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What Ethiopian expansionists against Eritrea should learn from Scottish Referendum

Will Scotland regain its independence? 

Scotland Referendum: Important Lesson for African War Mongers

By Bruh Tesfa,

News are circulating around that Scotland will soon be holding a referendum to decide whether or not to secede from United Kingdom. While respecting the people's wish on how to run their land, British Prime Minister Cameron is reportedly offering some attractive incentives for Scotland to remain part of United Kingdom, the details of which has yet to be revealed.

What does this news have to do with Eritrea, one may ask. And it is a legitimate question which deserves explanation. On this piece an attempt will be made to compare and contrast the referendum that was held by Eritrean people in 1991 to that taking place in Scotland today.

After briefly describing the geopolitical history of both Scotland and Eritrea, colonialism and their legal and moral stand in calling for independence, the article will focus more on the position of Ethiopia's leaders, both past and present, in dealing with Eritrea's quest for self-determination, as compared to British government's reaction to the call by Scotland to hold a referendum. Let's first briefly discuss Eritrea's colonial history to help readers better appreciate the people's legal quest and the heavy sacrifice they paid thereafter in achieving their independence.


As was the case for most African states Eritrea was under various European and Non-European colonies for decades up until after second world war(WWII). History reveals that Eritrea was an Italian colony from 1880 to 1940, after which it fell under British occupation after Italy was defeated. It was during such period that most African countries were granted their independence from their respective colonial powers, except Eritrea. Despite the ample legal evidence that supported its call for self-determination, and given the fact that economically it was more viable than most of its African counterparts, the politics of the day, which to this day is designed to serve the interests of the few and powerful at the expense of others, dictated that Eritrea be incorporated with Ethiopia, against the will of the people.

After decades of long and protracted war, which consumed the lives of millions, Eritrea under the leadership of EPLF was liberated from Ethiopian occupation in 1991. Two years later in 1993, Eritrea became an independent state and formal member of the United Nations after holding a successful referendum in which 99.7% of the people voted for independence.


The united kingdom of Great Britain came into being on 1 May 1707, as a result of the political union of the Kingdom of England (which included Wales) and the Kingdom of Scotland. The terms of the union had been agreed in the Treaty of Union that was negotiated the previous year and then ratified by the parliaments of Scotland and England each approving Acts of Union.1 Although previously separate states, England and Scotland had shared monarchs since 1603 when James VI of Scotland become James I of England on the death of the childless Elizabeth I, an event known as the Union of the Crowns. The Treaty of Union enabled the two kingdoms to be combined into a single kingdom with the two parliaments merging into a single parliament of Great Britain. Quenn Annie, who reigned from 1702 to 1714, had favored deeper political integration between the two kingdoms and became the first monarch of Great Britain. The union was valuable to England from a security standpoint, since it meant that Scotland lost the possibility to choose a different monarch on her death, reducing the chance of a European power using Scotland as a route to invading England.

Today, the people of Scotland are voicing their desire to be a separate country by holding a referendum. Economy is what many suspect the reason for Scottish people to want to be independent from Great Britain.

Lessons To draw

Regardless of the reason that is pushing the Scottish to call for referendum, the attitude with which such decision was received by the UK officials is something we should take note for it could be an important lesson African leaders, and particularly those in Ethiopia who have a long history of expansionism and hegemony, could draw from in solving present and future unforeseeable conflicts.

According to report by Associated Press, Prime Minister David Cameron, Miliband and Liberal Democrat chief Nick Clegg all signed a pledge published Tuesday in the Daily Record newspaper promising Scots "extensive new powers" — including tax-raising authority if they remain part of the United Kingdom. 2

One of the many weaknesses Ethiopian leaders -both present and past- posses when it comes to Eritrean issue is that their persistent misconception that the latter's call for justice can only be solved through the barrel of the gun. Eritrea's peaceful demand for self-determination during the 1950's received deaf ears and often was complemented with bullets. Dwelling on the false hope of attaining victory on the basis of military superiority the leaders of Ethiopia actually believed that they can crush Eritrean rebellion, refusing to acknowledge or too blind to see that the possession of high-tech military equipments and a rather large army is but a small equation in determining the outcome of a conflict, any conflict. There needs to be a will to fight and even stronger will to die for the cause you stand, something the occupying Ethiopian army totally lacked. And that was proven in 1991 when a well equipped and a once largest army in Africa (Dergue) was severely humiliated in the hands of a few and well disciplined freedom movement-the EPLF and another Tigrayan movement.

In contrast to Ethiopian leaders' approach to Eritrean call for self-determination, British leaders' reaction to the Scottish decision to hold a referendum was admirable in a sense that they respected the people's democratic and legal right to secede, even if that means harming the country's economy. Despite objection by some who fear for the potential economic disadvantage if Scotland is to declare independence, we didn't see British Prime Minister coming before the television threatening war against those who wish to exercise their rights.

