weyane. Do you think adding "Asmara" will make you eritrean? Guess what, you're not! Our fight isn't with just stupid USA. It's with the whole West. We're fighting an aid policy that is wrong. We're fighting against this perception that Africans are weak and aren't able to think for themselves. We Eritreans are self reliant and we love it!

    Y Geremena alo!!!!

  48. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 6, 2015 at 1:12 PM

    Scared.. Ha-ha-ha... not really ur govt is hostile against mine, so this, this is justified nebsi... u tried to speak like woyane-tigry as an Angle. lol u started it and now swallow ur pride.

    Nope, Not really... Others are been killed by ur belove woyane-tigray apartheid regime that only cares for tigray. but the the..Oromo, Ogaden, Gambella..etc..etc are been killed and they are forced to form in groups to free their from getting massacred, arbitrary detention, extrajudicial executions, and rape. Torture and other ill-treatment of detainees, and their houses burned to ground.etc ... But they know a tigraway cant feel their pain becuz its not tigray that has been massacred, raped...etc..etc.. by the woyane-tigray's regime.
    ______________________________________________________________________________________The Ogaden is woyane-tigray’s dark, dirty secret. It is far from prying international eyes, where almost anything can be done to anyone the government does not like.
    The pple non Tigrawot are saying..Woyane-tigray is loathing Ethiopia... by takeing everything to tigray. so its not me talking from ma behind here.. its the Ethiopians pple that are against the 100% winner apartheid regime called woyane-tigray. :)

    So u can mumble in a smart way to justify ur beloved woyane-tigray's crime against humanty... but thanks to their handlers they are protected. so this Ethiopians are waging war against ur beloved. and thats the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. : -)

    Oh and just FYI--->EPRDF- Is, the new name adopted by the TPLF (Tigray Peoples Liberation Front) to camouflage it’s narrow ethnic base and rule Ethiopia. So ur propoganda is ineffective here, so vomit somewhere else.

    Am not gonna waste ma time talking to a woyane kadre.. so am gonna let this video speak for mwä. :D.

  49. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 6, 2015 at 1:31 PM

    Ha-ha-ha.. Afraid and Angry at the same time woyane's boy. yes everyone is coming for ur beloved woyane-tigray apartheid regime. :D

    And did u say dismantle Ethiopia...well wrong again, the only thing thats gong to be dismantle after the war is tigray. yes imagen looking like Syria or something.
    Erty· comment in tigrayonline

    Mekelle and some part of Tigray have to be protected very well. Places that have very close proximity to Eritrea are venerable if Eritrea dares to retaliate. Tgray has been the heart of Ethiopia's defense line from north and Ethiopia must take extreme cautions not to lose a single life from our beloved tigrian people.

    See Erty... u don't give a shit about the other Ethiopian life.. becuz in ur eyes, the Oromo, Ogaden, Gambella..etc..etc lives is cheap. and thats just sad. and thats why they are against Tigray and Woyane.

    Well Erty we will destroy woyane-tigray the pets of the west and after that peace will come both to Eritrean-pple and Ethiopian-pple... just wait and see. the first battle ground will be inside Tigray.. it will look like Syria after that. :) :) :) This time No Oromo, Gambela or Ogaden so on..will come to be cannon fodders in-order to save ur beloved tigray. That ship has sailed--Tigraway.. this time u are on ur own. :D

  50. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 6, 2015 at 1:46 PM

    Eri-Army 355k : ) === 329k and counting Ethio-op-groups arm to the teeth..that hate woyane-tigray. :D

  51. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 6, 2015 at 1:55 PM

    U mean like ur brother Erty... ______________________________________________________________________________
    Erty· comment in tigrayonline this is ur own word...

    Mekelle and some part of Tigray have to be protected very well. Places that have very close proximity to Eritrea are venerable if Eritrea dares to retaliate. Tgray has been the heart of Ethiopia's defense line from north and Ethiopia must take extreme cautions not to lose a single life from our beloved tigrian people.

