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Mike Smith is to Eritrea What Colin Powell was to Iraq

Mike Smith (left) was selected to sell lies about phantom crimes against humanity in Eritrea in the same manner Colin Powell (right) was selected to lie to the UN about non-existing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Mike Smith is to Eritrea What Colin Powell was to Iraq

By Bereket Kidane

Former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, went in front of the United Nations and pointed at the map of Iraq declaring, “We know where those weapons of mass destruction are…they are here, here and here.”  It never occurred to him that he had been duped.  Or may be he knew all along.  To date, 12 years later, those weapons of mass destruction have yet to be found.

It was all based on lies and fabrications.  The same thing that Mike Smith and his UN bureaucrats are doing these days under the guise of COI.  These UN bureaucrats have been concocting baseless, fabricated charges against Eritrea for years now.  Before Mike Smith and Sheila Keetharuth came along there was a guy named Matt Bryden who brought fantastically outlandish charges against the State of Eritrea while openly admitting that he had no evidence whatsoever to prove any of his allegations.

Matt Bryden’s successor had a fellow by the name Dinesh Mahtani on his staff who was caught red-handed while advocating regime change in Eritrea on a United Nations letter-head and was forced to resign in disgrace.

These bogus charges against the State of Eritrea have become an annual ritual at the United Nations.  If it’s June-July, it’s time to fabricate charges against Eritrea.  It’s become crystal clear by now that the UN’s sustained attack against Eritrea is not so much aimed at undermining the Government of Eritrea as it is against the very notion of a sovereign Eritrea.  It’s aimed at reversing Eritrea’s soveignty little by little, one UN Commission at a time.

Eritrea has had the unfortunate distinction of being the only African nation whose nation-building efforts and sovereignty are continuously challenged by the UN bodies.  The only nation who has a determined enemy that happens to be an obedient servant of the West and whose sole obsession is to erase its sovereignty.

None of the countries who are one-party states get anything near the relentless, obsessive, guilty without due process bullying that Eritrea receives at the hands of UN bodies.

No other country faces continuous threats, bullying and sanctions passed by UNSC on fabricated ground and without any evidence whatsoever.

No other country has its right to self-defense challenged as Eritrea does, even though it acts no differently than any other nation would if confronted by periodic military adventures and invasions. Self-defense is the essence of sovereignty. The ultimate aim of this latest UN slander and wild allegations is to demonize and de-legitimize the State of Eritrea before stripping it of its right to defend itself.

The thing that is outrageous in all of this and makes Eritreans indignant is that the UN has historically proved itself to be completely oblivious to the suffering of Eritreans over the last 65 years. It did not establish a single committee to look into human rights abuses and war crimes committed by successive Ethiopian governments when Eritrean civilians were being lynched in towns and villages and their mothers were having their breasts torn off causing the floor to be awash in blood. As a result, the UN has zero credibility in Eritrea.

Monday’s demonstration by Eritrean citizens in Geneva against the COI and the UN’s continued belligerence toward the State of Eritrea was a show of force. Some 6,000 Eritreans dropped everything they were doing and showed up at a moment’s notice to stand up for Eritrea. Eritreans have always leapt to the defense of Eritrea whenever it is threatened from any direction.  This effort needs to be repeated again in New York this fall when the General Assembly meets in October.  This too shall be defeated so long as Eritreans stay together and united. Nobody circles the wagons like Eritreans.
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Mike Smith is to Eritrea What Colin Powell was to Iraq Reviewed by Admin on 12:51 AM Rating: 5


  1. And he admitted the truth when it was convenient. Shacking my head.

  2. Weapons of mass destruction. Yeah! Where are they? They turned Iraq into hell on earth didn't they? They are trying to do the same to Eritrea.

  3. Hi Eritreans, please watch this song from chura band, in the link down and from the ppl singing please watch one between them & his dialect at last judge for your selves, & he says adeye adeye i blame the eritreans to be funded & sing agains thire country with tigreans. If you want to leave you leave & lead simple life like any eri why you have to spoil politics of your country with your enemy for the sake of interest. Plz watch give comments

  4. Sorry sorry my bad my bad, the top is a wrong link here is the
    Correct one

  5. This is not only a case of comparing apples and oranges, it is comparing apples and rocks. Your attempts to draw a comparison the decades of the highly conspicuous/arrogantly displayed criminal/barbaric/in humane/ violent/cruel acts and behavior of the Eritrean regime is simply despicable. Look around you, have the courage to ask representative of the regime in your own city/ town, where all the prisoners of conscience are, the spiritual leaders/ followers of various religions are. Ask diaspora business/ technology investors and entrepreneurs who lost their highly ambitious and patriotic desire along with incalculable time and energy, when they tried to lift Eritrea from the ashes of poverty, rebuild Eritrea from the devastation of 30+years of war...etc, their hopes were crushed and so were the hopes of the majority of Eritrea's population, stuck for decades in abject poverty. Thanks

  6. It is no secret. Tbh, why on earth are we allowing Tigray to be the heart and foundation for the so called oppositions, and why are the traitors who side with these animals even allow themselves to be led by them. I have come across so many idiots claiming to be Eritrean but are down straight pure Tigrayen or Amhara trying to fool me since I am a foreign born Eritrean. It is really disturbing and disgusting, and the thought that there are Eritreans teaming up with them! We need to be careful otherwise that so called "Abay sh** hole Tigray" will soon become a reality, to even say myself is disturbing and unsettling

  7. Woyane Radar DetectorJune 28, 2015 at 8:03 AM

    WARNING: You Are Trespassing on Private Pro-Eritrean Space & Are Subject to Noise Cancelling

    Have a nice day!