Given that EPLF and TPLF once were partners in the fight against Dergue - a genocidal regime of the 20th century, one had high hopes that the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia would bury the hatchet and finally live in peace and harmony as good neigbours do. However, due to the narrow minded and greedy nature of a few cliques within the TPLF leadership, that hope and that dream was short-lived. A war was declared on Eritrea. A hate campaign against anything Eritrea and Eritrean was in full swing. " No matter how long it takes at whatever cost...!" vowed Gebru Asrat in defending his position to continue the war. " If we don't like the color of their it Japanese.....they must leave" mattered Meles Zenawi in explaining the reason he deported over 70 thousands innocent Eritreans in a most inhumane way. And now, the new PM of Ethiopia-Hailemariam Desalegn is repeating the same unhealthy rhetoric and threatening for yet another war with Eritrea, the outcome of which, given history, is highly predictable.

In this time in age when the world is transforming into a global village; an era in which many countries are realizing the importance of economic cooperation and intensifying trade partnerships with one another, one would only hope that the current leaders running Ethiopia and all the hardliners draw some important lesson from what's taking place in Scotland and completely reshape their stance on matters related to Eritrea. This include but not limited to: respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea and vacating from its territory; discarding the old notion that war is the ultimate solution to any geopolitical inconvenience that one may experience and learn how to solve problems diplomatically as is clearly exhibited by UK government officials in response to Scotland’s referendum; and genuinely seek for means with which they can re-establish good diplomatic relations with its neighbor-Eritrea and let the people of both countries for once enjoy peace, stability and all the socio-economic advantages that would be gained as a result.

  1. History of Scotland, Wikipedia Encyclopedia 
  2. Associated Press sept 15, 2014

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What Ethiopian expansionists against Eritrea should learn from Scottish Referendum Reviewed by Admin on 5:10 PM Rating: 5


  1. It is too late for the dullard Ethiopian leaders to learn from the Scottish referendum but may be they will wise up when it comes to the Ogaden/Oromo issues.
    My last point is, it was too late for the British politicians to promise more devolution to the Scottish people, originally the autocratic British politicians have been conducting negative campaign i.e. about economy perhaps similar campaign were conducted on Eritrea during the infamous union with Ethiopia.
    Overall save your energy unless Ethiopia is made "GUZI" no peace will prevail in the horn of Africa.

  2. The Oromo, Gambella, somalis and other Ethiopian groups need to vote and choose what they want: their independence and prosperity OR starvation and war in union with the ever wishing to expand-Ethiopia .

    The author's analysis of the subject is current and enlightening. Ethiopia should learn from Great Britain.

    When are Ethiopian leaders and elders and elites going to learn from their history and the experience of the international body on respecting societies, communities and neighbors. why do the Ethiopian leaders one after the other always dream of expansion? why don't they care of their poor starving souls of Abyssinians. They are everywhere they can reach in the neighboring countries creating havoc, destroying lives.

    It is high time that the Ethiopian elites learn from Great Britain on how to handle their internal cases and respect the voices of the people. The Ethiopian government should allow the Oromo, Gambella, somalis and other Ethiopian groups to vote and choose what they want.

  3. Eritrea is FREE !!! thanks to the Dear ones who paid their precious lives and not only referendum. The reason before the referendum waighs more.
    for Eritrea and Eritreans. Nothing is there to compare between Scotish and Eritreans, because Scotish never been killed humiliated, harassed, hunged, burned to ashes like Eritreans faced under the WARMONGERS, bloodthurst ANIMALS on our south. No way back !

  4. The problem in both Eritrea and Ethiopia is anti-democratic governments.Building democratic society and fighting poverty are the most important issues for the people in these region. Unless these issues are tackled , people rise up against their leaders. I believe politicians screwed up everything and that region continued to be unstable.

  5. I totally agree with you. While you are at it though, don't you think the Bilen, kunama and Afar should be given the opportunity to vote and choose what they want?

  6. There is an old say: "First full stomach and then philosophy or politics".
    For my point of view it's true the statement, when we talk about priorities. I can't eat democracy when i'm hungry. First the nations might secure to their respective citizens food, health and education. Then the politic awareness come's as a consequence.

  7. The Scots chose to remain united.
    Thence, nothing is left to compare and contrast, and nothing good can be learned from nations who are 'professionals' in deceiving and playing dirty with double-standards.

    The Scots referendum was done and resulted with 'no' to independence, and the case is closed without any reaction from the Western countries. Why all the turmoil then regarding the referendums involving the Ukraine's republics?

  8. Let the Eritrean people have another opportunity to hold referendum and see if they will vote yes for independence?

  9. I swear I was gonna write the same thing to this denqoro who focuses at the speck of sawdust in Ethiopian leaders' eyes but pays no attention to the plank in his own eye; but then I see you wrote exactly what was in mind. Libkha/Aemrokha yibarekh wedey.

  10. Are you "Retarded"?!

  11. If you see the past history of ethiopia, the leaders privileged a certain group or region instead considering as a whole the nation, this certainly creates discrimination, impartiality, anger ect on time..It's common to hear in ethiopia nowadays that the majority of the high public offices are covered by tigrayan ethnic group, during the derg era, the tigrayan was considered the law class society. Today they revenge their oppression doing the same error done by dergue. They systematically adopted something that divide ethiopia and not unite, in a ethnically and linguistically divided country like ethiopia you can't absolutely use the federal government system if you want to unite. This philosophy i'm sure with time will reach at a peak of division except a change on the system comes and change direction of point of view. We don't put in to consideration emperor haile sellassie cause as a monarch system privileged the feuds or a distinguished families.