    See Tigrawot... u don't give a shit about the other Ethiopian life.. becuz in ur eyes, the Oromo, Ogaden, Gambella..etc..etc lives is cheap. and thats just sad. and thats why they are against Tigray and Woyane.

    U are here for ur beloved woyane-tigray becuz without ur beloved there is no looting...u will be back to quenty picking.

    Well Zale and Erty.. we will destroy woyane-tigray the pets of the west and after that peace will come both to Eritrean-pple and Ethiopian-pple... just wait and see. the first battle ground will be inside Tigray.. it will look like Syria after that. :) :) :) This time No Oromo, Gambela or Ogaden so on..will come to be tigray's cannon fodders in-order to save ur beloved tigray. That ship has sailed--Tigraway.. this time u are on ur own. :D

  52. ወይ ጉጉጉጉድ ደረቐኛ ዓጋመ፡
    Why worried about woyane if you are not one of them?ግም።
    Well done Ethio-fighters,keep marching.የ ዓጋመ ባንዳዎች መጥፋት ኣለባቸው።

  53. If woyane-tigray is the pet of the west, you have a bigger issue than you imagine, don't you think?

  54. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 6, 2015 at 2:40 PM

    Nope not really--- Even the derg was a pet of the white man...and they got whacked by Shaebia. : )


  56. I am Oromo, Gurage, and Amhara, not from Tigray. But Tigary people are my people I give my life if necessary to protect them.

  57. Shabia took 30 years to do what it did. They were fortunate. USSR collapsed which was the supporter of Derg. You guys got lucky. If it was not for that moment of history you could have been in your trenches dead by now. The only thing that had changed in that period was that shift in world order which brought a change to Eritrea. Otherwise 30 years had gone Eritrea fighting but no result. If you are counting on history to come out of your misery think again. You are not as brave as you think. Badme is a living testament for your bravery. Ethiopia can reverse your achievement in a month that took you 30 years to attain. But we are not interested in that. Rather live in peace with Eritreans. Understanding, Arrogance is for those who achieved little, because when it comes to war Ethiopia did it when it counted most, lived free for its history. Your bravery is blown out of proportion which is a major problem for Eritrea and Eritrean government to behave the way they do leaving them stuck in one spot. Eritrea never come victories unless opportunities favor its cause, a political shift in favor of Eritrea. It is why Eritrea from its inception meddle with politic in the region to create a situation to get what it wants through crisis that it couldn't accomplish military. I want Eritrea to stick to its past strategies to gain what it needs because that depends only on a change in world order and regional political shift which is going to be hard to come by. It is once a life time opportunity occurrence, depending on this kind of change in circumstance that took place in world history is like to depend on fortune teller. Good Luck, Eritrea!!!!!!!!

  58. When I was replying to you I forgot to mention that during the liberation struggle Eritrean were the most intellectual in the region at that time. Ethiopia took a population that was not allowed to go beyond 4th grade and produced the most and the best intellectuals in the region from Eritreans who came back supporting the cause of Eritrea independence by back stabbing Ethiopians. Eritrea independence was funded by Ethiopian-Eritrean and planned by Ethiopian educated Eritreans. The resources needed to fight for independency was coming from Ethiopia. Eritrea with 6 million people to govern, educate, feed can not sustain any war. It is why Ethiopia has no war no peace with Eritrea. Eritrea has the wrong perception about itself. After waging 30 years of war getting independency sent the wrong message and raised the Eritreans confidence to a different level because they failed to understand that in their struggle Ethiopia was the main source and supply of resources and funds indirectly. Eritreans forgot what it was the necessary component for their success in fighting for independence Ethiopian resources, I am glad they did. During the liberation Eritrea has the upper hand in disseminating information because Eritrea has all Ethiopian educated Eritreans to balance the scale toward Eritrea for intellectual capital to be used against Ethiopia. Now not any more. Eritrea's false nature and arrogance would be exposed by Ethiopian intellectuals who have the best interest in heart for Ethiopia, not like the old days where by Ethiopian educated Eritreans were the only source of information.

