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BBC & Al Jazeera: Two Fake news outlets protect a dying regime in Ethiopia while attacking Eritrea.

By Eritrean-American

In today’s world of deception, lying, misleading, you would think that major media outlets would do a better job of covering news to save themselves from failure. Thank god that when their ethics continue to slide down, the average person has many different avenues to consume proper and reliable information from elsewhere. Corporate media outlets and government run news organizations like AFP in France, VOA in the USA, BBC in Great Britain and Al Jazeera headed by the Qatari government have lost their minds. These are mentioned because while they deceive people as if they are independent they are really influenced by their respective governments and bankrupt politicians who sell their souls to the highest bidder.

Meanwhile, some talk about Eri-TV also being a media outlet for the ERITREAN Government. Well, the difference is that ERI-TV and media in general in Eritrea is a developing project that has also played a role in defending the nation from the many deceptions and attempts to destabilize its peaceful population. These media outlets and the millions out there are not reliable any longer. They have ruined their reputation over and over. In Eritrea’s case they are addicted to shaming Eritrea’s “SELF RELIANCE” and “INDEPENDENT” map way for standing up on its own feet. It is to be recalled when Al Jazeera using an Eritrean news anchor reported on a “FAKE COUP” that took place on January 21st, 2013. A few disgruntled members of the huge Eritrean army may be around 100 soldiers decided to drive a tank into Asmara from a remote location and seized the headquarters of the state broadcaster, Eri-TV, and allegedly broadcast a message demanding reforms and the release of political prisoners. In most countries this news would be buried in a corner under the classified advertisement but the “Fake News” from Doha, the very same one that is opening a bureau in the capital city of “LIE FACTORY” land lead by a nasty TPLF junta requested a live play by play of what happened in Asmara only to realize that the person they spoke to told them “What are you talking about? I am in Asmara and there is no such thing as a coup! Boy were they so disappointed!

Meanwhile, with the recent addition of Tigrinya service on the BBC and the new Al Jazeera bureau opening in Addis Abeba chances are everything that comes out of there will be “FAKE NEWS”. So that everyone can be aware of Fake news, we have identified the definition and;

“According to some it is a type of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media. Fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically, often with sensationalist, exaggerated, or patently false headlines that grab attention.”

Great explanation! And when it comes to these two news organizations latest attempt to confuse the people of ERITREA and the horn of Africa, they are just wasting their money. The audacity they have to hire “QUISLINGS” and TPLF funded criminals clearly shows that they are at war with themselves as they attempt save their dying regime before the majority of oppressed Ethiopians explode to take over their country. It is clear that the cancer and sickness of the horn of Africa region is the unethical, disgusting minority regime known as MLLT or TPLF and die they must. The only reason they are surviving is because of the help they are getting from western corrupt politicians. Not entire nations but politicians who gain to benefit from these thugs known as the TPLF.

BBC Tigrinya is for WOYANE TIGRAYANS! It does not and should not apply to ERITREANS! Every conscious Eritrean should be aware. Meanwhile, let us continue to keep an eye on the Qatari owned Al Jazeera as they attempt to sleep in bed with the corrupt TPLF regime in Addis Abeba, where they will start to create FICTION rather than FACTS. Our major concern should remain that fake or misleading news can spread like wildfire on social networks because of confirmation bias, the use of “likes” and sharing with our friends. This exploits an element of human psychology that makes innocent and unconscious people more likely to accept information that conforms to the existing and REAL ERITREAN NEWS, brought to you by the people for the people within ERITREA.

Awet n’ Hafash/Victory to the masses.

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