  12. Are you crazy? At least the british would have something to offer to schotland, what we'll gain coming back? begging to this nation and that. while we abandon 1995 the word AID almost 19 years? Come on, ask the other africans similar to your view, i'm sorry we Eritreans are different..

  13. You must have mental issues. Any Eritrean who wants to br Ethiopian can cross the border & live in tents if u chose to.

  14. Eritrea got her referendum and 99.7% of the people voted for independece. That was 21 years ago. Why are Eritreans arguing about independence today?? You already have it. What we need to discuss is what plans your people and government have put into place to take back the nearly 400,000 of your citizens that have opted to be refugees and live in squalor in the land of their enemy rather than live in the long fought and hard won freedom and dignity that hudreds of thousands of their fellow Eritreans sacrificed their lives to achieve. 1,500 or so of your people have now even gotten scholarships for free education in Ethiopia. An opportunity that should have been reserved ONLY for Ethiopians. You need to get your house in order and take back your people. There was a time that Ethiopians did not want to let go of Eritrea. But now most Ethiopians don't want Eritrea back. We don't want to fight you, we don't want to trade with you, we don't want to communicate with you. We want to be left alone to develop our country and people. You should do the same. Your success should not be because of or inspite of Ethiopia.

  15. Yemane raised a very critical issue. You can agree or disagree with his question but you can't deny its legitimacy. I asked the same question to few friends, their answer was not a quick YES as it was 20 years ago, instead they hesitated to answer my question.

  16. WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO DECEIVE AGaME. we all (Eritreans) can smell ur stinking Agamenism. ERITREA will live forever by jeganu deka!! and thats a promise!!, instead of daydreaming, why don't u feed your starved people. Eritrea will always defeat you. u Agame beggars. you are the laughing stock of the world. u don't get it do ya, u are under the west rule (ur white master), Ethiopia is burying itself by IMF and World Bank, debt they own u. but for now u are a delusional slave, Wake Up and Face owe it to yourself!, Ethiopia always has been and still is an instrument for the foreign powers, Ethiopian soldiers dying everywhere for US interest, Very sad really. So think before u open that crap mouth of yours. wow, u people are just pathetic.

    ***Eritrea is an independent country*** but sometimes people like u don't want to hear the truth because u don't want your illusions destroyed. u like it or not no one cares what u people think.

    ''So, Mr delusional slave..You can learn great things from your mistakes when you aren't busy denying them.''

  17. And yet here you are in Eritrean website. u people are Mentally ill, 2faced people. And FYI Eritreans Voted 99.8% Yes for independence.

  18. Another Ethiopian article, just had to point that out. Why is it that the majority of Eritreans people first thought on this subject is to split Ethiopia into different regions? Oromos wouldn't mind being Ethiopians if the government was fair to all of the citizens, same thing goes for any other tribe in Ethiopia.The problem is Governance in Ethiopia that is what should be fixed if anything. Oromo is to intertwined with Ethiopian culture to leave now. Many Oromo people feel hopeless because of the government in place. Fix that and everything changes. Eritreans constantly hoping for division in Ethiopia shows fearfulness.

  19. Wow the way u trying to sugar coated it, i asked my friends same question blah blah and blah.. haha..WTF.. this is not who wants to be a millionaire pop quiz, we are talking about country **OUR BELOVED ERITREA**. Wake Up and Face The Reality. U people UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE.!
    The Eritrean people Voted 99.8% Yes for independence. So wake up from ur daydreaming and if u can't just ask for help. For E.g. mental asylum treatment.

  20. I read all the below discussion points. These days there are long forgotten issues coming out which I heard while I was very little and new issues which I have never heard.

    Through time people's awareness were changed and the two forces boldly fought and the fight between Eritreans and Ethiopians was dissolved though many Ethiopians were unhappy. I remember one parliament member of Ethiopia asked the late Meles 'we have been told a false history that Eritrea is ours and now y r telling us it is not'.

    All of a sudden without any signal Eritreans were deported deliberately before fixing our 50 years war broken country. There were calculated intrigue and revenge on the other side. The Eritrea gov't levied the consequence. There is still up and down but one should think always the positive outcome.

  21. My dear, tragic Alec, it is not mental illness... I just get pleasure watching you deal with your epic failures, looking into your psyche...see what you're thinking... what is keeping you up at night and how you're dealing with your humiliation. The state of your collective psyche is evident on your various websites where you helplessly vent your frustrations, anger and embarrasement. All heavy emotions that should be directed at your leadership and not towards to a completely uninterested Ethiopia. You fought for freedom yet you're fleeing your beloved Eritrea like field-mice being chased by forest fire. You are drowning and becoming shark meals in the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea. Those of you who cannot run are wasting your lives defending against an imaginative invasion from Ethiopia that will never happen or are slave labors for your PIA grand projects that have zero impact on improving your tragic lives. And those of you that resist are sealed up in metal containers to bake in the desert heat or simply dissapear in to thin air never to be heard from again. No law, no justice, no constitution, no freedom of movement, no freedom of speech. Then I read Ethiopian websites - the roads we're building, our airlines expanding worldwide, our economy expanding at an impressive rate, the building boom of office and industrial parks. We're exporting wine with the goal of overtaking South Africa. We're daming the Nile all on our own and forcing Egypt to accept the inevitable. We're industrializing at an impressive rate. We've almost achieved universal education and are now benevolent and wealthy enough to grant the likes of you free education that you cannot pay for in your beloved Eritrea let alone get it for free. It is for absolute PURE pleasure of seeing the constrast between where Ethiopia is today and where Eritrea is. I don't really care whether 99.8% or 120% of you (that would include your dead from the graves...) voted for your independence. The result is the same. An EPIC FAILURE. A TOTAL EMBARRASEMENT. For they say... success is the best kind of revenge. And that, my dear Alec is what is eating you up from inside out like acid.... that Ethiopia is succeeding and Eritrea is irrelevant to her. :D