  59. Imagine two young students, ZeriSenay & Bezabeh, enrolling in college as freshman back in the day. ZeriSenay & Bezabeh were in the same field and on a head-on-collision competing against each other. Zerisenay was not popular, had no friends, but very confident in his own abilities; on the other hand, Bezabeh very popular and known to have many friends in the school. His main friends were Kennedy and Smirnov, where they were graduate students working on their PhD, completing their studies within a year and 3 years, respectively.
    After 4 grueling years of college, ZeriSenay graduated with distinction! While Bezabeh dropped out during his senior year in college, due to the absence of his buddies Kennedy and Smirnov who were no longer on the university to help him. Everyone in the school knew Bezabeh was being “helped” (with transportation, food, clothing, school supplies, tutoring, even doing his home works and exams!) by his friends Kennedy and Smirnov.
    What would you say if Bezabeh was to tell people that Zerisenay is very lucky to have graduated with distinction, and if it wasn’t for the loss of my friends Kennedy and Smirnov, I would have graduated and out-performed ZeriSenay. Would think Bezabeh should be ashamed? Or he does not have what it takes to be ashamed?
    Did I say why I’m telling you this story?
    We have to thank “Erty” and his comment/Response to Alec You, which was, ....
    "Shabia took 30 years to do what it did. They were fortunate. USSR collapsed which was the supporter of Derg. You guys got lucky. If it was not for that moment of history you could have been in your trenches dead by now."

  60. Bravo Jart !!!
    ... finally using lower case alphabets.
    Glad to see you follow my advice !!

  61. You don't need me to debate you, you have jart.

  62. How is "Journalist" Elias trying to verify ESAT's report?
    From His sources in Eritrea? :)
    I thought Elias thinks Ginbot 7 is finished with 5 or 6 members left in Eritrea?
    Either Ginbot 7's army in Eritrea are strong or No need to verify ESAT's report.

  63. There was a war called the six day war between Israel and the Arab nations, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in 1967. The war remembered for its short conclusion. Wars are recognized not only how they concluded but how long it take to close them. I can give you a lot of simple examples of people who succeeded in some areas while other failed or vise versa. Eritrea's fight for independence is one of the longest war in the world. longevity to get of a bad situation is not a sign of strength.

  64. Ok, but how is Ramadan? I hope you are doing fine? It is almost over, have a happy Ramadan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Thank you for recognizing his positive change, some advices for good reason result in good change.

  66. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 7, 2015 at 7:00 AM

    No i doubt that. if u were From Oromo, and Amhara so on.. how come the suffering of the Oromo or the Amhara.. have no affect on u. if it had well u wouldn't support the woyane that are killing lots of Oromo citizens and over 2.5 Million Amharas perished into the thin air by the hands of woyane-tigray. so to say that u are from this pple that are suffering in the hands of woyane-tigray is just a mockery.

    But here u are cheering for woyane-tigray. Its like an African cheering with the Nazy against the suffering of his own. So no doubt that u are Tigrawai.

  67. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 7, 2015 at 7:18 AM

    The truth made u fizzle and now u commented like at 2:39 AM LOL... i guess the truth is hard to swallow Erty tigrawai.

    All i here is blah blah bla... u want to make ur self feel something by going back to history and farting by cooking some theory.. Shaebia this,Shaebia that, the war in 98 this and badme that Ha-ha-ha, u are so weak lol. in reality ur theory will never save ur woyane-tigray from getting dismantle. in that 98 war, its becuz of ur savior the US that ur still here.. go see read it in Antiwar.. if it wasn't for them.. we would wiped u out at that time. and its clear that why now u kiss the white- Neo-cons behind cuz they saved ur butt.

