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Finally Use Tigrinya & Tigre on iOS

Finally, you can read and write the way YOU were meant to, with the language you think in!

Tigrinya/Tigre (for iOS) opens a new world of technology for Africa's only currently used indigenous script.

A free font lets you read, in almost any app, anything written in a Ge'ez script based language. Write quickly in Tigrinya or Tigre with the fastest Ge'ez language recommendation engine! The application provides a font and a keyboard to allow users to read and write on iOS without compromising the speed and convenience of using their mobile devices.

The app is available on the Apple App Store today for $4.99. The app requires iOS 8 (a free upgrade). To purchase please go to:

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Finally Use Tigrinya & Tigre on iOS Reviewed by Admin on 7:34 AM Rating: 5


  1. I might have to get this on android.


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  3. It is great that you can now load a language that originated from Axum onto your phones and place a small Eritrean flag on the phone


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