  22. The question should be what would Eritrea learn from Scottish referendum?

  23. Dear Cane!
    The problem with us is BOTH we are hungry for food and democracy.

  24. You idiot ! Not only the REAL Eritreans, tgrayans also vote and die to be "ERITREANS" these worldwide LOL LOL

  25. Rora, no the question rather should have to be why the scots voted for unity? and the answer is crystal clear, they are not suffering under a tyrant regime like what we have in Eritrea. Should they were suffering from inequality and injustice the outcome should have been different.

  26. Ras Alula,
    Eritrea's failure in all aspects of life is due to the current tyrant regime as it was the worst with Ethiopia for hundreds of years under the worst backward feudal rulers and the tyrant regime of Mengistu. I don't think that a decent Eritrean not wishing for Ethiopia to be more developed, the frustrated few you see here and there are the die hard supporter of the tyrant regime because they feel that TPLF has crashed the plans of DIA.

  27. "First the nations might secure to their respective citizens food, health and education"
    Cane, this is the sole pretext all tyrants and their diehard supporters provide to justify their brutal rule.

  28. Libero,
    We lost all freedom, food, health and education.

  29. Alula,
    According to the Ethiopian constitution all the nationals has the right for self determination till separation. And Ethiopia is also far from equality between the nationals and justice. Still Ethiopia is suffering from the unjust consideration that it is a Christian island, here the question is that, is the power share between all social and religious groups of Ethiopia equal? And you as Ras Alula, do you accept for a moderate Muslim to be a PM or President of the country.

  30. We know your agame/Ethiopia. Is very hungry 80% of your population is under proverty and hunger and about democracy yes Ethiopian are getting shot dead for saying there rights. One thing don't talk about your agame/Ethiopia on Eritrea WEBSITES!!!!

  31. Dear Alula, you might be eloquent in passing your message across but your frustration of losing Eritrea and red sea is clearly noticeable by anyone. Denying the rhetoric of war that was announced by your honourable Welayta Prime Minister does also show your true colours. Either you are ignorant or it's in your blood in covering the truth. I suspect it's the latter. Eritrea is long gone, accept it! What you should worry about is your beloved Federal Ethiopia from fragmenting. Even though it would be a blessing for everyone concerned. Minilik's union will be undone if you continue following the current path. As for the economical success you claimed, which by the way completely built by aid money, we Eritreans wish you well and we hold no animosity as you are our neighbours and we are related. If you were to stop becoming the instrument of the west in creating havoc in the Horn of Africa and vacate our territory we would have no issues.

  32. You are a FUCKING pig Eritrea was a independent your fucked up Ethiopia was let in to Eritrea by England otherwise you idiot agames couldn't take Eritrea we would of DESTROY you from the first

  33. you are retarded,you should be sterilize and never allow to have offspring's. i cant imagine another person like you in our planet.

  34. even though i am Eritrean your response to the dumb Eritrean Alec is refreshing . you describe the state of his mind very well.

  35. Fasil, There's no wishful thinking on my part. Nor is there veiled desires for the return of Eritrea. The fact that Eritrea is gone and there is peace within Ethiopia is the fundamental reason we're developing. As for your "occupied territories" Those are Ethiopian territories. If you want them back, come and get them. As for Asab, after 17 years of delipidation for none use, it has no economic value for Ethiopia. It would take billions of dollars to revamp Assab for it to be useful to Ethiopia. Assab along with the rest of Eritrea has lost its value. Yes you're right it is long gone and good riddence. As for the fragmentation of Ethiopia.. DREAM ON!!! Ethiopia is a diverse country... as the saying goes,..."Our Voices are may be many but we ROAR as ONE" You witnessed this during the war in 2000. Where your vaunted army was wipped off the face of the earth in less than a week and 1/3 of your country was under the boots of our gallant army. We were at the doorsteps of Asmara and were it not for the tremendous pressures of the U.S. and the Europeans we'd have wipped you off the face of the earth for good. So back to my original question: What are you going to do about your beggar refugees that are packed in the refugee camps all over Ethiopia - when are you going to take them back??

  36. dear Aluta, it's amazing we come to know that ethiopia becomes like canada with a huge capacity to feed her self and host refugees..waoh.