    And did u say live in peace with Eritreans lol.. if u wanted peace u wouldn't toil for ur master to destroy us Eritreans..but when Shaebia counteract now u tried to sound like an Angle, ya u are so scared u even called for Eritrean i will say this to u, [PEACE IS BEAUTIFUL, BUT NOT TO BE TRUSTED WITH WOYANE-TIGRAY] this is the end of woyane. Now ur master will do nothing... becuz this time its the Ethiopians that will dismantle the woyane-tigray. and as a concerned neighbor we will give them help u know like ur handlers did for those who need it..oh u know like in Libya, Syria so on. i can see the fear in u lil one... becuz when this Ethio-op-groups launched another final offensive attack against ur beloved regime-> woyane-tigray will also face a large rebellion rom the pple inside... sound familiar yep just like Libya, Yemen and Syria. and as a tigrayan u should be scared, after all u pple-(tigraians) are the most hated pple in Ethiopia thanks to woyane-tigray. :)

    BTW..woyane-tigray is not Ethiopa... look at tigraians and the other Ethio-pple liven conditions... the non-tigraians are eating shit while the tigrayans liven in their comfort-bed made by woyane, the non-tigraians are that has been massacred by the apartheid regime woyane-tigray. only a tigraian can believe..what ur saying. Going back to quenty picking is coming-soon ...

    Oh it doesnt really matter about ur crazy pathetic theory professor Germu, trying to make yourself good in a situation like this is normal...anywho rebellion from the inside is the scary part for tigrawot-woyane-stooges like u with ur beloved woyane-tigray. and stay tuned for that one to...

    I think, correct me if am wrong but u once said u are in the US, so u are safe, and talking from afar is just laughable. AND the farting & cooking theory about Shaebia is just.. wait for it...HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA.......


  68. ኣሌክ - Alec youJuly 7, 2015 at 7:22 AM

    Holy shit u are so scared, of-course u forgot u are shaking in ur harambe by this marvelous situation LOL. Ha-ha-ha...

    well then, dont forget also...when this Ethio-op-groups launched another final offensive attack against against ur beloved regime-> There is also a fear from u stooges that-- woyane-tigray will also face a large rebellion from the pple inside... sound familiar yep just like libya Yemen and Syria. thats the scary part isn't it??? LOl...and as tigrayan u should be scared, after all u pple(tigraians) are the most hated pple in Ethiopia thanks to woyane-tigray. : )

    I repeated this one just to remind u...the danger that is lurking for ur beloved woyane-tigray from north and in the belly of south. Erty tigrawai. :D

  69. During the struggle for independence, none of the Eritrean libration fronts were harbored in other countries. The leadership of both ELF and EPLF were living and heroically leading the struggle within Eritrea. You cannot lead a libration front through a telescope from your comfort in Asmara. What is ironical is that the leadership of some of Ethiopia’s oppositions are opposed to the independence of Eritrea and some even promote the idea of retaking Asab by any means possible. This is on record and some of them have even wrote a book about it. After 30-years prolonged and bloody war Eritreans should be left alone to build their economy and social infrastructure. Eritrea should not and cannot be a war zone for perpetuity and be regarded by the world as warlike erratic.
    Their politics and diplomacy should reflect the true nature of Eritrean personality:
    gentle, generous, just, industrious, and heroic. What Eritrea needs urgently is
    peace and reconciliation within and with all their neighbors and countries

  70. Quote of the Week:
    Courtesy of Tewelde G/mariam:(Source Awate.Com Forum)

    Ethiopia, as a former colonialist and with a scar of military and political defeat, for you to imply that it has no hostile intention on our country and that it has not been trying to recoup what it had lost under the guise of helping the opposition is simply disingenous, probably with intention of misleading others.

    However, as being propagated by isaias afewerki and his agents, to lay the entire blame of our problem on Ethiopia is also disingenuous and misleading. It seems there are strong faction within the PFDJs led by isaias afewerki, whose lips utter patriotism but whose hands dig the grave of Eritrean Sovereignty.

    There are some evidences that can shed light into the darkness where the faction is performing its dubious activities. For example, on the eve of the EPLFs' military Victory on Ethiopia and its Soviet surrogate, isaias afewerki handed over Badme to woyane, and the 1998 Eritrean Ethiopian war was fought on its account. Why would isaias afewerki voluntarily give Badme to woyane and then turned around to take it by force? This is dubious. Isn't it?

