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Eritrean Media Forum held in London, United Kingdom

Eritreans attending a media forum on the tactics being used to demonize Eritrea

Eritrean Media Forum held in London, United Kingdom

London UK

The Embassy Media Forum, took place on Saturday, September 20th, 2014, held at the Information and Communication Office of the Embassy of the State of Eritrea in London UK. Participants included Embassy Staffs, Heads of PFDJ, NUEW, YPFDJ, ERIPN, ESMT, EMWG, SMUK, Social Media, and Lobby Group including Heads of Zobas.

In the opening remarks, Mr.Saleh Abdella, 1st Secretary of the Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the UK, gave briefing focusing on the program noted the role and responsibility of the Embassy Media, importance of the Media Forum towards the realization of the set task. Mr. Saleh Abadella also introduced and expressed good wish for the New Eritrean Ambassador to United Kingdom and Ireland H.E. Estifanos Habtemariam.
Ambassador Estifanos Habtemariam, said that reinforcing productivity, capacity building as well as strong organization are basic components for building strong and modern organisations, and called on participants to work for preserving the strong values of the People and Government of Eritrea, and looking forwards to work together with all the Representatives and Heads of Organisations.

The Media Forum was conducted by Mr. Yared Tesfay Head of the Embassy Media of the State of Eritrea to UK & Ireland.

Mr.Yared Tesfay pointed out the Media Strategy goals and objectives and gave a detailed briefing regarding Embassy Media’s achievements in the last years and that gratifying outcome has been registered to this end. Pertaining to repeated acts of hostility against Eritrea in different guises, Yared Tesfay underscored that the dynamism manifested in the nation-building process in the face of enemy conspiracy fully attests to the steadfastness of the Eritrean people.

He went on to dismiss the baseless enemy allegations against Eritrea under various guises, including smear campaigns, in a bid to tarnish Eritrea’s image, and thereby serve geopolitical agendas, and explained on details “THE BLUR OF ASYMMETRIC WARFARE” Cultural, Financial, Information and Media, Political, Psychological warfare; actions and tactics designed to target the morale, mental or emotional component of an adversary.

Mr. Suleman Hassan, Head of Consular Affairs of the Embassy of Eritrea to UK & Ireland, who made an introductory statement and gave an insight, outlining the purposes of the public campaign being on strengthening organisation, and conspiracies and psychological warfare being waged against the Eritrean people.

He also remind participants on looking on the background of the Eritrean struggle on political, cultural, economic, and diplomatic experiences thereby the reshaping of strengthening of these activities on the ever changing dynamics of current affairs and called upon citizens to redouble their efforts to this regard based on the experiences gained so far.

He carried on saying that, history is witness of the Eritrean people’s triumph to the fact that they have always prevailed against all odds. With the cultured and rule abiding people and leadership that has progressive and realistic policies, the psychological warfare taking place reminding that even though the real war is waged on PFDJ members on the grounds but also the entire population being part of the war through psychological warfare.

Following this via satellite video link from Washington DC, Mrs Sophia Tesfamariam, Director of the US Foundation for the Horn of Africa, briefed on how our culture and history make for a uniquely patriotic and proud Diaspora. From there, she moved into a number of matters including NED and other think thank organisations, reduction in cases of transmittable illnesses, the UN, investment, education, political issues and development in general.

At the end Mrs. Sophia Tesfamariam outlined Eritrea’s future is guaranteed because of the internal strengths that has been created together with strong organisations and all of the policies of the Government of Eritrea come to the basics and embeds strong organisation. To this regard the concept of development has to be always linked to meaningful organisation.

Also taking stage the Chairman of the National Organisation UK Board, Mr Ahmed Mahmoud, gave updates on future plans it has drawn up giving detailed explanations on each plan and its work that it has delegated to various organisations which includes NUEW, YPFDJ, PFDJ, Public Diplomacy.
Towards the end participants like always put forward their views and support as well as questions that were addressed accordingly.

Eritrea Embassy Media UK

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  2. Be patient, wait and see. Like they said We've spent so much time judging what other people created that we've created very, very little of our own. ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. So instead of judging do something for your country!.

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