  37. Okay professor And yet here you are mumbling on Eritrean website again. Eritrea is doing everything to be a self reliant country. Eritrea is building dams, roads, buildings and securing food security and the Mining sector boom- Gold,talc,feldspar,asbestos, silver, potash, copper, zinc the list go on and this is without any handouts.. and Eritrea exporting potash with the goal of overtaking Canada and Russia. Eritrea doesn't take any hand out Aid from the west, Eritrea doesn't sell its land to Foreigners while their people starved to death unlike Ethiopia.and yes, to be self reliance have its cost, but at list its better than getting aid and starved to death at the same time ain't it professor. Isn't in Ethiopia,where aid constitutes more than 90% of the government budget, a mere two percent of the country's population has access to mobile phones and Ethiopia's 50 percent of the government's health budget depends on aid from rich countries.Ethiopia depends heavily on foreign aid. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World Bank, Ethiopia received the second highest foreign assistance globally; totaling nearly 4 billion dollars. Despite all the recent improvements that,you mumbling about and with all that aid that gets from the west and yet Ethiopia remains one of the poorest nations in the world. when u talking about ur fancy wine and i say to ma self wow just wow, while ur people starved to death and here u are talking about exporting wine. So, Mr professor Alula can u tell me why Ethiopia remains one of the poorest nations in the world?

  38. I'll need the evidence of the false media to confirm this what you're saying we lack food.
    እቲ ማሽላ ናይ ባርካ ኣበይ ምስ ከደ ኢዩ ኮምኡ ትብሊ ሮራ..

  39. Think first to vacate our land then we can go forward on what to do.

  40. 'Feyel wedehe kezemezeme wedya'. It opens a big room for us like the writer said unlike Alula's statement.

  41. Anbessa son of Eritrea. just trash them with your best fact they cant hide that. agame are always in denial.

  42. Dear alula don't be upset. you keep saying your economy is booming. than why are your people dieing in yemen and suadi arebia. Ethiopia is the world’s second biggest recipient of foreign aid, after Afghanistan.

  43. Alula, that is evident! Don't worry I didn't expect any good wishes either. You are twisted by nature. That is the root cause of the problem. 'Libi Tigray'. Your ancestors were never fortunate enough to own that golden trait that exists in every Eritrean blood by default and I don't expect you to develop it now. That very golden trait is the weakness of Eritreans that you and your ancestors perfected in exploiting . As for wiping eritrea and it's army from the face of the earth, if you could you would. The truth is, you didn't stop because of US or EU pressure, if anything they encouraged you to conquer Assab. But your army failed miserably. By the way you should be ashamed of yourself to compare the strength of a combined four countries army (Ethiopia) with a single small country Eritrea, not to mention the support you had from your aid donors. I was going to respond to your comments in regards to the occupied territory, but as you don't seem to understand the rule of law, I wouldn't wast any time on that... I sense you are still bereaving about the lose of eritrea. My God give you the strength to overcome this terrible lose. Divorce can be very depressing, it could even lead to psychosis. I suggest you see a professional. God bless..

  44. You are just fooling yourself. Eritrea's problem is just magnified due to your puppet leaders and western agenda. In reality, Ethiopians are in worst shape than E ritreans. Your people are leaving your country in droves, but you have no gut to talk about them. You are just a hole who lives in denialfor the past century like your forefathers.

  45. We don't need peace with u guys, just stay where u are ..Askari ..we €thiopian a will kill all the haters and go join your arab masters egypt ..u like it or not your sing-a-poor is poorest nation in the world ..USA is our ally, But, as the Isreal is great Zion of world Judeo-Christianity . So, Israel is somewhere in our hearts and minds as Ethiopians are the Zion of Africa.
    We want to be connected with Isreal forever and our alliances with Israel is never compormised
    forever. We are also, accepting friendship to anybody, who is helping our defense such as Korea north and South both. China is great friend and ally forever also.we don't want any thing from u so stfu ur Askari azz ..nigers we are busy fighting poverty and terrist nation like Somali,eirtrea or sing-a-poor so f**k of slaves ..ethiopia is hollyland ..u fuck with ,ur Askari azz will get killed ....

  46. Can you live only with "mashela",it only makes you opportunist while you eat all kind of food you want and want your brothers to survive with "mashela".
    Btw do you know how much mashela costs nowadays?1100 -3000 nakfa per quntal depending on the seasons.
    Fyi this amount of money is 2, 3* of monthly wage of Eritrean civil servant.

  47. I'm allergic to retards!! Lol.
    "Xemam hade derfu yblu lebamat".

  48. do you see what at the heart of the Eritrean flag is? if you have half a mind you would know what the Golden Olive branches mean, and we did not give that to our self but the world, well at list those in know - know who the Eritrean people are, the true land & people of God as its has always been is this land....... if you love the terrorist state of Israel then its its shows how blind you are... just for fun though look compere & contrast Eritrean history and Israel's history, everything from their early history, to how they where created and what kind of people the two states have now produced - what you'll find is that there is a lot of similarities but also very very important differences to the point that one could conclude its the same state in different / opposite states / different dimension / alternate universe ... the similarities & key differences are so strange to the point of been a joke.... but remember one of the greatest tricks the devil has is the ability to lie and create illusions and people are so blinded by his tricks that even when this so called chosen people murder children's and commit genocide you still want to be connected to them? ...ahhh... so in the beautiful words of the voice of the Eritrean people:
    መዋእል ነኺሳ ኣብ ዕላማ፡
    ትእምርቲ ጽንዓት ኰይኑ ስማ፡
    ኤርትራ'ዛ ሓበን ዉጹዓት፡
    ኣመስኪራ ሓቂ ክምትዕወት።