    The two initial Ethiopian military offensive were successfully crashed by the Eritrean Defense Forces. Just before the third Ethiopian offensive howevet, isaias afewerki, under the slogan of miraculous Victory, takes the mantle of Eritrean military command, and the Ethiopian military , finding undefended Eritrean territory, sneaks deep into Eritrea and launches a surprise attack on Eritrean Defense Forces from their rearguard. Can this be a coincident? Or, could it be isaias afewerki took the command to that effect? Time will tell.

    Isaias afewerki had also ordered our Assab Front to withdraw but the commanding officer rejected the order and Assab was saved.

    His rancor against the Peace Keepers, the UN General Secretary, the UNSC and USA the aftermath of Algeirs treaty might also have been designed to get Eritrea hated on his account and bring about the ruinous No War No Peace situation on the country.

    From all that and many other telling evidences, I think it is possible to connect woyane and isaias afewerki as one and the same, and that the so called oppositions and supporters of isaias afewerki are simply manipulated simpletons".
    I am afraid that you might be right about the conspiracy.Not sure why the Eri Majority cannot consider these gross and obvious signs of the times.??Ignorance,dumbness,givng up ,frustration,etc....
    Add the Folllowing:
    -The set up for the Exodus of the Eri Youth
    -The Stubborn Position of the Baduma issue but contradictory at best since we were told that the Border is a done deal and virtually demarcated,and yet keeping the Constitution as a Hostage even after the border is declared "Virtually demarcated",which has been the excuse for NOT implementing the Constitution.
    The handling of the Thrid Offensive,indeed,needs serious investigation eventhough kind of too late as the heros are now either dead or non-functional.and well targeted through his deadly Machiavelian ,Maoist and Stalinist tricks and tactics.
    The worst, the boss was heard saying:
    "To argue that there is " No War NO Peace" is but naivity,meaning that for PIA,that does NOT exist at all but it was only few months ago that he made lots of excuses saying that the Sanction and the NO WAR NO Peace have affected us miserably.
    Either this person is crooked and saying and doing things deliberately as a retaliation to the Eri People coz they call him an Agame behind him(per the Book of Dr Andebirhan),or he is a man full of psychopath and complex and major psychiatric issues including untreated Bipolar/ Narcisistic Bahavior,that need serious attention and investigation.
    Yemane Ghebre'Ab came up latelly with new excuses saying that:
    "We do not have to have a Constitution as the Britons even do not have one"!
    "We will achieve everything within the next 3-5 yrs"(Chinese TV)

  71. Erty,
    Do you know what you are talking about? Either you have no clue about your countries and Eritrea's history or ???
    Ethiopia under Haile Slassie was supported by USA from 1952 to 1976
    Ethiopia under Mengistu was supported by USSR from 1977 to 1990
    Ethiopia's population was 20 times that of Eritrea (60 Million versus 3 Million)
    Please lets stop about our UGLY WAR PAST.
    Thank you

  72. You are truly SMART, how did you know I am a Muslim?

  73. I witnessed it !!!

  74. He is simply a confused person.


  76. You dumb Italian slave we are the ones still in Badme so it is your move an trust me this is just fake news to divert attention from the millions of ERITREASS slaves drowning in the Red Sea! Face it Obama is still coming to Ethiopia and your Dictator for life Issaiass will be prosecuted for war crimes by the ICC!

  77. You Italian slaves are so dumb that you don't even realize that ginbot 7 hates Issaiass even more than WOYANE and if they gain power they will launch a full scale invasion of ERITREASS haha

  78. Eritrea as a nation can't win a war with Ethiopia, period. You refer the past when Eritreans fought a gorilla war while all of its people were Ethiopian and taken care as Ethiopian citizen. You are comparing apple and oranges. That is where most Eritreans are lost. That past Eritrean gorilla war has no any practical reference for any war Eritrea wages as a nation. This is a major problem that is going to bring down Eritrea as we nation because Eritrea is getting the wrong impression about it self when it comes to war by comparing Eritrean citizens gorilla war as a national experiences.


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