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TPLF’s New “Agaiazian” Agenda is The Old and Worn-out “Tigrai-Tigrigna”.

Musician Freselam Mussie holding the TPLF flag in Tigray, Ethiopia. Freselam is a victim of TPLF's new Agaiazian brainwashing agenda. 

TPLF’s New “Agaiazian” Agenda is The Old and Worn-out “Tigrai-Tigrigna”.

By Abel Kebedom

If you believe the Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) will stop surprising you, even for one minute, then you are wrong. Recently, the TPLF that deported more than 70,000 Eritreans because the color of their eyes was different, woke up from its deep sleep to find out that in fact the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea were related. To be specific, it believes the Tigrigna Speaking Eritreans are related to the Tigrigna Speaking Tigreans because they come from common ancestors called “Agaiazians”. Yes, from deep of it heart TPLF believes there are common threats to the newly named and TPLF baptized “Agaiazians. TPLF wants us to believe that the common threats are the Oromo’s, the Amhara’s and off course the Moslems and it is important for the “Agaiazians” to come together and fight their enemies.

Here you have. The TPLF that instigated a border war and killed more than 19,000 Eritreans and still continues to occupy sovereign Eritrean territories, planned and executed a failed economic, political and military siege against Eritrea suddenly woke up from its deep sleep and found out that Eritreans are in fact related to Ethiopians and particularly to Tigreans. For those who have gone through the worn-out “Tigrai-Tigrini” propaganda, TPLF’s new “Agaiazians” agenda is nothing but a laughing stock. However, for those who are new to the propaganda, investigating it a little further may not hurt at all. The propaganda is pushed at three fronts: Simerr Paltalk, Aiga forum and the so called “Agaiazianstv”.

“Simerr Paltalk”.

Some months ago the TPLF financed “Simerr Paltalk” was in turmoil. The reason for that turmoil was because some unsuspecting members of the pal talk found out that $5000 was deposited to their bank account without their knowledge. When the news leaked, it was discovered that a Woyane operative by the name Berhe Desta “Aka Pilot” was in fact the one who brought the money from TPLF and incentivized those who performed well in the pal talk. To be clear good performance in “Simerr Pal talk” is measured by the person’s effectiveness in attacking the people and government of Eritrea. Remember Berhe Desta’s (Aka Pilot) first assignment was to defame the Eritrean women fighters and undermine their contribution to the liberation of Eritrea. I bet he must have been paid a lot of money for that. By the way that explains the mind set of TPLF.

Back to the story. Based on that measurement of effectiveness, those who performed well were entitled to the $5000 TPLF incentive and were paid accordingly. As the turmoil progressed some members, obviously those who did not receive the incentive, asked for every administrator in the Pal talk to disclose his/her identity. When the question was posed to the main TPLF stooge and Bereket Simon’s personal messenger who goes by the nick name “Amiche”, he started performing a circus in the already circus filled Pal talk room. First he said he would tell his identity only to some select administrators. When pushed further, he said he was from the Tigrina Ethnic group. Again when probed further he argued that he did not have to name the country or village because the Tigrina of Eritrea were the same as the Tigrina of Tigrai. Here you have, Amiche was forced to expose the hidden “Agaiazians” agenda given to him by his TPLF bosses.

Aiga Forum

After the TPLF was totally rejected by the Oromos and Amharas, the “Agaiazians” propaganda started to get some traction in Aigaform. On September 13, 2016 a writer by the pen name “Abadi Abay” provided a detailed analysis of the “Agaiazians” agenda. Unconfirmed reports describe the person behind the commentary as being Bereket Simon. The fact that Aiga forum is considered the mouth piece of TPLF, the commentary was a clear evidence that in fact the Agazian agenda has been pushed by TPLF at the highest level. Some Eritreans were angry at the commentary and gave a rebuttal to it. Mr. Abadi Abay never responded. For those who are interested, you can read Mr. Abadi Abay’s analysis on the link below.

“Agaiazians” TV.

Since the commentary was published at Aiga forum, it has been common to see different TPLF operatives repeating the “Agaiazians” agenda. What is different about the YouTube based so called “Agaiaziantv” is, the propaganda is embedded in religion. The TPLF undercover uses religion to make a point about the need for the “Agaiazian” nation and openly demonizes the Muslim citzens of Eritrea and Ethiopia. This you tube TV propaganda is directed at unsuspecting youngsters in Europe who went through tough times and are clinging to religion. The Link for the “Agaiazianstv is below.

Lessons to be Learned.

The “Agaiazians’ agenda has two objectives. The first objective of the propaganda is to polarize the people of Eritrea vertically. TPLF tried to divide the people of Eritrea based on ethnic groups and failed miserably. Now under the hills of such big failure, TPLF is testing the “Agaiazians” agenda. To be clear the immediate objective of Agaiazian agenda is to divide Eritreans into highlanders and lowlanders. Remember this was tried by Dergue before and failed. The second objective is to serve as a tit of tat to the Eritrean government strategy to work with Ethiopians. TPLF is telling us that if the Eritrean government continues to work with Ethiopians, it will work with Eritreans. The problem with such argument is TPLF has no credibility left in Eritrea.


To make sure that the regions are small enough to be governed by its divide and rule strategy TPLF, has effectively turned Ethiopia into ethnic hamlets. When the Oromos and Amharas rejected its wicked intentions, it asked the Somalis and Afars to send money and cattle to Tigreans who were allegedly expelled from Amhara administrative region. This was never done when the Amhara’s were pushed out from the Beneshangul Gumuz area and begging in the streets of Addis Ababa. The purpose of the latest TPLF strategy was simply to antagonize the Somalis and Afars with the Oromo’s and Amharas. Hence the “Agaiazians” agenda needs to be seen within such context. With the Agazian agenda, TPLF is trying to do the same in Eritrea. Divide Muslims and christens. Therefore, Eritrean Christians and Muslims, be careful of the fox in a sheep skin.

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