  49. Rora, Rora,
    Why dont you go back to Eritrea and farm to help the market stabilise? Why are you all opportunists (Oppositions) oppose everything Eritrean from the warmth of your comfort? Why no be men/women enough to chnge the situation? No on has brought "Democracy" "Human Rights" whatever you use to call it, by remote control. It needs hardwork sweat and dedication, and not scrabbling nonesence of know-it-alls on woyane payroll. You guys just make it worse for yourselves when underestimating our people's devotion of not depending of whiteman's leftovers. Ertrea said NO THANKS TO AID decades ago because we know that no African country got rich and left alone to decide own destiny after the said leftover, all natural resources are sucked off and the people is doomed to remain helpless and fatigue and fight eachother like animals in African forest use to do..We have seen it in Nigeria, Somalia, S.Sudan, Congo.....etc. Eritrea will not fall for your thurst of backwardness, Rora. We know the result of dependance on fake democracy and hightowers is a thicking bomb on our south.

  50. We all know that Bagdad, Lebanon, Syria been the best cities in the world before :)

  51. Fasil, woyane are sick to their stomach because they know that sometime the wolayta is going to payback on woyane like they did to Ethiopians, what is eating up the tgrayans is that they know they will always remain in the middle of both people and will soon get sandwiched just wait and see. They are begging to look like us and be part of us, after all the cause of their bad additude towards Eritreans, they are calling us cousins. There is no worst people in the world than woyane. Buying land on every part of Ethiopia They camouflaging for their survival among all, interconnecting their race with Chinese, Indians, Amharas, Oromos, Sudanese, Eritreans and Welaytas, gambelas, somalis and Djiboutians too. After awhile no ugly Agame race is left, time will tell. Until then they will try to mimiking Eritreans as they envy us to death for our carisma, our self-reliance for they have difficulties to unchain themselves from slavery LOL

  52. No Eritrean, be it Bilen, Kunama, Sahil bow his head for leftovers of foreign bodies like Ethiopians. All Eritreans paid with their blood and sweat EQUALLY to free the country, the reason why our government is trying so hard to pay attention on rural areas to improve their life step by step unlike woyane who deprive the people from their forefathers legacy, exposing them to harsh life,

  53. Assab is Eritrean future DUBAI, you wait and see, but the ugly GreenEyed monster on our south will explod of envy :)

  54. No question about that! In fact it would be 100% for independence this time. As David Cameron put it last week in regards to Scottish independence, "if you don't like me I will not be here for ever!!!!" leaders and governments would come and go, but our country and our hard earned freedom will live for ever. Got that!!!!

  55. EritreaLion,
    Why u run for insultation. Agame is a word used by weak minded. Talk about ideas. It is not only Ethiopians that should learn, the Eritrean tyrants also have to know the power of the people. People must decide for its present and future life.

  56. Dear SelaliA!
    Who said we need fake democracy, does asking the government to implement constitution and abaid by rule of law is wrong by your own eye? Why should people perish in jail while not convincted as criminals? Why are we hungry and living in dark as people are working day and night as slaves?
    The questions are many but i think it's enough for now.

  57. gasha, i cried for Eritrea and my people many many times than you think and that's the least i can do at this time.
    I really don't like to undermine any body's work at any time, but the problem is how can you not be critical while our youth are at national service for 20 years,? how can you not be critical while people are perishing in our jail while not convicted by any court, how can you not be critical while our youth are leaving they're country in thousands, how can you not..............?

  58. Ok do you think you are helping the hungry people by your comments over here? To the opposite you give space to our enemies to dance among us Eritreans and belittle, divide, make fun of us. Instead of using our time efficently, we are forced to reply to your baby cry and their interference among us all. I do not think your "Minin" would impress any Eritrean. What we believe is HARDWORK AT PLACE (PERSONALY) and not blabbering from afar. If you really mean to help the people do something in person, like all those at place who do their best to help the poor (I hope you not going to belittle the gullible too). Lets get united and smell the bad odur that comes from our south and close the door for GOOD ! thats if you are real Eritrean and you try geniunly to help our people. And not half-hearted who visit Addis every month for your interest. Otherwise forget what I said.

  59. Our gov. distributed mashela, zeyti, shekkor, ect..halekti behafeshawi..that was to say Rora, neti zeraba koraritski eba ayteredieyo..iti concept hazi..

  60. I belive in UNITY of all Eritreans, and i admire you for saying it.
    How do you think we can achive it?

  61. Thanks at lease we can discuss. The national service is crucial to make our young love their country and defend in the long run. This is because all the nine nations eat, live and work together. Love and mutual understanding is created there. Those who are brilliant enough have joined the colleges. The others have taken some courses and doing to the betterment of themselves and the country. There is a strong need of cultural revolution in the sense of young migration. Some of our young have become very unrealistic. Please see the gov't priorities. We spoke about MDG goals 1000 times. Very few African countries are able to reach this goal. If you make your people alert and aware that is a great advantage for the future. It is here that people can exercise their right when they know what they should know. Y read here some naming Hamasien, Akel, Afar etc. What do you learn from these? Don't y think this is another war.
    As y said about our young, I feel by deserting their country they are exposed to untimely death because they think they are going to paradise. Y know how hard it is to live out of your country. Lebame eki eze testewele ele yehasebe. Entaye amso menkeretat. Kolo beleka adeka ayehayeshene? Menalebateme chegerena kedem twedu neyeru kemeze menkeretat ente zeyemese.

