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Japan to Open Embassy in Eritrea

Japan Agrees to open embassy in Eritrea

As part of their efforts to strengthen diplomatic ties, Eritrea and Japan have agreed to open a Japanese Embassy in Eritrea, according to state media.

The agreement was made during a meeting held yesterday between the visiting Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Minoru Kiuchi, and Foreign Minister Osman Saleh.

The two sides also discussed the need for Japan to enhance its role towards the implementation of the final and binding ruling of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission.

Meanwhile, the Japanese delegation held a meeting with the Eritrean Finance Minister, Mr. Birhane Habtemariam, regarding prospects of bilateral cooperation in the field of development and investment.

Contrary to the myth that Eritrea is "isolated", Eritrea has, per capita, one of the highest diplomatic missions in East Africa

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  1. Congrats on the job well done! This bad news for the Eritrea's naysayers... Good news for Us. Just wait till PIA or his successor begin tapping that red sea oil & gas revenues. Imagine how Eritrea will be shaped for the future. No natural resource curse in Eritrea. We've learned from the past and planning for the future.

  2. Eritrea's move toward future is promising, the last few years diplomatic ties has been done are indicators of the plan to be accomplished, openness of the Nation, smart choice of foreign partners and willing of share, to the contrary of what are said on the manipulated western media machine.

  3. 36 presence between embassies and consulates on the wide world. For a tiny, impoverished, sanctioned, maligned, denigrated and dubbed as the most isolated country is not only surprising but also a dilemma to foes and friends alike.

    Our Camel looks dormant but it surely knows to march at its own pace and as far as it wants.

    Who said: "We know how to run fast but we prefer to move slowly and staunchly."

    Shaebia does not talk but it performs. A fact that does not need
    any prove or testimony.

  4. Bella meriet arkey, kete em kalat..tseba astikana..

  5. Its good thing to see my country opens up to outside world!!

  6. And they say Eritrea is isolated? Eritrea has warm relations with all the countries that matter to her.

  7. Cane (per me Aquila del Nord), fai bene a cercar di far gagionare la gente con le buone come siamo abituati nei nostri meetings, ma in questi siti riccordati che molti dei partecipanti sono dei traditori pagati dai nostri acerrimi nemici, non avere pieta per loro.

    N.B. Questa non e' per insegnarti ne per rimproverarti ma per far incazzare certa gentaglia da ghigliotinare, che scrive anche in Amarico invece del Tigrino o Inglese. Ora staranno bramando di scrivere qualcose di negativo in merito a questa bella notizia.

    Stammi bene fratello!

  8. Hai ragione caro compagno, è giusto per insegnare un po' di educazione civica e soprattutto per insegnare a dialogare in maniera pacifica e civile senza violenza che spesso i cosiddetti "oppositori" usano..
    Per il resto siamo in linea..
    Memoria eterna ai/alle nostri/e Eroi Martiri.
    Vittoria al Massa.

  9. Eritrea the only country able to withstand aggressive US adventurism. The levels of covert and overt activities on Eritrea remain relentless. All the defamatory campaigns and destabilizing activities against Eritrea trace their roots to Ethiopia and US. The US continues the assault with the youth as their key target. The regime change policy is still on play. US authorities are still trying to divide the people of Eritrea from the government. Even when nations knew Eritrea is standing truthfully by the law, no one stood for justice on the side of Eritrea for fear of retaliation by US. Regardless, the people of Eritrea knew, as President Isaias Afewerki said, “That this adventurism will not last.” The people of Eritrea stood together and fought knowing that the fight is for the very-existence of Eritrea and paid the price demonstrating that Eritrea can stand without having to depend on any power. As a result, today, countries are looking for allies and Eritrea is a perfect choice. Eritrea’s ability to defend herself and the neutral stances are bearing fruit.

    Long live SHAEBIA!! Zelalemawie Z'krie N'swatna!!!.. Awet N'hafash!!

  10. Isolated my foot. Eritreas diplomatic stance can not only be discribed as one of the best , its more than that. Most of our diplomatic relationships go way beyond just diplomatic. Our revolution has tied us together with most of East african leading political parties, with most of the Middle East ruling families and Most of the enlightened European countries.Also imagin the area Eritrea is located with its volatile and ever changing political dynamics, and Eritrea comes out the only stable trustworthy and dependable nation. Add to that the fact that We have excellent diplomats is also an added bonus. So again Isolated my Foot !

  11. Esu iyu iti neger, beselam zemtseh, merhaba, be neger kea mereberah kehulu malet iyu. Mereberab zemeretz, hallay wey gerhi iyu, kemey tarik ayfeleten malet iyu.

  12. Excellent, timely, but most importantly - factual.

  13. y'germ eu bro, Nezom whudat sale outs terkebus kulu Eritrawie kemom mesilwam. qedem kamen kem bal iseba, komandis and mahber andnet nerom eiom, tedemsisom ka ms masterom. b'ethiopia zei'rekebwas hji ka bezom ba'al terefmerf nai jebha n'hagerom ab gize struggle gedifoma zhadmu gerom kemberkukuna y'hasbu alewu.. hzbi Eritrea kulu ms mengstu eu, b/c eza hager b'murxat swat jeganu dekom eya mexia. ertrawie ka'a N'hageru amber N' US interest aymewtn eu.

  14. It was always open and welcoming. It was the few giants who controlled media and key organizations that tried to block Eritrea off the external world. I think now that it has endured all the odds, they have to swallow their saliva and probably start knocking the doors of the Red Sea pearl.

  15. What would be the advantage of having japan embassy in eritrea ? can you hell me please?


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