  8. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 28, 2015 at 8:29 AM

    Ezom ms eziom Agame ztsagageu, Z'hme Atsmie sle'zelewaom eu. No Eritrean Will side with this sworn enemies to destroy their country in-order to make the dream Abay-tigray that We Eritreans Buried it with Its Frogs. Always those half are thinking Half. And we will bury u with them when the time come and there will be no mercy.

    And ma Message to those Half-AKA Z'hme Atsmie zelewaom-either Enjoy ur halflessness or Shut the fuck up...Or the same Fate that happen to the dream Abay-tigray will drop upon u By us ERITREANS!!!..

    And to the deqi tore serawit neber Like Selam-Kidane Soon u will face Eritrean pple or a bullet to the head in that foreign land ur liven and trying to destroy Eritrea like ur Fathers were with Dergy and now u offspring following in ur Fathers and mothers the traitor footsteps collaborating with the enemies to destroy Eritrea. This pple in this video are all Agame...Even tho the others language sound is Eritrean they could be Asmera born and raised Agame. Now this kinda Agame atsrina zsedednaiom this can infiltrate.

    Thanks kulu.

  9. Love the sign bro! We should bring trespassing charges on all the Tigrays that pretend to be Eritreans. They don't belong on Eritrean websites. Tell them Eritrea is for Eritreans.

  10. Makelle is their Mecca for those idiotic so-called oppo groups. In reality, they are in opposition to Eritrean sovereignty. I wish they would all move to AGAME LAND and become AGAMES. Many of them are Agame already actually.

  11. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 28, 2015 at 8:57 AM

    A bunch of Asmera born and raised Agametat...ቓንቓ፤ ኣጽሪና ዝሰደድናዬም and now they're trying to act like they're Eritreans. Ha-ha-ha.. Like brother kulu' said---> Look at the guy the one between this Asmera born and raised Agametat.. the one saying adeye adeye his dialect is clearly Agame. LOL...

  12. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 28, 2015 at 9:00 AM

    Indeed bro. Soon we will completely eradicate this Weeds.

  13. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 28, 2015 at 9:02 AM

    You can't infiltrate woyane's Boy.

  14. They learned Eritrean Tigrigna but that don't make them Eritreans you know what I mean. Agame belom.

  15. FitHi Adi Qeteltikha kedka dikha tdelya ?
    Danga Qetal sdrakha aminka ..... bderfi ftHi aymetsiEn iyu.

  16. Alec,
    Honestly these people are not Eritrea-raised. They learned Eritrean Tigrigna by watching Eri-TV.

  17. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 28, 2015 at 9:09 AM

    They know there wasn't any that so called Weapons of mass destruction, but they invaded Iraq anyway in-order to take the OiL. He know he was lying but it was all about the oil and geopolitical interest to make Iraq a terrorists save heaven.

  18. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 28, 2015 at 9:12 AM

    I know they are Agame.... Even those Enjerana Z;beleu Wala Eyom ill-wishers of Eritrea.

  19. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 28, 2015 at 9:13 AM

    Of-course they're not Eritreans. They Are Agame.

  20. And now is others make them look ghost house and seep a cup outta...

  21. Thanx all Eri guys for your judgment this ppl they are playing a lot under ground in all aspects Please Please We must differentiate things even though we straggle for better. I felt bad when i saw it in youtube with a lot of viewers. We must plan to fight this WE MUST

  22. Eritrean, non-Eritrean or even from another planet, if my comments are relevant and current to Eritrea and Eritrean people, respond with facts to counter them. Unlike the self-inflicted isolated/totalitarian societies, cyberspace must be open/border less/free from curfew/menkesakesi wereket albo. So, assuming you live in a free society of the western world, you need to adjust to freedom of speech and many other transparent habits/customs. In other words, get use to FREEDOM, brother/sister. Thanks

  23. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 28, 2015 at 2:12 PM

    Ur wlc...Its all for Eritrea bro..

    Bro.. i hope u write about this in **Madote & TN*** etc..etc. so pple can understand it better. Thanks man...

  24. Yeah i will try to write, we must open our eyes for the sake of our country and ppl.

  25. ኣሌክ - Alec youJune 28, 2015 at 11:34 PM

    Good man, and yes we must open our eyes for the sake of our country and pple.

  26. You are so patatic ...dum getto boy...defending the loser gov of Africa,get no matter how you dimonstrate or protest you have lost get used to it baboon

  27. Thanks for sharing. I can't stand watcing it. My tears could not stop. Y understand it well when y see the whole picture and tried to compare both sides. We need to work hard to aware the youth who are deserting their country. Eritrea is the only country they have. Being agitated and emotional would lead to a bad consequence unless it is corrected NOW! There are extermity. Working on the difference among ourselves is timely. 'nekedo behabar!

  28. What is freedom after all? The arrangement, the belief and the agreement was to build the country once we assure our independence. But is it not the responsibility of the youth to build the country? Surprisingly it is now named slavery. Time is prolonged priortizing between building the capacity of the people inorder to target the basic need and the upcoming of the unexpected obstacles. We need to diffrenciate between the two. The present antagonism is no different of the past regimes of Ethiopia.


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