    Let us pray for those who are in jail to be released. soon, the constitution be in place, the time for NS be two years. . You know Eritrea is blessed naturally but human capital and money is important. When all become in place there would be job opportunities etc. Y know 'Rome is not built in one day'. Read history of the Germans how hard time they had to build their country.

    What we need is patience and tolerance!

  62. Let me start by main points of my life.
    1, Born in Sahl and raised in Jelhanti. ...the beginning of 80s from 1978 tegadalay abo and1986 mother (because she was (indahizbi) from the day i was born and my little sisters.
    2, Have two bigger brothers and one is Martyred during war for independence.
    3, Went to sawa 9th round and participated 3rd offensive, back home after 1year and some months because i passed matriculation exam.
    4, Graduated from Asmara university in 2004 and worked as teacher under kitet and University service until i demobilized in 2007.
    5, My father still in the army (btw he paid one eye for tje country in the 80s)
    Thats short story of my life as many thousands of Eritreans we as a family paid heavy price to Eritrea.
    I will be satisfied if you did 1/3 of what me and my family done for Eritrea.
    To come to your point
    1.I will cry day and night for constitution and rule of law in my country because that's what we fought for.
    2.I stood firm and will stand for Eritrea (but not the government).
    3.I will not pay 2% first it's not transparent and second i payed by my sweat and blood.
    4.Nr 4 is your best point and i am doing my part (nay hilna sle zkone buzuh zereba ayedln).
    5.Nr 5 is also a good point, i didn't do it yet due to my capacity.
    wedehanka zihawey

  63. Tsigereda tesfaledeteSeptember 21, 2014 at 9:46 AM

    The civilized Scotland citizens decisively rejected independence. This is a good lesson for those who foolishly think freedom comes by being independent country.

  64. Good to hear that you and your family has served the country to the fullest. But that doesn't give you the right to take all the freedom to blabber day and night for what you have done. What you did is not different than most of us all Eritreans had to offer inclusive those at place who still pay their sweat and blood in person. Noone is to stand alone and point his/her finger to the other. We need to learn from our mistakes and give the people of Eritrea a chance have an opportunity make his mind for a choice. Im impressed to learn about your background and the sweat you paid was not without reason, I guess you have sacrificed for a better future of the people of Eritrea and not to confuse the people's survival with your personal interest or fame. We need to come together and improve our people's lives hand on hand, without any excuses, all should avoid to bring a third party among us. We should all sit together and discuss the solution without preconditions because each and every Eritrean family had to pay the price for freedom equally.
    About the constitution, we can only come up to righteous decision when we come closer and discuss matters civilisedly and not when we point fingers towards eachother. With that I mean we all need to learn to respect each others difference first and foremost.

  65. You said it 120% voted for independence and that was done to appease the likes of UN and IS We achived independece with blood not by vote know this and there was or isn't anything the ikes of you going to do about it you can dream of Eritrea ...just that and for comparing us with Ethiopia yor bench mark should be England ...isnt true yiu have3000 year old civilisation? To select all the good things so to make Eritrea look bad is good for your purpose here but it does not wipe tha fact that30% of your population still live below the poverty line and universal education? I wnat to lough but I shoudnt ...Ethiopia is showing progress and we wish you well but please give up the notion that Eritrea may come back because we can't hack it watch and learn.......edme keseteh.

  66. This is the right forum to speak one another. I have admired Rora's honesty. Politics are difficult to handle. One time who was a very dedicated person in no time y see him being a critic. Positive criticism and objectivity is the road to advancement. The gov't is doing his homework and each and everyone of us educate our children, relatives etc. Not only sending to school is enough! Educate our people 'seane mare egreka' There is a proverb 'sewe ende beu enji endegorebetu'. Let us be ourselves imitating others is not good. Let us find out what our capacity is. Every one cannot be a leader, intellectual but vocational training, or else other types of education can help. Reading skill is very important. Let us not only stick in politics working out on children's education at home, follow up openness among family neighbors etc have impact.

  67. Just leave us alone, we(Ethiopians) are on the right track.

  68. Your comments make no any sence. You are here to destruct our discussions by coming from nowhere and tell right/wrong when nobody asked for your judgement. It is not all about who is the winner on every discussion. You dont have any right to tell us what to do on our daily life. Rora and me Eritreans are leaders and at the same time followers of our Eritrea on our own way with nobodies pressure. Im not sure if you have learned Eritrean history, our tegadelty have left their home on their own will and freed Eritrea, nobody was there to order them to give their life for Eritrea and I hate people like you who come in between and try to press the gullible who love the country fullheartedly from expressing their thoughts openly. Snakes like yourself play as if they care but destruct Eritreans from taking a step forward! On other words your eyes get blue when you see smooth going discussions until you get exposed of your ugly deeds.No more feedback is necessary from your part mr.Uninvited guest.

  69. Very funny indeed. You are right selalia mr univited guest is here from across the border to destruct our discussion. He/she is woyane's hidden messenger among our people. I like you LOL

  70. Be critical and let us hear your solution. As an Eritrean I want you to tell us your strategic vision? Since you seem to have the
    solution! Mind you as an Eritrean.

