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Mekseb Debesay Wins The Overall General Classification of Tour De Blida

Mekseb Debesay wins the overall general classification of Tour De Blida in Algeria.


BLIDA- Algerian cyclist Hichem Chaabane from "Cevital" team won Saturday in Chréa (Blida) the third and final stage of the international cycling Tour of Blida while yellow jersey returned to Eritrea's Mekseb Debesay.

At the end of the third and final stage, run between Zéralda and Chréa over a distance of 110 km, Hichem Chaabane finished in 3:13:37, ahead of Rwandan Jean Bosc Usengimana (3:13:37) and Eritrean Tesfatsion Mehari (3:13: 49).

Hichem Chaabane, already winner in Chréa in 2013, also won the polka dot jersey of best climber, while the leader's yellow jersey finally returned to Eritrean Mekseb Debesay who also clinched the red jersey of best sprinter.

Algerian Adil Barbari from GS Petroliers lost the yellow jersey to Eritrean Mekseb Debesay but managed to have the white jersey of the best hope.

The caravan of the Grand Tour of Algeria headed to Setif to hold on Sunday International Tour of Setif (96 Km), fifth round of the GTAC-2015.

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  1. Naye behaki Mekseb! Oh very fascinating. Congrats to you paricularly for yr untiring effort and professionalism, to yr family and the Eritrean community at large,

  2. Here we go, the latest report coming your way reads, "Mekseb Debesay wins the overall general classification of Tour De Blida in Algeria."

    Mekseb Debesay, Wedi Halal Meriet, congratulations for making your self, your family, and Eritrea proud.

    Then again, can you help it for you are WELEDO WARSAI!

  3. Congra Mekseb!
    Warsai Gigna!

  4. Congratulations Mekseb!
    You Are A True Product of Eritrea.

  5. I am proud All of us are proud what a champ!

  6. Congratulations Mekseb Debessay

  7. Bravo...well done Mekseb.


    Cyclisme/Critérium international de Sétif : l’Erythréen Mekseb Debesay vainqueur au sprint final

    Cycling / International Criterium de Sétif: the Eritrean Mekseb Debesay won the final sprint

    ERITREAN rider Mekseb Debesay today won the Criterium International Setif 5th round of the GTAC-2015, before Algerians Abdelbasat Hanachi of GS Oil and Hamza Faisal of Velo Club Sovac.

    The Eritrean, winner of Blida International Tour 2015, crossed the finish line with a sprint with a time of 2:05:24 against Algerian Hanachi and Hamza Faisal.

    International Criterium de Sétif was drawn around the headquarters of the wilaya of Setif, a total journey of 96 km, completed 30 laps (3.2 km x 30 laps), with the participation of 71 riders.

    Three riders including two Algerians (Kerrar Ayoub and Abderrahmane Mansouri) took the lead by taking the lead of the race from the fifth lap, relegating the pack to over 40 seconds.

    Arriving at the 14th lap, Kerrar Ayoub GS Petroleum, suffered a fall, leaving only the head and the Eritrean Meron Abraham and Algerian Abderrahmane Mansouri.

    In the remaining eight laps, the Algerian Abderrahmane Mansouri from Club Sovac took the lead alone without arriving to take a reassuring ahead of the peloton, led by the Eritrean and Algerian runners GS Oil.

    In the final sprint, the Eritrean runner Mekseb Debesay, who was elected best African cyclist of 2014, confirmed once again that he is not only an extraordinary climber but also an athlete who possesses a sprinter qualities.

    On Monday, the first stage of international cycling Tour de Setif sixth round of GTAC-2015, will t

    Mekseb Debesay (winner of the criterium / Morocco) said:

    “It was a very close race in the final sprint with the presence of Algerians and Hanachi Barbari course, I’m known for my qualities of the climber, but today I proved that I’m a sprinter too. I launched the sprint 200 meters from the line to Hanachi I know very well. I thank my teammates who helped me to win this victory.”

  9. Monday, 16 March 2015 11:14

    Cycling/International Rally of Setif: Eritrean Mekseb Debesay wins final sprint

    SETIF- Eritrean cyclist Mekseb Debesay won Sunday the International Rally of Setif, the 5th event of the Grand Tour of Algeria 2015, ahead of Algerians Abdelbasat Hanachi of GS Petroliers and Hamza Fayçal from Sovac Club.

    The Eritrean, winner of the International Tour of Blida, raced the distance of 96 kilometres in 2:05.24 ahead of Hanachi (2:05.24) and Hamza Fayçal (2:05.24).

    At the final sprint, the Eritrean cyclist Mekseb Debesay, elected the best African cyclist of 2014, confirmed once again that he is not only an exceptional climber but also an athlete who possesses the qualities of a sprinter.

  10. tour international de blida 2015 première étape

  11. Eritrea is rejoicing by her sons and daughters, except those dogs barking from outside
    like the Asena or the Halifax Radio, called Naz a crac-piper with the other loser Kidane Hagos
    this man has almost have gone, He disparaging his old bosses, he was for few years in the field.
    this black-jackal Kidane has no friends except the loser crac-piper or if, the same as him.


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