  71. I am glad to read yr criticism. Y disagree not to agree. There are points of discussion where everybody shouldn't agree. Where on earth did I cross you? or else which statement has offended y? I am glad Rora has at least came to her sense. until you get exposed of your ugly deeds. 'please expose me I am willing to discuss it openly. As far as I know myself I have no guilty feeling of whatsoever. The forum is for everyone. Such kind of comments are good unless it is personal or not genuine. Thanks

  72. Hmm, I'd have liked to respond to your angry postings... but most of you have yet to master the english language...most of what you've written makes no sense. Clearly the product of sub-standard education brought on by the policies of your racist and hateful Tigrignya government, led by your PIA. From what I could glean from the postings it was about your purported self-reliance and how Ethiopia is surviving on donations, etc. But you forget (or rather you'd have no idea, due to your primitive education system...) that Europe was redeveloped after WWII by the Marshal Plan program implemented by the U.S. A huge aid undertaking that brought back the European economy from the ashes of war to what it is today. The same was done for Japan and South Korea.... and look where the EU, Japan and South Korea are today. Ethiopia does receive aid, there's no shame in that. But as much as you hate to admit it, Ethiopia is receiving more investments than aid now and is slated to become a middle income country by 2025. THAT my dear Issayas worshippers... is in 15 years!!! What do you think will happen when the Afars, Sahos, Kunamas and Naras that are on the border with Ethiopia see their brethren across the border develop and improve their lives while they dedicate theirs to slave labor?? Do you really believe Issayas' demoralized army that has been rotting in the desert trenches for the past 16 years will fight for him? Are you aware that the Kunamas, Nara, Saho and Afars are the most heavily armed and well trained fighting force of the 9 tribes of Eritrea? Do you think when Issayas dies (and from his appearance lately, he looks like he has one foot in the grave and the other ona banana peel..) The other tribes will bow down to Issayas' son as their new leader and the dominance of the Tigrignya tribe? Are you aware that Issayas and his generals are grooming Issaya's son to take over power when daddy kicks the bucket?? Yeah, keep paying your 2% tax, from your immigrant labor jobs and watch your people die trying to escape Issaya's despotic rule. Also, guess who is planning to buy electricity from Sudan? Guess who Sudan gets the electricity from and sells it to Eritrea for profit? YOU WILL BE BUYING ETHIOPIAN ELECTRICITY TO RUN YOUR SLAVE LABOR ECONOMY!!! YES THE VERY SAME COUNTRY YOU INSULT AS A BEGGAR!!! One question... you exclaim "Eritrea is Free!!!" Free to do what? What does freedom mean to you? Where has the freedom taken you?

  73. You can never fool an Eritrean! You know what gave you away? Hint 5 things that gave you away!

  74. In the woyaneland Ethiopian capital, at telecom dehnenet center, there are over a thousand people whose job is to roam around the internet social media sites and try to paint the apartheid regime a nice picture. Most are dedicated to the Eritrean front. Those with knowledge of Eritrean culture were recruited ( some Tigraians who grew up in Eritrea).......

  75. Alula Aba Nega,

    Inherently twisted and willingly ignorant!! it's definitely
    in your blood!! Don't compare Apple and Pear. No one has ever questioned the nature of the aid in regards to the mentioned countries. However, the arrangement under which those were based are completely different from what we are witnessing
    currently in the whole of Africa and your precious EthioWeyane is definitely not an exception. Would you like me to spell
    out the particulars? Ok....for starters those countries received aid under different preconditions. i.e. Harassing neighbours and creating havoc to fulfil the donors agenda was not one of them.

    Alula, do you seriously support what is happening around the
    world? Do you know the true cause of the problems in the whole of Africa (Mali, Libiya, Niger, Nigera, The Sudan and South Sudan, Somalia etc..)? I think you do. You sound a very educated man. However, because your beloved country is
    immersed deep into this mess and been used
    to implement their hidden agenda for small handout, you are willingly becoming oblivious about it. Additionally you also saw a golden opportunity to settle your grievance with Eritrea that was born out of your immense inferiority complex.

    Our continent has endless resources and colossal potential .
    Sadly, the same scenario is propagating around Africa more today than ever and it is predicted to get worse as the scramble for resources between China, Europe and US intensifies. You and your likes ("useful idiots") are bonus and you will only exacerbate the situation by create a favourable play ground for these fortune hunters.

    Do you know what caused the Rwandan genocide? No?
    How about the recent Mali and Niger TUAREGS 7th uprising since their independence from France? Why are the French so
    protective about it and do not waste time in crash the uprising?? NO...? Do some reading...

    Please get over the loss of RedSea and your inferiority complex and move on. Personally, Ethiopia and Eritrea should never
    have gone to war over the border. The truth is, the border was not the main reason for it. Needless to say, it is the very same
    reason that enslaved your country and turned it to an instrument. Once they have finished using you, they will throw you like a used ABUSELAMA!!!GOT THAT?

  76. Thanks you very much a very interesting article the same Old Game The Ethiopians did before they are still doing which is simply (They don't accept Eritrea God Given Red Sea ) so if they are building The Blue Nile Dam which is surly will effect Sudan & Egypt why the Hell they are talking about ERITREA Red Sea & Gulf Of Aden Costs.They should make referendum to All Ethiopian Provinces and i am sure All will be Gone.

  77. There is a confusion here and there make it clear which one is to whom. Needs clarification cause this is a learning process.


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